GSS Thurs. Free Forum 11PM EST or 8PM PST Conference Call 3032011Government Sponsored Stalking (GSS) Conference Calls are held every Thursday's Nights at 11PM EST or 8PM PST. The call is hosted on or call: 724-444-7444 code: 83319 # pin 1 #This Week: Amy Anderson, moderator of the Thursday's Night Program (Nigel Nicholson 2/4), is seeking your support for her upcoming trial. All she needs from you is a statement describing how you found out about her, your targeting and why your support her getting resolution for her case. Please contact me at and I will be happy to assist you in writing the statement.Your assistance in this manner will be gladly appreciated!Chris J. BrunsonInvestigatorElvira Williams’Senior ModeratorNigel NicholsonAnalyst 2/4 Thurs. Night ModeratorAmy AndersonResearcher - Thurs. Nights ModeratorLiam AndersonAssistant ModeratorPeter PerezAssistant ModeratorHomepage: http://govsponsoredstalking.infoFacebook:…Yahoo Groups: Spiritual Revival is every Sundays at 8PM EST/5PM PST and is moderated by our spiritual leader Pastor Anthony CarstarphoneOther Conference Calls:KELB: 724-444-7444 code: 80812 # pin: 1 # Wed./Sat. 9PM ESTNIGEL: 724-444-7444 code: 81062 # pin: 1 # Tuesdays 11PM ESTSkype For International Callers1) creating an skype account and 2) connecting to the username “QOLSPONY”. Once you have connected to this account, you must contact me before 9PM EST. This will give me time to setup the connection between you and the conference call. If you have questions about this setup, please respond to this message. And thanks for youparticipation.
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