I am a targeted individual of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation.   I am non-consensually linked by wireless means to a supercomputer which is operated by unknown neuro operatives who work from an unknown remote location.   Because of the fact that I am non-consensually linked to the super-computer  I hear the voices of neuro operatives coming from inside my head against my will and without my permission on a constant basis throughout each and every day.

Today I attempted to book the purchase of an internet radio online so that I  could collected it  at a local store tomorrow.  I was unable to place my order for reasons which were unknown to me at the time.   I then heard the voice of one of the neuro operatives coming from inside my head informing me of a new policy within Ireland pertaining to targeted individuals of neuro weapon research.  Here is what the unknown inner voice was heard by me to say   "If the potential customer is deemed not worthy of the goods the staff of all corporate owned stores are not allowed to give it to them.  This instruction is given across the board in all corporate merchandisers.  All privately owned stores will cease to exist within ten years. This might be our new credit score system in operation in Ireland now."

A few minutes after I heard this message coming from inside my head I then received another similar message which said.  "You are jumping the gun a bit.  You may be given an internet radio if you ask for one.  We are not sure if this system is up and running in Ireland yet."

I myself strongly believe that by simply disassembling and banning all transmitters which enable frequency weapons and which enable wireless tethering of human beings from implants to supercomputers and which also enable wireless murder and wireless burning down of homes and wireless electronic mind control we can regain our freedom in short order.  Many people are not yet aware that some of their fellow country men and women are being psychologically and physically harassed and even tortured inside their own homes throughout most of the world.  The unaware section of society may be being subjected to wirelessly delivered brain frequencies which lull them into a false since of security and apathy.

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