Remote Neural Monitoring  which is now in use throughout most of the world is wrongly purported to be a security system to help in dealing with terrorism.  Remote Neural Monitoring works remotely by monitoring and controlling the brains of non-consensual human beings while said  human beings are going about their everyday lives, not harming anyone.  Most individuals who are being subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring have never committed a crime in their lives but they may have complained about this oppressive control system or they may have complained about an unelected official or they may be subjected to this for any number of other reasons. 

The Remote Neural Monitoring process allows supercomputers to be used to send signals through an implanted persons nervous system in order to influence that person in many different ways.   I am being subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation and I wish to testify to the fact that it is an extremely invasive and extremely stressful control system to the extent that anyone who is being subjected to it would prefer to be dead.  I have read that many prisoners in the United States prison system are currently being subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring and they are suffering to such an extreme degree because of this that many of them are choosing to starve themselves to death rather than go on suffering.

Remote Neural Monitoring investigates electrical activity in humans from a distance.  All electrical activity being generated by my brain and body on a continual basis is data analysed and collated by a supercomputer.   The neuro staff who operate the supercomputer speak to me via brain to brain link or by some other means.   I am constantly engaged with their voices, which I hear coming from inside my head via a two way link .  I am forced to listen to them against my will and without my permission.  They frequently threaten my life and insult me.   They send digital signals to my body to make it act against my will such as forcing my facial muscles to move against my will occasionally.   As well as transmitting their voices inside my head they also send me moving images, odours, bodily sensations and occasional pain.    They have informed me that they gain more and more power over my body as the years of non-consensual experimentation go by.  I believe Remote Neural Monitoring is also being used to mind control whole populations because some people appear to be totally indifferent to the growing threat of bodily enslavement which can be achieved via Remote Neural Monitoring in combination with Remote Neural Manipulation.  

I often write down what the unknown Remote Neural Monitoring control staff say to me by speaking to me by wireless means.  Here below is some of what they said to me  and about me to their colleagues in the past twenty four hours  -

"She has managed to upset everyone here".

"I am seriously unnerved by your preoccupation with writing down what we say to you and about you."

"Go to mass more often".    I answered that I am not a Christian.   The internal voice then replied as follows   "Going to mass is now compulsory."    I then asked the following question    "How are you going to force people to go to mass?"    The internal voice once again replied as follows    Once they go to mass one time they will wish to go back again and again because there will be mind control there to uplift their spirits".

"These people need a firm hand".

"Is there any way we can stop her from writing".

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