Neuro weapons technology criminals can now turn a non-consensual and extremely unwilling human being into a human robot over the course of many years of laborous work. When a human robot is created, the human being who is being remote controlled by pre-programmed automation no longer has any human rights.
Human robots would have a special status where they would be officially known as human robots.
Human robots are real live human beings who have never committed a crime in ...their entire lives.
Human robots are human beings who do not fit in to the rigid control system currently being created by dark luciferian criminals who manipulate world systems from behind the scenes in our lives.
Human robots are human beings who may have challenged false authority figures and who have then been targeted by neuro weapons for many years.
Anybody can be turned into a human robot if they refuse to agree to be a slave to the future technological control system.
We are being sprayed with chemtrails which contain nano particulates which we inhale and ingest and which can be wirelessly manipulated inside our bodies.
Creating a non-consensual human robot out of a real live human being involves first of all partially mapping the brain of a human being by speaking to them and asking them questions over a number of years via voice to skull military communication technology.
When a human being is slowly and incrementally being changed into a human robot capable of being remote controlled by wireless means and from a remote location by unknown operatives, that human being is fully aware that they are being slowly bio-robotized. Many such human beings commit suicide.
When a human being is fully bio-robotized they can be programmed to cut off their own fingers or place their hand on a hot stove or even kill themselves or carry out mass genocide.
We can easily stop human bio-robotization in its tracks by disassembling and destroying all microwave transmitters combined with fifth generation millimeter wave transmitters. We now know that the existence of both satellites and space based weapons have been hoaxed. All human enslavement technology is ground based and can easily be disassembled and destroyed.
We have no other option.
Time is short.

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