My nextstore neighbors downstairs have been using cybernetics on me to cause me health problems through a microchip in my brain. I also believe they use sonic ear on me because I have had popping in my ears on and off and it sounds like rice krispys popping, my ears are also very sensitive to sound also I feel pressure in my ears. They have also used electronic weapons on me made up of guns ETC. I know this because I bought a gps tracking device and caught signals coming into my apartment from their apartment and I have also felt high amounts of electricity going through my body making me feel anxious at times. I think they caused the frontal antrophy in my brain because I did not have that in 2008 before the microchip was put in my brain. I also think that these people have caused damage to my lungs from cutting the oxygen to my lungs on and off. I believe they have caused the skip in my heart beat when they caused my heartbeat to go up well over a 100 beats per minute the reason why I know this is, I had no heart problems I had a normal angiogram in the past. They have also caused me stomach problems because I have thrown up a lot in the past. I believe that these people have murdered people before in the past through electronic weapons that he and she has used on people in the past and this people are very experienced in what they do. And that the murders was covered up because it look like the person died from a normal health problem.  I also have proof that the doctors at Renown hospital lied to me about my mri photos of the brain because they told me that my mri of my brain was normal with no foreign object. I later paid a doctor online who reviewed my 2012 mri of the brain from Renown Medical center and he told me it look like frontal antrophy of the brain. My sons wife a radiology tech was visiting my apt I showed her my 2012 mri photo of my brain and she told me it look like there was a foreign object in the left side of my skull at the time. But I later reviewed the mri photos of my brain for 2012 and found a photo that look like the microchip was in the leftside of my brain. I have evidence that there is a microchip in my brain because I bought a radiofrequency wave bug detector and took it outside and the light was all lit up on it I took a video of me standing by it when it was all lit up. I also had bought another radiofrequency wave detector CC308 in the past and I took it to a park by valley RD in Reno,Nv and when I got there I turned on the rf detector the all the lights was fully lit up when I would move away from the detector some of the light would go off when I would move close to it the all the lights would fully go on. I know that my neighbors was paid off by my ex-boyfriend Charles M who implanted this microchip in me in 2009 and that his mother Lillian B probably helps him pay these people to kill me through this microchip and electronic weapons made up of guns etc. One reason why he pays these people to kill me is because I broke up with him and I will not go back to him. The other reason why he pays these people to kill me is because he doesn't want anyone to know that he implanted the microchip in my body when he drugged me in 2009 and did it without my consent. I haven't been able to get this surgically removed from a doctor because the doctor covers up the microchip in my body by saying there is nothing there. I think that these doctors,mri,ex-ray depts are getting paid to lie about the microchip in my body because my mri of my brain for 2012 clearly shows a microchip in my brain and I have had my sons wife a radiology tech verify this. I have evidence from a rf detector I also have evidence from a gps tracking device. I still can't get any help from the Reno police dept even after filing a police report against these people who do this to me. I have even wrote the City mayor and President of the United States and have not received a response back. I know these people will murder me and hopefully if I die someone will read this letter and know who did this to me.

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