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The Swedish Prime-Minister Palme gave the National Swedish Police Board the right in 1973, to insert brain transmitters into the heads of human beings covertly!

A transceiver is a combination of a transmitter and receiver which is being inserted through the nose of a human being while they are rendered unconscious.    When the human victim wakes up from unconsciousness they are not aware that they have a miniature transceiver implanted inside their head.   Many weeks or months later they begin to hear voices coming from inside their head.  The human victim is then placed under rigorous interrogation on an almost continual basis both day and night.   The human victim can be kept awake for days by unwanted voices coming from the implanted transceiver inside their heads.

Many victims find that  very small magnets stick to the side of their noses because of the implanted transceiver.    The implantation of human beings with a wide variety of implants has become common place throughout my country, the Republic of Ireland as well as the rest of the world.   Anyone who complains of hearing inner voices are incarcerated inside psychiatric hospitals and are mandated to take substances posing as psychiatric medication which often have such extreme side effects that they lose the will to live.

Many individuals throughout Ireland know about this extreme psychological torture practice that their fellow Irish human beings are being put through  and they do nothing to stop the practice out of cowardice.    I believe babies will be implanted at birth with transceivers so that they can be controlled throughout their lives.   Many small children speak of having an imaginary friend  who speaks to them constantly.  Their imaginary friend could be due to the fact that they have been already implanted with a transceiver through their nose surreptitiously.  

Many individuals are being implanted in this manner not because of reasons of criminality but because a cabal of organised criminals wish to take over and enslave the whole human race so they are secretly interrogating many individuals in order to gain insights into the local customs and traditions and language of the country they wish to ultimately own and control.   My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook,  Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of  Ireland.   My landline home phone number is 0949360901.   My website where I outline in detail what the voices coming through my transceiver have said to me over more than sixteen years is

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The dark new world order evil cabal are seeking absolute control over the human race via wireless brain-weapon technology and many other means. In order the achieve their aims they have been wirelessly experimenting on a large selection of non-consenting human beings throughout most parts of the world. These human beings are commonly known as targeted individuals and I have been one for sixteen years.
I am wirelessly linked from my brain and body via a two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy to a computer network. All of the electrical signals generated by my brain and body are uploaded on a constant basis to the computers of the neuro operatives where is is data analysed and collated for later use. The unknown neuro operatives can read my inner dialogue and reply to it in real time. The neuro operatives send me voice signals, moving images, mild pain signals, bodily sensations, emotions, feelings and odours through the neuro link which has permanently attached me to their computer network for the past sixteen years. These neuro operatives have built a three dimensional image of my body by targeting me with energy in order to see where the energy met resistance and by doing so were enabled to build this three dimensional body image. Because of this I now have no physical privacy and no mental privacy whatsoever. I keep an almost daily online blog detailing some of what the neuro operatives say to me. I hear their voices coming from inside my head. Here is some of what they have said to me in the past few days, just to give you an example of some of what I experience :-
“We don’t send pain signals at the moment but we hurt financially. It is standard procedure.” ( I disagree with that statement because they sometimes send me mild pain signals).
“Medical surveillance and psychiatric surveillance are purported to come on stream in the future.”
“We are planning at some time in the future to time all targeted individuals while you are having your showers and cleaning your clothes, so that we can curtail the amount of hot water you are allowed to use on a daily basis. My name is Keith Arganine and I am a London based Directed Energy Weapons specialist.”
“She is a bit of a cow.”
“It is not a system that we would care to continue using in this world.”
“Fifty dollars per week is all she should be granted to live.” (I live in Ireland, Europe and some of the voices I hear come from London and others come from the United States. Some of the United States neuro staff wrongly assume that I am an American citizen and they use American terms when the refer to me. This has been occurring continually for sixteen years.
“Kid gloves until now, but of course we are going to kick it up a bit.”
“Are we planning to wirelessly enslave Gretta Fahey.” ” Why else do you think we are doing all this. Of course we are planning to wirelessly enslave her.”
“Agnosticism exists only if I say it exists and I don’t have a category for it so it does not exist.”
“Don’t register your child at birth and then you don’t need to ever worry about forced vaccinations. No one will ever bother your child throughout his life if he is not registered at birth.” (I am not expecting a child as I am too old. This was just general advice given to me by the unknown neuro operatives.)
“This is a system which allows us to look inside people’s bodies and see what is in there.”
“Stop smothering your bread with stodge.”
“Has she a licence to write this”

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The neuroscientist Dr James Giordano informs us in the following linked interview that there are well over two hundred universities and college level programs solely devoted to brain science. Brain science is now a world wide endeavour. Neuroscientists are studying what makes individuals think and feel the way they do.

Neuro scientists can access human brains on an individual or mass scale and they can indirectly affect human behaviour. Unknown agents have accessed my brain and body by implanting me with technologies which allow them to wirelessly affect my brain and body in a myriad of different ways. This has been achieved non-consensually and in secret and by the use of classified technologies and by using criminal science. These criminal scientists use a two way wireless link to collect and collate data from my body and brain. They also use the aforementioned two way link to send inner voice messages into my brain which allows them to conduct conversations with me against my will whenever they wish. They also send me moving images, sensations, pain signals, odours, feelings, and forced muscle movement whenever they wish. They monitor all of my thoughts. They can see me at all times because they have built up a 3D image of my body. I have no mental or physical privacy. This has been going on for sixteen years. I have suffered at their hands to an extreme degree.
These neuro operatives speak to me on an almost constant basis and I post a daily blog online of what they have been saying to me. Some of it is very upsetting. Here below is a small sample of what they have been saying to me in the past few days:-

“Her long term health is in jeopardy if this program continues.”

“We have no way of loosening the bonds with Gretta. Once the bonds are tightened they can never be loosened again till death. The same applies to the rest of you so don’t come crying to us after you all have been wirelessly linked to this computer control system. It is for life.”

“You conniving bitch. This is not what we are doing to you.” This was followed by another voice which was heard by me to say the following “It is what we are doing to her. She is writing the truth in her blog.”
I heard one of the inner voices of the neuro operatives say the following to one of their colleagues as follows ” If you don’t wish to conceal what we are doing then leave. We will conceal what we are doing. Are there any others of you who wish to leave. ” This was followed on by my hearing another voice which was heard by me to say the following “No.”
“If there is any type of digital media screen in the family home we can clearly see and clearly hear what the individuals who live in that home or visit that home are doing or saying. Scientists read the images which have been procured from digital media screens by the use of a USB signal. “
“She is hamming up her daily blog”. This was followed by another inner voice of a neuro operative who was heard by me to say the following ” Her daily blog is accurate. She does not ham it up.”
I informed the neuro operatives by wireless means that I am a positive agnostic. I heard an inner voice of a neuro operative say the following to me ” We don’t allow the word agnostic to enter our lexicon. We wish everyone to have a belief system so that we can overlay that belief system with mind control.”
“We prefer her to purchase kindle e-books. We will block all orders of solid books. ” My reply to that statement was as follows ” Kindle e-books can all be deleted by the use of pulse weaponry. Solid books can last many life-times.”
“This system is off limits to the public for the moment. We do not wish them to know anything about it.”
“Put your hands on your knees please.”
“We have a bowel movement in motion as we speak.”
“We own you.”

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There may be a way of deciphering exactly who our real enemies are.  Worldwide social engineers such as MK Ultra or Tavistock strive to create small realities for us through their control over public education, the main stream media, organised religions, book clubs and think tanks among other areas of new idea generation.    According to most archaeologists strong evidence exists which proves that humans have walked the earth for at least five hundred million years.  Some archaeologists have provided evidence that humans have walked the earth for more than four thousand, five hundred million years.   When we think about organised religions and their origins we are strongly encouraged to think in time frames of two thousand years, which does not make sense to the average thinker.   There must have been belief systems in  existence for hundreds of millions of years.  What happened to those belief systems and why did they suddenly end?     According to the late Dr Paul Marko of the online youtube channel Pine Cone Eutopia,  dark Luciferians have strongly influenced human life from behind the scenes for nine thousand years.  He has claimed that up to six thousand years ago said dark Luciferians created many of our organised religions so that they could funnel us all into various belief systems so that they could then overlay those belief systems with mind control which they have been doing successfully since then.
I believe that these dark Luciferians kept their reproductive lives among themselves and they still do.  They do not inter marry with the rest of the human race.  They do not spread their knowledge or wealth to the rest of the human race.  They have come to regard the rest of the human race as inferior to them.   I believe that they have infiltrated all of our power institutions but they never put themselves forward for public elections.   They stay in the background of our lives where they remain in control of the money and weapon supply of the world regardless of what political party gets into office.  They have become so exclusive and power hungry that the inner circle of the dark Luciferians do not even like the outer circle but they tolerate them in order to get political work done.  They live modest unassuming lives so that their vast power and influence over the human race never comes to light.  However, they have a weak point.   In order to save ourselves from enslavement be these dark dark individuals we aught to take many and varied DNA samples until we find a pure strand of DNA which has not been contaminated by other more common DNA for thousands of years.  We will have found them then .  We need to know our enemies.
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My nextstore neighbors downstairs have been using cybernetics on me to cause me health problems through a microchip in my brain. I also believe they use sonic ear on me because I have had popping in my ears on and off and it sounds like rice krispys popping, my ears are also very sensitive to sound also I feel pressure in my ears. They have also used electronic weapons on me made up of guns ETC. I know this because I bought a gps tracking device and caught signals coming into my apartment from their apartment and I have also felt high amounts of electricity going through my body making me feel anxious at times. I think they caused the frontal antrophy in my brain because I did not have that in 2008 before the microchip was put in my brain. I also think that these people have caused damage to my lungs from cutting the oxygen to my lungs on and off. I believe they have caused the skip in my heart beat when they caused my heartbeat to go up well over a 100 beats per minute the reason why I know this is, I had no heart problems I had a normal angiogram in the past. They have also caused me stomach problems because I have thrown up a lot in the past. I believe that these people have murdered people before in the past through electronic weapons that he and she has used on people in the past and this people are very experienced in what they do. And that the murders was covered up because it look like the person died from a normal health problem.  I also have proof that the doctors at Renown hospital lied to me about my mri photos of the brain because they told me that my mri of my brain was normal with no foreign object. I later paid a doctor online who reviewed my 2012 mri of the brain from Renown Medical center and he told me it look like frontal antrophy of the brain. My sons wife a radiology tech was visiting my apt I showed her my 2012 mri photo of my brain and she told me it look like there was a foreign object in the left side of my skull at the time. But I later reviewed the mri photos of my brain for 2012 and found a photo that look like the microchip was in the leftside of my brain. I have evidence that there is a microchip in my brain because I bought a radiofrequency wave bug detector and took it outside and the light was all lit up on it I took a video of me standing by it when it was all lit up. I also had bought another radiofrequency wave detector CC308 in the past and I took it to a park by valley RD in Reno,Nv and when I got there I turned on the rf detector the all the lights was fully lit up when I would move away from the detector some of the light would go off when I would move close to it the all the lights would fully go on. I know that my neighbors was paid off by my ex-boyfriend Charles M who implanted this microchip in me in 2009 and that his mother Lillian B probably helps him pay these people to kill me through this microchip and electronic weapons made up of guns etc. One reason why he pays these people to kill me is because I broke up with him and I will not go back to him. The other reason why he pays these people to kill me is because he doesn't want anyone to know that he implanted the microchip in my body when he drugged me in 2009 and did it without my consent. I haven't been able to get this surgically removed from a doctor because the doctor covers up the microchip in my body by saying there is nothing there. I think that these doctors,mri,ex-ray depts are getting paid to lie about the microchip in my body because my mri of my brain for 2012 clearly shows a microchip in my brain and I have had my sons wife a radiology tech verify this. I have evidence from a rf detector I also have evidence from a gps tracking device. I still can't get any help from the Reno police dept even after filing a police report against these people who do this to me. I have even wrote the City mayor and President of the United States and have not received a response back. I know these people will murder me and hopefully if I die someone will read this letter and know who did this to me.

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