I am  connected to the illegal worldwide human control system  by wireless means from implants which I illegally received without my consent.  I  recently received the instruction from the voice command centre by wireless means to join a slimming assistance group called Unislim and I was informed that if I did not join Unislim I would have fifty points deducted from my social credit score.  I am aware that if too many points are deducted from my social credit score I would then be blacklisted to the extent that I might no longer be allowed to have a pass port or use public transport or use a public library or I might be given a variety of other punishments.  

Why is Unislim which is  a privately owned business allowed to profit financially from a worldwide social credit score scheme.  That would in fact be illegal.  The social credit score system is illegal because it was installed in my life without my consent.  The fact that I am wirelessly connected from my brain and central nervous system to a human control centre is also illegal.   Anyone who supports this system is supporting a worldwide criminal network and therefore they are deemed to be a criminal.  I have been wirelessly and non-consensually connected to this illegal system for many years and I know of what appears to be hundreds of thousands of other individuals who are also connected to it.   The whole story is being covered up by the main stream media which is now mostly privately owned by the same criminals who own and run the worldwide human control system and who govern what type of information is given to psychiatrists while they are students.

Those at the top of the worldwide hierarchy of power are unelected corrupt individuals who are using their false power to abuse those underneath them in the worldwide hierarchical based chain of command in many ways, especially through financial irregularities. What can we do to change all of these situation?

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