I had dinner with my church friends and I met 2 Japanese men who were staying at the church convent for 5 days since Friday. I saw their passport pictures on Friday, so it seems they came on that day.

While talking about them with my church friend, she said that they were studying at a university in Bologene(? my friend pronounced like this
not Bologna). But the group left soon after the mass. After that, I was asked by the couple of people at the church if I understand Korean. I have no idea why they ask me about that many times and the Korean mass was held while we suppose to have English one.

I saw Korean group came by a yellow rented big bus and held the mass in Korean. I had no idea why there were Koreans showing today. These people might be the same people who came and held mass few months ago. I saw a man with tick black glasses and the group was organized by a man with very little hairs - nearly bald. Most of them were women.

While eating dinner with others including these Japanese men. I learned that they made the trip while they are attending university in Italy and seeking job. Their names are Ogawa Hiroyuki (小川X之)and Ryota (亮太) whose last name is not sure. They seemed to be armature on investigation but they seemed to be asking questions about why I stay in Egypt and what I would do later and why I wanted to study Arabic and wanted to know my knowledge level about Islam. I gave them general answer about myself, and told them I don't know anything about Islam. I never learned about Islam and this country's majority is Islam but I belong to the minority part. The question about Islam was that they don't make profit from something... I don't really know because I did not understand what that is for and what Islams do at all.

What I learned from they were:

* They learned about the convent from a priest they knew.
* They are attending a University in Italy.
* Ryota spent 2 years learning Italian in Japan and 6 months studying Italian in Italy.
* Ryota might stay India in the past and possibly knew Hindi as he knows lots about Indian food and drinks.
* Both of them speaks Japanese without specific dialect.
* They seem to have more Japanese friends as they manage to speak Japanese fluently.
* In their passport pictures, they have long hairs like the length around their shoulders.
* They are non-religious. But they say they are Buddhists when they are asked about their religion.

I don't know how they decided to visit Cairo for sightseeing only 5 days while they were looking for their jobs? Also, why they decided to stay in a convent rather than cheap hotels starting from around 15$ to minimum of 5$? Perhaps they might find a national security jobs in Japan in future :)

By the way, this happened right after Japanese Embassy checked the residency status of registered Japanese in Egypt. The mail was sent on Nov 3rd, and the Japanese men showed up on Nov 5th.



※ 本メールは緊急情報ではありませんが、在エジプト日本国大使館



ア インターネット(在留届電子届出システム(ORRネット))
イ 在留届用紙に記入して大使館窓口へ届け出られた方

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