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Scarf anchoring at the church yesterday

I have seen perps doing gaslighting and anchoring inside of the Catholic
building in Aarau, Switzerland. But I was not sure how far the people
attending Catholic church nor the people involve with the church engage
in gang stalking. In the street, I see people doing anchoring with logos
and such. Sometimes, I frequently see Franciscan and other sisters on
street and they often showed up in a specific intersection where I often
saw people visiting the church. But I can say that would be a
coincidence as not the same person showing up in the area to pass me in
random time. It only happened once in a while.

Yesterday, I haddinner with church people. We were 6 people seated at the table. First
another woman sat left side of me. But the woman in the below picture
came, another woman moved to another chair. I don't know why this
particular woman wanted to sit next to me. She sat next to me last time.
At that time, she asked me to get some potion from my dish. Today, she
came with a long scarf hanged on her left shoulder. She has problem with
her left hand and cannot use it during the meal. When I saw her scarf, I
thought as if it was mine. I have one scarf which I bought before I
travel to Egypt just in case I might be harassed for not covering my
head. I heard that was a possibility of harassment in Arabic countries. I
bought mine in Hungary, and that's a different type than what shops
sell in Egypt. I've never seen the similar type like I have.

So,she sat next to me. When the meal came, she again demanded to take some
potion of my food from my dish as soon as the cock brought it to the
table. I wanted to take a picture of the dish, but she could not resist
eating the potion and tried to take it with her own (used) folk. She was
eating her dish. I hurried to ask her to wait and helped her to put
some potion in her salad plate with my new folk which I did not use yet
for eating. People here in Egypt may have not concern table manners, and
they seem not to care about using same folk or taking some potion out
of another's folk by one's own folk. That she tried to do and I was
successfully just leave some food potion on her plate without her
putting her folk onto my plate nor my folk.

Here is the pictureof her scarf. When I tried to take the picture with others, she tried to
move to somewhere. I asked her to stay for a short period of time. Then
she left the group. I saw her taking off the scarf from her shoulder
and sat down for a while in another table. Then she completely gone. She
was the only one just left from the table. I don't know if that has
relation to her scarf or not. I wonder where in Cairo sells such scarf

And this is the scarf I bought from Hungary. Same color and very similar decoration with same color.

If the perps are encouraged to harass me as a suspicion of me as aMuslim, they could do more extreme harassment on Muslims as they are way
many here in Egypt. I was often asked about if I visited a mosque or
not and a taxi tried to drop me in front of a mosque claiming that was
where I asked. Muslims are encouraging TIs to get suspicion to be
Muslims. They seems crazier than Christians doing so. Either case, I
think anyone engage in the gang stalking are violating their religion.
But I like the idea Muslims and Christians encouraging TIs to be
Muslims, as that only denounces Islamic religion and its values. Let
police and police officers denounce Islams here in Egypt through the
help of FBI tactics.

By the way, I have seem people actingstrange in Pizza King in Talat Harib Mall. They were contacted with 2
young men stood outside and one of them asked to work in the kitchen to
cut pizza and walking around there. Later, the fat employee with glasses
and shirt got something in his trouser pocket by the man. I guess
police informants are working as gang stalkers in Egypt. No wonder the
activist was killed in an Internet Cafe in Alexandria in June this year.
I got more information on which store/restaurant help them for the
psyop and how they are working on it.
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I had dinner with my church friends and I met 2 Japanese men who were staying at the church convent for 5 days since Friday. I saw their passport pictures on Friday, so it seems they came on that day.

While talking about them with my church friend, she said that they were studying at a university in Bologene(? my friend pronounced like this
not Bologna). But the group left soon after the mass. After that, I was asked by the couple of people at the church if I understand Korean. I have no idea why they ask me about that many times and the Korean mass was held while we suppose to have English one.

I saw Korean group came by a yellow rented big bus and held the mass in Korean. I had no idea why there were Koreans showing today. These people might be the same people who came and held mass few months ago. I saw a man with tick black glasses and the group was organized by a man with very little hairs - nearly bald. Most of them were women.

While eating dinner with others including these Japanese men. I learned that they made the trip while they are attending university in Italy and seeking job. Their names are Ogawa Hiroyuki (小川X之)and Ryota (亮太) whose last name is not sure. They seemed to be armature on investigation but they seemed to be asking questions about why I stay in Egypt and what I would do later and why I wanted to study Arabic and wanted to know my knowledge level about Islam. I gave them general answer about myself, and told them I don't know anything about Islam. I never learned about Islam and this country's majority is Islam but I belong to the minority part. The question about Islam was that they don't make profit from something... I don't really know because I did not understand what that is for and what Islams do at all.

What I learned from they were:

* They learned about the convent from a priest they knew.
* They are attending a University in Italy.
* Ryota spent 2 years learning Italian in Japan and 6 months studying Italian in Italy.
* Ryota might stay India in the past and possibly knew Hindi as he knows lots about Indian food and drinks.
* Both of them speaks Japanese without specific dialect.
* They seem to have more Japanese friends as they manage to speak Japanese fluently.
* In their passport pictures, they have long hairs like the length around their shoulders.
* They are non-religious. But they say they are Buddhists when they are asked about their religion.

I don't know how they decided to visit Cairo for sightseeing only 5 days while they were looking for their jobs? Also, why they decided to stay in a convent rather than cheap hotels starting from around 15$ to minimum of 5$? Perhaps they might find a national security jobs in Japan in future :)

By the way, this happened right after Japanese Embassy checked the residency status of registered Japanese in Egypt. The mail was sent on Nov 3rd, and the Japanese men showed up on Nov 5th.



※ 本メールは緊急情報ではありませんが、在エジプト日本国大使館



ア インターネット(在留届電子届出システム(ORRネット))
イ 在留届用紙に記入して大使館窓口へ届け出られた方

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I went to the church, and I donated so many stuffs because of peculiar EgyptAir baggage limit policy. I shared my precious holy waters from Croatia and Lourdes, France. I also gave some other private things to slim down my suitcase.

The EgyptAir office was funny right after I entered this afternoon. The security man near the entrance suddenly got phone call and left the building. The people in the counter remained there and the employees were still the same. Then only the counter 11 and 8 started to get 3-4 customers for each seat. After 20 minutes or so, my turn came. Meanwhile, I saw the guy at the casher put a white vase on the window to the right corner. I don't really know why they are acting like that when a TI came in. I saw a white woman who did not take the number just took the seat next to the left end of the counter. And others just reminded on the seat and only two were moved from their seat when their numbers were called at the counter 11 and 8. Did they just made up the numbers and tried to be pretend to be the customers but only used two counters to reduce the complexity of the customer-employee setting? Perps often do this like that.

By the way, 485DDF is perp's car licence number. I saw suspicious 4 young men riding on the car with custom parts and looking at me especially at night.

At the church today, I did not see the woman with the scarf similar to I bought at Budapest visiting the dinner table inside. Instead, I experienced a strange occasion. It was a wide basement room build below the church and sounds are heard to quite far. I started to experience vibration on my body around the area of my neck to the chest. Also, I started to experience my ear drams are ringing very hard as if they catch really high pitch tones. The water in the water bottle on the table was waving like in the sea. The waving did not stop, so it might be related with how I felt the vibration on my body.

The school now got a student, Fernando, from Brazil. I don't know why my school always getting the students relate with where I travel or visited; Japan, US, UK, Switzerland, Italy, and Brazil.

They seem to be targeting my watch for next move at the custom, and the perps wants to take my pendant in somewhere. I don't know how this would happen tomorrow or in Italy.

I might not have connection for few days, but it's just my luck to find an Internet Cafe.
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I have been experiencing the EH that seems to be artificially caused but the result seems from the natural cause. For example, when I climbed up Mt. Sinai, I heard V2K talking about the high altitude. Soon, I started to get the breathing problem and sudden tiredness. My feet started shaking as if I'm exhausted from the walk. Normally, I could feel the muscle pain little by little and I would start to feel the need of taking a rest at a rest area when I go hiking. However, the my feet did not have any pain but I felt they are just shaking and I could not put power to brace my legs to the ground.It's November already and getting cold or flu is normal. In my case, I started to have problem of coughing by sudden heating or pressure from just the below of my tongue attached in the throat. Because liquid (saliva)was continuously coming out from that area, I started coughing as it started to flow into my lungs. It was to distract my research activities.Next, I was in the train, and found out no one sat near my seat for 15 minutes or so. The seat next to me was empty, and the rows in front and the back are the same. Then I caught cold.When I try to sleep in my bed, I started to feel my throat suddenly heated up and got very high fever around my throat for last 2 days. I did not do anything at home.For the throat problem, I feel the area my tongue attached near throat to the center of the tongue in my mouth bloating. It gets white color and became dry. I don't know if these are something relating with the EH on the throat area.Also, I became really sensitive to smoke from the people smoking cigallets.
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I had the Lesik operation at a local Laser Center with my eye doctor this morning. But it went fine like the normal patients. The place was crowded and the operation was much like the line work. There was a patient before me and after me, so I was treated like just one of them who underwent the operation today.

I can tell that Lesik surgery would be just a routine work for the doctors even a TI is the patient. It might be different if someone goes to another doctor. So far, I think TIs have no difference of risks than the non-TI patients taking Lesik. The perps might use the symptoms like dry eye as their part of EH though. In my case, the operation was a success (up to now).
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