At this present time I'm seeking statements from the Targeted Individual community. 1) When your crimes started 2) Who is responsible 3) What are they doing to you 4) The methods that they use 5) How are you affected by it and 6) What are you doing to get help

Once this statement has been submitted to me, the next stage is to interview you. The interview will translate to me putting together an AFFIDAVIT on your behalf. When the AFFIDAVIT is completed, it will be email to you. Then your job would be to get it NOTARIZED. 

Once your AFFIDAVIT has been NOTARIZED, the next step is to 1) send me a copy via email and 2) mail it to the three PARTIES that is listed in  your AFFIDAVIT.

The purpose of creating the AFFIDAVIT is to DEVELOP LEGAL CREDIBILITY. Once you DEVELOP LEGAL CREDIBILITY than NO ONE can say it isn't happening. But it does not stop there. Once the AFFIDAVIT has been completed, we will be closer to forming a Coalition. By having a Coalition, we can represent each other through the completed AFFIDAVITS. For instance, we can reach out to your political representatives as a group, which together with the AFFIDAVIT makes your case legitimate.

Therefore, if you want to do something, this is where we must begin.

Thank you for your attention in this manner.


Chris J. Brunson


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