Just thought I'd share to humor you

When I get these anxiety attacks (like right now), I have the usual repetitive phrases happening. I like messing with the military. Saying shit like, “is that all you got? ”Or, bring it on fucks. Every time I say something like that, the anxiety attack increases and I'll usual get a phrase saying back to me, “Oh, I'll bring it on, increase full power!” Here's an example, I'll have an anxiety attack and the phrases, so far so good, will keep repeating it self in my head. Well, then I'll say, “is that it?” Is that all you got you military douche bags?”And suddenly the anxiety attack will increase or double, and now I will have not only the, so far so good, thoughts, but also the, please make it stop, and so forth thoughts repeating themselves even more repetitively. This is absolutely funny shit. I just thought I'd share this. Humor is a good tool to use by the way. Stay strong you guys, something is bound to happen. I don't know when or how, but something has got to give away eventually.

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  • That is ironic that you post this , because just right now I had an amazing anxiety attack (I say amazing cause it was perfectly timed with a perps voice coming from inside my house )  and my whole body began to pulse ...and normally my heart rate would drop after a minute but this lasted for like 5 to 10 minutes ..and the v2k sounded just like my friend jennifer mullendore . The anxiety attack came from an image I saw of a young seth macfarlane and then came an aww (or something )  then an immediate feeling of unnecessary guilt came as if to say "you're having dirty thoughts" when there were no dirty thoughts in my real psyche.. I know what I truly want and that is love ..not twisted illegal love but love ,and since i was such a defender of innocence when all this started they knew exactly what strings to pull to trigger me ....just thought i'd share since the first word I saw was anxiety

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