電子武器摧殘 (3)


Mind Control Space News this week (December 19 to 25, 2020)

1. This week, another fake chief executive appeared in the brain control space again. When I asked her for name, she answered “Tsang" and I asked is it “Tsang" or “real” because “Tsang" and “real” are same pronounce in Cantonese. Finally confirm her name is “Tsang”. Except for the different way of presentation, her voice was exactly the same as Chief Executive Carrie Lam.

As said, Eric Tsang and Cuson Law used the voice of the false chief executive to order private company to provide surveillance video recordings which record the daily movement in public places, they used for editing to framing someone else, It was seriously infringing the privacy to citizens.

2. The mapping with two people, if other one in difference country with different voltage will caused light cases, the light will flicker, the humidifier will automatically turn off, even the main switch will auto off . So when you got flashing light, it means does not really the ghost in the house, but perps ghost were mapping you.

3. The metamorphosis mind controller mapping with someone who got congested nose at night, those were suspected to be Stephen Chow’ term, they mapping breathing with me, caused me difficult breathe and unable to sleep. In the daytime, the metamorphosis controller mapping me with someone who got deflated in the lower back of the brain, when I waved my arm, I felt the sound ”squeak" in my back of the head. I felt so terrifying!

This week, The metamorphosis mind controller start electronic harassment at 14:00 of the 22nd, he continuous remote control of electronic weapons caused me headache, I have reported the case to the Hong Kong police at 09:00 on the 23rd. The report number: Ref#ERC2012232093237. However, the harassment keeping on and also increased its torture power until 16:00, and then launched another attack at 21:44 until 03:00 on the 24th. It is said that this torture taking order from Lam Kin-Ming, Stephen Chow, Simon Yam, Andy Lau and famous Cantonese opera actors. As media statistics, at least 25% of Hong Kong citizens felt headache and dizziness every time when attacked.


1. 本週另一位假特首又出現在腦控空間,我問她大名時,她答”曾”,我問是”曾”或”真”,因為”曾”和”真”在廣東話是同音,最後確定她的名字是”曾惠妹”,除了講話的內涵不同外,她的聲音同林鄭特首一模一樣。


2. 原來同身處不同電壓的地方人士合併會令到電壓發生變化,輕者電燈有閃爍,放濕器自動關閉,嚴重者跳電掣。所以當有電燈閃爍時,並非家中有鬼,而是有寄生鬼同你併身體引起。

3. 變態控機賤人長期晚間將鼻塞者,懷疑是田啟文,陳文輝,林敏聰兄弟同我併呼吸,令我呼吸困難,沒辦法入睡。日間將後腦痿縮者同我併感覺,當我揮動手臂時感覺到後腦"吱吱"聲,很恐怖!

另一方面,本週變態控機賤人於22日下午在14:00時開始,持續遙控電子武器令我頭痛,我已於23日早上09:00向香港警方報案,報案編號:Ref#ERC2012232093237. 但電子武器摧殘仍未停止,反而加大力度持續折磨至16:00, 然後於21:44又再一次發動攻擊至24日早上03:00才停止。據說此次摧殘來自林建名,周星馳,任達華,劉華和粵劇名伶,香港最少有25%的市民感覺到頭痛,頭暈。

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Mind Control space news this week (July 25 to 31, 2020)

1.  Have you given all Facebook "friend requests" to join? My answer is "yes", because the purpose of my social network is to let more people know what about “mind control” and how it can harm us deeply. So I approved all the friends on Facebook, but only limited to communicating information about brain control, not others.

2. Every time, the metamorphosis mind controller remote electronic harassment, the first to harm were victims without a shield in the brain-controlled space.

There were many of fake politicians and the impersonators of the media have also been harassment. But the strange thing is that my identity impersonator was keep safe, and I was headache for more than 55 hours. As said who my identity impersonator was under big brother in the entertainment industry and was used to fake me for extract the benefits that belong to me, so she was the perp’s own person.

Now I believed that everyone understood who taking the main control in mind control space, not only the impersonators, but the real politicians and media.

3. I believe that many people have a experience that sleep in bed and whole body unable to getting move in a short period of time, if can not get up in long time, we will think who may got a CVE or hemiplegia. But in today’s brain-controlled technology, the mapping with the patients of CVE or hemiplegia also can caused the same feeling and same symptoms. As long as the body is separated, the healthy person can move freely. But if the metamorphosis mind controller refuses to separate the mapping, the victim will stay in fake hemiplegia situation, even be wrongly prescribed medicine. There is a health victim suffered a physical stroke and slept in bed for three days until the mapping released.

Therefore, many foreign countries banned body mapping technology, but in Hong Kong, the mind control mapping technology has becoming widespread, they not only mapping two persons, even three to four persons mapping together to tortured the victims all the time. It was horrible.

In Hong Kong, there are many being mind control victims whom suffered the mild CVE by mapping with CVE patients. My father was the one who also suffered CVE with his left hand by mapping the patients this week. The doctors was helpless and only can do is physical therapy until the the mapping separate. As my father’s children, we will keep continue to looking for the shield device which can block the mind control, and pray my father can recover as soon as possible.


1. 你是否對facebook的”朋友請求"全部給予加入?我的答案是”是”,因為我開立社交網絡的目的是想讓更多人知道何謂”腦控”,腦控如何對我們造成傷害的實況。所以我facebook的朋友只限交流腦控方面資訊,不作它想。

2. 每次變態控機賤人發動電子武器摧殘,首當其衝的是腦控空間沒有屏蔽器的受害者。而當中很多政界,娛樂圈人的身份假冒者同樣被摧殘。但奇怪的是我的身份假冒者卻絲毫無損,而我卻被摧殘超過55小時。原來我的身份假冒者是娛樂圈大佬所供養,被利用於假冒我提取我在腦控空間所得的利益。相信大家對腦控空間的控制權在誰人之手己呼之欲出。

3. 相信很多人都試過在半睡半醒中短時間內全身動彈不得的感覺,以為中風,半身不遂。非也此實是腦控科技,同半身不遂者併身體所引致,只要將身體分開,健康者即可行動自如。但如果變態控機賤人不肯將身體分開,健康受害者將會感受到半身不遂的痛苦,甚至被錯誤用藥。有受害者曾經被併身體假中風睡在床上三天後才獲得放人。所以外國很多國家禁止身體合併技術,而香港身體合併技術已到泛濫程度,不只二人合併,甚至三至四人合併,其喪心病狂程度已令人髪指。


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1. 本週腦控空間賤人用我朋友名, 扮我的朋友,誤導他人以為在空間作孽的全是我的朋友,同時以虛假思維,間斷性發音,挑撥離間我同新相識朋友的關係,誤導旁聽者以為他們被賤人的錢收買而出賣我。


2. 本週腦控賤人持續將多位超重者同我併芯片,我本身體重只有40公斤, 變態控芯片賤人將多人同我併芯片, 令我體重上昇至70公斤, 令我腰粗硬, 腫脹和沒辦法透氣,非常辛苦。同時仍舊將多人同我併芯片飲食, 當我所食非賤人所好時, 關閉我味覺和嗅覺掣, 令我食不知其味. 另一方面, 將肚臍膿腫發炎流膿水, 肚生蟲痕癢者輪流同我併芯片精神虐待.


3.    本週溫哥華迎來2020年第一場大雪,雪深至小腿。變態控芯片賤人將多位老朽同我併芯片,美其名是讓身在熱帶地方的他們,體驗下雪的環境,實是利用他們意圖令我跌倒. 因老朽併我芯片時是處於坐的狀態,腳跟著地,腳尖向上,造成我行路時雙腳不能平衡踩地,所以令我步履維艱, 一步一滑一驚心,  好在最後都平安無事。據報, 很多人因此被滑倒, 甚至呼救緊急服務. 我奇怪的是為何賤人持續做出損人不利已的事情, 而時至今日沒有人出面去阻止? 


Mind control news this week (January 11 to 17, 2020)


1. This week, the metamorphosis perps used my friends’ name to pretended as my friends, misled someone sit it on to think that all harm to live perps in the mind control space are my friends. and at the same time using false inducing though and intermittent sentences,  cast a bone between me and my new friends, Mislead the observers that they were betrayed me by perp's money.

2. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller continued to mapping me with multiple overweight perps for group stalking. My weight was only 40 kg. The metamorphic chip controller mapping so many perps to increased my weight to 70 kg, caused my waist unable to move, swollen and felt breathe very hard.

At the same time, the metamorphosis chip controller still mapping me with few elderly perps and himself for dinning. When I eating some food which not the perps like, they turn off my taste and smell key, so that I cannot have my taste from my foods. 

On the other hand, the metamorphosis chip controller mapping me with someone who got navel grow foul and fester, and someone who got navel itch caused by belly bugs take turns with me, such used for Physical and psychological abuse.

3. This week, Vancouver welcomes its first heavy snowfall in 2020, the snow was as deep as the calf. The metamorphosis chip controller mapping me with elderly perps when I went out. They said used to let the elderly perps to experience the snowy environment, but the actual intention was used them to made me falling down. The elderly perps all sitting and mapping with me, they heels on the ground and the toes pointing upwards, such caused my foots cannot keep balance on the road, so I was step by step with struggling and slipping at that moments, fortunately, I back home safety. Many people have reportedly been slipped falling down as a result of this, someone even call for emergency services. I don’t understand why the perps keep doing such harm others without benefit to himself case, and nobody stop them, why?

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