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All of the weaknesses and addictions of men and women can be harnessed for political and financial control by the deep state who wish to enslave us.
For the past several generations weaknesses such as addictions, sexual promiscuity, eating refined sugar, getting into debt, drinking alcohol at every social gathering, gambling, over eating, stupidness, believing in superstitions and hoaxes, trying to control the behaviour of others, and many other weaknesses are being subtly encouraged by social engineers. Further to that, songs being played on main stream radio promote the anti-hero as well as promiscuous sexual behaviour, drinking alcohol and gambling. Young children are being subliminally influenced by what is being promoted on radio and television. They are being introduced into to eating vast quantities of refined sugar through promotion of trick or treating, birthday cakes, easter eggs and many other negative behaviours which have been deliberately socially engineered into societal behaviour. Eating refined sugar is the doorway to alcoholism. What can we do to put a stop to the encouragement of negative behaviours. Please do not suggest taking advice from organised religions because all organised religions encourage the subjugation of women, they endorse slavery and they curtail the ability of their followers to think clearly and freely. There is no need for the existence of organised religions. Moral law is sufficient in itself.
If you have weaknesses or chronic illnesses you can easily be controlled by others. All chronic illnesses can easily be cured by following a low to no carbohydrate diet combined with intermittent fasting and by intermittent fasting I mean eating all of your food within an eight hour window while fasting on warm water for the other sixteen hours each and every day.
We all own an equal part of this planet and all of its resources while we are alive on earth. We all have an equal say in how our planet is run. Refuse to take orders from those who have a strong need to control their own equals. Those who spend their time attempting to control the behaviour of others other than themselves eventually lose control of their own lives. They fail in gaining self-mastery over their own weaknesses because they are too busy attempting to control their own equals who they have no business controlling.
If you are currently controlled by addictions, debt, chronic illness and controlling individuals it is possible to free yourself one thing at a time. Make a list of the weak areas in your life. Make a corresponding list of easy solutions. You will arrive at a state of freedom eventually. Pleasure is the opposite to happiness. Pleasures are addictive. True happiness is becoming free of all addictions.

Children are not being given this advice.  They are being encouraged to pursue pleasure rather than happiness.  I was not given this advice by the main stream media or by the department of education when I was growing up in Ireland.   I learned it through experience.  I am now sixty one.   My name is Gretta Fahey from Claremorris, Ireland.

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Posted on October 20, 2019 by gretta
I am a long term non-consensual subject of remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation which means that I am wirelessly connected to the wireless internet of things which is also known as the brain net. I write often about my unique experiences and what the unknown remote neural monitoring operatives say to me and about me via brain to brain interface. Here below is some of what I have heard from them recently as follows-
“We can not be considered to be criminals, only evil doers because we are considered to be above man made law. We consider ourselves to be fully fledged human beings and we consider others to be people who have different rights than us and who are definitely not above man made law.” My own personal response to that information is as follows ” Natural law is fixed and immutable where as man made law differs from region to region and from time to time. Natural law is a proven science and it governs everyone equally. Some man made laws are immoral due to the interference of evil doers who deliberately use wirelessly enabled technology to interfere with the thought processes of otherwise moral law makers. Therefor law enforcement should no longer be forced to enforce man made laws. We must now organise ourselves as a human race under a system of natural law courts. For further information about natural law please listen to an eight hour discourse on the subject by Mark Passio of the website at this link
The unknown neuro operatives where also heard by me to say the following:-
“You wont be in your own system of control for much longer. That effectively means that you wont be able to move a muscle without our permission.”
“Why is she going to the meat counter?” I then asked these individuals who speak to me via brain to brain link why are their meat counters if you don’t wish the general public to use them. I was then informed by the same voice to skull inner voice brain to brain link communication system that the neuro operatives would first stop targeted individuals from eating meat and later when no further individual eats meat we will then ban meat counters but that time has not arrived yet. Therefore this modern wirelessly enabled human control system sometimes known as remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation is one that can secretly jeopardise industries.
If we do not stop this wirelessly enabled human control system in its tracks it will eventually lead to human beings being entombed inside their own bodies with full awareness if they refuse to obey the satanic based command and control system. We now have neural dust which is also known as smart dust or sometimes known as nano particulates inside us which allows wireless weapons operatives to manipulate our central nervous systems by wireless means and hurt us by wireless means. I know this to be true because they force some of my muscles to move against my will on a regular basis and the muscles of many of my facebook friends many of who are also targeted indivduals. My facebook page is called
The existence of satellites are believed to be a hoax but instead stationary drones are wrongly presumed to be satellites and they are low enough to be taken down by military. Further to this, a solution might be found in the area of orgone accumulators. Presently when anybody has an orgone accumulator or orgone material in their homes military helicopters circle the sky over that home. Therefore the would-be enslavers must be afraid of orgone accumulators. We aught to research this area for a possible way of fighting this cruel human enslavement system

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The authority of the (self-proclaimed) elite was derived unnaturally from warfare, conquest and the theft of the earth rather from the consent of the human race. No man or woman has a natural authority over his or her fellow human being and force creates no right.
COMMON LAW serves the human race and is an avenue of justice. CIVIL LAW is a weapon used against the human race by the self proclaimed elite.
The state has conditioned people to use CIVIL LAW to automatically deny their own ability to judge and instead to defer to external authorities. Under COMMON LAW the people judge legal matters for themselves and they become the law. They take action in their own communities to govern themselves as their own judge, jury and police.
In order to set up a COMMON LAW SYSTEM in each country we must set up a PEOPLES ASSEMBLY which are citizen run legislative bodies which replace existing governments and are a direct challenge to existing governments. The people then organise themselves into a peoples MILITIA and they will set up COMMON LAW COURTS in each community. A CONSTITUTION will govern the workings of the peoples assembly.
The peoples assembly, the militia and the common law courts will work together to reclaim the entire countrty for all of the people. Local republican banks and credit unions will then be set up by the peoples assembly and will will dispense with the current central banks which are privately owned and controlled by the self-proclaimed elite and which are being used as a weapon to control the rest of the human race through debt. Agents of the former regieme will be incorporated into the new common law republic.
For further information about how to set up a COMMON LAW REPUBLIC in your country please read the following book which is available online and which is called ESTABLISHING THE REIGN OF NATURAL LIBERTY, A COMMON LAW TRAINING MANUAL which has been issued by the International Common Law Court of Justice.
We can no longer continue allowing ourselves to be governed by individuals who have not been elected to public office and who make decisions for us based on the fact that they belong to privately owned and controlled think-tanks, many of whose members are dark occultists and who regularly practice human sacrifice. These dark occultists are actively attempting to depopulate the earth of most of its people because they now have the ability to fully automate most factories and other places of work so that they no longer need us as labourers. They have sprayed our food, water and air with neural dust which is also known as smart dust which we have inhaled and ingested and which has been enabled to pass through the blood brain barrier because of the administration of electromagnetic radiation. Because our brains and bodies are now imbued with neural dust we can be made to feel electrical sensations pulsating inside our bodies and we can be made to feel pain and even forced muscle movement among other unwanted sensations. We must find a way to apply pulses of magnetic energy to the neural dust inside our brains and bodies in order to render it harmless. We must find ways to disable it, perhaps by ingesting Carbon 60 or some other formula. Many individuals are being tortured inside their own homes by electromagnetic weapons and this process of remotely administered torture is partially enabled because of the neural dust inside their bodies. The main stream media is ninety five percent privately owned by the self proclaimed elite so all news of this remote controlled torture capability is being censored from the main stream news. Please go about setting up a peoples assembly in your area in order to eventually take back control of your country and all other countries from the self-proclaimed elite who practice inside trading among a multitude of other crimes.
For information on my own experiences of being tortured for more than sixteen years by unknown operatives while they work from an unknown remote location please read my website which is called

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Our minds should remain balanced at the centre of a bell curve. 
If we become left brain dominant we become cruel, intolerant, selfish, greedy, sadistic, unmerciful, intolerant, domineering, controlling, tyrannical, inhumane, vindictive and authoritarian.

If we become right brain dominant we become subservient, docile, trusting, obedient, servile, submissive, naive, timid and humble. We become religious extremists and unquestioning order followers.

We all veer from left brain dominant to right brain dominant throughout our lives especially when under stress. However, we strive to remain centred.

I believe that nuns are right brain dominant. They have been manipulated to enslave themselves to the Papacy. We do not know what the true agenda of the papacy actually is. The Vatican is the wealthiest corporation on the planet so we can be sure its agenda is not generosity. The Pope and the Cardinals appear to be left brain dominant.

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Knowledge has been hidden from us for thousands of years because a differential in knowledge leads to a differential in power. Power hungry dark occultists have hoarded all types of knowledge including recent advances in science and technology in order to further their own ability to control and even enslave the rest of the human race. However, now that we have the internet where there is no central focus which they can control we have learned of their trickery. Here below is some psychological manipulations which they have been subjecting us to and which we were totally unaware of until recently.

When we are put through the government run school system at the lower schooling levels we become right brain dominant. Right brain dominant people are usually unquestioningly obedient to the control system. Some of their other characteristics are naivete, total trust in church and state, religious extremism, submissiveness, shunning worldly goods in favour of rewards in the afterlife, wrongly believing in the false concept of authority and keeping their heads below the radar.

When the police and military graduate from their respective training academies, they have become left brain dominant. Some of the characteristics of left brain dominant people are authoritarianism, skepticism, athiesm. They tend to believe in survival of the fittest, and they are prone to put material concerns before spiritual beliefs.

If you have a balance between your right brain and your left brain you are in a place of common sense and can see truth more clearly. It has been discovered by students of natural law that there are hidden laws at work in the invisible/mental/spiritual domain. These natural laws inform us that we have free will but that we do not have the ability to escape the consequences of our free will decisions. Natural law behavioural consequences are in place for our maximum evolutionary progress. The overarching ultimate law within the set of Natural Laws is as follows:- Freedom and Morality are directly proportional. As morality increases freedom also increases in any society. I obtained all of the above information from Mark Passio at

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The dark new world order crime cartel wish to take away the confidence of the rest of the human race in order to destroy our individuality and our self belief so that they can inculcate us into a collective.  This is a vital part of the inculcation process which happens inside all cults.   I have been implanted with bio-technology to the extent that voices of criminal neuro operatives can force their voices inside my mind anytime they wish.   These neuro operatives constantly insult me in order to attempt to take away my rock solid self belief so that they might inculcate me into a worldwide  collectivism, which is another word for slavery.   In order to inculcate somebody into a collectivism, the target is made to feel guilt and fear.  They are informed that the group does their thinking for them and they are kept so busy that they have no time to question anything.  

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The existence of "Black Magic"  is a hoax.  The whole concept of the existence of the supernatural has been hoaxed for thousands of years by the use of secret science and technology and by the use of black operations.  Dark occultists own and control most organised religions and secret societies which they have set up thousands of years ago.  In order to effectively control the human race they use fear.   Demonic possession is easily hoaxed.  Human beings can be made to grimace and contort and swear against their wills and without their permission either by the use of imbedded technology inside them or by outside control of their human energy fields, thereby controlling their muscles.   Dark occultists can not conjour up anything whatsoever.  They can falsely lead you to believe that they have the power to conjour up the supernatural in order to instill fear in you.

The clergy do not think logically.   They support faith over logic.  Faith is a vice.  Logical thinking is a virtue.  The dark occultists twist every human belief by 180 degrees.  The clergy support organised dishonesty.  They have been inculcated at an early age.  It is not their fault that they have been deliberately misled.  Money and ingenuity has been used to deliberately mislead them.  Please align with the truth rather than with popular sentiment.

Natural law is backed by science.   Always align with nature.  Do not align with transhumanism.  It has been created by dark occultists in order to enslave and torture the human race.

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We all have been inhaling and ingesting neural dust for the past dozen years or more from chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads.  That neural dust has now lodged in our brains, spinal cords and muscles.  We can be made to have virtual reality experiences against our wills without ever wearing virtual reality head-sets. False cover stories are being used to cover up these virtual reality experiences such as the experiencer is being accused of being mentally unwell or they are falsely informed that their experience was super-natural in origin when in fact it was scientific and technological in origin.   The neural dust which is lodged in our brains, spinal cords and throughout our bodies is being used to electronically mind control a large percentage of the western world and it is being used to electronically body control a smaller percentage of the western world.

When the section of society who are under electronic body control attempt to raise awareness of their plight to the much larger electronically mind controlled sector of the human race, the electronically mind control sector of society react inappropriately to the news.  Because of their electronic mind controlled state they go into denial and accuse the messenger of being mentally unwell after which they return to a state of unconcern.   We are in extreme danger from advances in technology. We need to disassemble telephone towers, microwave transmitters, millimetre wave transmittters and related paraphernalia.  We need to ban all aerial traffic from our skies including drones. Which group do you belong to, the electronically mind controlled sector or the electronically body controlled sector?  Either way, you are in big trouble.

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Can we define a country as a Christian country by using a rough analysis of the numbers of adherents it is presumed to have to Christianity? No we can not define it thus.
If you persist in doing so you are categorising many unique individuals into a forced religious collective mainly for purposes of control. When human beings are forced to adopt the same religious practices they can more easily be assimilated into a collective in a possible future totalitarian society.
Beware of anybody who forces a wide variety of disparate human beings under the one collective umbrella from where there can be no return.

Religious morality is child-like morality in the sense that you abide by the instructions of an organised religion without further thought.
Secular morality stems from self-reflection, autonomy and maturity.
Society should aim towards secular ethical frameworks rather than holding on to a belief in an unproven supernatural realm.

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If a community wishes to attend a weekly discussion on how to live moral lives and how to peacefully co-exist they should be able to do so without having to participate in the re-enactment of a brutul human blood sacrifice at the same time.

The Vatican has known about the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons and voice harassment technology for multiples of decades because they have an elaborate network of their own secret service agents stationed in every country i...n the world. They failed to inform their congregation of the extreme threat to their lives and to their freedom. The Vatican are heavily involved in the slow and incremental enslavement of the human race both through Vatican law and through mind controlling the human race via organised religions and the introduction of mind control devices into churches via smart engineered technology. By this method the brains of the congregation can be entrained into a state of religious fervous every time they are in church. In this the church is playing a significant role in the mental enslavement of the human race.

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