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Natural Laws

THE INHERENT LAWS OF CREATION. Notes taken from the work of Mark Passio of
There are governing dynamics that determine the level of freedom enjoyed by any society.
Freedom and morality are directly proportional.
We are free to choose our behaviours but we are not free to escape the consequences of those behaviours. Our behaviours are governed by natural consequences which are built into the fabric of the laws of creation.
Moral actions are actions which are in harmony with natural law because they do not result in harm to other sentient beings.
Natural law is a force which is known to exist through its observeable effects but difficult or impossible to see with the eye.
Natural law is unversal, eternal and immutable.
The combined amount of truth and morality present in the lives of the people of any given society is directly proportional to the amount of freedom and order in that society and inversely proportional to the presence of chaos, tyranny and slavery in that society.
Our freedom is now decreasing which means that our morality has been on the wane for many decades.

A working knowledge of the occult is mandatory for every true Anarchist and this working knowledge of the occult is essential to bring about a true spiritual awakening on a mass scale.
Moral Relativism is the ideology that objective morality does not exist inherently to nature and that Right and Wrong are subjective constructs that human beings invent which are changeable according to time, location, circumstance or preference. A society that believes that there is no objective difference between right and wrong and that they may arbitrarily create or decide what right and wrong are for themselves is a society which can never harmonize with natural law. Since the governing dynamics of human freedom are predicated upon the combined morality of a society true freedom can never exist in a society that embraces moral relativeism.
Consciousness is not simply a result of electrical impulses in the brain. A belief in government is a religion.
Natural law behavioural consequences are in place for our maximum evolutionary progress. We understand natural law by how it generates an effect when we take action.
All men are created equal under natural law and they are endowed by their creator with unalienable rights. No man has special rights to violate other peoples rights.
Rigid scepticism, scientism, atheism, moral relativeism, social darwinism, eugenics and authoritarianism.
naivete, blind belief, religious extremism, solipsism, unworthiness, self-loathing, order follower, willing slave.
My own views based on my understanding of natural law.
Government does not prevent chaos. If the actions of any society are in harmony with natural law that and only that prevents chaos. Therefore governments, police and military and civil law are counterproductive, useless and worthless.
Some school systems by their deliberately slanted techniques are deliberately engineered to generate chronic right brain dominance in their students so that the students would then go on to be unquestioningly obedient and subservient order followers for the rest of their lives. Most Irish children in the 1960 and 1970, myself included, were schooled by the use of this technique. I was terrified of all authority figures for several decades after I received my schooling because chronic right brain dominance was instilled into me. I was deliberately molded to be an unquestioningly obedient order follower. I have now managed to unschool and deprogram myself from most of what I was taught back then.
The children of very wealthy parents are often deliberately schooled to be chronic left brain dominant in later life. They often are deliberately molded to be rigidly authoritarian. Left brain dominant people and right brain dominant people are being pitted against each other throughout the world by those who control the school systems of the world while they themselves take care to remain in the shadows while observing us closely in order to figure out ways to remove our freedoms little by little so that we dont notice them being removed unless we are awake and aware.
We must endeavour to educate children to have the correct balance between right brain and left brain activity so that they will always know that we are all equal to each other and all have equal rights and that authority is the concept of a diseased mind. We must endeavour to educate children in the belief that organised religions are not essential because a strong knowledge of natural law and its behavioural consequences is all that is required to live a moral life. Indeed, what is the point of organised religions when a knowledge of natural law and its behavioural consequences is sufficient in itself? There are twenty thousand organised religions in use in the world today and they all contradict each other and they all require the believer to believe in unsupported unscientific story lines . Organised religions were mainly installed throughout the world by a breakaway cabal in order to hinder our understanding of logic and instead  to cast us into a world of superstition.   It is my firm opinion that both church and state are two arms of the same worldwide control system and both of them are being used against most of the people of the world by a small cabal of the super-rich.

We aught to organise our localities by a system of anarchy which is a system of rules without rulers which is a linear based self-regulating system.  We are self-regulating by our very nature and the only time we make mistakes is when we follow the dictates of others who do not understand or care about our requirements.  Common law republics are also being run on natural law principles so they are aligned with moral law.  Civil law is now out of harmony with natural law and therefore many of its laws are now found to be unjust.  Do not support civil law.   Use common law to solve problems.    Please see an earlier post  of mine which is called 'Nine reasons why we should abandon hierarchies.'  which is widely available online.

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Bitchute will not release my latest video to the public. It is called " In a planet earth that is fixed and flat (not a spinning ball) it is possible to arrange that large areas would not be surveilled from space. What will I do to ensure the public have access to it. I also put a link to the same video here while giving it a somewhat similar title but I am not sure if it being ring fenced by the individuals who have wirelessly enslaved me. Even though it is on my own page it might not be released into the main timeline. What sometimes happens is my work can be ring fenced by the wireless enslavers and they would leave a few derogratory comments under it so as to make me believe that it was available to the public.
I managed to upload said video to bitchute after several attempts because someone keep deleting the file as it was uploading. Now it is categorized as being in the processing stage but that has been the case for the past twenty four hours.
Is there a sound way to test the electromagnetic radiation which is coming from space so that we may determine if some countries or large areas are not being surveilled from space as could easily be arranged on a flat and fixed earth. The spinning ball earth is strongly believed to be a hoax and the seas are kept in place by the Antarctic ice wall. Humanity can not travel beyond the Antarctic ice wall because the further out one travels the colder and darker it becomes and this provides a natural boundary which no one can traverse. Railway lines have been built which are a thousand miles in length and both ends of them are almost level with each other which proves that there is no curvature in the earth. Airplane windows are curved so as to make the earth appear curved when viewed from the air. Civil engineers and airline piolets absolutely never take into consideration a supposed curvature of the earth in the course of their work. The spinning ball earth is a hoax and we must take down the infrastructure which is being used to wirelessly tether us to a centralized computerized enslavement system of which I am already tethered to by wireless means.

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The authority of the (self-proclaimed) elite was derived unnaturally from warfare, conquest and the theft of the earth rather from the consent of the human race. No man or woman has a natural authority over his or her fellow human being and force creates no right.
COMMON LAW serves the human race and is an avenue of justice. CIVIL LAW is a weapon used against the human race by the self proclaimed elite.
The state has conditioned people to use CIVIL LAW to automatically deny their own ability to judge and instead to defer to external authorities. Under COMMON LAW the people judge legal matters for themselves and they become the law. They take action in their own communities to govern themselves as their own judge, jury and police.
In order to set up a COMMON LAW SYSTEM in each country we must set up a PEOPLES ASSEMBLY which are citizen run legislative bodies which replace existing governments and are a direct challenge to existing governments. The people then organise themselves into a peoples MILITIA and they will set up COMMON LAW COURTS in each community. A CONSTITUTION will govern the workings of the peoples assembly.
The peoples assembly, the militia and the common law courts will work together to reclaim the entire countrty for all of the people. Local republican banks and credit unions will then be set up by the peoples assembly and will will dispense with the current central banks which are privately owned and controlled by the self-proclaimed elite and which are being used as a weapon to control the rest of the human race through debt. Agents of the former regieme will be incorporated into the new common law republic.
For further information about how to set up a COMMON LAW REPUBLIC in your country please read the following book which is available online and which is called ESTABLISHING THE REIGN OF NATURAL LIBERTY, A COMMON LAW TRAINING MANUAL which has been issued by the International Common Law Court of Justice.
We can no longer continue allowing ourselves to be governed by individuals who have not been elected to public office and who make decisions for us based on the fact that they belong to privately owned and controlled think-tanks, many of whose members are dark occultists and who regularly practice human sacrifice. These dark occultists are actively attempting to depopulate the earth of most of its people because they now have the ability to fully automate most factories and other places of work so that they no longer need us as labourers. They have sprayed our food, water and air with neural dust which is also known as smart dust which we have inhaled and ingested and which has been enabled to pass through the blood brain barrier because of the administration of electromagnetic radiation. Because our brains and bodies are now imbued with neural dust we can be made to feel electrical sensations pulsating inside our bodies and we can be made to feel pain and even forced muscle movement among other unwanted sensations. We must find a way to apply pulses of magnetic energy to the neural dust inside our brains and bodies in order to render it harmless. We must find ways to disable it, perhaps by ingesting Carbon 60 or some other formula. Many individuals are being tortured inside their own homes by electromagnetic weapons and this process of remotely administered torture is partially enabled because of the neural dust inside their bodies. The main stream media is ninety five percent privately owned by the self proclaimed elite so all news of this remote controlled torture capability is being censored from the main stream news. Please go about setting up a peoples assembly in your area in order to eventually take back control of your country and all other countries from the self-proclaimed elite who practice inside trading among a multitude of other crimes.
For information on my own experiences of being tortured for more than sixteen years by unknown operatives while they work from an unknown remote location please read my website which is called

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Please join the civil lawsuit of Steve Ahmann........its free.........thank you...........bitte nehmen Sie an der Zivilklage von Steve Ahmann teil ist kostenlos..........



Civil Lawsuit - Steve Ahmann

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Please join the civil case of Steve Ahmann..........print out the CIVIL SUIT REVISION 14 + IN FORMA PAUPERIS fill it out and mail it to Steve Ahmann......the civil case is free....thank you.....

Bitte nehmen Sie an der Zivilklage von Steve Ahmann teil, bitte CIVIL SUIT REVISION 14 + IN FORMA PAUPERIS ausdrucken, ausfüllen und an Steve Ahmann schicken.......sie ist kostenlos.....





LAS VEGAS, NV. 89169






Stephen Ahmann,       }                                         Case#__________ }

Guy Potter, Elisabeth Jane Buchanan et.  al.  }     }

Vs.     }         

The United States           }


Comes now plaintiffs to bring action against the defendant for the following reasons including but not limited to:



We, the plaintiffs, have been and/or are currently tortured by the defendant.


Our 8th amendment right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment has been violated by the defendant.


Even if the court refuses to acknowledge that the following does not clearly show we are victims of torture or refuses to define torture as a crime within the United States we are still victims of ongoing felony assaults a violation of US Code Chapter 7 of numerous accounts.

Some plaintiffs are outside US; however, the 1991 Torture Victim Protection Act (U.S. Code (Title 28, Part IV, Chapter 85, and Section 1350)) allows for torture victims to bring action in the United States District Court. 


For most of us, beginning on or about 2001 we, the plaintiffs, became the victims of Cointelpro-style tactics and/or other government operations and these activities have continued up to the present.  This includes tactics like organized psychological and physical operations.  Not all of us became victims in 2001.  For example, we have a whole new generation of victims who are experiencing this now that started recently.  Though our suffering is the same, they are at a different ‘stage’ of these operations. 

Because of this fact, it is apparent that these crimes will continue

unchecked until something is done. 

However the majority of us will state that these operations against us

became extremely obvious beginning in 2001 and have continued, in most cases, unabated to the present. 


We are victims of Cointelpro-style tactics and/or other government psychological and physical operations.  We all experience the same crimes.  We live in different states and have moved to many different states all with the same result. 

The criminal activities cross state/national lines.  Federal government agencies and employees participate; therefore, this falls under federal jurisdiction.


Our right to petition the government for grievances has been violated as in that keeping records of the crimes against us that have occurred for a decade or more is obstructed. Our homes are frequently broken into and journals, logs, and other evidence is stolen. 


Because of the defendant(s) actions it is extremely difficult to function in society making it extremely difficult to gather and keep evidence, keep employment or business, or maintain a place to live.  This violates our right to petition the government for grievances and basic rights to life and liberty. 


Because the defendant’s criminal actions affects the mind and body so badly it makes it very difficult to bring lawful action.  Our  situation is an emergency situation.  Our life, health, and well-being are always in jeopardy.  It is difficult to sleep, think, work, and generally function and live. 

Therefore, all papers are filed under extreme duress.  This is an emergency situation and we demand immediate relief.  These activities are killing us. 


Our right to the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has been violated as we are nearly perpetually stalked, harassed, intimidated, interrogated, humiliated, and threatened by the defendants employing an unknown communication device set at distorted volume over an extended period of time with the intent of causing physical pain and suffering, distraction, confusion, and exhaustion.     The combined effect of these perpetual assaults amount to torture.  Even while sleeping.  That date of occurrence would be on or about 2001 to the present for most of us.


The defendants falsely accuse of breaking laws as the reasoning behind this abuse and, even if were true, would fall under our
protection against cruel and unusual punishment.


The defendants, employing this high tech communication device interrogate us about private and embarrassing things like our sexual behavior and past.  They demand to know all kinds of private details. 

This is done to sexually humiliate. 

They also use it for blackmail. 


Uniformed police officers, FBI and all other government agencies that we have been in contact with participate in the Cointelpro-style activity and other physical and psychological operations...     We have moved many times to different parts of the country and since this follows across state lines it, obviously, is federal, but also employs local government personnel or their agents.  The tactics such as but not limited to: saying things about personal lives in public that only someone spying on us would know, gas lighting,   interfering with

attempts to talk with others/form relationships, interfering with normal activities such as working, sleeping, shopping, etc, street theatre, threats, intimidation, aggravated stalking, provoking, psychological anchoring,  negative NLP (neural linguistics

programming), and conspiracy.   Many of us also report seeing an usually high amount of military and/or law enforcement aircraft as well that ‘ buzz’ them or do other things to upset. 


Our right to petition the government for grievances has been violated.  As we try to obtain the services of assistance of counsel yet all attempts made to secure counsel are blocked by cointelpro-style tactic and/or other operations. 


All forms of communication are tampered/interfered with.  Including mail, email, phone calls.  This has greatly interfered with our right to petition the government for grievances.  As well as, untold amounts of losses. 


Our right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness has been violated by the defendants using an unknown communication device to employ a hypnotist  and/or some other kind of weapon(s ) to influence us.  We

are then made to see, believe, and forget all kinds of things over the

years.  Some of the things we have been hypnotized/manipulated to experience include but are not limited to:  feel paranoia; believe our thoughts were being read; to fall asleep/trance while at work, grocery shopping, or in public.  We have also felt excruciating chest pains,

pain in other areas, painful dizzy spells, and a feeling of suffocation or throat closing.  All of this was upon command from the defendants letting us know it was them that had the power to give us chest pains; dizzy spells, etc. while they laughed at our situation.  For many of us, these assaults and others like them occur multiple times per hour.


 Our freedom of religion has been violated as the defendants used the unknown communication device to hurt us whenever we tried to  practice our religion.  We have been threatened about our religion, politics, and a host of other beliefs and informed by the defendants that we had to do what they wanted or they would increase their

criminal activities.  We, the plaintiffs come from a wide variety of religious and political areas and it would appear this could be another psychological operation, but we suffer from it all the same. 


Our freedom of speech has been violated by parties unknown to us as we are punished for saying or doing certain things by the defendant’s increased criminal actives and their threats to do so.  This includes threats of prosecution…most recently 6-3-2011 for preparing this suit. 

Some of us have been threatened for attempting to pursue legal remedy. We have been informed through an unknown communication device at about 11:00 pm that if we don’t drop this suit that the defendants would have people testify against us for made-up crimes. This is vindictive prosecution and is illegal.   Threats like this have been made to us countless times over the years. 


We are threatened often, making us fearful and unable to pursue life liberty or happiness. 

Some of the threats we have received include but are not limited to:

threats to kill us, poisoning us, arresting us and holding in jail forever,

stealing our possessions, gang-beating us up with baseball bats, shooting us, raping us, putting cameras in our home and putting compromising pictures of us on the internet, conspiring to defraud us by broadcasting this abuse and profiting from it, paying members opposite sex we encounter not to sleep with us, prosecute us civilly and/or criminally, paying people to harass us, running us out of the country, conspiring to continue to stalk, harass and threaten us and never stop.


Most of us have had numerous cars and other vehicles swerve, obviously pointed right at us, in attempt to intimidate us.  Many of us have been beat up and hospitalized many times.   Some have had entire gangs jump us and been hospitalized.   Since this was quite rare or never happened prior to this start date on or about 2001, these events coincide with the start of all the other operations and are perpetrated by the defendant.  


The defendants conduct a campaign of lies against us.  Almost all of us are victims of slander,  defamation of character, and libel; another aspect of Cointelpro-style tactics, and/or government psychological and physical operations, to isolate us to make sure no one knows

or helps us. This campaign of lies is very effective from the perception the public has to the integrity of the defendant.  

Also, many people think they are being instructed by an authority figure. 


The majority of us are victims of sexual abuse by the defendant a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2241.

We are victims of the crime of provoking and conspiracy to provoke.   This is perpetrated by the defendant and started for the majority of plaintiffs on or around 2001 to the present. 


Combined these operation cause sleep deprivation, anxiety, panic, physical illness, stress, high blood pressure, and other physical and mental issues such as nervous breakdown.  Many of us have attempted suicide just to get the torture to stop.  Some of us have died. 


Those of us with children, and pets, or elderly family have had to watch as the defendants inflicted the same tortures on them.



I. Actual damages:

a.)   time off work is 10 years time/lost wages and income @ 100,000 per year per plaintiff is 1,000,000 USD


b.)    Hospitalization 30,000 per plaintiff average over 10 year period

c.)    Losses due to thefts and vandalization


d.)   Court costs


II. Pain and suffering


a.) physical pain suffered from torture for a ten year period   is 10 billion USD per plaintiff 


b.) isolation due to libel/slander campaign for 10 years is 10 billion USD per plaintiff

III. Punitive damages is 20.1 billion dollars per plaintiff

Total damages are 40.2 billion dollars per plaintiff.  We, also, petition
the court for an order to cease all the aforementioned.


So Stated under penalty of perjury
on this ______________ day of ____________, 20__

                                                                        ________________________       _________                                                       

________________________       __________

                                                                               ________________________     __________

                                                                                ________________________     _________


 Stephen Ahmann, Katherine Moore,   }                                Case#__ }

Starkeep Potter, Elisabeth Jane Buchanan  }   } 

                vs.            }       


The United States       }


                Motion to proceed in Forma Pauperis

                We, the undersigned plaintiffs, certify that we are too poor to pay for these proceedings.


 stated Under Penalty of Perjury on this _____ date of _____, 20__                                                                __________________________   _________                                                            __________________________   ________


__________________________    ________                                                           

_______________________   _________  



I, Steve Ahmann, swear that a copy of the forgoing has been delivered to the federal Courthouse at 333 S Las Vegas Blvd this ____ day of ____ 20__




All the informations you also find here.......see under documents..........alle Informationen findne Sie hier........bitte unter Dokumente nachsehen........danke/ thank you....



and here: here are the documents/ hier sind die Dokumente


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