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SAME problem - NEW approach

It does not matter who is stalking you, how much financial backing they have, or what weapons they use.  These are details we have no control over.

Everyone reading this knows what is going on, and merely finding a place online (blog/forum/webpage) to expend valuable energy complaining about it is not the way to resolve it.

We must find a way to directly access Civilians with a BELIEVABLE and LOGICAL presentation of what Gang Stalking is about, and expose the underlying crime itself.

This crime has been growing in popularity over the past 40 years.  An incalculable number of victims have suffered and perhaps died, just as we now suffer, and other innocents will suffer in the future.  This should tell us all that unless we seek and use a radically new strategy, we will never be free again.

ALONE, we can perhaps meet with limited success in holding back our attackers on a temporary basis.  At any given time, it depends solely upon their personal level of testosterone and inner rage as to the intensity and savagery with which they choose to injure victims.  However, TIs will age and our health will decline.  Eventually our energy will be depleted and the relentlessness of GS will set in the weaker we become and make us suffer.

UNITED is the ONLY road to resolution!

- TIs have been blocked from the normal community based avenues to aid and support. 

- When we attempt to find each other online for emotional support and strength, perps come online and discredit the very idea that GS exists. Our paranoia does the rest to undermine the hope of lasting bonds we may forge between us.

- Perps masquerading as TIs construct websites or participate with comments in legitimate TI forums, blogs, websites.  These perps further discredit us by intentionally presenting Civilians with a picture that the GS victim is mentally delusional in their protestations.

So, HOW do we overcome being discredited everywhere we turn for help?

- Become your own personal advocate online in a safe individual way. Construct an easily believable unemotional website of GS basic facts, and LINK ONLY to other websites which do the same.  Help overcome the perp disinformation campaign.

- Do not get into politics, religion, or emotional details/specifics of your torment.  This type of commentary can be voiced in a blog, forum or another webpage.  Keep this one webpage focused on what a Civilian is able to BELIEVE and mentally ACCEPT.  Tell a Civilian about things which they do not have experience/knowledge about (like V2K, DEW, microchip), and you will continue to lose the only audience which are in a position to help us.

- With time, a GS victims' webring of TIs will be united via the LINKS you carefully choose to attach to your page.

 Your webpage can be your personal resource!

- In our attempts to make contact and explain our GS situation to Civilians, we tend to be too emotional and offer too many details.  Built into the design of a GS tactic is the intention to make us sound crazy if we describe what is being done to us.  We are thereby further discrediting ourselves when we wander off track into the details.

- Print up business cards with GANG STALKING on one side, and your page address on the other side. 

- When you encounter a Civilian you need/want to educate about GS, hand them the card and let your site convince them that the crime does exist.  Your LINKS can reinforce the point that this is a widespread silent crime which has been flying under the public radar.

- Adding the county and state to your webpage banner and your business card will bring the crime home to the doorstep of the Civilians in your community.  Let innocent Civilians come to understand the randomness of this crime.  Leave them believing that they can become a target of the local gang of bullies just as easily as you became one.

Request that your webpage addy be added to other victimś LINKS page, and form a TI webring of LINKS to make all our legitimate TI voices heard in unison.  This is more powerful and will last longer than any petition which can so easily be dismissed and tossed aside.

HERE is something EVERY victim can do.  Educate Civilians, and we will get more support to legally end GS.  Use your strength and energy while you still have it.

The following link was what got me believing we can overcome our problem.  He has put his webpage in the public domain - which means he is encouraging the reader to put up a similar information webpage, and copy any of his content in constructing their webpage.  Your page does NOT have to be this long, just hit the main points and let your LINKs give more information if yourr site visitor decides to read further about GS.


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