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NAC which is also known as N-Acetyl Cystine stops blood from clotting and generates glutathione in the human body. 5G Radiation combined with graphene oxide which was injected into everyone who took what is known as the covid-19 vaccine without their knowledge and consent depletes the level of glutathione in the human body so in order to increase the levels of glutathione in your body take NAC.
IODINE OR KELP TABLETS produce thyroid hormones which regulate body weight and body temperature and maintains energy.
BILE SALTS breaks down fat, coverts T4 to T3 and kills microbes in the small intestine.
CHLORINE DIOXIDE helps blood cells to move freely without clumping together.
APPLE CIDER VINEGAR cures stiffness, cataracts, arthritis, cramping and muscle pain.
BENTONITE AND ZEOLITE carry a strong negative charge which acts like a magnet inside you and attracts positively charged toxins such as heavy metals, fungus, yeast, pathogens and mold. They attract up to two thousand times their own weight and neutralizes them. Never stir bentonite or zeolite with a metal spoon. Always use a plastic spoon.
CHLORINE DIOXIDE cures autism, malaria, typhoid, cancer and all other diseases because it carries any and all pathogens and heavy metals out of the human body, thereby allowing the human body to cure itself.
DMSO improves eyesight, cures stiffness and gastrointestinal disorders. If a family member gets a stroke or a heart attack then fifteen droplets of DMSO in a glass of water will dissolve the blood clot which caused the heart attack or stroke leading to immediate recovery without any long term damage.
PURE GUM SPIRITS TURPENTINE kills bacteria, fungus and parasites and removes mold from the human body. It improves blood circulation, cures candida, depression and insomnia among many other health problems. Take pure gum spirits turpentine on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. When it begins killing candida and parasites in the human body toxic substances will then be released by the body which will create die off symptoms which are known as a herxheimer reaction. If you begin to feel ill with a herxheimer reaction then you must take activated charcoal which will absorb any newly released toxins and eliminate them safely from your body.
HYDROGEN PEROXIDE AND OZONATED WATER, similar to CHLORINE DIOXIDE and all other oxygen therapies will cure, Acne, Sore Throats, Athletes Foot, Bad Breath, Gum Infestion, Ear Infection, all pathogens which may be in the gut, lungs or head. All oxygen therapies are cure alls which are heavily censored by those at the top of the worldwide power structure who are pursuing practices which make the people of the world dependent on their poisonous drugs. Natural healers are pursuing practices which eliminate all need for the highly poisonous trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry. The evil doers at the top of the world wide power structure attempt at every opportunity to silence and eliminate natural healers because that is the only way that such evil doers can remain powerful and wealthy.
BUTYRATE. Take a butyrate supplement after meals. Low levels of butyrate are linked to obesity, gut inflammation and digestive problems. Your gut uses butyrate for its primary source of energy. Butyrate reduces appetite and maintains blood sugar levels.
POSTBIOTICS Examples of postbiotics are Yoghurt, Tempeh, Buttermilk, Sauerkraut, Sourdough Bread, Kefir, Pickles, Kimchi, Kimbuchi and Soft Cheese such as Gouda and Parmesan,
MCT OIL. MCT Oil helps to generates ketones when on a Carnivore Diet. MCT oil is unique in that it goes directly to the liver and generates ketones.
KETOSIS. If you eat all your food within an eight hour eating window you have metabolic flexability so that you can easily change from burning glucose to burning fat. Those without metabolic flexability sometimes go on to develop alzheimers disease or parkinsons disease because if they can not efficiently change from burning glucose to burning fat some of their brain cells die whenever they run out of glucose. If you eat all of your food within an eight hour eating window you will protect yourself from alzheimers disease and parkinsons disease. Remove grains, potatoes, rice, honey, molasses and fruit from your diet because they are far too high in sugar. Remove seed oils also.
A sample beneficial diet would be green vegetables, root vegetables all except potatoes, mushrooms, dairy products, eggs, meat and fish.
When you are in ketosis you uncouple mitocondra. Goat and sheep cheese uncouple micrcondria. Poly phenols uncouple mitocondra. Cinnamon, cloves, frankensense, myrrh and wormwood uncouple mitocondria. When your micocondria uncouple you lose weight, you generate brown fat and you generate heat. For further information on uncoupling mitocondria please listen to Dr Steven Gundry on youtube or else read his book which is called 'Unlocking the Keto Code.'
Take magnesium citrate.
Take enzymes before going to bed.
Avoid all vegetable oils because they set you up for metabolic disaster and they destroy mitochondrial function. Use butter or animal fat instead. Avoid gluten to improve the health of your digestive tract.
I am not a medical professional and I obtained the above information from listening to online medical professionals and others.

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If the human race were proficient in all of the natural healing methods such as Fasting, Herbal Remedies, Yoga, Colour Therapy, Energy Medicine, Earthing, Water Therapy, Essential Oils, Aromotherapy and many more we would shut down all teaching hospitals because they fully focus on money making pharmaceutical drugs which the general public no longer trust or are willing to support.

We could set up our own healing centres where we could offer advice and assistance based on well known cures which are currently being heavily suppressed in favour of more well advertised pharmaceutical drugs which do not ever have the desired effect.

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Cancer Cures

   These weapons cause cancer. Below are some links and videos to known cancer cures. These are alternative medicine and not believed to do anything by the powers that be and the doctors themselves.

  Cancer medication is a multi billion dollar industry around the globe. Why release cures to an ailment that makes the pharmaceutical corporations money? Greed I say, eugenics plays a large roll in this as well. They want depopulation and controlled breeding habits.

  Artemesinen: A chinese herb that has been proven effective. Below is a video of a doctor explaining it's benefits.

  Vitamin B17: The safer way to beat cancer and in the below video seems to shrink tumors.

  Cannabis Oil: A favourite amongst stoners as well as people who know the many benefits of pot.

  Baking Soda: In the below video a doctor explains that cancer is a fungus and cancerous tumors can be killed by injecting them with baking soda

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