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The United Nations was founded in 1945 and it is owned, controlled and run by Dark Luciferians and Satanists which are sometimes known as the illuminati or as dark occultists. They have been manipulating world events for approximately twh hundred thousand years and it was them who originally set up the paradigm of state controlled governments and organised religions throughout the world thousands of years ago, which we all now live under. The same dark luciferians and satanists own, control and run The World Bank, The International Monitory Fund, Unicef, The World Health Organisation, NATO, UNHCR, the International Criminal Court and the European Parliament. They also own and control the CIA and the BND which is the German foreign secret intelligence agency. The United Nations now wish to privatize police forces throughout the world as well as the worlds military and prisons throughout the world under their own private ownership and control.

The United Nations human rights council shields human rights abusers. According to United States President Donald Trump the United Nations is the biggest threat we face. He also stated the following to the American people "We will never surrender American sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable global bureaucracy.

In spite of what you will be told, we do not own our own central bank in the Republic of Ireland. It is owned and controlled by private individuals who are known to be dark occultists. The aforementioned dark occultists own and control the pharmaceutical industry. Many medicines are now being blended with slow acting poisons in order to make us chronically ill and dumbed down because the dark occultists would not be able to enslave a vibrantly healthy and intelligent human race. The dark occultists own and run many medical training centres and they have been deliberately misleading medical students as well as suppressing information about easy cures for illnesses for that same reason.
Through their ownership and control of organised religions the dark occultists push the false notion that an external saviour will come and save us so that we will do nothing ourselves in order to save ourselves. Organised religions generate money, power, status and control for the dark Luciferians and Satanists who set most of them up many thousands of years ago.
The dark occultists are attempting to set up a one world media coverage system but they have failed in their bid to do so because the world population have been exposing their activities online for the past few decades. However, they now own and control at least ninety five percent of the main stream media which no longer reports the type of new which offers us information about our safety and security from impending worldwide enslavement.
United States Patent Number 4877027B Microwave Hearing Via Broadcast. Date of Patent 31st October, 1989. Inventor Wayne B Brunken.D

This invention relates to a hearing system for human beings in which high frequency electromagnetic energy is projected through the air to the head of a human being and the electromagnetic energy is modulated to create signals that can be discerned by the human being regardless of the hearing ability of the person. Speech, feelings, emotions and other information can be broadcast into us.
All consciousness is due to electromagnetic patterns generated within our brain. Scientists imitate what the brain normally does and then apply it to the brains of non-consenting human beings by external means. Any artificial state can be artificially injected into the brain of any human being. The means for doing this already exists and it is fully operational on a worldwide basis.
Capitulation can be induced by using signals which are piggybacked and broadcast on radio, television and microwave communication to influence through suggestion, holograms, voice to skull and silent sound technology in order to manipulate the feelings and thoughts of the targeted population. Behaviour modification has been directed against the people of the world. They should be angry and outraged because they are being enslaved but instead they have become passive and apathetic. The enslavement method is outlined herebelow.

Professor James Giordano, official spokesman for the American military has recently released a new youtube presentation which is called Weaponizing Brain Science. I have interpreted his message to mean the following based on my own unique experiences of being illegally enslaved by this method as follows :-

The military and government are joining together to harness your neurological system so as to gain control over your thoughts, emotions and behaviour. There is no international oversight.
Nano technology is being sprayed from aerial vehicles and other sources which allows penetration into your body. Once the nano particulates enter your body they swarm together and they auto assemble which can cause blockage, take over of your body, immobilization of your body or which can be made to force your body to move against your will or which can be made to cause your death.
The more big data that is collected about you by for example from your smart phone, your computer or Siri or by a myriad of other means the more extensively your brain will be mapped for permanent take over by a combination of otherwise compromised neuro staff in combination with artificial intelligence which I believe is simply pre-programmed algorythms. The control and enslavement system will use this means to bring all people whose personal date they have collected into submission and under domination.
The more big data that is collected about you the more policy makers and/or the slave masters will be able to make decisions about you because they will then know your strengths and weaknesses and will be able to use pre-programmed algorythms to exploit your weaknesses. If the aforementioned policy makers and/or slave masters have a sample of your blood or a copy of your genetic readout or your genome they can use pre-programmed algorythms to create precision pathology which would effect you specificially in order to create destruction of your health and well being.
Others who have access to your personal data can corrupt your data by inserting or removing information about you in order to effect change in the way you are regarded medically, publicly, politically, legally and economically.
You will be physically yoked to this computerized control system for the rest of your life if we fail to disassemble and ban the wireless enabling capabilities which allow this to go ahead. Others in your social chain can be programmed to cease contact with you.

Who has decided that there is a Covid 19 pandemic without ever isolating a covid-19 virus.
Who has decided that we must stay inside our homes.
Who has decided that we must wear masks.
Who has decided that we must open up our private homes so that government staff can come and inspect them.
Who has decided that we can not use our own publicly owned roads to travel when and where we wish.
Human beings have lived on this planet for at least five hundred million years and nobody ever attempted to stop us from using roads and travelling at will before.
Who are you and what gives you the right to tell the whole world what they can and can not do. Why do you suppose you have any right to claim superiority over your own equal fellow men and women.
HIDDEN ELECTRONIC WARFARE IS BEING WAGED IN SECRET AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND. Powerful neuro weapons are being deployed against us now. Neuro weapons are now capable of gaining wireless external control of our brains and central nervous systems in order to wirelessly externally control each of our lives individually and this can all be achieved by unknown individuals while they work from unknown remote locations and it can also be partially achieved by artificial intelligence. There is absolutely no national oversight in the Republic of Ireland that we know of.

"Today, the ability to remotely transmit microwave voices inside a targets head is known inside the Pentagon as 'Synthetic Telepathy.' According to Dr Robert Becker synthetic telepathy has applications in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with voices or deliver undetected instructions to a programmed assassin. In the 1970s, the University of Maryland invented a thought reading machine. The machine allegedly uses microwaves to deliver spoken massages directly to the human brain as well as using radio waves to hypnotize people or change their thoughts. Neuro-effective signals can now cause many other nerve groups to become remotely actuated."
The above is a quote from "SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY AND THE EARLY MIND WARS" by Richard Alan Miller.

Secrecy allows evil to flourish. Full disclosure allows good to flourish and that is the reason why I am revealing that the Republic of Ireland where I was born and where I have lived all of my life and where I hope to live until I die has in essence become a slave colony for some of its own men and women, including myself.
The passage of time has allowed advances in technology, most of which are still classified. Even though they are classified many of them are being used outside of government knowledge against a selection of Irish individuals. I and other Irish individuals have been implanted with technology which wirelessly links us to computerized control and enslavement systems. We have not found a way to prove that we are partial wirelessly controlled slaves but the Irish government could easily provide absolute proof that we are wirelessly controlled slaves if they had the will to do so. The Irish people must act on their own without government interference and they must do what ever is needed to prove without a shadow of a doubt that some Irish citizens have become wirelessly remote controlled slaves . We have asked the Irish government for help already but nothing was done to help us in this regard.
I personally believe that the reason some Irish politicians are hesitant in providing us the Irish people with technology which would allow us to prove that we have become wirelessly controlled slaves is because in doing so they would also be proving that judges and juries can now be wirelessly controlled, which would then cause the current law court system to collapse over night. Further to that, no law court decision which has been made in the past several decades could or would be considered viable.
Here below I outline some of my experiences of being a wirelessly controlled slave as follows:
Voices are being transmitted by wireless means into what I believe is technology implanted or embedded in my inner ear on a continual basis. The voices appear to be of real men and women who appear to be able to monitor me on a virtual basis through monitoring a virtual image of me on their own computer screens or by some other means due to the fact that I believe that there is now technology implanted or embedded throughout my person.
The unknown groups who transmit their voices into my head occasionally tell me what I should eat, what I should be allowed to purchase and what I should think about . They have in the past cancelled orders for goods which I have placed online because they did not wish me to have them. They sometimes physically hurt me by wireless remote means. They often wake me up during the night by wireless remote means. They sometimes force a selection of my muscles to move against my will by wirelessly enabled external control of my central nervous system, a capability which is described in United States Scientific Patent Number US6965816. When I am brain to brain interfaced with these unknown neuro staff which appears to be most if not all of the time they can then force a selection of my muscles to move against my will and without my permission.
If I had smart engineered technology in my home they would then be able to both monitor and control my usage of each smart device by wireless external means and they have informed me that I would only be allowed to have a two minute daily shower and that the temperature of the shower water would be at their discretion. They have also informed me that they would control the usage of my heating system by wireless external control in the future if or when smart engineered technology which can be externally controlled is ever installed in my home. This external wireless control of all aspects of our lives is meant for all of us. The individuals who are attempting to enslave us by wireless means while they work from an unknown remote location are believed to be some if not all of the super-rich who themselves may also be under external wireless control in a similar manner.
One can now use technology to tune in all types of special effects to the human brain provided the human concerned has inhaled and ingested nano technology which eventually comes embedded in that brain as is described in United States scientific patent number US6965816. You can now have distrubing pictures as well as moving images forced into the mental imaging centre of your brain at a moments notice. Because these mental images are not generated in the same way as you generate your own mental images you will know that they are not being generated by your own mind and that they are being artificially transmitted into your mind by wireless remote means.
I do not know who my slave masters are. I have the contact details of more than a dozen other individuals who live in the Republic of Ireland and who are experiencing the same or similar experiences of being under wireless external control as I am. What we are experiencing is known as being Remote Neural Monitored as well as being Remote Neural Manipulated. Professor James Geordano of Georgetown University Medical Center, United States is one of the official spokesmen for the United States government on the subject of Weaponizing Brain Science. He validates the existence of the aforementioned capabilities in nearly all of his online presentations. Here is a link to his latest online presentation which is called Weaponizing Brain Science.
Professor Geordano informs us while speaking on this video that drones and other aerial vehicles can be used to deliver pay loads of neurological viruses, neurological microbes as well as neurological toxins to targeted individuals or targeted groups. He also informs us that nano technology can be used to provide scaffolds that then allow the auto assembly of molecules inside a biological system. When Professor Giordiano refers to a biological system it is understood that he means a human being or any other sentient being.
If fifth generation wireless technology becomes fully activated in the Republic of Ireland then the bandwidth will be available to criminal neuro scientists and their assistants to wirelessly enslave every man, woman and child in Ireland and this can all be achieved from an unknown remote location.
If you decide to deny that wirelessly enabled remote controlled torture technology exists and is in use and that electronic mind control programming technology exists and is in use and that voice to skull remote transmissions of external voices being placed inside the heads of random individuals exists and is now in frequent use then you are committing an act of extreme evil against your fellow country men and women as well as against all future generations of this world. You have no right to deny that these capabilities exist and if you decide to acknowledge all of their existence to the police then you will be finally exposing the truth to the world. We can regain harmony and peace of mind in this world as soon as we realign with the truth.
I and all of the other targeted individual partially wirelessly externally controlled slaves throughout the Republic of Ireland have attempted to report the matter to the Gardai, to our general practitioners and to psychiatrists but because the aforementioned Gardai, general practitioners and psychiatrists are under permanent electronic mind control programming we have not been believed and instead we are being wrongly presumed to be mentally unwell. If this situation persists you will all soon be wirelessly enslaved in a similar manner to how we are enslaved now.
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.
My landline home phone number is 094 9360901. My website which I alone own and control is called

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Industrial hemp is the worlds number one resource and it is capable of generating sixty thousand different products and yet it has been banned from the market place by individuals who wish to empoverish us for some of the following reasons:-
The first step to taking over a country and its people is to first of all find ways to empoverish the people of that country. That has already been achieved by banning industrial hemp and by thereby banning all of its products from the market place. We could build, furnish and carpet and power our homes by using industrial hemp as the main raw material to achieve this. We could feed our animals with industrial hemp. It takes only ninety days for industrial hemp to grow to full maturity from seed. It has been banned from the world market place by individuals who wish to take over our countries and to enslave us.
A second step to taking over a country and its people is to destroy the health of the people of the country which has been designated for takeover and enslavement. In medical school, students are being deliverately misinformed about all aspects of human health. This has now become apparent because medical practitioners are coming to the fore online and relating stories of how they given misinformation at medical school and since then through their own private endeavours have found much better ways of treating and curing illnesses, information which was denied to them during their medical training. Further to that, Iatrogenic events in medical practice is the third leading cause of death in the United States at this time.
A fourth step needed in taking over a country and its people is to intellectually dumb them down so that they are unable to think logically and rationally. Magical thinking is encouraged in all areas. Government education is mainly about subjugation, brain washing, mass control and conformity. Children are not been taught how to think critically. A future dictatorship does not wish to be challenged by individuals who are truely educated and independend minded. They would like the population they control to think collectively because they hate individuality because they can not and never could mind control individual thinkers. School has become a process of non-educational programming. Schooling is also being used to make children aware of time constraints so that they could be controlled by this means in the future. Public schooling is now being used to indoctrinate students into the political principal of collectivism which means central control of people.
A fifth step needed to take over a country and its people is to take total control over the main stream media which has already been achieved throughout the world. The dark occultists and others who aim to enslave us have purchased most newspapers, magazines, television stations,publishing houses and film studios. They push the same propaganda from all avenues so that it then becomes more believable when people begin to hear the same message from several different sources. All avenues of information have now been centralized into fewer and fewer hands and those fewer hands are attempting to manufacture a false reality where we would be given fewer basic human rights that those within the dictatorship.
A sixth step needed to take over a country and its people is to take control of the police of that country. At present, masts over police stations affect the beta rhythm of their brains which is responsible for sound judgement in emergency situations. Police are being forced to enforce unjust laws. Police are being denied access to information about directed energy weapons and their true capabilities. They are being wrongly guided to send complainers of directed energy weapons attacks for mandatory psychiatric evaluation, thereby mistakingly covering up in-home wireless torture and in-home attempts at wireless enslavement of good living people through attempts at controlling them through their central nervous systems. An attempt to turn human beings into cyborgs through control of their nervous systems has been partially achieved. With the use of invisible and silent weapons, peoples biological and electrical systems and their minds can be controlled via telephone masts.
A seventh step needed to take over a country and its people is to use brain entrainment and subliminal programming of the populace through television, smart phones and wifi whenever the would be enslavers wish to introduce unjust government ligitation such as privatising property which is owned by the people of that country and thereby allowing it to be purchased by unknown investors who are acting for the dictatorship. Such brain entrainment and subliminal programming and other mind control techniques are being used on you without your knowledge and consent during elections, political meetings, conferences, demonstrations, large consumer purchases such as when purchasing private homes or holiday homes, as well as during court cases. Brain entrainment and subliminal programming has become so advanced now that it can be used to cover whole countries or whole continents at the same time.
An eight step needed to take over a country and its people is to keep them working continually while often performing pointless tasks so that they will not have time to figure out what is really occurring behind the scenes in their lives. It has been widely discovered that at least eighty percent of all work being performed across the world only benefits the would-be enslavers of the human race. In order to provide ourselves with everything we need and in order to lead lives of absolute abundance each man and woman in this world would really only need to work one day per week. Further to that, it is advantageous to the would-be dictatorship to keep both students and workers permanently tired and stressed because conditioning which is installed when somebody is in a state of stress or fatigue goes deeper that conditioning which is installed at other times.
A nineth step needed to take over a country and its people is to deny the people a platform of complaint whenever they are being subject to unjust treatment or when they are being wirelessly tortured inside their own homes. The main stream media refuse to print our stories and politicians refuse to act on our requests for assistance and they refuse to provide technology which would enable us to prove that we are under wireless attack. Universities refuse to reply to our requests for help.
A tenth step needed to take over a country and its people is to encourage everyone to belong to groups or teams. Anyone who lives alone or who acts alone or who is an individual thinker is to be portrayed with suspicion by agents within the main stream media. Group members try to minimize conflict in order to reach a consensus often without critical evaluation of alternative viewpoints. If you belong to a group you are often isolated from outside influences.
An eleventh step to taking over a country and its people is to manipulate the young people into becoming addicted to substances and to sexually depraving themselves by offering them misleading advice when they are too young to be able to assess it critically. If we live lives of loyalty and fidelity to one partner throughout our lives and if sexual behaviour is moderate rather than extreme then we will have peace of mind throughout our lives. The nuclear family is destroyed when people become sexually promiscious thereby paving the way for greater intervention into our lives and manipulation of our lives by a would-be dictatorship.

A twelfth step needed to take over a country and its people is to deny the people adequate living space because by living in over crowded spaces we are being subjected to undue stress which would make us move maleable to being controlled by false authority figures . If there were a stable six billion individuals on earth and each apartment building was only six floors high we could then give every man, woman and child on earth their own large fifty square metre apartment for the duration of their whole life and it would take approximately twelve million acres of space to build those six floor apartment buildings on and considering that there are thirty six thousand, seven hundred and ninety four million acres of land on earth, after we subtracted the twelve million acres of land needed for the spacious apartment blocks, we would then have thirty six thousand, seven hundred and eighty two million acres of land left for food and for wild animals.
36,794,000,000 Acres of land on earth.
- 12,000,000 Acres needed to give every one their one fifty square metre apartment for life
provided each apartment building was six floors high and the population of earth
remained at a stable six billion.
36,782,000,000 Acres left over for farm land and wild land.
We should enact laws where we are all entitled to own personal property such as our own fifty square metre large home which could be built by industrial hemp building blocks and furnished by industrial hemp furniture and carpeted by industrial hemp carpets. Nobody could then accuse us of wasting the resources of the planet because it only takes ninety days to grow industrial hemp from seed to full maturity so therfure we would not be burdening the planet in any way whatsoever. We would no longer allow laws which would entitle us to own private property such as land, roads, lakes, seas, apartment blocks, banks, museums and government buildings because these publicly owned resources are now being privatized all over the world and are being purchased by the same group of would-be dictators of the world who if allowed to continue would eventually own all of the resources of the planet and legally enslave the rest of us so that we would not be able to live if we ever dared to challenge their future dictatorship. Please raise awareness of this.

Whenever those who run governments from behind the scenes commit crimes they apply the word "classified" to each crime and by this means secrecy allows evil to flourish. Senior politicians and other government staff should refuse to sign secrecy clauses and they should disclose whatever they know about government criminality because full disclosure allows good to flourish. Honesty and truth holds society together.
We must become self-sufficient within each country. We must refuse to finance the intelligence services. We must switch back from digital to analogue communications. We must own and control our own central banks. We must use common law courts whose laws would be enforced by a peoples militia. We must take down HAARP phased arrays. We must not allow children to become unquestioningly obedient order followers because by becoming unquestioningly obedient they could in later life easily be persuaded to commit acts of extreme evil by the would-be dictatorship.

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