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We all have seen this groups of hoodlums, low lives, parasites, that are in neighborhoods terrorism us by either manipulating the neighbors to do some type of street theater or some kind of driving in or out of their garages when either you are coming home of leaving, also they make the children of your neighborhood to do some kind of street theater or stalking, doing it in a very obvious way for you to notice, like any psychopath dumb ass would do!  well this is how I see it it's happening by my own experience in my targeting.



Organized crime have one purpose when they invade a neighborhood, besides the one of recruit neighbors and make them participate into your targeting.

One main reason is the recruitment of children

A child that it’s poison with this crime becomes a predator

A child predator becomes a sexual predator, pedophile, psychopath

When this groups invade your neighborhood, they began monitoring the whole neighborhood

They can see in their computers in a map view, who comes and goes within your block or within the whole complex

They start monitoring the children of your neighborhood, and start selecting who can be a prospect to be a psychopath and the  ones that can be taken as experiments of torture, ( done by the same children)

These groups of stalkers  infiltrates in camps or organizations were youth centers are located to began scanning and find their prospects.

The individuals that do this searching are actual pedophiles.

Once they have chosen a few, they began indoctrinating.

These are the same children that have done at some point a street theater or stalking to you.

As time pass, this children are assign to the child victim, with the child victim the child predator began monitoring, stalking, and getting into the child victim’s live, (I’m talking about a teen predator)

The teen predator then began the stalking of the child victim creating a fixation in the victim child, creating the psychopath within this teen predator.


The following it’s not hard to see it, since the teen predator began stalking through the technology monitoring the child victim, began assaulting with the weapons , and also the defamation of character done by the teen predator at school  of the victim, and of course it’s not just one stalker but many children predators, the teen predator began manipulating others at school, the teen predator became manipulating children to do predatory tactics  to the victim child, and we all can see how the bulling at schools have grown and the teen suicide have arise in a very scary way and because of the systematic harassment that the victims have gone through before they committed suicide, says a lot of what’s going on today at our schools


Now imaging this not with one teen predator but a whole army of children predators.

And this is done by the groups of criminals that invade a neighborhood  were the Ti move in.

The pedophiles from these groups are poisoning our young in front of everybody.

Now you can see how they’ve been multiplying within the same neighborhood

I also see that this teens whenever they can, they leave home to continue, adopting this crime as way of living, becoming this psychopath sexual predator.

I have seen them driving in group carpooling.


The whole idea of the psychopath cannibal is that adopt this crime as a way of living, an actual psychopath develop a “grudge” in a victim, the wanna be that it’s the one approach and become one, develop a” fixation” that it’s not the same, a “grudge” can last a whole life, a fixation last a few months.



These are fake psychopaths, wanna bees are losers.

They try to imitate a psychopath, but they are not.

These criminals are doom to be exterminated.

Remember : there’s no cure for a sexual predator or pedophile

This means they are burned.

What to do with these cannibals??

The Government will pull the plug very, very soon.

This is a successful experimentation of the "lab monkey of wrong doing".

Their brains are shrink to no to think, just act out, and their only reward, it’s the sexual gratification that this pathetic losers have when they monitored and “watch “the victim in their intimacy of their home.

When they press that button to cause pain ( I can imagine these monkeys laughing looking each other when they pressed the button to cause pain) just like in the movies when they portray the sex offender torturing a victim)

Or to press the button to “rape”, sodomize, molest, fondle, cause a heart beating fast, giving a pain similar to a ‘kick in the face”, a sharp pain in the stomach, a headache, simulation of pain of any disease,

Or to break things in the house like making electronics go berserk, the lights go on and off, messing with your cable tv, or internet and just about any electric device in your household.


The monitoring of your brain, where you get the “voice to skull’, experimentation to read the mind, done on the victim 24/7 brain surveillance, during the night, the victim is awaken, can’t fall sleep and in the process, the interrogations done by a voice, to find out everything about your life since you were born, trying to find dirt, to create trauma, the methods used are very primitive, since the victim is hypnotized and basically you can hear the “cut and paste” that this criminals put in your brain in order to program you, with words or expressions that you have said during that day, to use it as a "command" to manipulate  certain things, they pretend to introduce commands, that when you hear them you act out, that basically most of the victims know how this technology are force in our minds in order to manipulate and get what they want, but in the process, if you know who you are, there’s no way they can change anything in you, all  they can do, is  sensitize you with words, or commands, but if you knowwhat exactly they want to do, this tactics go straight to the toilet in your mind, you can destroy just about anything they try to do to you. 

They use the Neuro-feedback, with your brain, a way to introduce what they want to paste in your mind, the neuro-feedback runs in your mind 24/7, little by little but especially when you go to sleep, that’s when they assault your mind and body.

They also during the hypnotic state during the brain wash, they have this baboons, that talk and try to set you up with situations where there’s children, to see your reaction and make you feel guilty, but the whole set-up fail, because they want you to take the bait in order to do their “programming sensitizing” to manipulate you and cause trauma.  It’s a whole pandemonium of experimentation to control somebody’s mind and in order to do it, is creating trauma guilt, to force and control the mind.

All this abuse,  24/7 and been a victim since 1987.

They can control my body fluids, can make me go to the bathroom to do #1 or #2, in moments that I’m busy, or I’m talking by phone, I also have seen youtube videos where some of the politicians are “caught” farting in public when given speech, and I can tell they’ve been “zap”.

They even can control the speech, I have talked to my family and I said things in “reverse’ or backwords”

Like if I sneeze, my daughter would tell me “bless you” and I would answer “you are welcome” instead of thank you.  I have said “I thought the price was lower” instead of saying “higher”.  I have called my daughter “eric” when her name is Heather’,  but I knew I was saying her name but it came out a different name with a different sound of voice, that I didn’t recognized. So I realized what’s happening.

And some mornings I have difficult to speak, words don’t come out, and I know it’s because of the mind programming.

Also they can control the motor skills of my body, can make my leg jolt, like muscular spasm, or my eye twitch, of my arm jump, can make my leg paralyzed, have mess with my sight, I went from good sight from  the distance to bad sight the next day, also they do things like manipulating dreams that are fake, or put holograms with nightmare state like, create a ghost that haunts you in your house, they can put fear in your mind, if you can control the fear in a way that you acknowledge its been created then you can defeat them.  They can see ‘through my eyes” what I’m doing, and that experience almost every single victim knows this, absolutely no privacy, and this crime can’t go unpunished , taking somebody’s privacy like nothing it’s happening it’s a horror for anybody that it’s violated in this way, no respect for human life?? That have to be punish in any way possible, taking somebody’s privacy and violate pushing people to do it for evil? It’s wrong, even making children to participate??? its wrong, we are going backwards with this society, the primitive breed has to go, the cannibal psychopath has to go.



The technology has advance, and it’s amazing in a way, but the methods used to get that advance are totally primitive, they used the psychopath cannibal to torture the victim, in order to break the person’s mind, push the victim in a state of desperation, like commit suicide state like.

The way how the technology does to get results is inhumane.

And to me, that’s primitive methods, and that’s why the recruitment of the cannibal sexual predator, was crucial, in order to get results, a predator was created.

I think the technology where is now, won’t need to do that anymore, and I know pretty soon, they’ll get rid of the psychopath cannibal. Their fate is sealed.

These are only a few things that these criminals do to the victims.

Now how do they got this technology devices???

The Patriot Act law and a stipulation to monitor, surveillance,  “the lone wolf terrorist”, without a court order that’s the corruption that it’s happening all over the USA, targeting innocent civilians with the Finger, saying that we are terrorists, which it’s a bunch of bullshit, I just can’t believe this crime is happening in front of everybody and nobody is doing anything to stop this atrocities, the system used to “convince and manipulate“ are base on a Psychopath/Sociopath way of committing a crime, for the experts, what its happening it’s nothing new in the world of psychopaths, all of the tactics are psychopathic tactics, and obviously, it might be some sociopath that started all of this pandemonion with a grudge to a victim manipulating a lot of people, the success of this sociopath brought the idea of group stalking, and the rest is history.

we are not criminals?? We are citizens, and all of this happening with the blessing of the Institutions above mention?? What ‘s going on Mr. President?? You suppose to protect us, and you are failing and letting this criminals get their way??? Enough is enough.

The coincidence with this cannibals is that they are perfectly portray in the futuristics movies, like “Resident evil “ the zombies, the dead alive, the Will Smith movie “I am leyend” just to mention a couple, the cannibals are a virus, and all they want it’s destroy human lives, GET RID OF THEM!!

You want depopulation?  This parasites are already in the millions worldwide!

You want to be a hero??

Use your technology weapons of mass destruction to kill these cannibals!!!


I heard these parasites have been barcode, good reason to use your new weapons!!

Do something!!  Before we do!!

And it won’t be pretty!!!


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