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We can and must stop them if we can co -work more efficiently and more smartly. We are fast workers. But, we don't rush. We are smart. But, we don't play game. The world is watching. The world is listening. The world wants to put crule and atrocious acts of torture, murderer, crimes against humanity to an end.

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Bioethics Commission Urges Compensation for Victims of Human Research

This article at the link below was welcome news when announced a few days ago. Apparently Amy Gutmann is calling for compensation for victims who have been harmed by gov......ernmental research programs. And according to Peter she stated that this would include military experiments as well. After hearing this, I was reminded of the one point I made in my speech to the commission requesting a similar system of redress for TI's. So maybe the commission listened to us after all! Well, I believe that it would not have happened at all if we had not gone and spoken up to them about this. I believe this to be a positive result for our efforts! Congratulations to all who participated in this process!


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Whether wielded intentionally by terrorists or mischievously by citizens, laser devices can produce potentially lethal results.

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