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I am a long term non-consensual victim of wirelessly enabled  brain wave  research which is carried out by unknown neuro operatives who work from a remote location using directed energy weapons and other weapons.     As well as experiencing non-consensual brain wave research I also experience periodic  harassment.   I keep a detailed online blog of my unique experiences of this non-consensual research which I post online  to many and varied social media sites including my own website which is called   I am recently  experiencing overt intimidation of a type which I have not encountered in the past.     

 I ride a bicycle a distance of twelve kilometres  through quite country back roads  to a nearby town of Ballinrobe once per week.   For the last six kilometres of my journey the road is level and straight and mostly tree lined.   On at least five occasions in the past year I have met an unknown man who was walking with  a bicycle while wearing a metal chain and a padlock around his waist.  The man I met who was wearing the chain and padlock around his waist and walking with a bicycle  was a different man on each occasion. I  am not entirely sure if all five men who were walking with their bicycles were in fact wearing a chain and padlock around their waists but some of them definitely were.     There was no reason for any of these men  to walk with  their bicycles  because there are no hills of any kind on the road.  If any of these men  had been carrying frequency tools they  could have rendered me unconscious if they managed to get close enough to me to conduct a conversation.  If any of the men  had initiated a conversation or asked me for directions, the  frequency tool could then be used covertly to slowly but surely render me unconscious.      The chain and padlock could then  be used by the man  to handcuff and tie me up.   If I were to inform the police about the overt intimidation which I am experiencing they would not do anything about it because each of these men has the right to walk with their bicycles down lonely back roads while wearing metal chains and padlocks around their waists.  

   All targeted individuals of non-consensual brain wave  research are periodically gang stalked and intimidated as part of the program they are being subjected to.   This may be occurring in order to induce fear in the victim for the purposes of further brain research.  If I meet  another man in the future  walking his bicycle on the same lonely road, while wearing a metal chain and padlock around his waist, should I take his photograph and post it online or should I cycle quickly by?   MK Ultra has developed many ways to perform psychological operations of populations and these psychological operations should be exposed to the public, thereby rendering them ineffective.  The covert capabilities of frequency tools should be highlighted among the general public so that we can discuss possible ways of protecting ourselves from them.   Non-consensual brain research should be banned across the board.  

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They the criminals( us government,their agencies, law enforcement under the guise of counter terrorism, contractors and minnions) have stolen and ruined many lives with this technology. Now once again trying to sell it for their greed.
How many have been called crazy, placed in mental institutions, for telling the truth?


                                                                    freedom fighters for america

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the science behind the voices in your mind

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The theory used well known principles of fluid dynamics and wave mechanics to explain the physical mechanisms of all matter and energy phenomena including: the quantum and the wave-nature of matter; the mechanism of gravity, inertia, electricity, magnetism, and the nuclear forces; the formation and structure of the atom; the physical mechanisms of all Relativistic effects; and the physical explanation of Einstein's E=mc2. 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