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1.         目前香港示威暴動人士之所以如此偏激,主要原因是被腦控,一部腦控機搞到警察,示威人士完全失控。全部已進入情緒被控制模式,將示威人士同警方的對立情緒推向高峰。 據參加者自白,好似吸毒者上癮一樣,很想出街搞事,情緒不能一刻安靜,已到不能自拔的狀況。所以除非毀了腦控機,否則此現象仍會持續下去; 現尋求各方專家意見,如何摧毀腦控機,或者破解腦控機的設定模式。救香港於微波聽覺效應之中。 



2.         本週變態腦控賤人當我閱讀新聞,書籍時,關閉我的思維掣,令我對資訊沒法理解,分析和記憶。


3.         本週有口渴難耐者併我芯片,令我有相同感覺。懷疑有人藏匿於貨櫃逃亡;



4.         近日變態控芯片賤人將我同皮膚非常干躁者,頭部油脂分泌失調者併芯片,令我有頭皮屑,此是我從未試過的情況。



5.         腦控空間有人提到有犯罪分子,將有問題郵包寄到受害者地址。在此呼籲受害者,如收到可疑包裹,一定要報警,切不可按腦控賤人所講,怕事而掟出街等人接貨。此是刑事罪行。




Mind Control Space News this week (Sept. 23 to 29, 2019)


1. Today I talking about why the rioters in Hong Kong are so extremely, because they are manipulated by the mind control machine. A mind control machine get the police and the demonstrators are completely out of control. All have entered the emotional and behavior control mode, pushing the conflict between the demonstrators and the police to the peak. According to the confession of the participants, they thought seem like a drug addicts, they want to go out and making trouble, their emotions can't be quiet for a moment. it was involuntary behaviors. Therefore, unless destroyed the mind control machine, otherwise this phenomenon will continue. Now we are looking for expert opinions, how to destroy the mind control machine, or to decoding the setting mode of the brain control machine? Save Hong Kong out of the microwave auditory effect.

The emotional control, as well as behavioral control, can control a person in persistence to do somethings that they have never done or do not like before. For example, I believe that many targeted individuals whom have been tried by brain control machine which set to shopaholic models, and they are keeping shopping to an unreasonable level, some people even shop until debts that they cannot afford. It only can stop after the mind control machine changed setting to normal. So this principle is the same as the demonstrators, it is a kind of emotional plus behavior control;


2. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller turn-off my mind when I read news and books, so I could not have understood, analyze and remember all the information after read.


3. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller someone mapping me who got extremely thirst, which makes me have the same feeling. The person suspected that may a perp hiding in a container to fleeing so;


4. Two days ago, the metamorphosis chip controller mapping me with someone who got very dry skin, also with the head oil secretion disordered, such makes me have dandruff that I never ever happened before.


5. As someone mentioned in the mind control space that some criminals sent the parcel to the victim’s address. Warn to the victims. If you receive a suspicious package, you must call the police, you should not as tell to throw it out and wait for someone to pick it up. This is a criminal offence.

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