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All Church and state employees throughout the world are now under such strong satanic mind control they they work constantly to enslave their fellow men and women. Here are many examples of how they are achieving our enslavement:-The telecom industry employees are busy installing fifth generation wireless technology throughout the world which will provide the satanist would-be slave masters with the band width to wirelessly monitor, mind control, body control, enslave, torture and genocide all of us as they as they wish. With the wireless band width that the telecom industry are now installing the satanists can send any of us extreme pain if we fail to obey the voice commands which you will soon begin to hear coming from inside your own head.The electricity supply employees are now busy installing mandatory smart metres on peoples houses so that the satanists can instantly know what device you are using, how long you are using it for and who you are communicating with. They can even know if you cooked a dinner based on your computerized cooker use.Employees of the pharmaceutical industry are unknowingly blending their products with small amounts of slow acting poison because the satanists who now own and run the pharmaceutical industry know that they can not enslave a vibrantly health and well informed world population.Psychiatrists are being mind controlled to force their patients to ingest poisonous substances to the extent that their patients are made to suffer internally from extreme side effects and they are not allowed to stop taking those substances while they are under the control of psychiatry, and they are normally never released from the supervision of psychiatry for the rest of their lives if they ever report having an emotional crisis.The police are enforcing dictates which they have no legal right to enforce because what they are inforcing is not constitutional law and because they are doing this they are committing criminal offences and therefore they are criminals. They are now helping to enslave their fellow country men and women by this means.Priests deny people the right to choose their own belief system because they inculcate them into christianity when they are still infants with no knowledge of the world. Because of this, those children are never allowed to think logically for the rest of their lives while they remain in the grip of this inculcation because they are then regularly further inculcated due to mandatory attendance at church at least once per week. Priests encourage their followers to pray in a crisis. If a community based crisis were to occur christians would be encouraged to sit at home talking to themselves while the satanic controllers would manage the crisis to further their own agenda. There were at least sixteen other crucified saviours before the fictional Jesus Christ who led lives which were similar to the live of the fctional Jesus Christ such as they all had twelve deciples and they died for three days and then rose from the dead. The Vatican know of the other sixteen crucified saviours and yet they deny all knowledge of them to their faithful followers. The Vatican is controlled by satanists and luciferians and it rules it followers by using a centralized control system.My website is called
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A hierarchical based chain of command is being set up throughout the world and less than two thousand people sit at the top of that hierarchy. They are the Pilgrim Society and they are now in the driving seat of worldwide economic fascism. They are a terrorist group who practice economic predatory tactics and because of this we have all become economic slaves to them. They are mostly composed of the grand children and great grand children of a small number of men who held enormous power in the early twentieth century.
Cecil Rhodes of the British East India Company is known to have been a psychopathic insane individual. He visited South Africa on behalf of the British empire and while he was there he stole both their gold and diamond resources. He distributed the gold among the Rothschilds and he gave the diamonds to the deBeers who were also members of the Rothschild family. While he was in South Africa he had tens of thousands of people killed under the auspices of British Imperialism. He set up the Round Table Society which was a fore runner of the Pilgrim Society. The Pilgrim Society control the United States by their control of the Senior Executive Service and they control the United Kingdom by their control of the British Privy Council. Many other feeder groups feed into their worldwide control system including The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderburgers, The World Economic Forum, The Aspen Institute, The Bohemian group, the FBI, the CIA and the United States state Department.
In 1909 members of the british parliament recruited spies inside the Duma in Russia. In 1917 the British cabinet authorized the war cabinet to provide funds to the Tsar of Russia for the purposes of stopping the Bolshovicks. Sir Alfred Milner was assigned to go to Russia and to provide the Tsar with the assigned money. They met in Linengrad and Sir Alfred Milner pulled the plug on the plan and refused to hand over the money to the Tsar. He defied the instructions of his own parliament. In order to be able to get away with such an act Sir Alfred Milner would have to have been the head of the British Empire with total decision making power. He continued the Round Table which Cecil Rhodes had set up and which later became the Pilgrim Society. Sir Alfred Milner went on to set up concentration camps with the help of General Lord Roberts and he had thirty thousand people killed in the Transvaal region of South Africa. Sir Alfred Milner made British Imperialism which was really fascism corporate and world wide.
In 1905 the British parliament hosted a meeting where Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin were present. Trotsky, Linen Stalin and later Marks and Engels all received similar if not the same British Marksist training.
In 1909 a similar meeting was held by the British parliament which luckily for the world has been documented. At that meeting Mi5, Mi6 and GCHQ were set up. They were composed of newspaper men whose job it was to lie.
Currently we have no free markets. The Federal Reserve bank makes sure of that. Algorithms are being used to set prices of all goods and services. The United States is now a collective corporate dictatorship.
The Pilgrim Society are using their own privately owned main stream media to attack United States President Donald Trump. They are white supremacists and racists. A portion of the top members of the Pilgrim society are Sabbatean Satanic Sorcerers. They are experts at creating false flag events. False flag events are known by the extreme levels of details which are published on the main stream media only one day after the event. The whistleblowers names are never mentioned which generally means that what is being published is propaganda rather than news. No one is doing any investigative journalism anymore.
The agenda of the Pilgrim Society has gone on for more than one hundred years without being exposed because they use several layers of secrecy to cover up their activities. Cecil Rhodes instructed them to use Jesuit like tactics of layers of secrecy. Not alone do they use Jesuit secrecy methods but they also use state secrets of each country to help cover up their deeds. Further to that, the British Privy Council has its own supreme court which trumps all of the other courts in the United Kingdom and in the British common wealth and which they use to get them out of trouble.
The Power of the Pilgrim Society mostly lies in Fleet Street, London, England because the British Privy Council is situated there and the Inner temple of lawyers is situated there and both the media and intelligence service and worldwide banking centre is based there. All is based in Fleet Street.
The most senior members of the United States Senior Executive Service are also members of the Pilgrim Society. They do not control all of what occurs in the United States, they merely control the direction of what is occurring. The United States Senior Executive Service belong to a union which means that with one command they all must obey.
The United States voting machines are now being controlled through optex software. The people of the United States must return to paper voting rather than electronic voting.
The Jesuit methodologies of taking over a country from the inside are as follows:-
Inter a country and infiltrate its control system. Take over the education system and the communication system and use both of them for the purposes of brain washing the citizenry. Receive the keys of the city from the citizenry and by the time their army arrives they come out and hand the keys of the city to the army. The Jesuits own and control over twenty universities in the United States. These universities are thought by some to be brain washing centres in the sense that the students are taught to be materialistic rather than spiritual.
Other online sources including David Icke have claimed that dark occultists who are known as the Sabbatian-Frankist death cult are taking over control of the world by wirelessly linking all human brains to the wireless internet of things which has become widely known as the brain net, as follows:-
The Protocols of the learned elders of Zion is a document which predicts worldwide takeover by Zionists. This document was wrongly claimed to be a hoax by Allan Dulles and the Times newspaper. However, all of its predictions are now occurring.
There are two levels of technology, one hidden and one in the public arena. A differential in knowledge leads to a differential in power. Whenever technology is presented to the public arena we are being informed that it has just been invented which is almost never the case. It may have been invented up to one hundred years earlier and said dark occultists have well laid plans in place for its use before they introduce it into the public arena while often using a front man such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk to falsely present it to the public as the owner and controller. If anybody knows about hidden technology for reasons that they are a non-consensual victim of human experimentation by said technology and they attempt to inform the public about the existence and abuse of this technology before it is officially ready to be laid out before the public, that individual will be presented as mentally unwell and many and varied attempts will be made to have them incarcerated inside a psychiatric hospital with no further way of contacting the public with further information.
The Sabbatian-Frankist Satanic death cult are setting up a smart grid to cover every inch of the earth. They need fifth generation wireless technology to be fully set up and activated in order to give them the band with they need to operate this smart grid effectively. They would then be able to control the brains and central nervous systems of the whole human race by artificial intelligence and they could effectively immobilize you if you refused to be obedient to their authority. They would also control everything you own by the use of this wireless network.
The Sabbatian-Frankist Satanic death cult are now setting up a massive control centre in Israel and all major technology companies such as Microsoft are now moving there. Their aim is to control the whole world from Israel. They would decide what electromagnetic frequencies to broadcast to human brains from that central control point in Israel if necessary. They could broadcast frequencies to send the human race into a state of rage or passivity if they so wished. We could disable this system by disassembling and banning phone towers and by severing undersea fibre optic cables. The existence of satellites are generally agreed to be one of their numerous hoaxes. Psychiatry is being used to censor all knowledge of this system from the public.
The Rothschilds are believed to belong to the Sabbatian-Frankist death cult who wish to be our enslavers. It is believed that the late Jeffrey Epstein ran a blackmail ring in order to blackmail world leaders so as to then bring them under the control of the Sabbatian-Frankist death cult leadership. Electromagnetic frequencies may have been used against those world leaders in order to manipulate them to act out of character in deviant ways so that they could then be blackmailed.

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<p>I have become non-consensually wirelessly linked to a computerized control system which is shortly meant for most people throughout the world.    I have been informed by wireless means via this system that I must tow the line.   I understand that the phrase "tow the line" means keep to the letter of the law.   I responded to said wirelessly generated voice as follows "I tow the line and I always have done as far as constitutional law is concerned.  You are attempting to enforce satanic law which is being enforced via advanced technology and which is being generated by unelected individuals who work out of the privately owned United Nations in New York City which in turn is governed by individuals who work inside three small independent sovereign states acting as one unit and they are called The Vatican State, The London Financial District and Washington DC.   They are owned and run by a small group of private individuals who have usurped constitutional laws throughout the world with the aim of eventual total technological enslavement of the rest of the human race."</p>

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Satanic Principles in Action.

If your son or daughter becomes an alcoholic you can help them to recover quite easily by giving them large doses of vitamin B3 along with large doses of vitamin C.  You can also give them a diet of nothing but raw food.  By this means it is being claimed that they will very shortly lose all craving for alcohol.   For further information please read "The Vitamin Cure for Alcoholism" by Abram Hoffer and Andrew W. Saul.    If you subscribe to the Luciferian and Satanic dictates of how to treat a close relative who is an alcoholic you will be instructed to throw them out of the family home and leave them to suffer alone.  If you refuse to throw them out you will be accused of being an enabler.    The current worldwide Satanic and Luciferian control system spreads hate and despair at every opportunity.

The Satanic and Luciferian control system coined the phrase "Out the Door at Twenty Four" so that adult children will be denied the right to live in their parents home after they reach that age.  This satanic mind-set is being pushed so that no child will have the peace of mind that a feeling of "future security" would afford them and also so that each child would be obliged to take out a mortgage in order to buy their own home so that they would be enslaved to the satanic and luciferian control system to continual debt.   If a child has a strong sense of future security by being provided with a room for life rent free, that child or young adult is better able to help the human race fight against the evil Satanic and Luciferian control and would-be enslavement system.  Please bestow your child with a room for life, rent free.

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