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Every organ, body part, chakra, gland, thought, feeling and belief emits a unique energy signature.
Every time we move a muscle we generate a unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency activity which has been calibrated by science.
Each unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency activity has been compiled into a type of dictionary of nearly all possible unique patterns of electromagnetic frequency activity which is possible for the human brain and body to generate and in this type of dictionary each unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency activity is then matched with what muscle movement that particular pattern generates.
If you for instance sign your name you generate a unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency activity. This precise activity which your brain generates when you sign your name can be read from a distance because that precise information which the signing of your name generates can be encoded in a carrier wave and then transmitted by wireless electronic means to an unknown location. This encoding and then transmitting of electromagnetic frequencies is known as frequency modulation.
Demodulation is the recovery of original information at the distant end from the carrier which is achieved by criminal scientists in order to decipher the information which came to them encoded on the carrier wave. Once criminal scientists have obtained the unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency activity which is needed to create your signature they can then recreate your signature whenever they wish. They can also use brain entrainment frequencies to lull you into a temporary state of disengagement or lack of concentration while at the same time they would resend you the unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency activity which allows you to sign your name to a document and they would then enable you to forget that you have signed said document forever if necessary. This system of unethical signature generation is occurring widely across the world right now.
Scientists can temporary lull a victim of electromagnetic fequency attacks into a state of mental disengagement of certain parts of their brain or body for a short space of time and said criminals can then send signals to the mind of that victim in order to enable that victim to generate a considerable amount of writing which does not originate from the mind or the brain of that victim. This is known as automatic writing and this capability of automatic writing is backed by science and has nothing whatsoever to do with the supernatural.

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Essay Example: Elections in USA


Elections - this is one of the most important topics. Moreover, it does not matter what kind of country. Citizens of all countries want to live well and in peace, I am sure of it.

I work in writing service, I write essays and other papers on various topics. Today I would like, with your help, to deal with the topic of elections and at the same time show how to write college paper examples, because it will be useful to many people.

Essay Topic:

The problem of the identification of the true motives of the American people attending elections.

Essay Questions:

What are the real reason American citizens attend elections? How does attending elections influence the country’s world politics? How has it been historically proved that the appearance of the third party causes political splits?

Thesis Statement:

Americans vote because they want their country to have a decent leader, a man that will do everything possible to promote their country position in the world’s politics in the first place.

Introduction: Every election is always different from another, but there is a thing that is the same for every election – it is the reason American people vote. Americans vote because they want their country to have a decent leader, a man that will do everything possible to promote theirs country position in the world’s politics in the first place. They cannot stay out of that, because every vote counts and they know it. There is also another reason American people vote, it especially concerns those, who are not good at observing what is going on in the Senate now. Such people usually vote by tradition without really getting into the essence of the deal.

It is more than just knowing the political party candidate when it comes to participating in the elections. Even in America, where the two party system exists it is still a problem to make people know whom they are voting for. This system has been used in the United States for a long time. Its roots lead to the very moment of the first ratification of the Constitution. At that moment two political parties were defined - the Federalist Party and the Anti-Federalist Party. Soon it became a tradition and it happened because this system was pretty good in use. It was easier for people to have only two options. So since 1895 the Republican and the Democratic parties became the major dominants in American politics. This system gives the opportunity to choose from only two candidates for President of the United States. This actually shows that this system in not probably the best when it comes to elections, but it is traditionally fixed. What it really does – it simplifies the process of voting. You either vote for the Republicans who are conservative, or for Democrats who are liberal. It has been historically proved that the appearance of the third party causes political splits like it happened when Theodore Roosevelt decided to form the Progressive party in 1912 but most of the time due to the in difference of the voters to them the other parties get no support. Talking about elections it is very important to point out the Electoral College.

Conclusion: The reason of its foundation was the difference in electing the president by popular vote and by Congress. Such things caused and still cause a lot of troubles during the elections. The Electoral College was called as a compromise between these two. Its structure is obviously well built. It consists of 538 electors. Each one goes for each of the 435 members of the House of Representatives and 100 Senators plus three for the District of Columbia. The number of electors is equal to of House members to which it is entitled. The electors are originally chosen by the political parties. During the elections each state gives the Governor prepares seven original Certificates of Ascertainment. A Certificate of Ascertainment is a list of these electors for the candidate that got the majority of the votes. Then the copies are sent to House of Congress. It is necessary to have 270 electoral votes to elect the President or Vice President. And the electors are not obligated to vote the same way as the majority of their state did. So the Electoral College runs in order to make the elections more objective.

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Description #1 of Ron Price's Blog

My literary activity on the world-wide-web is a personal and quite industrious enterprize. When I can find the time, I am engaged in creating across this global internet a tapestry or a jig-saw puzzle of poetry and prose. At this site, readers will find one of my many internet blogs. Site administrators and moderators have different ways in which they allow writers like myself to place their series of posts. Often, at least at some sites, a writer or author, an editor or publisher, a journalist or independent scholar---roles which I have taken on in the evening of my life---engages with others and the responses to his or her posts by others are included, responses that these site organizers have decided are worthy of being included among the threads of discourse. There is no mechanism for others to reply directly on my website, at least not yet, but should anyone want to do so, they can reply to what I have written on my website within the context of literally 1000s of internet sites.

My series of posts at any one site, posts in addition to my website, are just one of the many parts of my internet tapestry, my immense jig-saw puzzle, of prose and poetry which I refer to above. Sometimes the series of posts at some site becomes lengthy and sometimes it remains brief. Like pieces of cloth or pieces of that jig-saw puzzle, the size, the shape and the length remain a bit of a mystery until some of my story and its interaction with others is told, until time takes its course across life’s path and across the threads that are part of the particular internet site in question.

My website has 42 sub-sections of prose and poetry on topics of personal interest, with nothing for sale and with no aggressive proselytism for one or more of the umpteen causes now proliferating across the planet. There are now some 450,000 words, the equivalent of six books, which readers can get ‘into’ if they so desire.

This literary creation, this literary industry, has been created in the early evening of my life, in the last years of my middle age(56-59) and the first years of my late adulthood(60-66), by this retired teacher and lecturer, tutor and adult educator, now journalist and independent scholar, who became 66 in July 2010. He attempts to endow many a theme from the social sciences and humanities, from spiritual and secular subjects, with many layers of meaning. He tries to combine a high seriousness with a light and humorous style when appropriate and when he is able—for there is more to life than interaction in cyberspace. This literary goal, though, is difficult to achieve. It has been a slowly evolving literary ambition since: (a) settling into Australian society in the 1970s after moving from Canada where I was born in 1944, (b) marrying for a second time in 1975 and (c) raising three children who in 2010 were: 43, 40 and 33 years old.

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