I have been a neuro research subject for nearly sixteen years. I am wirelessly linked via implants in my brain and body to a computer network by a two way communication stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy. Voice to skull bio-communication technology is being used by neuro operatives to speak to me against my will and to insult me and threaten my life. The technology being used against me in this manner is classified for now. Therefore not many people are aware of it. The unknown voice to skull neuro operatives have today informed me via voice to skull bio-communication technology that my home is now going out live throughout the internet among interested parties who pay a fee on a private network in order to be enabled to see unsuspecting human beings inside the privacy of their own family homes. They also informed me that the unethical interested parties were enabled to achieve this new level of intrusion into my life because I unknowingly placed my landline home phone number on to the end of a public letter. We can stop this level of intrusion into our lives simply by disassembling and banning all wireless enabling capabilities throughout the world as a matter of urgency. Wireless weapons can be used to cause house fires by remote means. These neuro operatives will in the future be able to send pain signals to their fellow human beings more easily than they can already if for when 5G millimeter wave technology would be installed throughout the world. Said millimeter wave technology is currently being used in a weapon called "The Active Denial System" to send pain signals to crowds as well as in the battle field. Urgently canvas for the disassembling and banning of all wireless enabling capabilities throughout the world.

We are no longer being told the truth by the corporate owned main stream media because an alliance of freemasons,Jesuits, the Papacy and a small number of blood line families now run the world in secret.   Knowledge is power.  A lack of knowledge is a lack of power.  These individuals have been lying to us for centuries in order to obtain more and more power on an incremental basis.   The world is not what we have been led to believe.  Please ban wireless enabling capabilities now because if not this will be used on everyone.

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