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A consortium of billionnaires who are tax exempt wish to take over the world and enslave us.
They have invented threats so that we would ask for their protection. Some of those invented threats include the covid-19 hoax and climate change.
They successfully faked space travel and the lunar landing because all of those involved are free masons who have sworn oaths of secrecy which they are afraid to break.
They covertly use frequencies to alter our thinking processes and behaviour into docile states while we are in artificially induced electromagnetic fields. For further information on this phenomenon please read a book called 'Project Soul Catcher' by Robert Duncan and the Mind Hacking Strategy Group.
They force a false reality onto the world by invalidating what is self evident such as the fact that the earth is flat and fixed. They impose a regimented worldview onto their believers through academia, the school system, the main stream media and entertainment.
They wish us to give up all of our rights to own private property under the guise that by owning and using private property we are hurting the earth.
They wish us to belong to an organised religion because when we are successfully inculcated into any organised religion we are no longer able to think logically so that we can be further mind controlled. It is sufficient to obey moral law and to love our fellow man. Organised religions have nothing to offer.
They wish civilians to hand over their guns to the state so that they are then more easily controlled and enslaved.

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I am being subjected to non-consensual remote neural monitoring. I have been informed recently via voice to skull bio-communication that at some future time if the dark new world order get their own way we will then be classified into lower, middle and upper classes. The clothing which the lower classes would be obliged to wear would be non-coloured, only black, white and many shades of grey.
I have researched many online clothing stores and already the clothes they sell are most black, white, and many shades of grey. New micro apartments are being decorated in black, white and many shades of grey.
We must urgently disassemble and ban all wireless enabling capabilities and return to using only hard wired devices in order to put a stop to the slow and incremental enslavement of the human race by the dark new world order criminal cartel. The existence of satellites are an easily proveable hoax. Most if not all of the NASA staff are freemasons. All of the so-called astronauts who lied to us about travelling to the moon and back were high level freemasons who are obliged to lie if ordered to do so by high level Jesuits who ultimately control them. The one and only source of information in the world about space and space based weapons is NASA who are a military organisation. We have no way of verifying what they tell us because none of us have ever been to outer space in order to verify that these so called satellites are actually there. In fact, air and the vacuum of space can not co-exist side by side. This feat has never been achieved in a laboratory setting. Therefore, does outer space even exist.
I am a targeted individual and I have been so for nearly sixteen years. My website which I alone own and control is called I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, Ireland.

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I have been a neuro research subject for nearly sixteen years. I am wirelessly linked via implants in my brain and body to a computer network by a two way communication stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy. Voice to skull bio-communication technology is being used by neuro operatives to speak to me against my will and to insult me and threaten my life. The technology being used against me in this manner is classified for now. Therefore not many people are aware of it. The unknown voice to skull neuro operatives have today informed me via voice to skull bio-communication technology that my home is now going out live throughout the internet among interested parties who pay a fee on a private network in order to be enabled to see unsuspecting human beings inside the privacy of their own family homes. They also informed me that the unethical interested parties were enabled to achieve this new level of intrusion into my life because I unknowingly placed my landline home phone number on to the end of a public letter. We can stop this level of intrusion into our lives simply by disassembling and banning all wireless enabling capabilities throughout the world as a matter of urgency. Wireless weapons can be used to cause house fires by remote means. These neuro operatives will in the future be able to send pain signals to their fellow human beings more easily than they can already if for when 5G millimeter wave technology would be installed throughout the world. Said millimeter wave technology is currently being used in a weapon called "The Active Denial System" to send pain signals to crowds as well as in the battle field. Urgently canvas for the disassembling and banning of all wireless enabling capabilities throughout the world.

We are no longer being told the truth by the corporate owned main stream media because an alliance of freemasons,Jesuits, the Papacy and a small number of blood line families now run the world in secret.   Knowledge is power.  A lack of knowledge is a lack of power.  These individuals have been lying to us for centuries in order to obtain more and more power on an incremental basis.   The world is not what we have been led to believe.  Please ban wireless enabling capabilities now because if not this will be used on everyone.

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Let's start this article by just briefly explaining exactly what a Targeted Individual is. In essence, a TI or Targeted Individual has been placed into a maze of psychological and many times physical warfare tactics which is orchestrated by federal law enforcement.

From community harassment tactics known as "Organized Stalking" and various other invasion of privacy and violations of basic constitutional rights to invisible physical torture through the use of highly targeted overexposure to electromagnetic radiation. If you would like more details of the astonishing tactics deployed against targeted individuals, please visit my website at

The purpose of this specific article is to describe the link between the abuse of targeted individuals and various community organizations, specifically the Freemasons. Many targeted individuals are so confused and disoriented by the array of psychological tactics being used against them, they often rationalize the abuse strictly as a Freemason attempt at implementing a New World Order. The conspiracy-minded individuals among us believe it is an attempt by a secret society of social elites to control the masses. My theory is slightly different.

I believe community organizations, such as the Freemasons, are nothing more than front line harassers used in an attempt to shield the police from obvious exposure during their many acts of harrassment and violations of individual rights. I've heard the Freemasons have a saying that "we're not the cops, we help the cops". And I'll explain how they are used for that purpose.

When an individual is targeted they are subjected to a constant "negative environment" campaign which has been given the name "Organized Stalking". Everywhere a targeted individual goes in public they are tracked and surrounded by angry, hostile participants. All the time, everywhere they go, 24/7/365. If this type of activity was perpetrated solely by law enforcement personnel, it would be rather easy with the use of a video camera to prove a case of extreme law enforcement harrassment. Rather than being constantly surrounded and violated by members of the police, community organizations such as the Freemasons are deployed on the front line. Being a member of a "secret society", nobody (besides federal law enforcement and fellow Freemasons) knows who is and is not a member. A private investigator, running license plates for instance, will return an assortment of what appears to be random citizens, with no apparent connection to law enforcement, many of whom live or work in the area of where the harrassment is occuring.

Organizations such as the Freemasons are simply a buffer used to shield law enforcment during these types of extreme harrassment and entrapment campaigns. And distract a targeted individuals energy and drain their resources by having a target persue what will only appear to be random citizens from every walk of life.

Now when a targeted individual complains about the abuse they are experiencing, they can easily be documented as showing signs of paranoia or some form of mental illness which will in turn discredit all furture claims made by the targeted individual. During these harrassment campaigns the police are undoubtedly among the participants but for the most part keep a safe distance from the target. Organizations like the Freemasons are used by and therefore protected by the police so no investigation will ever be done. The crimes and violation of rights they commit are endorsed by our federal law enforcement agencies, in fact they are a law enforcement harrassment tool.

Understand that one of the primary goals in an operation like this is to get the targeted individual to make what appear to be fantastical claims that will not be able to be proven in order to discredit them and create the perception or diagnosis of mental illness. The accomplishment of this goal will allow the perpetrators to bring the harassment to a new, more intense level since the targeted individual has now been professionally diagnosed or at least documented as showing symptoms of mental illness. Other obvious goals include incarceration, from a targeted individual lashing out from the constant abuse or institutionalization. Either of which accomplish the ultimate goal of removing the targeted individual from society.

If you would like to read more about the horrific abuses being perpetrated against
targeted individuals, please visit my website at
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The layman's truth in a nutshell

An email that was sent to me that I want to shareBegin forwarded message:> From: kim stirling> Date: 18 April 2009 19:59:34 BST> Subject: The layman's truth in a nutshell>> The layman's truth in a nutshell (or the bigger picture) by Joe> Stirling>> The NWO (New World Order) is very real and a serious threat to your> future. Don't take my word for it, do your own research via the best> websites recommended here. All of these humanitarian, academic,> professional people have done the research for you. I wrote an article> more than two years ago called "Freemasonry is a criminal> organisation" it was published all over the Internet. Guess what? not> one person has disputed this or even defended Freemasonry. I will> continue to help and educate you.>> Top of the pyramid is the Zionist Mafia (aka The Illuminati). The> English dictionary says "Zionism: movement to found and support a> Jewish homeland in Israel" Do not take this out of context as there> are lots of good Jewish people who are totally against the Zionist> plans, checkout The NWO is> something the Satanic Zionist Mafia have been planning for centuries.> They control almost everything and they do this through The> Bilderberg, (secret meetings by corrupt leaders), the CFR (Council on> Foreign Relations), The Trilateral Commission, Royal Families (see 13> Satanic Bloodlines) and all the way down to dodgy shadow governments,> CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6, Military, NHS, Police, Local Councils, their> Media, etc. They use extremely evil tactics to destroy anything good> or anything thats a threat to their evil plans. They use their MCDs> (Mind Controlled Drones), and DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons). They> also use low level ignorant foot soldiers within all Religions, Secret> Societies, Gangs, Debating Groups, etc. Incidentally, only affiliated> members (+ a few ignorants) get gongs from the Queen of Crooks. (fact)>> Here is some of the the main tactics that they use on unsuspecting> victims and their own members. They use the members of all secret> societies and religious cults (and ordinary religions) to carry out> collective Gang-Stalking (where they psychologically terrorise their> chosen victims), Mobbing (where a mob of them get very close to their> chosen victim in shops and car parks, etc) Gas-lighting (where they> sow seeds-lies into people's heads), Brighting (where they blind their> victims with their car headlights on full beam, even on sunny days),> Stasi tactics (the East German evil in the community during the second> World War), Mind Control via MK-Ultra> and Monarch Programing at> This site also covers all of the topics> listed above. These tactics are all done stealthily and most people> don't know or see these invisible terrorists within every community.> See Les Dove's brilliant article called "The Torture Report" at>>> Security..... every law abiding person should become an independent> policeman, journalist, investigator or whistle-blower. Get yourself a> small hand held "FLIP" video-cam (its about the size of a mobile> phone) its really simple (and fast to start) and will record for about> one hour (costs £60-£70) Also get yourself a Digital Voice Recorder> approx. £30-£50. You should watch and document the activities of> people you suspect of being a member of these criminal networks. You> can even set them up as they would do to you. A Freemason (and all> other secret societies and religious cult members) is a person who> knowingly destroys innocent (law abiding) people's lives for self> gain. Every MCD is an active terrorist and will follow orders as soon> as instructed. Their minds have been hijacked and they are controlled> by fear. Their Masonic handlers can flick their psychological switches> anytime. MCDs have to develop multi personalities to try to help> themselves cope. They will be ex-communicated by their pretend> brothers and sisters and their lives destroyed if they don't perform.> There are some really deranged MCDs who realise that they are above> the law, they are the most dangerous. One of their initiation rules> is to become a prolific liar for the brotherhood. (fact)>> Checkout this about mind control and unanswered questions about the> inside job of 911,> sourced> from Also search for Alex Jones's "The Obama Deception"> buy it or get it on YouTube (best quality)> or read this mind blowing> article "A Conspiracy Too Monstrous To Conceive" at> Do your research on "Masonic> Theatre" (911 was classic MT), the NWO's G20 summit was their stage> and coincidentally they own the media. Did you fall for it? Were you> impressed? We have all been duped again, big time.>> Fact. Masonic charity only helps Masonic charity. Most lower> Freemasons are not aware of the evil inner core of Freemasonry.>> Here are some of the other good Scottish guys/groups exposing the> truth for you at or or> and my own website with all of the> other good guys (world-wide) at>> More facts for you.... If you mug someone, you go to jail. If a Banker> mugs you, he gets rewarded?> The Government makes us feel guilty about our carbon footprint while> they agree to build new runways?> Masonic controlled CCTV only works when it's in their favour,> otherwise the CCTV wasn't working that day.> Corruption and closed doors or transparency and true democracy? it's> your choice. Fight for your FR33DOM, now, today.>> I have tried to keep this brief as there is much more to add. Get> focused, I/we are trying to help us all to "STOP THIS MADNESS" by> these devil worshipping ZIONIST NUTTERS ! It just doesn't have to be> like this. Don't be foolish as hatred, revenge or riots are not the> answer. If you don't trust your lawyer, judge, doctor, police,> politician, etc. Get them to sign a DOT (declaration of truth) that> they are not a member of any secret society, society with secrets,> religious cults, etc. Please forward this information to everyone you> care about. Do your own research and blog, website, flyers, truth> groups, expose them. We all must do our bit or they win.>> The immediate answer....... Give us a public register of all> Freemasons. This will comprehensively prove if it's a good or criminal> organisation. It will also reveal who are the NWO/ Illuminati's> foot-soldiers. Get rid of the secret societies, it's ridiculous that> we continue to ignore them. Their very sophisticated networks control> all organised crime and illegal drugs. If someone you know says its> just conspiracy or made up nonsense, then they are obviously part of> the problem. Here are some quotes from>> "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise,> we don't believe in it at all." -- Noam Chomsky>> "Economic crises have been produced by us for the goyim by no other> means than the withdrawal of money from circulation." - Protocols of> Zion>> "Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will> do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry> about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control> America, and the Americans know it." - Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel> Sharon, October 3, 2001>>--~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~LEGAL JUDICIAL POLITICAL REFORMERShttp://www.ljpr.infoMasonic judges OUT Juries IN
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