1. This week, The metamorphosis perps as mad as lost the mind to give order for remote control electronic weapons to attack me and the victims for headache: Liz Wan, Chow Yun-fat, Alan Tang, Peter Chan, Stephen Shiu , Cai Lam, Pang Ho-Cheung etc. 1. Recently there have been a lot of incidents due to window cleaning. With the current brain-control technology, we took an example, put two chips together, turn-on the sensor key, one person sitting on the chair, the other sit near the window, the third one suddenly run to rushing the chair person, the impact cause the person fallen down, at the same time, the window sitter was unexpectedly having same effect and fell out of the window. At this point, warn to victims, mind you home helpers when cleaning the window, paying attention to home safety.

2. Suggestion to the victims of being brain control, when attacked by electronic weapons, if your energy can support you until police station, reporting to the police station is more effective than go to the hospital. According to the victim's personal experience, when attacked by electronic weapons, 999 ambulances are sent to the hospital. The hospital knows that cause by remote electronic harassment, will put the patient aside, wait about 4 hours, until the electronic weapon attack stops, then you can leave the hospital, no any care to the victim since it was not sick, it was caused by mind control technology. However, if you report directly to the Hong Kong Island Regional Headquarters- Wan chai Police Station, the police officers will take effective measures after registering your personal information. I believe it will be faster solve than in hospital. Of course, it depends on yourself situation, such how serious in hurt and pain.

3. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller within my chip with mental disabled person, illiterate person and simplified Chinese person in turn, which made me have temporally writing and reading disorder.

4. In the brain control space, someone asked me, whom you willing to co-operated with? My answer was only interested in someone who can protecting me and everything in illegal. so my answer is the chief executive. Ha…ha… of course, it does not approve by chief executive yet, only my dream. If the dream cannot come true, I prefer follow myself only.

本週喪心病狂指使遙控電子武器攻擊我同受害者的罪魁禍首: 汪明荃, 周潤發, 譚泳麟, 陳可辛, 萧定一, 蔡瀾, 彭浩翔等.


  1. 近期有很多因抹窗而墮樓事件, 以目前腦控的技術, 只要將倆個人併芯片, 一個坐於椅上, 另一個倚在窗邊抹窗, 第三者以出奇不意沖向坐椅者, 並將其推倒, 與此同時正在抹窗者被突如其來的沖擊反應而失手跌出窗外. 在此呼籲被腦控受害者, 特別是家中傭工, 注意家居安全.


  1. 在此呼籲被腦控受害者, 遇電子武器襲擊時, 如果可自行堅持到警署報案比到醫院有效. 據受害者親身經驗, 當受電子武器攻擊,999救護車送醫院, 院方知道是電子武器攻擊, 將病人放於一邊, 需等待約4小時, 直至電子武器攻擊停止後自行出院.


但如果直接到灣仔總警署報案, 警員登記你的個人資料後, 第一時間採取有效措施, 相信更為快捷.


  1. 本週變態控芯片賤人將我同智障人仕併芯片, 令我有書寫, 閱讀障礙.


  1. 在腦控空間作孽者問我在腦控空間想跟誰人工作? 我屬意能保護到我, 又不做犯法勾當者也. 相信在空間而又肯定不做犯法事情的人非特首莫屬, 所以我答案是跟特首, 如果美夢不能成真, 我選擇跟自己.

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