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Mind Control Space News this week (December 12 to 18, 2020)

1. This week, started on December 12, the metamorphosis mind controller continuous remote control electronic weapons for headache over 4 days. As said, the trouble makers were actors of Cantonese opera co-operated with Stephen Chow as well as some actors who currently active in Guangdong Province. Starting on the 14th, fake Andy Lau’s team joint to continue again. No matter whether I was outside or at home, I felt drowsiness and headaches 24/7. I reported this crime in the morning on the 13th, and it stop a while in the afternoon, and then started harassment again in the evening and continue to 15th.

It is said that the famous actors of Cantonese opera have already invaded the political circle. Are they truly acting to disrupt politics, harm the country and kill the citizen? or they just act as role-playing? It seems not that simply, may secretly doing something to achieve the rule of survival of fittest, but actually done eliminate the strong and stay the weak,easy to manipulate with mind control technology. When will stop this situation? I am worry about.

2. I don’t know when it started. The appearance of my teeth was replaced with someone else. The teeth changed from white and neat to yellow and irregular. No matter how many time I washed by dental, it still yellow and irregular after washing, which made me felt weird. Finally turns out that mind control machine technology not only change a person's appearance, but also change the teeth out look, it can turning a non-smoker into smoke-stained teeth. It's incredible but psycho!

3. This week, there are some cheater cheat to live in mind control space, they used the cell phone number forward function to cheating someone who working in securities company, forward his cell phone number to the phone which the cheater for fraud. It is the real case, when a customer calls cell phone numbers that have been forward, the culprit pretends to be a financial person to approach the customer to buy stocks, fraudulently claiming that the account limit is insufficient and required money deposit for trading. When the customer is not suspected of fraudulently, and then depositing into the designated account , That is, you are lost. Please be careful!


1. 本週變態控機賤人由12月12日開始,持續遙控電子武器令我頭痛,據說背後始作俑者是粵劇名伶聯同周星馳舊班底,現時活躍於廣東省一帶的演員,14日開始,劉華班底又接力搞事,全天候無論我身處外面或家中,都受到遙控電子武器攻擊致昏昏欲睡和頭痛。我已於13日早上報案,下午稍為緩和,晚上又開始摧殘。


2. 不知何時開始,我牙齒的外觀被換成另一套牙,由白而整齊的牙齒變成黃而不整齊,無論我如何洗牙,洗後依然黃色和不整齊,令我感覺很奇怪,後得知原來腦控機技術不只可改變一個人的樣貌,同時也可改變牙齒的排列,將一位不吸煙者變成煙漬牙。實在太不可思議但變態!

3. 本週腦控空間老千利用財經界人士手機的接駁功能,將手機號碼接駁到賊人的電話上用於詐騙。實例,當客戶打財經界人士手機聯絡時,賊人扮財經界人士的聲音同客戶接洽買賣股票,詐稱戶口限額不足,需存人現金才可買賣,當客戶不疑有詐存入指定戶口時,即中招。請大家務必小心!

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  1. 本週變態腦控賤人持續遙控電子武器攻擊我頭部不同部位, 眉頭位置, 耳背位置, 令我長期頭痛難忍. 同時計有方中信, 何守信, 吳鎮宇, 吳君如, 曾志偉, 錢嘉樂, 林家棟, 劉玉翠同我併芯片, 聲稱自已被電子武器攻擊, 實則是自已關了感覺掣, 根本感覺不到我的頭痛. 據指使遙控電子武器的人講, 害人所得金錢大部份上繳與他們背後的大佬謝賢, 譚泳麟, 周潤發, 劉江, 萧定一等.


今天有人提供資訊, 變態腦控賤人揚言將遙控電子武器攻擊受害者20, 估計集資目的是為繳交香港明星的稅務罰款. 以殘害市民身體健康作為個人的稅務罰款, 實屬禍國殃民之舉. 以上是真是假, 請讀者自行判斷!


  1. 本週變態控芯片賤人持續關閉我腦控機的小便掣至晚上約8時才開. 同時將因腎病而水腫的肥胖者同我併芯片, 令我透不了氣.


  1. 我近期發覺, 腦控賤人全方位進行情緒控制, 令他人兄弟反目, 夫妻分離, 父子, 父女互相仇視, 到底技術上是由電腦控制還是人為併芯片所引起就不得而知. 本週報章報導, 每天最少一粧是因情緒病而自殺的案件, 其中部份是天真無邪的年輕少女, 報紙披露是因為抑鬱症而墮樓身亡, 實質是死於腦控的情緒控制.


在此提出一些建議, 望被腦控而覺情緒低落的受害者, 多做帶氣運動, 切不可戒甜品, 適當的甜點和果糖是可以令人開心, 我有朋友曾經因為被肥胖者併芯而自以為超重, 為減肥而戒糖令整個人性情大變. 嚴重者, 可嘗試用情緒調節機, 主要是調節自身腦部的αβδθ, 因情緒控制大部份是因調節腦控機中此四種腦波的數據, 我們只要將數值還原, 調整好即可. 切不可有輕生的念頭, 生命誠可貴, 腦控賤人未死自己先死實屬不值. 詳細可參考: http://baike.baidu.com/item/  阿尔法腦電波


  1. 上期提到味覺替換, 嗅覺替換也同樣原理, 當賤人關閉你的嗅覺掣, 開他人的嗅覺同你併芯片, 你聞到的是他人所聞到的味道. 例如有人經常聞到他人聞不到的臭味而懷疑自已腦部有腫瘤壓到嗅覺神經而就醫, 實際上是被腦控, 有一種可能性是同有腦部腫瘤的人併芯片,CT片有他人腫瘤的影子, 另一種就是嗅覺替換. 不要低估嗅覺替換所帶來的傷害, 有人因為被嗅覺替換聞不到焦味, 而引起火警.


Mind control space news this week (October 22 to 28, 2018)


  1. This week's the metamorphosis brain control perps continued to remoted electronic weapon to attack my head in different position such as back head, top head and ear, which made me suffer headaches for long-time per day. At the same time, there are Alex Fong, Ivan Hong, Francis Ng, Sandra Ng, Eric Tsang , Chin Ka Lok, Gordon Lam, Jade Lau within my chip with turn, claiming that they also attacked by electronic weapons, but the truth, they did not got hurt from within the chip since they shut down the feeling keys by themself. They simply can’t feel my headache.


According to the above perps confessed that most of the money which earn from electronic harassment should hand over to the big brothers such as Patrick Tse, Alan Tang, Chow Yun Fat, Lau Kong, Stephen Sui Junior etc.
Someone has provided information today. The metamorphosis perps also claim will electronic harassment victims over 20 days for fund-raising purpose use to pay tax penalties for Hong Kong stars. If it is true, the personal tax penalty why used to torture the victims’ health, that would have wrecked a country, ruined the citizen even oversea. The above is true or dare? the readers may judgement by your own!


  1. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller continues to turn-off the urination of my brain control machine until about 8 o'clock in the evening. At the same time, the obese person who is edema due to kidney disease within my chip in whole day, made me felt difficulty in toilet and felt too tight can't breathe.


  1. Recently, I discovered that the brain control perps used the emotional control in all directions, which makes victims’brothers against each other. The couple separated, father and son, and father and daughter hate each other. I don’t know whether it is technically controlled by computer or only within the chips caused. The dairy newspaper reported that at least one case of suicide due to emotional illness. Some of them were young girls with innocent. The newspaper disclosed that they were suicide due to depression, and the truth was the emotional control.

I have some suggestions to the victims who are being mind control and feel depressed. you should do more exercise, have some sweets, appropriate desserts and fructose can make people happy. I have a friend who got fat by being within the chip with obese without self-awareness, she used not sugar on diet, finally his temperament becoming worse and worse.  


In serious cases, you can try to use the emotion adjusting machine, mainly to adjust the α β δ θ of your brain wave, because most of the emotional control was due to the adjustment the data of the four kinds of brain waves in the brain control machine, we only can do may adjust them to normal. 


life is precious, save your life to against your enemy, think about that it is not worthwhile for the perps who hurt you and die after you.  


For the details above brainwaves, please refer to: http:/ /baike.baidu.com. by search key word “alpha brainwave” 

  1. In the previous issue, the taste replacement was mentioned. The olfactory replacement is also the same principle. When the chip controller turn-off your sense of smell, and within the chip with others, that your smell is same as others not your own. For example, someone often sense of difference strange smell, and suspect may get a tumor that presses the olfactory nerve and seek medical treatment. In fact, he is being mind control and within the chip with someone who got a tumor, so that the CT film shows the shadow of another's tumor and replace the olfactory with other not his own. 

Don't underestimate the damage caused by the olfactory replacement. It can cause a fire when the olfactory replace, you can not smelled the burning.

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1. This week, The metamorphosis perps as mad as lost the mind to give order for remote control electronic weapons to attack me and the victims for headache: Liz Wan, Chow Yun-fat, Alan Tang, Peter Chan, Stephen Shiu , Cai Lam, Pang Ho-Cheung etc. 1. Recently there have been a lot of incidents due to window cleaning. With the current brain-control technology, we took an example, put two chips together, turn-on the sensor key, one person sitting on the chair, the other sit near the window, the third one suddenly run to rushing the chair person, the impact cause the person fallen down, at the same time, the window sitter was unexpectedly having same effect and fell out of the window. At this point, warn to victims, mind you home helpers when cleaning the window, paying attention to home safety.

2. Suggestion to the victims of being brain control, when attacked by electronic weapons, if your energy can support you until police station, reporting to the police station is more effective than go to the hospital. According to the victim's personal experience, when attacked by electronic weapons, 999 ambulances are sent to the hospital. The hospital knows that cause by remote electronic harassment, will put the patient aside, wait about 4 hours, until the electronic weapon attack stops, then you can leave the hospital, no any care to the victim since it was not sick, it was caused by mind control technology. However, if you report directly to the Hong Kong Island Regional Headquarters- Wan chai Police Station, the police officers will take effective measures after registering your personal information. I believe it will be faster solve than in hospital. Of course, it depends on yourself situation, such how serious in hurt and pain.

3. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller within my chip with mental disabled person, illiterate person and simplified Chinese person in turn, which made me have temporally writing and reading disorder.

4. In the brain control space, someone asked me, whom you willing to co-operated with? My answer was only interested in someone who can protecting me and everything in illegal. so my answer is the chief executive. Ha…ha… of course, it does not approve by chief executive yet, only my dream. If the dream cannot come true, I prefer follow myself only.

本週喪心病狂指使遙控電子武器攻擊我同受害者的罪魁禍首: 汪明荃, 周潤發, 譚泳麟, 陳可辛, 萧定一, 蔡瀾, 彭浩翔等.


  1. 近期有很多因抹窗而墮樓事件, 以目前腦控的技術, 只要將倆個人併芯片, 一個坐於椅上, 另一個倚在窗邊抹窗, 第三者以出奇不意沖向坐椅者, 並將其推倒, 與此同時正在抹窗者被突如其來的沖擊反應而失手跌出窗外. 在此呼籲被腦控受害者, 特別是家中傭工, 注意家居安全.


  1. 在此呼籲被腦控受害者, 遇電子武器襲擊時, 如果可自行堅持到警署報案比到醫院有效. 據受害者親身經驗, 當受電子武器攻擊,999救護車送醫院, 院方知道是電子武器攻擊, 將病人放於一邊, 需等待約4小時, 直至電子武器攻擊停止後自行出院.


但如果直接到灣仔總警署報案, 警員登記你的個人資料後, 第一時間採取有效措施, 相信更為快捷.


  1. 本週變態控芯片賤人將我同智障人仕併芯片, 令我有書寫, 閱讀障礙.


  1. 在腦控空間作孽者問我在腦控空間想跟誰人工作? 我屬意能保護到我, 又不做犯法勾當者也. 相信在空間而又肯定不做犯法事情的人非特首莫屬, 所以我答案是跟特首, 如果美夢不能成真, 我選擇跟自己.
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  1. This week's, the metamorphosis chip controller intermittent remote electronic weapons made me and victims headache from Monday until 20:00 on Thursday night, the pain increased to 8 degrees and vomiting, I reported the case to Wanchai Police Station at 9:30am of 25th. At about 11:00, the electronic weapon attack stopped. Until 18:00, the attack again until 20:00, then I found myself got nosebleeds.
    From the 26th to the 27th, the metamorphosis chip controller continued electronic harassment for 2 days in 1 to 5 degree headache, sleep deprivation in the evening, taking turns brain sound nuisance, mental abuse, the tortured behavior was already devastating.
    As known, such case caused by some actors of Cantonese opera, used the harassment of Hong Kong citizen as a bargaining power with HK government. But why such case involved with me? it is said that Cai Lam and Joe Nieh used my headache to earn personal interests. For the detail, please refer to the previous post "Hong Kong time 2019-01-21 to 2019-01-27".


If you read my blog, I believe everyone knows who’s the boss behind them. At present, there are six groups of sub-main chip control in the brain control space: Alan Tang and Simon Yam, Chow Yun Fat and Patrick Tse , Stephen Chow and Andy Lau; The members of trouble maker in the space are: Ray Lui, Cai Lam, Joe Nieh, Lau Kong, Steve Lee, Joyce Koi, Liz Wan, DoDo Zheng , Dayo Wong, Eric Tsang, Pete Chan, Sandra Ng, Timothy Cheng , English Tang, Francis Ng, Gordon Lam, Alex Fong, Julian Cheung and the DJs of various radio stations etc.
As the member said, the final decision-makers are Albert Yeung and Joseph Lau, they combat two chips together for a long-time, and their thinking influence each other. I curious who is the dominant thinking? If someone is familiar with them, please ask for a question and give me know with thanks.

  1. 本週變態控芯片賤人由星期一至四, 間歇性遙控電子武器令我頭痛, 至星期四晚上20:00時開始, 賤人持續遙控電子武器令我8級頭痛和嘔吐, 我於25日早上9:30親身到灣仔警署報案, 大概11時左右, 電子武器攻擊停止. 直至晚上18:00, 賤人又開始發動長達2小時的8級頭痛攻擊至20:00時停止. 我發覺自己有流鼻血的跡象.


26日至27, 變態腦控賤人持續2天遙控電子武器令我1-5級頭痛, 晚間睡眠剥奪, 輪流腦音滋擾, 精神虐待, 其行徑已到喪心病狂的地步. 


據了解, 今次事件是有一小撮粵劇紅伶利用市民的安危作為同政府討價還價的籌碼而發起的電子武器襲擊. 至於為何將我牽涉其中, 據講是蔡瀾同倪震利用我頭痛賺取個人利益. 其中涉及人物請參閱上一篇日誌 香港時間2019-01-212019-01-27”.


從日誌中所見之人員, 相信大家都知道他們背後的老闆是誰. 目前腦控空間有六大控線組合: 譚泳麟和任達華, 周潤發同謝賢, 周星馳和劉德華;


在空間作孽的主要成員是呂良偉,蔡瀾,倪震,劉江,李家鼎,蓋嗚輝,汪明荃,鄭裕玲,黃子華,曾志偉,陳可辛,吳君如,鄭子誠, 鄧英敏, 吳鎮宇, 林家棟, 方中信,張智霖和各電台DJ們等. 


據稱以上人員的最终決策者是楊受成和劉鑾雄. 他們兩位的芯片長期併在一起, 倆人的思維互相影響, 我好奇到底是誰人的思維作主導? 如果有人同他們相熟, 煩請代問一聲.


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  1. There is a murderer in the brain control space, who in charge of remote control electronic harassed victims for living over 10 years, someone call his name “Man” and someone call “Wei”, I don’t know which one for real name. When turn on his brain sound, he always within chip with Timothy Cheng for voice mixture. About one year ago, I eye stalking saw his body covered in a morgue, but the truth was a fake death. Recently I heard his voice again, starting at 4:30 pm on last Friday, He used electronic harass to me and victims in 8 degree headache over 48 hours. As known the lost mind to giving order perps behind the murderer are: Alan Tang, Chow Yun-fat, Simon Yam, Stephen Chow, Ray Lui, Peter Chan, Cai Lam, Joe Nieh, Ivan Ho etc. (I had email report to police station at the noon on Jan 13, 2019)
  2. According to my observation in the brain control space, a lots of people being mind control whom all got higher education and high-quality DNA, but being tortured until infertile. And the other hand, the animal perps under protected and non-stop developed their own child. In the long run, we are worried about high-quality DNA are extinct. But multiply metamorphosis DNA only. When asked why a high-quality DNA person does not have a child, the answer was being mind control, need concentra in professional career, unable to take care child. And the more important point was worry about their own children becoming targeted for blackmail and threating.
    3. There is a voice in the brain control space, claiming that the Hong Kong SAR government asked me for eavesdropping by eye gang stalking. I hereby declare that I am willing to join the government term only by black and white appointment letter from the SAR Government, I cannot accept only by brain sound.


  1. Recently I found that the brain control person has another trick. When I am stand beside the traffic light of stop sign, and seeing the car is coming, but I have a strong emotion to cross the road. According to the information, which was under brain control program, said willpower control, control your brain for instant impulse. Remind to the victims, the brain control technology can control the human mind to collide with the ongoing vehicle, so it is necessary to keep your mind clear all the time.
  2. 5. There are brain-controlled victims who follow the instructions of the perp to pay the protection fees. But the perp set the victim up, claim the victim paid only the cost of remote control of electronic weapons not protection fee, made the victims in guilt situation, even a hundred mouths cannot explain it away.
  3. All above detail you can refer to my other blog: http://weshare.hk/red8fireplace


  1. 腦控空間有一殺人魔, 長期同鄭子誠併芯片, 有人稱他叫阿文”, 有人稱他叫阿偉”, 長期以遙控電子武器摧殘受害者為生. 大約一年前, “眼透見到他滿身傷痕放於停尸間, 而實情是以化妝方式假死亡. 近日又聽到他的聲音, 由星期五下午4時半開始, 持續48小時遙控電子武器摧殘受害者5-8級頭痛. 其背後喪心病狂指使者: 譚泳麟, 周潤發, 任達華, 周星馳, 呂良偉, 陳可辛, 蔡瀾, 倪震, 何守信等.(我己於2019年1月13日中午報警備案)


  1. 據我於腦控空間觀察, 很多受到高等教育, 擁有優質DNA的人被腦控, 甚至被腦控人用各式各樣的方法令他們不育, 或者只是生女. 而在腦控空間的畜牲反而受保護而大量繁衍下一代. 長此以往, 實擔心優質DNA的人類被滅絕. 而有缺憾的DNA泛濫. 當問及資優人仕為何不生育時, 答案是生小孩會影響職業生涯, 增加經濟負擔, 也會成為腦控人勒索, 威脅的目標.


  1. 腦控空間有聲音傳出, 聲稱香港特區政府要征用我用眼部跟蹤竊聽. 本人在此聲明, 對於政府的征用我義不容辭, 但必須有特區政府白紙黑字的委任狀, 單憑腦音的委任, 恕難從命.


  1. 近期發現腦控人再有賤招, 當我在交通燈口, 呈現紅燈, 而前面有車快到面前時, 我有強烈的衝動想衝過馬路. 據分析, 是腦控人制用思維控制方式, 令人有瞬間的衝動. 在此提醒被腦控受害者, 腦控技術是可以控制人的思維去同行走中的車輛相撞, 所以必須時刻保持頭腦清醒.


  1. 有腦控受害者按腦控入的指示, 去交免受電子武器摧殘的保護費, 反被屈指是付款於腦控人遙控電子武器的費用, 令受害者百詞莫辯.
  2. All above detail you can refer to my other blog: http://weshare.hk/red8fireplace
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