Occupy Sacramento got behind our cause and Jesse Beltran has been able to speak at several Occupy rallys about our situation.

I contacted several Occupy chapters in different cities about getting members of Occupy to file suit with us “to give us a huge amount of people”

They actually contacted me back and told me that i would need to speak in person at one of their general assemblies, and if the general assembly was ok with it they would get involved.

i dont live in or near any of the cities that contacted me back.

If you live in a city with a Occupy group or near a city with a occupy group “you can check on google search engine, just put in the town name and occupy”

Please contact them to speak to their general assembly.

This would be huge for us.

With just one Occupy chapter behind us we would have several thousand extra people filing with us.

And we would try to get them to get the other Occupy chapters behind us too, that would give us a huge number of people in the suit, like way way overkill.

And also, each occupy chapter has their own attorney who handles things for them, with Occupy on board, their attornies could file for us, probably pro bono, and in each of the cities their chapters are in.

That would be huge, way beyond 4,000 cases filed and repp’ed by attornies in about 15 cities.

This is the kind of overkill slaughter we need.

Try to get Occupy on board.

Let me know what happens


Also, just a reminder, our conference calls are every Sunday and Tuesday, at 6pm west coast/pacific, 7pm rocky mountain, 8pm central standard, 9pm east coast

the next one is this Sunday

the number is 712 432 3900 call number 101016

If you haven’t joined our group yet please do, it’s endingeh.wall.fm


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