I received a letter today from the Health Service Executive of Ireland forcing me to attend an interview with a psychiatrist tomorrow. This force is normally backed by the violence of the state.
I will not attend for the following twenty or so reasons:-

Psychiatry, through intentional false mental illness diagnosis, is being deliberately used to cover the widespread existence and misuse of Directed Energy Weapons.
I went into the care of the psychiatric services of my own free will, fifteen years ago, due to a belief that I was being electronically harassed. I sought out the safety of the psychiatric hospital as a place of sanctuary, and for that I will always be grateful. All of the psychiatric staff who I interacted with were helpful and courteous and extremely kind to me at all times. However, that is not a good enough reason to turn a blind eye to huge problems within the psychiatric services, as by doing so, it could lead to the total destruction of human freedoms, in the not too distant future.

When I first was admitted to St Teresa’s unit in Castlebar, Ireland, for mental health care, back in 2003, I was prescribed a drug called Haldol, also known as Haloperidal. According to Jon Rappaport of www.nomorefakenews.com, this is a drug that was manufactured in Russia to be given to political dissidents. This drug causes some patients such strong Tardive Akathisia and Tardive Dyskinesia that it is akin to being tortured from the inside out, leaving psychiatric staff with plausible deniability. If you need convincing of this fact, please take this drug yourself for one month and see how bad it makes you feel. I myself experienced both Tardive Akathisia and Tardive Dyskinesia to an extreme degree. Tardive Akathisia left me with a strong compulsion to walk around constantly. I had an almost total inability to sit still. If I sat down or lay down for a short while, I would then feel an urgent compulsion to move again. I lost all my feeling of being able to rest and relax for even a short. All joy was squeezed out of my life. I felt as if I was being tortured. Please do not mistake this feeling for general agitation that might be caused by somebody who is mentally ill or overstimulated by drinking too much coffee or tea, as, at that time, I drank neither tea nor coffee. I also experienced tardive dyskinesia to an extreme degree. Tardive Dyskinesia made me experience almost constant involuntary movements of my arms and legs, even when I was in bed and trying to sleep. Psychiatrists are being informed by drug companies that the older anti-psychotic medications had more extreme side effects than the new ones. However, the majority of patients do not agree with this.
Under medical law, psychiatric patients are legally obliged to take whatever anti-psychotic medication their psychiatrist prescribes, and they are usually obliged to take it for the rest of their lives. If they refuse to comply with the taking of their medication, their psychiatrist must incarcerate them in a mental hospital until they decide to be compliant. Otherwise, they are forcefully given a long acting injection of their medication every two weeks. It is my opinion that one of the real reasons psychiatric patients commit suicide is because they cannot stand the side effects of their anti-psychotic medication, but have no legal way of coming off it.
Another real reason the psychiatric patients commit suicide is because psychiatrists refuse point black to believe their patients whenever their patients tell them that they are being targeted with directed energy weapons and voice to skull military communication systems and many other technological systems, thereby giving their patients no practical help, and hindering their freedom and unjustly stigmatising them, and making them chronically ill by forcing toxic substances into them. I believe the reason for this situation is that psychiatrists and all other medical personnel are legally obliged to carry phones that remotely entrain their brains. Because most medical personnel are not aware of the brain entrainment capabilities of smart phones, they normally choose to carry smart phones instead of the more innocuous dumb phones. Individuals who are being targeted with a large variety of directed energy weapons are unable to persuade heavily mind controlled psychiatrists of the true nature of their experiences. They can find nobody to fight their case and so in a large number of cases they commit suicide.
The American military openly admits that medications which have been found to have extremely distressing side-effects could possibly be useful as weapons. This practice of weaponised medicine has already been implemented, because people who are a threat to the would-be dictatorship often find themselves catagorised as mentally ill, and forced medicated with substances that cause extreme internal discomfort, for example, an inability to stay still, violent tremors, and confusion. If you complain about the severity of the side effects and ask to be taken off the forced medication, your psychiatrist will normally refuse to do so. They will just give you an anticholinergic agent in addition to your current medication, in order to suppress the worst of your symptoms. The anticholinergic agent also has severe side effects. The psychopaths who designed this torture program, under the guise of forced treatment, are evil to the core. Have psychiatrists taken the medicine they prescribe for even one week, themselves, in order to experience the severity of the side effects first hand? If not, why not?
If in-patients in psychiatric hospitals are hearing voices directly into their heads , which are being transmitted wirelessly by the use of Voice to Skull military communication technology, when asked by their doctors, the patients are obliged to lie to their doctors about whether they are hearing voices in order to be allowed to leave a psychiatric institution. If the patient tells their doctor the truth that they are still hearing voices on a continual basis, their doctor is legally obliged to detain them in the psychiatric hospital until they are willing to declare that they no longer hear voices. In this way, the voice hearer is gagged from going public about the fact that voices are being fed to them by the use of Voice to Skull military communication technology, and can only discuss their experiences of hearing voices in the past tense.
When I was released from the care of psychiatry, I was obliged to attend psychiatric review meetings every three months. At my psychiatric review meetings, I did not discuss by concerns about directed energy weapons with my psychiatrists any longer, as the balance of power between the patient and psychiatrist is so overwhelmingly in favour of the psychiatrist, that I was scared to admit that I still believed in the existence and misuse of electromagnetic weapons, in case it would lead to having a psychiatrist believe me to be mentally ill and re-admit me into a mental health facility immediately. At any review meeting I have ever had with a psychiatrist, I have only ever told them what I thought they wanted to hear, out of fear of being immediately re-admitted if I told them the truth. The truth is that these directed energy weapons are very real, and are being used to secretly torture many innocent members of the public, here in Ireland, and worldwide. The truth is that the world is slowly being turned into an electronic dictatorship. We can easily stop this electronic dictatorship at any time, by demanding that our government take down all mobile phone masts, thereby disabling the signals to our brains and bodies. We can go back to conducting our business and social affairs by using landline telephones. In order to disunify the planetary wide growing dictatorship, we may decide to sever the under-sea fiber optic cables which carry signals from the brains and bodies of weapons test subjects to black budget neuro scientists who may be thousands of miles away.
It is my belief that mental health patients have less rights than a hardened criminal. I can be involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric hospital on a whim, and not given a release date, which is something criminals enjoy.
Another reason I could not speak to psychiatrists, openly and frankly, about my experiences of being assaulted by directed energy weapons is because if a patient dare to question their diagnosis, they are then accused of having a lack of insight into their illness, and re-admitted and detained in a mental hospital until they are willing to admit they are mentally ill. Other patients have told me that this is standard procedure.
According to www.naturalnews.com, the industry of modern psychiatry has officially gone insane. Virtually every human emotion experienced by a human being, sadness, grief, anxiety, frustration, impatience, excitement – is now being classified as a ‘mental disorder’, demanding chemical treatment.
According to investigative medical journalist, Jon Rappoport of www.nomorefakenews.com , psychiatry is a pseudo, pseudo-science. The chemical imbalance theory is a fake. There are no defining physical tests for any of the three hundred so-called mental disorders, no blood test, no urine test, no antibody test, no brain scan, no genetic assay. All diagnoses are based on arbitrary clusters of menus of human behaviour. We have a potentially dangerous and completely unfounded model of the way psychiatric drugs work. The drugs are harmful, dangerous, toxic. Some of them induce violence, suicide, homicide. Some of the drugs cause brain damage.
For more information about the extreme dangers of antipsychotic drugs see http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…/antipsychotic-drugs-their_b…
Psychiatry is now being used as a weapon of war. Soldiers are being vaccinated and medicated with antipsychotic medication, totally against their wishes, for bogus reasons. When this is done on a large scale, it renders an army unable to fight effectively, which means they are unable to defend their country against domination by the planetary wide dictatorship. Perhaps the aspiring dictators wish to destroy the potential enemy before a war even begins. The use of nerve drugs in the military has led to record numbers of suicides. The only way most psychiatrists can get repeat patients is by using the false system of forced psychiatry, which is enforced by the police. Otherwise, these pseudo science trained so called specialists would have very few patients. I am being totally honest for the sake of the victims who are currently locked up in enclosed psychiatric wards against their wills, and who are crying out for help, but very few are listening.
Psychiatrists had to invent their own book of diseases because pathologists would have nothing to do with them. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders (published by the American Psychiatric Association) is a work of fiction. Every disorder is invented, not discovered. A collective of quacks invents a fabricated disease, based on nothing but a consensus of opinion. Then they vote into existence whatever symptoms they wish to associate with this disease. Then they enter it into the D.S.M., which then enables them to sell more drugs. There is not one defining laboratory test for any of these three hundred disorders. In this way, most of us can be legally, and forcibly drugged, which renders us dumbed down and stupid. Psychiatrists have become pimps for the drug industry. – Dr Thomas Szasz – Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus.
"Psychiatric drugs create rather than reverse abnormal brain states. The chemical cure is a myth." Dr Joanna Moncrieff.
Psychiatrists are all getting their information from the drug companies, who go to extremes to cover up dangers. Psychiatric drugs shorten the human life span by twenty years. Second generation anti-psychotic substances, posing as medicines are worse than first generation anti-psychotic substances for causing metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, pancreatitis, and heart arythmias.
Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, prefer, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s beliefs or hypotheses while giving disproportionately less attention to information that contradicts. Psychiatrists often accuse their patients of confirmation bias, when, in fact, psychiatrists are equally guilty of this when trying to find reasons to prove their patients are mentally ill. Psychiatrists have the power to take away some of your birth rights and your freedoms, based on their subjective opinions. How did this situation come about in a democratic society.
It is being claimed that there is a simple and easy way to cure mental illness, through distilled water fasting. Fasting on distilled water for weeks at a time has been found to cure many illnesses. Somebody who is mentally ill needs to fast from all outside stimulation, including television, computer, reading and food. They must face their demons. In a Chinese mental prison, five thousand mentally ill patients were water fasted for several weeks, and all were sent home completely cured, except for a handful. However, there is no money to be made from water, so this cure is heavily suppressed.
I have a friend who has been through the psychiatric hospital system, due to confessing to psychiatrists that he is being attacked and persecuted by directed energy weapons, and voice transmitting technology. The psychiatrists totally dismissed the evidence he presented for the existence and misuse of directed energy weapons. He provided them with patent numbers, and scientific books and websites. He also provides them with the names of medical doctors, dissident psychiatrists and electromagnetic chemists who are supportive of his claims. Regardless of what evidence he provides, his psychiatrists were totally dismissive of his claims, and just kept repeating the mantra – "You must give your medicine a chance to work". It is a criminal offence to diagnose somebody as having paranoid schizophrenia, and force medicating them when they tell you they are hearing voices, without investigating the easily obtainable technology, which is capable of transmitting voices into people’s heads, by remote control, and from a distance. See www.audiospotlight.com.
If a person comes before a psychiatrist and claims to be a target of electromagnetic directed energy weapons, then the psychiatrist should have an obligation to check if there are any radio frequencies coming from the body of that person, before deciding on a diagnosis. It has been proven that it is natural for some types of electromagnetic frequencies to be detected coming from the bodies of all human beings. However, a type of frequency called radio frequencies are only detected coming from the bodies of people who claim they are being targeted by directed energy weapons. See Lars Drudgaard of www.icaact.org for further information. Psychiatry may be operating under legal paradigms but they are definitely not operating under moral paradigms.
Psychiatry is being used to cover up the gradual spreading of directed energy weapons, and psychiatrists in the know are afraid to speak up in case they are targeted. I believe most psychiatrists are fully aware of the existence of this voice transmitting technology, because this voice to skull, voice transmitting technology has been around for at least forty years. If this situation is allowed to continue unchallenged, we will all be locked down in rigid enslavement, in an electronic concentration camp, soon. We only have a small window of opportunity in which to take back our power, from the self-appointed, aspiring, global dictators.
When I was a psychiatric patient I was constantly under the influence of toxic drugs. I did not elucidate adequately what was happening to me to the psychiatric staff for a number of reasons as follows:- I felt strongly that the more information I informed psychiatrists of the more toxic drugs I would be given and I believe psychiatrists would agree with me on that point. Secondly, it took me many years to review my experiences of both hearing voices and psychiatry. It was only when I was no longer under medication that I was finally able to begin to write about my experiences in earnest. It took me many months to create this website. I could not have informed a psychiatrist of the information contained in this website in a few minutes at an interview. I am and have always been a much better writer than speaker as I am considered by many to be introverted.
Lack of political oversight is allowing the intelligence services, with the help of corrupt psychiatrists, to falsely incarcerate anybody in a mental health prison. When was the last time a psychiatrist was found guilty of falsely accusing somebody of being mentally ill? I have never heard of this happening, yet it should happen constantly, as diagnosing mental illness is totally subjective. According to John Rappoport of www.nomorefakenews.com, psychiatry is not a legitimate arm of medicine. There is no proof that schizophrenia exists whatsoever. In my opinion, psychiatry needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth. It is one of the main tools the self proclaimed elite are using to enslave us. If anybody questions the authority of the self proclaimed elite, or accuses them of dishonesty, that person is usually gang-stalked by professional gang-stalkers for a number of months, until they are no longer able to take the sustained harassment. When they complain officially, they are discredited by being labelled as being mentally ill, forced medicated with poisonous anti-psychotic medication, imprisoned in a mental health hospital, and have some of their human rights taken away from them. What an ingenuous way, the self proclaimed elite have found of dealing with anybody who stands in their way of worldwide control and ownership.
There is a net in psychiatry that former patients find it difficult to escape from. When a man or woman leaves a psychiatric hospital forever, they are forced to attend psychiatric review meetings on a continual basis for several years. This is profoundly unnecessary, and is an enormous burden on the tax payers of Europe. Psychiatry is a pseudo science, and the major way psychiatrists can get patients is by force. Patients who pay up front for psychiatric services are few in number. When a human being takes most anti-psychotic medicine on a continual basis, over a number of years, it is known to damage their brains, and they become what is known as psychotic induced. What once was a vibrant and capable human being is now caught in the net of psychiatry for life.
When, in the past, the mentally ill were regarded as being possessed by demons, they were in fact suffering from poorly understood epilepsy.
Psychiatry is being used as a gagging order for directed energy weapon attacks. In order that totally sane people can be catagorised as mentally ill, the appearance of these wrongly accused individuals may be sabotaged in order to convince the public that perfectly sane people are mentally ill. When a totally sane person is falsely categorised as mentally ill and is forceably detained in a mental hospital, their clothes will be washed at an abnormally high temperature along with the clothes of all the other patients, under the guise of keeping the clothing extremely sanatised. When the resident of the mental hospital gets their clothes back from the laundry, the clothes may be shrunk to an extreme degree and may have fluff attached to it. The resident can not complain because there is nobody else available to do their laundry. When the resident sits outside the hospital on a park bench on a sunny afternoon wearing shrunken and shabby clothes and they their limbs periodically shake from the poisonous effects of the anti-psychotic concoctions they are forced to take, society has no trouble believing they are mentally ill, when in fact they are totally sane. The totally sane psychiatric resident is obliged to take part in demoralising activities such as papier mache, which is a suitable activity for a four year old child.
Mental health patients are offered a service whereby advocates can speak for them. The reason some patients ask for an advocate to ask questions on their behalf is because when a man or woman first begins to take anti-psychotic medication, this causes them to lose their ability to think clearly to an extent. Even if they are normally very articulate they then find it difficult to speak articulately when under the influence of large amounts of so-called anti-psychotic medication. Advocates have absolutely no power to fight for the right of the man or woman to walk away from what is often wrongful incarceration and from forced medication, with what sometimes are extremely powerful and brain damaging substances. The provision of advocates is just a smoke screen to give the illusion that mental health patients have legal representation.
When a patient enters a psychiatric hospital, they are generally asked to write an assessment of how they feel about the whole experience of psychiatry, and how they feel about their treatment plan. If they are an inpatient the writing of the assessment by the patient takes place several weeks before they are allowed to leave the psychiatric hospital. In order to be allowed to leave the hospital, the patient will always write something favourable, and they will never give their true negative feelings about psychiatry. When I was an in-patient in Castlebar general hospital, as a psychiatric patient, I filled in the assessment form without letting them know my true feelings. I was afraid that a psychiatrist would not release me if I displayed any negative feelings, so I gave a false positive appraisal. Asking a psychiatric patient to write an assessment of their experiences before they are released from captivity is a total and dishonest waste of tax payers money, because the psychiatric patient is afraid to tell the absolute truth, in case they are accused of being too negative, giving the psychiatrist a reason to detain them for a longer period of time.
In some cases, psychiatric staff are in fact jailers dressed up as health care professionals. I imagine they realise that themselves. They only way psychiatrists can acquire patients in the majority of cases is through force.
Massive amounts of brain and body research is being done for the purposes of completing The Brain Activity Map Project which was initiated by President Barack Obama. Research scientists need to be able to access the brains of the masses of humanity in order to complete this project, so that the information gained from this dubious project can be used by a dangerous dictatorship to wield power over humanity, in the future. Psychiatrists should be allowed to organise themselves in such a way that they are allowed to connect the current epidemic of so-called mental illness with illegal brain weapon research. This is currently not the case.
I know of one individual case where psychiatric intervention was used to cover up the mistakes of a psychiatrist. In that case the psychiatrist refused to grant disability allowance to an extremely debilitated individual, perhaps because of wrongly trying to save tax payers money. This act caused that extremely debilitated individual to lose all their dignity because of being forced to work when chronically ill in order to pay their rent. The individual was then seen as mentally ill and was registered as mentally ill. I can not prove any of this but I know authority abuse exists within psychiatry. Totally sane people who are wrongly categorised as mentally ill are disempowered to an extreme degree. I believe psychiatry is an extremely negative force in society and it should be removed from the face of the earth.
I was never forceably detained in a psychiatrist hospital. I signed a form, which indicated my willingness to stay there of my own free will. However, if I had refused to take the antipsychotic medication which had been prescribed for me, it is possible that structures would have been put in place to stop me from leaving the psychiatric hospital. I no longer am obliged to take anti-psychotic medication, which legally allows me to drive a vehicle again.
For information about human rights activism involving the institution of psychiatry, see www.mindfreedom.org.
If you are ever forced to take medication or vaccinations against your will, there is a wonderful way you can help yourself and avoid being forcibly poisoned against your will. About twenty minutes before you are due to receive your forced medication or forced vaccination, just take several capsules of activated charcoal. Activate charcoal will absorb all of the harmful ingredients, and carry them safely out of your body. If you ever take a drug overdose, and you are rushed to hospital for medical treatment, you will be given a large quantity of activated charcoal internally, which will clear your system of all harm.
Activated charcoal is easily obtainable at any pharmacy/drug store, and is not expensive.
When a person is taking anti-psychotic medication on a regular basis, their ability to express themselves decreases to an extreme extent. When I was taking anti-psychotic medication on a regular basis my ability to express myself decreased by about ninety percent.
When an individual is give a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia by a psychiatrist, that diagnosing psychiatrist is using subjective reasoning to arrive at his/her conclusion because there are no physical tests that can be carried out in order to arrive at such a conclusion. When that diagnosing psychiatrist was a student of psychiatry at university he/she would have been inculcated into the cult of psychiatry and would no longer be able to see the individual in a true objective light.
I realise that my attitude towards psychiatry may appear very negative and condescending. I wish to apologise for my approach. I have found all psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses and patients to be really nice people. Psychiatrists have been misinformed about all manner of things at medical school. Toxic psychiatry has been covertly created by the self-proclaimed elite, and all of the blame lies with them-. However, I am so frightened for humanity, that I am willing to endure any type of hate that comes my way at this point so that humanity can live freely in the future.
My own general practitioner does not know what the voices have been saying to me because I have not informed him of this. He is a wonderful doctor who has helped to save my life on two occasions. However I did not inform him of everything that I was experiencing with regard to what the internal voices were saying to me and what sensations I was feeling, as he possibly would have been legally obliged to send me back to psychiatry if I informed him of everything. I imagine he has no idea of what psychiatry is really about. In my opinion it is merely a tool to incarcerate anybody and everybody who does not fit neatly into the plans of the self-proclaimed elite. I plan to tell my general practitioner about the two youtube videos I have published which inform the viewer of most of what the voices coming from inside my head have informed me of over a period of fourteen years. These youtube videos are approximately two and a half hours long and they are found under the titles of "Some of what the voices coming from inside my head have informed ne of Parts 1 and 2.
When people hear voices, for what ever reason, there should be a moral requirement that they transcribe everything the voices are saying to them, because, in all cases, these voices are being transmitted to them by the use of Voice to Skull military communication technology, which was widely reported as being used in the Iraq war as Voice of God weapons.
People who have experienced cancer or major transplant surgery are often featured in magazines, telling us of their experiences in great detail. They sometimes show us photographs of their breast surgery scars. Unlike victims of voice harassment, stories of the experiences of cancer survivors are never censored. Will victims of voice harassment, ever have accounts of what their voices are saying to them, published openly, in the main-stream press. If we ever attempt to tell the world of our voice hearing experiences, we are immediately transported to a mental hospital, where no one can access us, and we are given large doses of dumbing-down, anti-psychotic concoctions posing as medication, to shut us up.
Why are voice hearers discouraged from ever discussing the content of their conversations?.
"Traditional practice in behavioural psychology concentrated on either distracting the patient or ignoring references by the patient to the voice hearing experience, with the hope that the patient would concentrate on ‘real’ experiences, which would then be positively reinforced (the assumption being that the voice hearing was a delusional belief). The effect of this approach is to discourage the discussion about the voice hearing experience but without eradicating it (P.D.J. Chadwick, Birchwood, & Trower, 1996). " http://www.intervoiceonline.org/about-voices/essential-facts
Because of this policy of censuring all public discussion of what voice hearers actually hear, the fact that all of the voices are being transmitted by the use of directed energy weapons, using advanced psychological torture methods, goes unreported. Who gains from this criminal policy of suppression of information?
Article 19 of the UN Human Rights Charter explicitly states:
"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
Below is a list of some of the technologies and various patent numbers, which have been published to support the existence of directed energy based technologies.
U.S. patent no 6506148, granted to Hendricus G Loos, in 2003, enables nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic frequencies, emitted from television screens and other monitors.
Microwave Hearing The Stocklin Patent # 4858612, and The Brunkan Patent # 4877027
Microwave hearing is a scientific fact. Existing radar units can be modified to transmit a beam of pulsed microwave energy into a person’s skull which causes sounds such as ticks, buzzes, hisses, knocks, chirps, and words. The sounds, which originate from within, above, or behind the head, are transmitted to the inner ear via bone conduction. This has been a capability since at least 1960.
Ultrasound transmission of Voice/Silent Sound The Lowery Patent #6052336, Monroe Patent #5356368, and Norris Patent #5889870.
Synthetic Telepathy Patent #6587729 and #3951134
Thought Reading Capacity Kiyuna Et Al Patent #5785653
Target Tracking Technology - Hablou Patent #5448501
and Fullerton Patent #6400307 and Rowan Patent #4893815.
It has been widely reported that the military has used the Voice of God weapon also known as LRAD during the Iraq war in order to create chaos within the ranks of the enemy combatants.
At least one method of Voice to skull transmission, using microwave pulses much like radar, is not particularly new. During World War II, technicians working in the path of energized radar antennas discovered they could hear a buzz, seeming to originate inside their skulls. For further information see https://targetedindividualscanada.com/…/article-what-is-vo…/
Psychiatrists use implied authority, by claiming that they are in the know regarding the existence or non-existence of voice to skull military communication devices. Psychiatrists could not have any knowledge of top secret military weapons testing, bearing in mind that top level security is employed in all areas when it comes to weapons testing on human beings.
The basis on which schizophrenia is diagnosed should be re-evaluated in light of the existence of directed energy weapons. The overwhelming power of ridicule is used at every turn against us, targeted individuals, in order to suppress the existence of these remote neural monitoring, and electronic brain link weapons. Please ensure that politicians in Ireland and elsewhere enact laws safeguarding people who claim experiences of voice harassment, from psychiatric intervention. Psychiatrists who falsely diagnose all voice hearers as being mentally ill are apologists for criminals, and should themselves be incarcerated, which will shortly be the case.

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