There are now in existence hundreds of patents where the human body and brain can be both manipulated, influenced and controlled wirelessly and remotely by directed energy weapons and mind control/neuro weapons. This is now occurring to both senior politicians, the police, members of the military, news editors and psychiatrists among others. Classified militarty weapons are now being used to degrade different parts of their brains and to accentuate other parts, which reduces them to cyborg-slave status. Moreover, the super computers of the United States department of defence have the ability to directly access to the brains and bodies of many senior politicians throughout the world and to externally mind control them without their knowledge or consent.
We need our senior politicians and others to wear protective helmets at all times and to find other ways to protect themselves from these military weapons, some of which are still classified. Have senior politicians throughout the world been doing anything to protect their brains and bodies from body and mind invasive technology? If so, what have they being doing in this regard?.
We are all now susceptible to wireless external control of both our physical bodies and our thoughts and emotions by the use of a scientific system known as EEG heterodyning. Human brains and bodies have become saturated with heavy metals and various types of nano particulates to the extent that we have become electrically conductive. Our brains have become antennas which when encoded are being used to pick up sound, voices, images, visions, pain, electric shock, externally generated thoughts and emotions and forced muscle movement among other unwanted effects.
The words hetero (meaning opposite) and dyne (meaning powerful as in the word dynasty) when used in the scientific phrase EEG heterodyning effectively means to mix powerful opposite brain signals of somebody else in to the brain of the externally physically and emotionally controlled victim. When the brain waves of another entirely separate human being are heterodyned into the motor cortex of the externally physically controlled victim that victims body can then be taken over and forced to move and speak and act against their own wills. Such victims are regularly being remote controlled to carry out terrorist activities throughout the world.

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