“The ultimate goal of this proposed elite group is to bring about a single global marketplace, controlled by a world government, policed by a world army, financially regulated by a world bank via a single global currenty, and populated by a microchipped population connected to a global computer, a computer that both monitors and updates our personal location and financial status, and regulates our emotional state via transmitted electrical signals – technology that already exists.” The above is a quote from an article called “Blueprint for Total Control” which was written by Nick Sandberg in 2001 and which is freely available to read online.

The author, Nick Sandberg further writes as follows “The elite believe that all their power is ultimately derived from the repression of emotions. The entire source of their power is their ability to corrupt natural instincts and direct subconscious needs into channels of expression that further the ends of total control.” The author claims that they bring about this situation by making sure we are all conditioned in early childhood through both school and church system which they ultimately control from behind the scenes. He goes on to suggest that we could use any of the following therapies to free ourselves from this damaging childhood conditioning as follows – psychosynthesis, gestalt therapy, rebirthing, primal therapy, psychodrama, hypnotherapy, reiki, transactional analysis, and pulsing – to name but a few.


Minimal sized electrodes can now be put in a network within a human brain which allows neuro operatives to read and write into the brain function of that human being in real time while working from a remote location. The aforementioned minimal sized electrodes could be sprayed close to a human being and they would then adhere to the mucus membranes of the eyes, nose, mouth and ears of that human being and they would then navigate the human vasoculture, cross the blood brain barrier and precisely auto-position themselves among or even within brain cells. They would then wirelessly transmit encoded information to and from a super computer network for real time brain state monitoring and data extraction. The minimal sized network of electrodes provides direct real time monitoring and control of signals to and from the brain cells, leading to the capability to bio-robotize a human being and remote control that human being in real time. Please watch the following youtube video which is being presented by Professor James Giordano of Georgetown University, United States for information on current capabilities in brain science and technology.

Many individuals have been non-consensually wirelessly linked by a bi-directional link to a network of super computers where all of the electrical activity being generated by their brains and bodies are downloaded to super computers and where all of that electrical activity is automatically translated in real time to everything that individual thinks, says and does and this happens on a continual basis. Unknown neuro operatives who work from unknown remote locations use the bi-directional link to upload sounds, voices, images, sensations, pain, feelings and forced muscle movements to those non-consenting individuals. A pre-ordained path has been mapped out by which all targeted individuals of the above non-consensual wirelessly enabled remote experimentation must follow if they wish to officially complain about their experiences. No matter how well we voice our complaints and no matter who we complain to, whether it be the police, psychiatrists or general practitioners, that pre-ordained path which has been mapped out for all of our complaints more than likely leads to involuntary intervention, and because of this pre-ordained path that we must follow when we officially complain of being wirelessly tortured, our complaints never get heard from an official perspective. More often than not, we are wrongly regarded as insane.

If the unnecessary and unwanted psychiatric intervention was successful it would then be followed by psychiatric incarceration and the forced ingestion of poisonous substances complete with extremely agonizing side effects which would be unapparent to an observer and difficult to define such as the feeling of having been extremely poisoned combined with the feeling of not being able to think as clearly as one normally would as well as a feeling of having no motivation to do anything as well as extreme tiredness as well as other symptoms such as tardive akathisia which is an extreme need to pace constantly and tardive dyskinesia which causes involuntary muscle movement.

Many individuals throughout the world are being forced into experiencing virtual reality experiences for short spaces of time which has led to further confusion about what is happening behind the scenes in the world today. In order to cover up the existence and widespread abuse of neuro science and neuro technology combined with directed energy weapons, many cover stories have been invented to misdirect the public so that they would not be able to realize what is really occurring behind the scenes of their lvies. Some of the false cover stories which have been invented to cover the vast capabilities of neuro science and neuro technology are as follows :- the religious apparation hoax, the demonic possession hoax, the extra-terresterial visitation hoax, the channelling hoax, the psychic ability hoax, the moving statue hoax, the poltergiest hoax, and many other hoaxes. Objective reality is real but it is being allowed to be confused with virtual reality and this situation is being supported by both governments and the press. The dark luciferians wish us to believe in all types of supernatural falsehoods and other types of deception so that they can more easily control us. A differential in knowledge leads to a differential in power and they have been lying to us for multi generations both through the school system and through the main stream media and they continue to do so to this day.

When African Americans were first being enslaved inside American shores some of the young men were tortured while the rest of the African American people were forced to look on at the torture process. From then on, through extreme fear, Arican American parents would raise their children to be extremely obedient slaves rather than allow them to experience similar torture through rebellion. I have read that the dark occultists who wish to wirelessly tether all of us to a central computerized control and enslavement system plan to operate a similar torture system which we would all be forced to witness through a virtual reality system which is already in place for some targeted individuals.

Professor James Giordano can be found online presenting many youtube videos outlining the current vast capabilities of neuro science and neuro technology. We must urgently disassemble all wireless enabling capabilities and have them banned before fifth generation millimeter wave technology is fully operational because if we wait until 5G is fully operational you may then be forced to hear voice commands being transmitted inside your head as well as applied pain if and when you fail to carry out the commands issued by those voices, some of which may be generated by artificial intelligence. 5G which is also known as fifth generation millimeter wave technology has the well known capability to carry pain signals and it is currently being erected throughout my country Ireland and most other countries throughout the world in order to technologically enslave us. Further to this, preprogrammable microchips exist which can induce pain in the microchip implant victim if they should attempt to cross pre-set boundaries such as the boundaries of their own town or city. The non-consensually inserted microchip could be programmed to send signals to the electrodes which have already become imbedded inside the brains and bodies of most individuals causing the electrodes to induce pain in the individual. A microchip actually picks up and amplifies ambient electrical energy. If you have a micro chip inserted in you either non-consensually or consensually and you then get in the range of a powerful electromagnetic field the microchip can actually be used to burn you! ​ If we act urgently we can save ourselves from technological enslavement to the dark luciferian would-be slave masters.

We should discuss having all microwave transmitters as well as 5G millimeter wave transmitters taken down. We may even consider severing all undersea fibre optic cables. It is now common knowledge that satellites do not even exist but many main stream scientists are afraid to come forward and say so. Many senior politicians, high court judges, lawyers, police officers and civil servants among others are probably hearing voices combined with receiving pain signals and may be too compromised to speak freely. Some may even be under electronic mind control or remote influencing or some other thought influencing technology. All of the aforementioned thought influencing technologies depend on both microwave transmitters and/or 5G millimeter wave transmitters being in active use so that is another good reason to ban all transmitters urgently.

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