Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

We should urge government start investigating the abuse and torture of remote electromagnetic mind control technologies from cases which have strong evidences. If government start investigating few cases which have strong evidences, all victims will see the hope that their cases would be investigated soon.


My case have strong fact and evidence, we encourage all victims to collect strong facts and evidences. If you have strong facts and evidences, please leave an comments to this discussion.


The Fact and evidence of abuses and tortures of mind control technologies:

I was controlled by remote Voice to Skull technologies and Mind Control technologies, and I was brought inside US Embassy in Hong Kong

( )


Psychiatrists are crystal clear about what are organized stalking and non lethal weapons all about. Please see this report from Masters, Clinical Psychology.


What constitutes evidence of electronic harassment?

Posted by Jeremy on 6th January 2011


In this article:

•An invisible crime, committed at the speed of light

•How helpful are statements from the alleged developers or possessors of electronic harassment technology?

•When measurements are helpful, and when they’re not

•Can you prove that mind-invasive technology is being used against you, and how does that help you?

•On the utility of witnesses



To help targeted individuals complaining about electronic harassment with gathering evidence of what’s happening to them, and to demonstrate to skeptics what a difficult hurdle TI’s face, I’d like to go over what TI’s need to do to make their case in the court of public opinion, or the court of law.

An invisible crime, committed at the speed of light

When a person is shot with a gun, there are mountains of evidence left behind:


•the bullet, enabling investigators to narrow down the search for the weapon considerably;

•the entry/exit wounds;

•evidence placing the victim at a specific location when he was shot – blood droplets, footprints, and clothing fibers;

•ballistic evidence, allowing the bullet to be traced back to its source with some reliability;

•evidence left on the bullet itself – barrel markings, DNA of the suspect, and the suspect’s fingerprints (even if they’ve been wiped off1);

•a loud noise, alerting bystanders that a crime has been committed, in real time;

•and more, depending on the circumstances.

However, let’s suppose a person is attacked electromagnetically. What evidence is left behind?


•The target’s uncorroborated account of the sensations he felt.

The attack itself is completely silent and invisible. The attacker could be miles away.2 The equipment used is unknown, and effectively untraceable. There might be no visible or identifiable marks on the victim, as emerging nonlethal weapon (NLW) technologies are intended to inflict intolerable pain on a target, rather than damage him.3


How helpful are statements from the alleged developers or possessors of electronic harassment technology?


Do patents prove anything?

A patent only proves that someone is interested in developing the capabilities described in the patent. Without a working model, it doesn’t prove that the device described actually does what is claimed.


In fact, we would expect exactly the opposite; that any U.S. patents pertaining to clandestine technologies targets are complaining about would be dead ends. If they actually described working devices, they would be suppressed under the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, because of national security concerns.4


Does a stated intent to develop capabilities prove anything?

Military agencies regard deception as a tool of warfare, and may arrange the publication of disinformation about future capabilities. It’s best not to read too much into statements regarding hypothesized technological developments. Occasionally, agencies like DARPA or MITRE corporation will publish requests for proposals or speculative strategies for the uses of futuristic technology. These statements may be useful for investigators who are trying to divine the shape of things to come, but aren’t useful for proving capabilities exist.


Does a statement or demonstration of capabilities prove anything?

Statements from established, credible sources about their capabilities are generally considered strong evidence. If those sources are caught lying, their credibility is undermined.


So a statement of capabilities is very useful in terms of making your case to the general public that a particular device exists and is or will soon be used. A demonstration is proof that it exists and is being used. However:


•A demonstration or credible statement of capabilities doesn’t prove that the device in question is being used against you;

•over-using references to these public statements or demonstrations may be portrayed as evidence of “obsession” on the part of a “deluded” writer.

When making your case, image is everything.


When measurements are helpful, and when they’re not

Can you measure it?

Measuring equipment that you can afford will, realistically, measure emissions in limited frequency ranges: 1 Hz to 21 Ghz is the maximum range of ‘affordable’ spectrum analyzer equipment as of 2010; RF detectors are much cheaper, but have a more limited range. This is troublesome, because at least one directed-energy weapon on the market (the Active Denial System) operates at a much higher frequency range.


For a measuring device to capture an RF signal, not only does the signal have to be in the frequency range that the device will pick up; the signal also has to be long enough in duration for the device to pick up. A military-grade implant might be picking up frequency-hopping signals of very short duration – microseconds or even nanoseconds between hops. A commercial spectrum analyzer wouldn’t be able to capture these signals.


Furthermore, an investigator has to be there with measuring equipment when the signal is being transmitted. The harassment might be turned off when the target has arranged for instruments to be present.


With obstacles like these, it’s not surprising that many TI’s don’t even try to capture measurements.


Are your measurements inaccurate or misleading?

Incorrect alignment of the measuring device, or proximity to large metal objects, can give misleading readings to unsophisticated investigators.5 Also, your detector may be deliberately set off.


What have you measured?

If you’ve recorded a signal that coincides with pain or distress, have you determined that a specific person is attempting to harm you?


Harm: ANSI has set standards for maximum acceptable levels of short-term microwave exposure; ionizing radiation has well-known lethal dosages; and at least one study shows a very strong correlation between long-term proximity to cell towers and certain kinds of ailments.6 If you can capture signals corresponding to the strength, duration, and radio-frequency of these harmful EM emissions, you know you’re being harmed by those emissions, and you’ll eventually be able to make a good case to the public and to a court.


If mind-invasive technology is being used, you need much more personalized evidence of harm. See my remarks in the next section.


Specific person: you have to trace the signal back to the source. You can do this with very inexpensive equipment – such as an RF detector – assuming the source isn’t adjusting his attacks in real time. Signal strength will increase with proximity to the source.


What have you gained by obtaining evidence that a specific person is attempting to harm you?

You’ve gained focus for a more thorough (and expensive) investigation by expert witnesses whose testimony will support your claim in court.


If you can prove harm, you’ll eventually have a criminal case. (Assault is illegal, whether it was performed with a microwave weapon or a baseball bat; there doesn’t have a law specifically prohibiting the use of a particular implement against you.)


Can you prove that mind control technology is being used against you, and how does that help you?

Implant detection


U.S. researchers recently demonstrated silk-based implants, with miniscule electrodes imprinted on a silk substrate that melts away, allowing for precise placement of the electrodes.7 This isn't necessarily happening to TI's, but it pays to think outside the box when considering implant architectures.

Many targets repeatedly get ‘hit’ in the same areas; some have discernible bulges under their skin suggesting the presence of foreign objects. It’s possible they have implants in those areas; it’s even possible that mind control technology requires the presence of implants.


Possible methods of detection include:


•Metal detectors or stud finders;

•An MRI reading;

•A CT scan, CAT scan, or X-ray reading.

However, just because the suspected implant or implants aren’t detected by commercial equipment, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I’ve previously suggested that targets might be carrying covert taggants which enable tracking and targeting8, or the implants themselves might be microscopic.


Detection of covert taggants or implants will have to be through more indirect means. I’ll get to that in a minute.


So you’ve found an implant. What have you proved?

Unfortunately, not much. You have a foreign object in your body; it is in your possession; you have the right to disable it or remove it.


You don’t know who put it there, or how it’s affecting your body or nervous system. (However, a link between certain kinds of implants and cancer has been previously demonstrated.6.)


How likely are you to capture signals?

If hypothesized mind control signals are directed at implants in your body, they might (as discussed above in the Measurements section) be undetectable on commercial spectrum analyzers. Furthermore, the target’s harassers are unlikely to cooperate.


In my opinion, the best shot involves going after targets who are getting some form of highly frequent harassment (typically 24/7 voice-to-skull or subliminals).


It’s possible that targets getting highly frequent harassment are getting it from programmable implants – a telling sign would be that the harassment doesn’t go away when the target is inside a shielded environment, but it gets “dumber”. Programmable implants might be getting signals from the outside world only occasionally.


Will capturing signals help you?

For the sake of argument, let’s say the signals can be captured, and you manage to capture them. What’ve you got?


You’ve got a recording of an unusual signal that means nothing to the layman, or even to most civilian scientists and engineers. You have to demonstrate that this signal has an effect on you – and ideally, on others.



Having captured a mind control signal, if you can replay it and reproduce its effects on your nervous system or mind under controlled conditions, you now know that mind control technology is being used against you, and what its nature is. 

You’re ready for a more focused – and expensive – investigation.


On the utility of witnesses

In the event that you find evidence linking attacks on you to a specific location, you’re almost ready to take legal action. However, you shouldn’t expect your adversary to lie down and accept a beating from the legal system; he might challenge you in court, and even counter-sue. You need credible expert witnesses who can verify or testify that attacks against you are coming from the location in question, and that they are harming you or causing you distress.


In the event you manage to capture signals to implants in your body (or mind control signals), expert witnesses will be an essential element of your proof that clandestine technology has been used against you. You would need to reproduce the signals’ effect on you in a shielded environment, in a double-blind study9, with reliable expert witnesses who understand the experiment and what’s being claimed.


The obstacles to proving the use of electronic harassment against a target are enormous, and even understated in this article. Much of what I’ve written above will not apply if the target’s harassers do not cooperate – or worse, act to mislead the target.

From our perspective, exposing targeting operations en masse is more economical and more likely than being able to prove they’re happening to a particular person. Skeptical third parties might be able to work wonders by bringing detection equipment with them on surprise visits to targeted individuals, but for them, talk is much cheaper.

It’s been three years of overt electronic harassment for me, and much longer for others, but we’re still at an impasse.


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Thanks Cynthia for explaining it so good. I couldn´t agree on you more. I too hear those things, when taking a shower or from computer and so on. It´s somhow done through the electronical waves as you said. I´m not saying that someone hearing these voices are crazy-I do to. I only said that electrical equipment can be damage due to remote monitoring and radiation. And only trying to explain how we are attacked. About the recording though I don´t understand how that is possible, these voices and noises are heard due to remote monitoring against our heads, and someone that´s not a TI wouldn´t hear them or perceive the sound as voices. How can you then record them? Pls explain//Annie
the different weapons have various distance ranges they can carry and the microwave must be used within a fairly close range so the odds are that you can get an emf reader and maybe even trace it to the house.

also if you are seeing things like aliens, demons, etc many times you can trace the incoming beam used to project the holographic images to a smoke alarm as that is an inconspicuous place that often has a 9 volt battery not used by other appliances and the holographic scenarios are often done and observed by many different individuals in separate locations so it is an easy way for them to find a common connecting point thus creating a party line affect for those viewing or participating in this activity.
Cynthia - The brain transmitter can translate electromagnetic wave into brain signals. This is how you are able to hear the voices from people that are not around you.

You cannot record the sound + voices generated by the brain transmitter since the brain signals are not audible for your ears or recorders. I wouldn't even class that as sound as it directly talks to your brain stem.

I'm concerned now for all of us. The more we blame and see things that are not there, the less focus we are. Please don't take this as offence.
yes you can record and hear them
in fact up to 288 wave levels
you can record and hear
voice to skull = v2k
squad = ssss
syntel = scalar such as jeriositors, velositors named because of the velosity and spin of the energy particles

each brain wave is genetically unique like a finger print and they do it by a method called - entraining the brain waves'
a beating tone is sent through at a level not heard by the ear itself because it does not cause vibrations of the ear bones which is actually how humans hear. its like a dog whistle or subliminal tape and the brain still receives the message just in a way unfamiliar to us. they are using this same method to communicate with victims of als and those who have gone deaf.

the technology is ancient and all of these methods can be recorded with a very inexpensive digital recorder and then remove the hissing static noise and increase the sound. you will hear the conversations. they use the audio looping method that nasa uses.
i have this information in my forums here on peacepink or you can read them and numerous recorded conversations on my blog site
I really must say that this is true words and of importance to understand, if we are at all going to take this further and try finding a way out of this, or at least justice and not blame someone not involved. This is exactly what they want. Mislead us, going in the wrong direction. And of course, this is done in purpose of not finding the real truth about whats going on.
Cynthia -

"Each brainwave is genetically unique..."
Are you saying that if we operate at a certain frequency, only a particular person can hear it because of its unique genetic makeup?

I don't want to argue with you on this one =).

All I can say, is that the answer is already available here in peace pink.
each brain wave is unique and has a genetic print like a finger print that is how nephilim track people through the universe and how the nsa tracks individuals here on earth too

what is amazing to me is that those who study earth physics are still in the dark about everything being on a hexadecimal system

12 layers to a universe
12 universe to a sector
12 sector to a galaxy
12 galaxy to a federation
12 federation to an authority

through the use of the scalar it is like everyone suddenly has no memory or common sense. much like my conversation with seti, the program where you can download something onto your desktop and listen for communications from space. they have always claimed to be listening for proof of life and now everyone is waiting for first contact. in the 1940's ship landed in the white house lawn and were photographed by the press and published.
when i called seti and asked to speak with someone regarding the signals they were transmitting as mit handlers hacked into the communications there and was using that power to access people/targeted individuals i was told they did not transmit or receive any signals but they had over 90 scientist available and if i knew which one i wanted to speak with they would transfer my call. a few years ago large amounts of mioney was oput into the financially crippled SETI programs. we are not all ate up with the dumb ass syndrome like they would have everyone believe.

i did an online google search for targeted individuals suffering from this technology recently and there were more than 8 million sites! This definitely says something to me. Back in march of this year i had Karl sims ask me if i thought i was schizophrenic and i laughed my ass off. i told him i could only be considered schizophrenic if he could be considered an aberration of some sort lol and that if he'd shut the hell up i wouldn't have to hear him.

Hoover with the FBI remained in control of everyone in political positions because he had evidence he could use as black mail against everyone in his files. He had nothing on MIT media lab except perhaps a longer life span as they all seem to be vanishing off the face of the earth. Perhaps GOD is rapturing faulty merchandise individuals and calling them into the light.

FYI - it is not good to be ensouled and go into the light
the blue orb of light explodes outward and is absorbed into the abyss in an effort to maintain osmosis and the 'id' collapses inward and is destroyed
actually the nsa is one of the few organizations that actually have an electronic harassment task force

i have personally been in their files since the day i was born in 1957 under
cynthia ann dupuy
11 23 1957
new orleans la
441 62 8632
anyone with access to the classified files can find it under fairy princess project

if you research online you will see that this technology goes back way past WW2 and actually was given to the nazi's by a pleadian element
it is audible on a digital recording like the ghost hunters use to record evps. we hear by the waves causing the bones in our ears to vibrate. this vibration only occurs withing a certain noise range but it can be recorded and played back on a level we can hear.
Kevin - Please stop using caps.

Cynthia - NSA, CIA, and other secret organization do not have anything to do with this brain transmitter or any harassment. CIA's job and interest is to protect the country from terrorism and woudln't want to spend their resource on other things that are not helping. NSA is an organisation that specialise in code breaking and encryption, eaves dropping. Thats what they do for a living. They don't watch what people do everyday. There are too many people to watch everyday in each of the states, country, world, etc.

NASA and their project is interested mainly in space programs, and not on you or other individuals on earth. If it hasn't sunk in yet that this may be a different organisation that hasn't been made public then you may never solve this yourself. It doesn't fit any of the organization out there.

Are you a terrorist? I highly doubt it. Then CIA or NSA wouldn't find you of an interest.

You seem intelligent and curious enough to be involved in SETI and aware of nephilim. Its time you used your judgement and don't believe everything you come across about brain transmitter and who is responsible behind this.

I have come to understand that most of you can't figure out and tend to blame everything that seems plausible.

If the waves can vibrate your ear bones and target you individually while you walk, run, or travel by public transport, can't you see that its a different technology altogether? Your idea sounds possible but there are more simple answer to all this. Even with a satellite, its extremely difficult to target people individually on the move, and even find a specific person and keep track of him/her everyday. Once inside a building I suppose you going to say they can use infra red imaging. Yes, thats even more difficult to distinguish people.

Know that they are watching you and everyone of us everyday. See how many people there are in this world? Its hard to sink in but you may find it that this procedure is not practical to keep watch on the population.

You brain cannot communicate with machines from a distance, not without a brain transmitter. They can tap your memory, see what you see, hear what you hear, and can even feel your emotions. This isn't magic where you suddenly can retrieve this from another person.

If you haven't figured out that there is brain transmitter in your pons section by now, you may never figure this out.
CIA and NSA protect people and I have been in the DOD NSA computers since the day i was born so I know what they do.

Nasa is a space program in the USA and I have a cousin who is an astronaut and a friends father in charge of the space shuttle transportation. however NASA is not the only space program.
it might be notable that NASA is the program where the NAZI scientist were put when they were relocated to the United States.

I have never personally said that NSA ever terrorized me I was targeted by MIT Media Lab, Patti Maes and Karl Sims who signed onto my laptop via along with other individuals at Universities close to where i was living. They also paid my neighbor Mark Lovenburg through the ambient technology account, in fact they paid his mortgage directly through the ma. mit acccount even though i lived in oregon at the time.

i have over 7000 hours of recorded conversation and am helping with a federal electronic harassment investigation going on. they had investigated INTEL and IBM but never come across anything like the racket MIT had going. they actually were selling women on the black market along with cunige through a man named David Pedros Saez who is running GNU free software. he writes internet protocol called white papers and transfers child pornography hidden in them via a free program called aladin that conceals videos and pictures. I had been listed for sale by name in a paper called the ex patriot in dubai.

i have addressed senate and the house of reps on domestic violence issues and there is a black market for women. so much so that it was just a couple years ago that california actually increased the fines for selling human beings which had only been 5000.00.

why would it be necessary for MIT to do such a thing...well always follow the money trail and it will get you to the culprit every time. no one would give funding for the type of experimentation that the media lab did on individuals. it is immoral and unethical and they left a very long trail of cadavers. fortunately that is now the status of most who were with the media lab in feb of this year. mnit will also be closing its doors soon and are barely getting by now with the few remaining teachers trying to cover the classes of missing staff.

it will be great when this is all over.

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