Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

FOR VICTIMS OF DIRECTED ENERGY AND NEUROLOGICAL WEAPONS, AND COINTELPRO operations TORTURE AND ABUSE ALL OVER THE WORLD (ALSO KNOWN AS MIND CONTROL WEAPONS, PSYCHOTRONICS, MCW, DEW, MW, EMFW, RFW). (People who claim that they are victims of Organized Stalking or GANG STALKING are also suffering from above-mentioned torture.)
Produced by Soleilmavis(English and Chinese) , And Translated by Mr.Zhou (German), Mokureni (Japanese), Ms. Monika Stoces (Dutch), Mr. Rudy Andria (French, Spanish), Jc christian (Danish)
1)Hot and Cold Flashes
3)severe sweating
4)Induced Sleep
5)Sleep deprivation
6)Extreme Fatigue
7)Blurred Vision
8)Sensations of pain in internal organs
9)Sensations of pain in Backbone, arms, legs, muscles
10)Numbness and tingling, Paresthesias, Loss of sensation
11)Muscle Cramps /Spasms/tension
12)Sudden Headaches
13)Irregular Heartbeat
14)False Heart Attacks
15)Tooth Pain
17)Acute inflammation/autoimmunity reactions
18)autoimmune disorders like Fibromyalgia
19)Urinary tract infections
20)Skin problems and skin irritations
21)Change in growing of hair and nails
22)female problems which eventually lead to hysterectomy
25)Flulike Symptoms /Sneezing
26)Dizziness or Loss of Balance
27)Sudden loss of consciousness
28)Benign or Malignant Tumors
29)Sensation of Electric Current Running through the Body
30)Induced Thoughts/telepathic communication, messages
31)Hearing "voices" (reception of auditory acoustic weapon transmissions or similar)
32)Seeing "Holograms"
33)Dream Manipulation
34)Artificial Emotions (induced fear,anger,shame,joy,hate,sadness)
35)Sudden unexpected" Sexual Arousal
36)Genital manipulation
37)Induced Smells
38)Sudden extreme moodswings (depression - euphoria)
39)Induced pleasure-aversion reactions towards people or objects
40)Making you say things (forced speech)
41)General behaviour control in some situations
42)Manipulation of Memory (forgetting/remembering/screen memories)
43)Remote steering of eye movements
44)Remote steering of body movements /motor control
45)Virtual reality experiences while awake

Note from Soleilmavis:
“Voices” which victims heard:

1)A lot of victims heard that “voices” came from nearby, or from neighbors’ houses. Victims must understand that they did hear the "voices." But the “voices” which victim “heard”, are not the scopes of human hearing the sonic frequency range20-20000HZ. They emitted electromagnetic waves (or other microwave) to stimulate the auditory brain neurons, our brain “feel” their signals, our brain “hear” their “voices”.

2) Many of the victims claimed that they had "hallucinations voices"; sometimes the person next to them did not speak, but victims heard the speaker. Victims have no hallucinations voices. They did hear the "voice." But the “voices” did not come from the next person. The “voices” were from the terrorist, they emitted electromagnetic signals. Victims’ brain neurons were stimulated by the electromagnetic signals, and the "brains" "hear" the "voices."

3) Many of the victims claim that they even have heard the voices sounded like their friends and relatives. The “voices” that our brain heard were “signals” which our brain “heard”. Voice synthesis technology has been developed to the stage that anyone’s voice can be imitated; Use Microwave can easily transmit synthesized voice into human brain. The "voices" can imitate anyone. These “voices” can sound like they come from upstairs neighbor or neighbors; or come from the house where specific.

Some doubts of some victims

(1) Doubt 1: how can Terrorist send sound and image into the victim's brain? Microwave technology has been able to do that. In 2002, the Air Force Research Laboratory patented precisely such a technology: using microwaves to send words into someone's head.V2K (voice to skull):

(2) Doubt 2: Victims can hear the voice of a friend or a neighbor from the terrorist’s voices. Voice synthesis technology has been developed to the stage that anyone’s voice can be imitated; Use Microwave can easily transmit synthesized voice into human brain.

(3) Doubt 3: Sleeping victims will be forced to "do a lot of dreams." The development of film has let us see the superb image synthesis technology. Use Microwave can easily transmit synthesized image into human brain.

(4) Doubt 4: How can terrorist lock a certain target with their microwave weapons? Some technologies, such as dolphins echo technique can easily do that.

(5) Doubt 5: Many of the victims often referred some colleagues or friends or other people who uttered a bit of small conflicts when they described their stories. Then they thought those who had contradictions with them would use such advanced technologies to torture and abuse them. Or they often mentioned a little bit wrong things they did. Then they thought a certain government department would use such advanced technologies to torture and abuse them because a little minor faults.

If they though those who uttered little contradictory with them had involved the torturers, it was because these terrorists deliberately creating the false impression. These terrorists violence are just some fascist thugs who owned advanced technologies. Their purposes are just not let the victims know who they are.

(6) Doubt 6: Why can terrorist attack victims no matter where victims are---in the airplane, underground, under water…..?

Electromagnetic have wide application in many fields. Such as: electromagnetic geological exploration, satellites geological exploration and others. As the extensive use of the electromagnetic wave in these areas, we at least know the electromagnetic technologies in the military are far advanced in the field of civilian aspects. Even able to detect the brain wave. When they launched an electromagnetic frequency consistent with the brain wave frequency, both frequencies build resonance; it will affect people's behavior.


List of mind control symptoms,

whether the related technology is scientifically proven and if there is military interest or funding of the related technology

by Cheryl Welsh, March, 2003

Thank you to those who sent me much of this information: Tessa Puglia, Harlan Girard, Margo Cherney, and John Ginter.


  • Microwave hearing
  • Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious
  • Visual disturbances, visual hallucinations
  • Inject words, numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves
  • Manipulation of emotions
  • Reading thoughts remotely
  • Causing pain to any nerve of the body.
  • Remote manipulation of human behavior from space
  • Harassment, stress symptoms such as helicopters flying overhead
  • Seeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what you see exactly
  • Control of sleep patterns.
  • Computer-brain interface, control and communication
  • Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implanting personalities

More information, please go to

More information about Mind Control technologies


You can discuss shielding information from the following links:  

How to scan and remove implants?

How to get evidences of mind control abuses and tortures

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symptômes résultant de cette technologie avez-vous connus ?
Bouffées de chaleur et bouffées d'air froid.
Transpiration excessive.
Sommeil induit ou artificiel.
Privation de sommeil.
Fatigue Extrême.
Vision Floue.
Sensations de douleur dans les organes internes.
Sensations de douleur dans la Colonne vertébrale, les bras, les jambes, les muscles.
Engourdissement et picotement, Paresthesias, Perte de sensation.
Crampes musculaires/Spasmes/tension .
Brusques maux de tête.
Battements de coeur irréguliers.
Fausses crises cardiaques.
Maux de dent.
Réactions d'inflammation/autoimmunité aiguës.
Désordres autoimmunisés comme la fibromyalgie.
Infections urinaires.
Problèmes de peau et irritations de peau.
Changement dans la croissance des cheveux et des ongles.
Problèmes féminins pouvant aboutir à l'hystérectomie .
Symptômes de la grippe / Éternuement.
Vertige ou perte de l'équilibre.
Perte de connaissance soudaine.
Tumeurs bénignes ou Malignes .
Sensation de courant électrique parcourant le corps .
Pensées Induites / communication télépathique, messages.
Audition de voix ( réception de transmissions d'armes acoustiques auditives ou similaires).
Vision d'hologrammes.
Manipulation des rêves.
Émotions Artificielles (la peur induite, colère, honte, joie, haine, tristesse)
Excitation sexuelle inattendue ou soudaine.
Manipulation des organes génitaux.
Odeurs induites.
Sautes d'humeur extrêmes (dépression - euphorie) .
Réactions aversion-plaisir induites envers les gens ou les objets.
Vous obliger à dire des choses (discours forcé).
Contrôle général du comportement dans certaines situations.
Manipulation de la mémoire: (oubli/souvenir/filtrage des souvenirs).
Contrôle à distance des mouvements des yeux.
Contrôle à distance des mouvements du corps / contrôle moteur.
Expérience de réalité virtuelle en état de veille.
síntomas que resultaban de esta tecnología conoció?/b>br />
1)Tufaradas de calor y bocanadas de aire frío.
3)Sudor excesivo.
4)Sueño inducido o artificial.
5)Privación de sueño.
6)Cansancio extremo.
7)Visión borrosa.
8)Sensaciones de dolor en los órganos internos.
9)Sensaciones de dolor en la columna vertebral, los brazos, las piernas, los músculos.
10)Entumecimientos y picazones, Paresthesias, Pérdida de sensación.
11)Calambres musculares / espasmos / tensiones.
12)Bruscos dolores de cabeza.
13)Golpeos irregulares de corazón.
14)Falsos ataques cardíacos falsos.
15)Dolores de dientes.
17)Reacciones agudas de inflamación / autoimunidad.
18)Desórdenes autoinmunizados como la fibromialgia.
19)Infecciones urinarias.
20)Problemas de piel e irritaciones de piel.
21)Cambio en el crecimiento de los cabellos y de las uñas.
22)Problemas femeninos que pueden acabar en la histerectomia.
25)Síntomas de la gripe / Estornudos.
26)Vértigo o pérdida del equilibrio.
27)Pérdida súbita del conocimiento .
28)Tumores benignos o malignos.
29)Sensación de corriente eléctrica que recorre el cuerpo.
30)Pensamientos Inducidos / comunicación telépatica, mensajes.
31)Audición de voz (recepción de transmisiones de armas acústicas auditivas o similares).
32)Visión de hologramas.
33)Manipulación de los sueños.
34)Emociones Artificiales (el miedo inducido, la cólera, la vergüenza, la alegría, el odio, la tristeza)
35)Excitación sexual inesperada o súbita.
36)Manipulación de los órganos sexuales.
37)Olores inducidos.
38)Cambios bruscos de humor extremos (depresión - euforia).
39)Reacciones aversiones-placeres inducidas hacia la gente o los objetos.
40)Obligarse a decir cosas (discurso forzado).
41)Control general del comportamiento en ciertas situaciones.
42)Manipulación de la memoria: (olvido / memoria / filtración de las memorias).
43)Control a distancia de los movimientos de los ojos.
44)Control a distancia de los movimientos del cuerpo / control motor.
45)Experiencia de realidad virtual en estado de vigilia.
[ Swedish]
1 Varm Kall omvartannat
2 Illamående
3 Kraftiga svettningar
4 Inducerad sömn
5 Sömnbrist
6 Extrem trötthet
7 Suddigt syn
8 Smärtor i de inre organen
9 Smätor i ryggrad, ben, armar & muskler
10 Domningar & stickningar, förlamning, känselbortfall
11 Kramper,spasmer & spända muskler
12 Plötslig huvudvärk
13 Oregelbunden hjärtverksamhet
14 Falsk hjärtattack
15 Tandvärk
16 Diarré
17 Akuta inflammationer, autoimmuna reaktioner
18 Autoimmuna sjukdomar såsom Fibromyalgi
19 Urinvägsinfektion
20 Hudproblem, irriterad hud
21 Förändring av hår & nageltillväxt
22 Underlivsproblem
23 Cancer
24 Feber
25 Influensa liknande symptom, nysningar
26 Yrsel, balansproblem
27 Plötslig medvetslöshet
28 Goda el. elakartade tumörer
29 Elektriska strömningar genom kroppen
30 Inducerade tankar, artificiell telepati
31 "Höra röster i huvudet" (perception av inducerade artificiella ljud från elektroniska vapen)
32 Se Hologram
33 Manipulerade drömmar, inducerade artificiella drömmar
34 Artificiella känslor, inducerad rädsla, ilska, skam, lycka, hat, ledsamhet
35 Plötslig inducerad artificiell sexuell upphetsning
36 Manipulation av underlivet
37 Inducerad artificiell lukt
38 Häftiga humörsvängnigar (depression-eurofori)
39 Inducerat artificiellt välmående-avsmak för person el. sak
40 Inducerat tvingande tal
41 Kontrollerat beteende i speciella situationer
42 Manipulation av minnet (glömska/articificiella minnen "skärmminne")
43 Styrning av ögonrörelser
44 Styrning av kroppsrörelser, motoriska rörelser
45 Virtuell uppfattning av verkligheten vid vaket tillstånd

TEmmanuel N. Oghakpor, Ph.D
January 30, 2011

The effects of electromagnetic waves on humans

Most electronic components have input; communication channels and output. Typically, the input consist of circuits that coverts audio and graphic into electronic signal. The signal travels through communication medium and unto the output for the same process but in the reverse order. In other words, the circuits in the output are designed to convert electronic signal into its original form, i.e. audio and graphics. The description represents a summary of the process in most electronic communication.

While within electronic circuits, the signals are usually in two forms, namely, voltage and current. However, while in free space such as wireless communication, the signal travels in the form of electromagnetic waves. Because the atmosphere of Earth attenuates current rapidly in free space, the signal must first be converted into an electromagnetic wave in order to propagate through free space. The term electromagnetic is derived from two words-electric and magnetic.

Many people are familiar with the basic process of electronic communication; however, very few studies have examined the effects of the signal on users. We understood that the signal travels in the form of electromagnetic wave or radio wave. It travels at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second or 300,000 kilometres per second), and not visible to the naked eyes. Given the technological advances in both developing and developed countries, it is perhaps accurate to assert that most humans will continue to have contacts with electromagnetic waves, and yet little is known about the physical color, intensity or concentration, direction of propagation, shape, and most importantly, its effects on humans.

When using electronic devices, and regardless of size or function of the device, it is important to know that every electronic device emits electromagnetic waves into the air when in operating position. Some people often refer to the wave as “electromagnetic radiation” Rather than the total amount of the emitted waves, some portion of the emitted waves does return to the circuits. Typically, an electronic device has one or more circuits in it. Electronic devices include telephones, computers, televisions, fax machines, electronic watches radio transmitters and receivers, etc.

It is fair to assert that users of electronic tools deserve to know the basic information including the consequences of extensive exposure to the wave, how to minimize the bad effects if any, shield mechanism against the wave if and when necessary, bad practices, and source of information on electromagnetic wave. The answers to the following questions may shed light into the phenomenon.
(1), Is there some reason why the information are not readily available to consumers?
(2). Will availability of the information hurt or benefit consumers?
(3) Is it ok to assume that exposure to electromagnetic wave is safe?
(4) Is it ok to question human exposure to electromagnetic wave?

According to Newton’s third law of emotion, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It follows the logic that when different objects interact with one another, the actions of the combined objects would produce equal and opposite reactions. Irrespective of the unknown consequences of human exposure to electromagnetic wave, the use of electronic devices provides overwhelming benefits especially in the areas of communication, data storage and retrieval, networks, information gathering, and research just to name a few.

Nonetheless, if you are interested in researching electromagnetic wave in free space, contact Dr. Emmanuel N. Oghakpor via emmanuel@ogtsite.comhis guy is doing research.

David Lynch has proven 'a cure' for many of the symptoms TI individuals suffer. I hope the following information may prove helpful for anyone who is suffering from known or unknown causes. In light. In love. In peace.

German Doctors unite on RF health effects.
Please contact “ Doctors Without Borders” to ask if they can work out or have already similar “ evidence” for the victims in the world. Shortly after I posted its wall, I was blocked.

The computer uses the meridian points (acupuncture points) to shock. Most TIs are mistaken into believing multiple lasers are being used. The main laser enters at the bottom of the back of skull and directs most activity. Google acupuncture points and compare to  most of your shocks. Also you tube Nick Begich's interviews on the subject. 



Table 1 diagrams some of the aspects of the study of human effects as applied to NLT.

Individual Behaviour, Motivation

Behaviour may be modified to avoid/reduce unpleasantness, pain, or the threat thereof.

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