Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

We should urge government start investigating the abuse and torture of remote electromagnetic mind control technologies from cases which have strong evidences. If government start investigating few cases which have strong evidences, all victims will see the hope that their cases would be investigated soon.


My case have strong fact and evidence, we encourage all victims to collect strong facts and evidences. If you have strong facts and evidences, please leave an comments to this discussion.


The Fact and evidence of abuses and tortures of mind control technologies:

I was controlled by remote Voice to Skull technologies and Mind Control technologies, and I was brought inside US Embassy in Hong Kong

( )


Psychiatrists are crystal clear about what are organized stalking and non lethal weapons all about. Please see this report from Masters, Clinical Psychology.


What constitutes evidence of electronic harassment?

Posted by Jeremy on 6th January 2011


In this article:

•An invisible crime, committed at the speed of light

•How helpful are statements from the alleged developers or possessors of electronic harassment technology?

•When measurements are helpful, and when they’re not

•Can you prove that mind-invasive technology is being used against you, and how does that help you?

•On the utility of witnesses



To help targeted individuals complaining about electronic harassment with gathering evidence of what’s happening to them, and to demonstrate to skeptics what a difficult hurdle TI’s face, I’d like to go over what TI’s need to do to make their case in the court of public opinion, or the court of law.

An invisible crime, committed at the speed of light

When a person is shot with a gun, there are mountains of evidence left behind:


•the bullet, enabling investigators to narrow down the search for the weapon considerably;

•the entry/exit wounds;

•evidence placing the victim at a specific location when he was shot – blood droplets, footprints, and clothing fibers;

•ballistic evidence, allowing the bullet to be traced back to its source with some reliability;

•evidence left on the bullet itself – barrel markings, DNA of the suspect, and the suspect’s fingerprints (even if they’ve been wiped off1);

•a loud noise, alerting bystanders that a crime has been committed, in real time;

•and more, depending on the circumstances.

However, let’s suppose a person is attacked electromagnetically. What evidence is left behind?


•The target’s uncorroborated account of the sensations he felt.

The attack itself is completely silent and invisible. The attacker could be miles away.2 The equipment used is unknown, and effectively untraceable. There might be no visible or identifiable marks on the victim, as emerging nonlethal weapon (NLW) technologies are intended to inflict intolerable pain on a target, rather than damage him.3


How helpful are statements from the alleged developers or possessors of electronic harassment technology?


Do patents prove anything?

A patent only proves that someone is interested in developing the capabilities described in the patent. Without a working model, it doesn’t prove that the device described actually does what is claimed.


In fact, we would expect exactly the opposite; that any U.S. patents pertaining to clandestine technologies targets are complaining about would be dead ends. If they actually described working devices, they would be suppressed under the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, because of national security concerns.4


Does a stated intent to develop capabilities prove anything?

Military agencies regard deception as a tool of warfare, and may arrange the publication of disinformation about future capabilities. It’s best not to read too much into statements regarding hypothesized technological developments. Occasionally, agencies like DARPA or MITRE corporation will publish requests for proposals or speculative strategies for the uses of futuristic technology. These statements may be useful for investigators who are trying to divine the shape of things to come, but aren’t useful for proving capabilities exist.


Does a statement or demonstration of capabilities prove anything?

Statements from established, credible sources about their capabilities are generally considered strong evidence. If those sources are caught lying, their credibility is undermined.


So a statement of capabilities is very useful in terms of making your case to the general public that a particular device exists and is or will soon be used. A demonstration is proof that it exists and is being used. However:


•A demonstration or credible statement of capabilities doesn’t prove that the device in question is being used against you;

•over-using references to these public statements or demonstrations may be portrayed as evidence of “obsession” on the part of a “deluded” writer.

When making your case, image is everything.


When measurements are helpful, and when they’re not

Can you measure it?

Measuring equipment that you can afford will, realistically, measure emissions in limited frequency ranges: 1 Hz to 21 Ghz is the maximum range of ‘affordable’ spectrum analyzer equipment as of 2010; RF detectors are much cheaper, but have a more limited range. This is troublesome, because at least one directed-energy weapon on the market (the Active Denial System) operates at a much higher frequency range.


For a measuring device to capture an RF signal, not only does the signal have to be in the frequency range that the device will pick up; the signal also has to be long enough in duration for the device to pick up. A military-grade implant might be picking up frequency-hopping signals of very short duration – microseconds or even nanoseconds between hops. A commercial spectrum analyzer wouldn’t be able to capture these signals.


Furthermore, an investigator has to be there with measuring equipment when the signal is being transmitted. The harassment might be turned off when the target has arranged for instruments to be present.


With obstacles like these, it’s not surprising that many TI’s don’t even try to capture measurements.


Are your measurements inaccurate or misleading?

Incorrect alignment of the measuring device, or proximity to large metal objects, can give misleading readings to unsophisticated investigators.5 Also, your detector may be deliberately set off.


What have you measured?

If you’ve recorded a signal that coincides with pain or distress, have you determined that a specific person is attempting to harm you?


Harm: ANSI has set standards for maximum acceptable levels of short-term microwave exposure; ionizing radiation has well-known lethal dosages; and at least one study shows a very strong correlation between long-term proximity to cell towers and certain kinds of ailments.6 If you can capture signals corresponding to the strength, duration, and radio-frequency of these harmful EM emissions, you know you’re being harmed by those emissions, and you’ll eventually be able to make a good case to the public and to a court.


If mind-invasive technology is being used, you need much more personalized evidence of harm. See my remarks in the next section.


Specific person: you have to trace the signal back to the source. You can do this with very inexpensive equipment – such as an RF detector – assuming the source isn’t adjusting his attacks in real time. Signal strength will increase with proximity to the source.


What have you gained by obtaining evidence that a specific person is attempting to harm you?

You’ve gained focus for a more thorough (and expensive) investigation by expert witnesses whose testimony will support your claim in court.


If you can prove harm, you’ll eventually have a criminal case. (Assault is illegal, whether it was performed with a microwave weapon or a baseball bat; there doesn’t have a law specifically prohibiting the use of a particular implement against you.)


Can you prove that mind control technology is being used against you, and how does that help you?

Implant detection


U.S. researchers recently demonstrated silk-based implants, with miniscule electrodes imprinted on a silk substrate that melts away, allowing for precise placement of the electrodes.7 This isn't necessarily happening to TI's, but it pays to think outside the box when considering implant architectures.

Many targets repeatedly get ‘hit’ in the same areas; some have discernible bulges under their skin suggesting the presence of foreign objects. It’s possible they have implants in those areas; it’s even possible that mind control technology requires the presence of implants.


Possible methods of detection include:


•Metal detectors or stud finders;

•An MRI reading;

•A CT scan, CAT scan, or X-ray reading.

However, just because the suspected implant or implants aren’t detected by commercial equipment, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I’ve previously suggested that targets might be carrying covert taggants which enable tracking and targeting8, or the implants themselves might be microscopic.


Detection of covert taggants or implants will have to be through more indirect means. I’ll get to that in a minute.


So you’ve found an implant. What have you proved?

Unfortunately, not much. You have a foreign object in your body; it is in your possession; you have the right to disable it or remove it.


You don’t know who put it there, or how it’s affecting your body or nervous system. (However, a link between certain kinds of implants and cancer has been previously demonstrated.6.)


How likely are you to capture signals?

If hypothesized mind control signals are directed at implants in your body, they might (as discussed above in the Measurements section) be undetectable on commercial spectrum analyzers. Furthermore, the target’s harassers are unlikely to cooperate.


In my opinion, the best shot involves going after targets who are getting some form of highly frequent harassment (typically 24/7 voice-to-skull or subliminals).


It’s possible that targets getting highly frequent harassment are getting it from programmable implants – a telling sign would be that the harassment doesn’t go away when the target is inside a shielded environment, but it gets “dumber”. Programmable implants might be getting signals from the outside world only occasionally.


Will capturing signals help you?

For the sake of argument, let’s say the signals can be captured, and you manage to capture them. What’ve you got?


You’ve got a recording of an unusual signal that means nothing to the layman, or even to most civilian scientists and engineers. You have to demonstrate that this signal has an effect on you – and ideally, on others.



Having captured a mind control signal, if you can replay it and reproduce its effects on your nervous system or mind under controlled conditions, you now know that mind control technology is being used against you, and what its nature is. 

You’re ready for a more focused – and expensive – investigation.


On the utility of witnesses

In the event that you find evidence linking attacks on you to a specific location, you’re almost ready to take legal action. However, you shouldn’t expect your adversary to lie down and accept a beating from the legal system; he might challenge you in court, and even counter-sue. You need credible expert witnesses who can verify or testify that attacks against you are coming from the location in question, and that they are harming you or causing you distress.


In the event you manage to capture signals to implants in your body (or mind control signals), expert witnesses will be an essential element of your proof that clandestine technology has been used against you. You would need to reproduce the signals’ effect on you in a shielded environment, in a double-blind study9, with reliable expert witnesses who understand the experiment and what’s being claimed.


The obstacles to proving the use of electronic harassment against a target are enormous, and even understated in this article. Much of what I’ve written above will not apply if the target’s harassers do not cooperate – or worse, act to mislead the target.

From our perspective, exposing targeting operations en masse is more economical and more likely than being able to prove they’re happening to a particular person. Skeptical third parties might be able to work wonders by bringing detection equipment with them on surprise visits to targeted individuals, but for them, talk is much cheaper.

It’s been three years of overt electronic harassment for me, and much longer for others, but we’re still at an impasse.


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what i have to say is:


what have people strategized about if the response is denial, pretending not to know?

after all: this was created by people with political agendas, it was created to assist in the keeping of secrets.

so just showing up with evidence?  and then they say 'we don't care, your evidence is not enough,' and do the political equivalent of slamming doors in the face...THEN what?


it can't just be give up and admit defeat...there's got to be more.

my thoughts have led me to the International Court of Justice, and also to the FACTS

that at least two famous world leaders have lost their jobs famously in recent years because of Power Abuse:

Alberto Fujimori from Brazil and famous Slobodan Milosevic




from wikipedia


Slobodan Milošević (sometimes transliterated as Miloshevich; Serbian pronunciation: [sloˈbodan miˈloʃevitɕ] ( listen); Serbian Cyrillic: Слободан Милошевић; 20 August 1941 – 11 March 2006) was President of Serbia and of Yugoslavia. He served as the President of Socialist Republic of Serbia and Republic of Serbia from 1989 until 1997 in three terms and as President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1997 to 2000. He also led the Socialist Party of Serbia from its foundation in 1990. In the midst of NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, Milošević was charged with crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), but the trial ended after Milošević died in his cell.

Milošević resigned the Yugoslav presidency amid demonstrations, following the disputed presidential election of 24 September 2000. He was arrested by Yugoslav federal authorities on Saturday, 31 March 2001, on suspicion of corruption, abuse of power, and embezzlement.[2][3] The initial investigation into Milošević faltered for lack of evidence, prompting the Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić to send him to The Hague to stand trial for charges of war crimes instead.[4]

Milošević conducted his own defense in the five-year long trial, which ended without a verdict when Milošević died on 11 March 2006 in the War Criminal Prison in The Hague.[5] Milošević, who suffered from heart ailments and high blood pressure, died of a heart attack.[6][7][7][8] The Tribunal denies any responsibility for Milošević's death. They claim that he refused to take prescribed medicines and medicated himself instead.[9]

In 2010, the Life magazine ranked Milosevic 19th in its list "The World's Worst Dictators".[10]

MIT instructor Greta Petrova teaching handlers how to use the energy weapons


 on you tube i was viewing a video journal from a week ago that was posted by a targeted individual and  i could hear the voices in a
background of static noise so i downloaded it annd converted it to an mp3 so it
could be listened to in adobe sooundbooth. what i heard was a training session
of future handlers by MIT being conducted by Greta Petrova



This is just a looping system that covers up what we are saying and blocks it from being perceived by the conscious mind

How does that work

you don’t need to worry about the physiology of the brain all you need to do is know how to properly send the messages to your target without them actually
understanding what you are saying

after this procedure is mastered we will show you how to actually create Manchurian candidates then you just leave them in what we call a sleeper state until we
want them to act out against someone in their area

this is just a basic beginners lesson it will all come together as you get further involved in the project

we are only tesching this to foreign student we do not offer these special courses to the American MIT students

we have actually manipulated the government to the point that they actually provide foreign financial aid and pay us to learn how to control them

I know isn’t it amazing

What happens if they find out we are doing this

Isn’t this why sims and maes disappeared

They were on a case that they didn’t have the qualifications to do that is why we are making sure everyone has perfected the basics before they actually do anything
with the political sector

Now back to the target and what we are working on

This is not really all that hard once you get the hang of timing your speech with the loops

They don’t have any idea what you are actually saying all they can hear is some kind of a buzz

We are going to wake this man up and make him move his arms and legs in specific directions

It is called making him dance or dancing the target

This technology has been around along time since before ww1 but sims perfected it and found a way to make it easier by synchronizing the loops and voice automatically
using the computer

They use to have to do this by hand

You must remember we are not intending to kill this target we are using him to teach the basics on so do not direct any energy beams at the actual heart

What happens if we accidentally kill someone

Then we are in the police heads and they will get rid of the body if it is something that doesn’t appear like a heart attack

This is so exciting to finally be able to control people

You would not believe the market for these services it is definitely a job with a secure future

Hear the ticking

Depending on the level of conscious you wish to reach you adjust the speed of the ticking

It causes the brain wave to become entrained and modulate at the same speed and then your verbal message is carried into the subconscious without them actually
hearing it with their ears

Wow that amazing

The possibilities are limitless

Later I will introduce you to our zombie web sites and teach you how to read the coded messages there we communicate on that site and another one we call planet

A play on the words monkey see monkey do

When you send a shock it will cause him to move in the direction opposite of where he felt the pulse ray

This is how we train them using pavlov’s theory

And we will say a word when we send the shock and after so many times you will be able to get the response with just the word

No watch

We have been working on this man for some time now so he responds to both the shock and the word

This is how you begin to train a Manchurian candidate then you just leave them as a sleeper until you need their services

No do you hear the difference in the beats

That will affect him on a more conscious level

This way he can go about his everyday business and you can just start sending him the messages with beats at this level and he will incorporate the physical actions
he is trained to do with his regular actions

Is this why pattie maes experiment didn’t work on that girl

No that’s a whole different situation

Patti maes and karll sims never did any kind of training like this on the woman that killed them

They were trying to do a hypnotic hologram it is different all together

That is more of psifi black ops training

It was their specialty and they did a lot of work for high profile political and military leaders

They finally just bit off more than they could chew and agreed to do it on an alien in the nsa computer for obama

Patti and karl didn’t know anything about space, they did not do their homework, there was a number of things they did wrong

We are not going to do anything like that

The most we will ever be doing with politicians is a service we provide called senate by the minute where we influence their opinion on an issue while they

We will only be working on everyday people that don’t have any type of firewall for their mind

What if somebody does figure out who we are

Then that person is usually arrested, we just stop their heart its called arresting them

That is when you notify MIT and that is why you pay us insurance for our protection

We control the police and make sure its taken care of

Ok lets get started on this person

Watch me make him move his arms and wake him up

This is just a lesser version of what we call a bee bite

You do not have to send much of a pulse or you will burn him

Just give a quick tap on the computer key and that will do

The longer you hold the key down the more severe the burn



this is what i call a node but it appears as a small bump on the soundwave and is actually a loop of the person online giving their identification as they have to
'sign in' to use the energy grid/field


Don’t talk don’t talk

This is just another test by MIT

There is no more patti maes we have got to find a way to get back inside this god dam man’s head

You are not supposed to hear us you are not supposed to know we re doing this to you you are not supposed to be filming us

We are going to make you sorry you ever turned that god dam camera on

You are not supposed to be able to understand what we are doing this is all subconscious this is not on a conscious level

I am going to punish you until you learn like pavlovs dog

tap dance

Do y ou hear me talking into your subconscious

Tap tap tap that’s what pat did

He does not know what happening to him but watch him move his arms this is how you make someone dance with energy

Im director,

Time to wake this gd asshole up and make him pay for trying to record us

If you put this online youll be so very sorry you were ever born

I am just a media labrat will be your new theme song

Well provide the tune and make you dance until the day you die

Im greta from Switzerland


My notes -- when I did a google search for mit media lab greta Switzerland this came up


REsearch LAbs for TEaching Journalists (RELATE) | Facebook

Some scope for media and communications students with demonstrable media experience ... Depending on choice of lab, students can focus on one of the following: ...
journalists for 5 days to labs in Italy, Turkey and Switzerland starting
November 2009. .... Greta Petrova and 4 other membersAntonia Ceballos Cuadrado
... - Cached


Emotion and Sociable Humanoid Robots Cynthia Breazeal aMIT Media ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View

by C Breazeal - Cited by 294 - Related articles

advanced systems in this respect is Rea from the Media Lab at MIT (Cassell et ... that describes how Greta's verbal and non-verbal signals are synchronized ...









I found places that take pictures of frequencies and microwave and infrared and xray and thermal and a whole bunch of other stuff on satelite commercially see post

The literatures regarding the symtoms due to the use of non lethal weapons and the diagnose of headpain due to the stress.


              “Painful heating sensations; nausea”

       -Deputy Director for Technology, JNLWD


                      “Mild to severe headaches; burning sensations within various parts of the body….

                        nausea .                                                                                              

                                                                           -Human Right Watch



                     “ Overall, there is very limited evidence supporting psychiatric cause of  headache.”


                                                                      -The International Headache Society


       Literatures (stress)                                                       My symptoms

 Rarely awaken a person from sleep                         I am always awaken up by the symptoms.

 No nausea or vomiting                                           Nausea or vomiting, burning feeling

 Not acute and sudden                                            Acute and sudden

 A few may have them everyday or almost              Every day in home  


The left column is from the following units. The International Headache Society; The American Academy of Family Physicians; University of Toronto; CNN; HealthyNJ; The National Pain Foundation.

Soleilmavis said:

I found places that take pictures of frequencies and microwave and infrared and xray and thermal and a whole bunch of other stuff on satelite commercially see post

The literatures regarding the symtoms due to the use of non lethal weapons and the diagnose of headpain due to the stress.

“Painful heating sensations; nausea”

-Deputy Director for Technology, JNLWD

“Mild to severe headaches; burning sensations within various parts of the body….nausea .
-Human Right Watch

“ Overall, there is very limited evidence supporting psychiatric cause of headache.”

-The International Headache Society

Literatures (stress) My symptoms
Rarely awaken a person from sleep I am always awaken up by the symptoms.
No nausea or vomiting Nausea or vomiting, burning feeling
Not acute and sudden Acute and sudden
A few may have them everyday or almost Every day in home

The left column is from the following units. The International Headache Society; The American Academy of Family Physicians; University of Toronto; CNN; HealthyNJ; The National Pain Foundation.
They are actually using demonic power and what you are hearing is demonic oppression and control.  The enemy has cursed you and you can regain your spiritual grounds by saying This: That the LOrd Jesus is rebuking all of it Out loud in the name of Jesus and has chosen to bless me instead and the Yoke that the enemy has put around my neck has been broken by his blood and life in the name of Jesus. .   It will go away and his spirit will begin giving you a new path to follow and all the hedges the enemy was building to dimm the light out of your life will fall away like scales falling from your eyes. You then will begin a  new life.
The BRAIN SIGNATURE WAVEFORM DETECTOR: One method believed to be used to track and target individuals for subliminal mind control, behavioral modification, entrainment, electronic attack and electronic harassment (electromagnetic / ultrasonic) purposes is by monitoring their purportedly unique set of brain Alpha (8 Hz - 12 Hz - Awake, mild/moderate stimulation), Beta (15 Hz - 25 Hz - Awake, moderate/excited stimulation), Delta (0.5 Hz - 4 Hz - Stage 3 Sleep, Stage 4 Sleep), Theta (4 Hz - 8 Hz - Stage 1 Sleep and REM Sleep), and Spindles (12 Hz - 15 Hz - Stage 2 Sleep, often with K-Complex) waveforms. The BSWD is a device that lets you experimentally research this phenomenon for yourself. User Manual includes a tutorial on how this technology is purported to work. Includes a RF receiver and the BSWD signal processor, and a high-quality oscilloscope to view your detected waveforms (as well as the many other uses oscilloscopes can be used for). NOTE: This system requires that you have but does not include a cellphone and active cellphone service because your low-frequency brainwaves are extracted from the very slightly modulated cellphone frequencies that pass through your head during normal cellphone calls. $7945 [20 lb].

The ULTIMO BRAINWAVE ANALYSIS & BIOFEEDBACK / BIOCONTROL DEVICE: The UBA&BBD permits both the extensive analysis of brainwaves and the extensive use of brainwave biofeedback and brainwave control functions. Its brainwave input stage detects and amplifies brain signals. Brainwave amplification gain is tunable (up to about 1,000,000) so that even very faint brainwaves can be accessed. Once amplified, a bank of bandpass filters are then used to break out the Delta (0.5 Hz - 4 Hz - Stage 3 Sleep, Stage 4 Sleep or deep sleep), Theta (4 Hz - 8 Hz - Stage 1 Sleep and REM Sleep), Alpha (8 Hz - 12 Hz - awake, mild/moderate stimulation, relaxed but alert), Spindles (12 Hz - 15 Hz - Stage 2 Sleep, often with K-Complex), Beta (15 Hz - 30 Hz - awake, alert, excited stimulation) rhythms, which actual signal outputs are provided for you to monitor in any combination using a meter, oscilloscope or chart recorder. Each of these outputs is internally connected to a signal accumulator stage, which accumulates each rhythm over periods of seconds and minutes to provide ultimate brain stage and stage transitional data. And because normally you want biofeedback and biocontrol functions controlled by accumulated signal energies so as not to be triggered by spurious or transient values (which may not be indicative of the brain stage) but by the actual stage that the brain is in (e.g. conscious, meditative, REM sleep, deep sleep, etc). An output is also provided for each accumulated signal. In addition, inputs, sensitivity control pots and outputs are provided for control functions, which include normally-open (NO) and normally-closed (NC) relay functions, +9 VDC battery, and 120 VAC (only with devices powered by 120 VAC) control outputs. For the ultimate in brainwave, entrainment, mind control, and behavioral modification research versatility, four jumpers are provided that permit you to jumper between actual signal and/or accumulated signal outputs to NO relay, NC relay, battery and/or VAC biocontrol circuit inputs, with the sensitivity of each biocontrol function controlled by its sensitivity pot. Finally, with the UBA&BBD, you can observe and record individual brainwave signals in any combination of alpha, beta, delta, theta and/or spindles, and you can use any of their actual and/or accumulated signal outputs to control NO relay, NC relay, battery and/or VAC outputs. [2 lb], was $1695 (battery-powered only), $1895 (120 VAC-powered only), and $1995 (both battery and 120 VAC powered). Does not include any meter, oscilloscope or chart recorder.

The ULTIMO BINAURAL BEATS EXPERIMENTER: Binaural beats is an increasingly popular brain entrainment technique, including mind control and electronic attack scenarios. While the term itself usually relates to audio signals in the 100 - 1500 Hz bandwidth applied using stereo headphones, the technique is also applied to electromagnetic and ultrasonic (both which can be distant and extend to higher frequencies), flashing light, and electrode stimulation techniques, and its effects can be simulated using mind-altering drugs. Binaural beats is also used in neurological, psychological, physiological, psychic, therapeutic, learning, creativity, and hearing research. With audio binaural beats, a different sound is fed into each ear. Where the signals meet inside the brain between the two transducers produces sum and difference frequencies. While the sum frequencies result in audio frequencies too high to affect brainwaves, the difference frequencies in the 0.5 - 30 Hz range tend to force the existing brainwave frequencies to synchronize with these binaural beat frequencies (i.e. Frequency Following Response, FFR), thereby entraining the brainwaves to the Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta, and Spindle frequencies (see above) produced by the binaural audio generator. If both inputs are pure sinewave tones, then the resultant beats are also pure sinewave tones. By rapidly and randomly forcing the victim's brain to jump from one brainwave pattern to another and by subjecting victim to signals which combine into pulses and not pure tones, binaural beats clearly can be used to cause some people much pain, confusion, dysfunction, feelings of going mad, and physical illnesses.
          While not everyone is sensitive to binaural beats, those who are sensitive have reported, for examples, induced experiences of extremely restful sleep and relaxation, stress reduction, deep meditation, transcendental states, hypnotic states and hypnogogic states (mind awake, body asleep), altered states of consciousness, out-of-body sensations, enhanced mental telepathy and other psychic powers or loss of psychic powers, memory enhancement or loss of certain memories, mystical and spiritual experiences, holodeck experiences, lucid creative thought and intuition, super learning, hallucinations, remote viewing, confusion, dizziness, frantic and hysterical behavior, paranoia, insanity, involuntary bodily functions, extreme pleasure, pain management and extreme pain. And that these experiences can persist after the binaural beats stimulation stops (like having a tune stuck in your head). And that even plant growth appears to be affected by binaural beats. There is much expert debate as to what does and does not work, and to what extent does binaural beats work. What experience one has with binaural beats clearly depends on one's individual sensitivity to binaural beats and the types and regularity of waveforms, frequencies and frequency differences used. The binaural beats phenomena may explain why virtually everyone much prefers stereo music to high-fidelity music, why people like to dance to music or hum, the differences in music and other sound popularitities, and why some types of music rhythms appeal to some groups of people but irritate other genetically or culturally different groups. Fact is, music itself is a form of mind control.
          The UBBE, typical of many of our device types, has powerful and versatile features found nowhere else. The UBBE is designed for serious researchers into binaural beats, music, neurologic, brain entrainment, mind control and electronic attack, as well as therapy, relaxation, learning, hearing and creativity. If you are a skeptic about mind control and electronic attack, we believe that the UBBE will forever end your skepticism - even if you are unconvinced of the equipment, binaural beats tapes/compact disks, binaural beats MP3 files, etc. by others! The UBBE consists of two independent audio frequency generator channels, bandwidth 100 Hz - 1500 Hz, each of which produces a tunable frequency and tunable volume selectable sinewave tone, triangular wave, square wave, and pulse (with tunable pulse width) - all of which can be single frequency, swept frequency or random frequency. Also included is an external input for your own audio for each channel, as well as internal pink noise generator and white nose generator - any combinations of which you can mix in with the waveforms produced by each or both channels for max variability and versatility providing you countless hours of profound and fascinating binaural beats experimentation. And unlike many commercial binaural beats generators which produce the maximum difference frequencies in the middle of the axis between the two binaural transducers, we describe in our UBBE User Manual how to use the UBBE to "focus" the beat frequency location anywhere along the axis between the two binaural transducers to maximally stimulate other parts of the brain.
          Output connectors are provided for each channel, and for the mixed output of both channels (which simulates the mixed signal results which may occur in the brain). Also includes a two-digit beat frequency display for the difference frequencies (displays 0-99 Hz beats) - great for beat frequency tunability using sine tone inputs - plus headphones, [3 lb], was $3495. Plus addition of phase-shifter that lets you send the same waveform to each channel output except shifted by a tunable phase - great for research into binaural beats phase-shift phenomena, add $995. Plus addition of two new waveforms which when synched together produce PULSE binaural beats of tunable pulse width - clearly much more effective than the SINEWAVE binaural beats that results from two sinewave tone inputs, add $995. Plus addition of extended frequency range - 1500 Hz - 200 KHz (deep into ultrasonic band) - great for ultrasonic attack and mind control research, add $995. Plus addition of plug-in module for electromagnetic / light-flash / electrode outputs, both channels, plus our specially-designed coils and soft-pinch electrodes for each channel output (based on our RF policies) - great for added electromagnetic, electrical and flash-light mind control and therapeutic research (since these non-audio transducers are not confined to the ears, other parts of the brain and body can be stimulated, and you can now use one form of stimulation by one channel and another form of stimulation by other channel, for example, to see if light and sound stimulation somehow combine in the brain), add $1295 [+2 lb]. (NOTE: The UBBE is not a toy and is for adult professional researcher use only, is NOT a medical device, and is neither recommended for animals nor for human uses (except in carefully controlled laboratory conditions with the subject giving full permission with full disclosure and knowledge of the possible powerful effects binaural beats of the types generated by the UBBE can produce), and the UBBE must never be used by anyone driving or in any other potentially dangerous situation; and as per our policies, the buyer assumes all risks, and we make no claims as to the type or degree of results or manifestations experienced, if any, using the UBBE) (Does not include any meter, oscilloscope or chart recorder) (Note that headphones are designed to work only in the audio bandwidth).
SCANNERS - The DEVICE! (NA): Ever want to forcibly, yet secretly, project YOUR THOUGHTS into other people and/or animals as an overpowering EM signal? After years of secret experimentation, John Williams developed Scanners - The Device! The ultra-high gain, ultra-low noise and distortion brainwave (and other biologic signal) amplifier coupled to a powerful and effective, yet highly directional, EM transmitter is an absolute must for all serious students and practitioners of Psychic or Mind Control Lab, Weaponry and Countermeasure applications. Range is about 50 feet. Can be attached to a helmet or hat or on/inside clothes, carried in the hand, or concealed inside or behind any nonmetallic object less than about 6" thick. The SD is so controversial, we simply can no longer make it for the general public! [2 lb], was $1299. HISTORICAL DIAGRAMs only: $1,000.00.

The ULTIMATE WEAPONS & LAB DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM (NA): The UW&LDS is a very powerful, effective, highly directional and totally quiet system used in theoretical and applied research into EM weaponry and psychological and physiological manifestations (e.g. behavioral modification and mind control). The UW&LDS uses programmable modulated GHz waveforms. Hand-held and portable. Range exceeds 1 KM. User manual includes operation details, insights and tips. The UW&LDS is a complete EM weapons/lab device experimental development system. [12 lb], was $3450. CAUTION: The UW&LDS can produce boresight waveforms that are extremely dangerous - and again, buyer assumes all liability for its use and abuse! As with all of our devices, do NOT use in any illegal, unethical or immoral way whatsoever!
The ULTIMO TDCS BRAIN STIMULATOR: Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (TDCS) - "DC brain polarization" - is a painless, non-invasive, low-risk, silent, efficient and relatively inexpensive method of applying small direct currents to the brain cortex through the skull using skin-contact electrodes. The positive electrode boosts, increases or amplifies function of brain region closest to it, while the negative electrode inhibits or suppresses brain function. TDCS has been found to boost cognitive performance and increase IQ, memory and reaction times, as well as to treat several mental disorders. Along with its many important positive uses, TDCS can be used to do mind control, as well as to reverse the effects of mind control, as well as to make the subject more or less susceptible to other forms of mind control. TDCS mind control can be used in conjunction with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) mind control. A mere 30 minutes of secret TDCS stimulation while a person is asleep or unconscious (e.g. knocked out, drugged or undergoing surgery) can result in permanent mind control and behavioral control changes - without the use of electronic implants and with no evidence that TDCS entrainment was ever done. TDCS can be used to produce robotic victims and even Manchurian Candidates. See The Ultimo TDCS Brain Stimulator (Radionics.htm webpage) for details on this popular TDCS device.
The NEUROPHONE DEVICE: Incredible, unique and visionary device that converts speech and other complex and highly redundant audio frequency signals into a much more concentrated and compact form that can be transmitted over a much narrower bandwidth, and over greater distances through various materials. The ND is of particular interest to:
  • Radionics Researchers: Can be used effectively in conjunction with other Radionics equipment that diagnoses and treats various maladies. Signals are transmitted through bones, skin, fat, muscles, etc, and has great potential for electrophonic hearing ("electrophonic sound": The direct conversion of electromagnetic radiation into audible sound).
  • Psychic Researchers: Can be used to enhance powers of telepathy, psychokinesis, etc.
  • Commo Researchers: The Neurophone permits more densely packing of channels into a commo system, it simplifies scrambling and encryption, and it permits transmission through water, soils, rocks, woods, plastics, bones, metals, ceramics, and other materials.
The ND comes single-channel. Versatile, fascinating and useful. Modern IC Version, [4 lb], was $995. Transistorized (traditional, but using modern transistors) Version, [5 lb], was $895. Plans for transistorized version - still available - $195.

The ULTRASONIC STIMULATOR: Ultrasonic energy is routinely used to unclog tiny drafting and printer pen tubes, and minute debris from the surfaces of delicate contact lenses. When you run the specially-designed Ultrasonic Transducer of our Ultrasonic Stimulator over your scalp or body parts, just consider the kind of microscopic stimulating effect that ultrasonic energies are known to produce! And great for science projects, and can be used in many other applications both biological and non-biological. Ultrasonics is proven to work time and time again where no other technology works! This is a hairy design that could also give you a solid rise, but the price we sell it at as a Customized Devices is so reasonable that you will surely grow on you. [2 lb], was $695.
The MULTI-USE MAGNETOMETER: The MUM is a powerful, versatile, and sensitive electronic instrument used to detect and measure the magnetic field component of EMFs that occur naturally or are man-made (e.g. wires and magnetic, electrical and electronic equipment). The MUM is one of our most practical and heavily used lab and field instruments. Major uses:
  • EM Weapons and Lab Devices: The MUM is used in the design, development and application of EM weapons and lab devices. It is also essential in detecting, measuring, pinpointing, tracking and documenting sources of EM attack.
  • Radionics Devices: The MUM is used in the design, development and application of Helmholtz Coils and similar EM biomedical devices. It is also essential in detecting, measuring and pinpointing sources of harmful magnetic fields emanating from poorly designed and/or shielded equipment and wiring, and in determining proper ways to shield them.
  • Security and Surveillance: The MUM is indispensable in selecting and shielding electronic and computer equipment so that risks of eavesdropping are minimized.
  • Electronic Circuit Development: The MUM is indispensable in ferreting out EMI that causes circuits to malfunction, and for troubleshooting transformer, relay, solenoid, and antenna circuits.
  • Communications: The MUM is indispensable in ferreting out EMI (and developing shielding against it) that interferes with TV, radio, CB, ham radio, etc.
  • Metal Detecting: The MUM is used to detect the presence of ferromagnetic metals (e.g. iron, steel, nickel, cobalt) in the presence of a magnetic field, which is distorted by the metal.
  • Psychic & Paranormal Uses: Some say that psychic powers can be affected by external magnetic fields, and that changes in the external magnetic fields is a "dead" giveaway of the presence of an hall effect. The MUM detects external magnetic fields and their changes.
The MUM is easy to use. It includes 3 antennas (loop, pancake and cylinder). With Sensitivity Adjustment. Includes meter, lamp and sounder indicators. [2 lb], was $395.
The SUBLIMINAL MIXER/AMP: Subliminal techniques is a widely used method to break bad habits, for automatic learning, to keep customers honest, improve sales, enhance psychic/spiritual experiences, and for mind control, brainwashing and other forms of behavioral modification. See MIND CONTROL section above for description, including ultrasonic and infrasonic types.

Evidence from Toronto Police Service

From Robin Yan

Dear all: 

Please keep the evidence I collected from Toronto Police Service for me in case of something.

I post them on the "photo".The files names are as follows: 

1)Toronto Police Service's evidence

2) My first report to 41 division of Toronto Police Service

3) 41 divison's memo

4) 41 division’s report of TPS01

5) 41 division’s report of TPS02

6) 41 division’s report of TPS03

7) 41 division’s report of TPS04 


I just take one example to testify that  41 divison of Toronto Police Service fabricated their report after I reported to them about gang-stalking and the use of non-lethal weapons. In 41 division's report,there wasn’t any words to describe “gang-stalking”.  In 41divison’s report they confirmed that,  “He also supplied an information sheet on “Sound as weapons” (Non-lethal weapons) (21 line of second page,41 division’s report).  However, in 41 division's report, they stated: “He speculated that the rays might have been nuclear in nature. ( 15th line of the second page, 41 division's report). Everyone knows that nuclear weapons and non-lethal weapons are totally different. Regarding my first report, why did 41 division hide this report and refuse to provide it to some organization,which I asked to review my entire report to 41 division of Toronto Police Service? So, everything is clear now.


Thank you all 

Robin Yan

From: "foiarsc, foiarsc"
To: vincent valerio
Cc: "foiarsc, foiarsc" <>
Sent: Thu, January 6, 2011 1:22:19 PM
Subject: RE: Incase of Intercept/Hack/Sabotge RESEND

Mr. Valerio, 

We are in receipt of your FOIA request of 31 December 2010 which requests the same records described below. If you wish to submit a new FOIA request on a new topic, the FOIA Requester Service Center is not the proper forum for submitting new requests. We kindly request that you use one of the procedures established by NSA policy for submitting new FOIA requests – either the online submission tool on the FOIA page on the website; via fax 443-479-3612; or via regular U.S. mail to NSA FOIA Office, 9800 Savage Rd., Suite 6248, Fort George G. Meade, MD  20755-6248. 

Thank you, 

Michele Smith

POC, FOIA Requester Service Center

National Security Agency

(301) 688-6527 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (301) 688-6527      end_of_the_skype_highlighting 

From: vincent valerio []
Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2011 1:23 PM
To: foiarsc, foiarsc
Cc: NSA Customer Care; nsapao;;
Subject: Incase of Intercept/Hack/Sabotge RESEND




PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT:  Authority for collecting information requested is contained in 5 U.S.C. § 552a and 5 U.S.C. § 552.  NSA's Blanket Routine Uses found at 58 Fed. Reg. 10,531 (1993) as well as the specific uses found in GNSA02, GNSA03, and GNSA10 apply to this information.  Authority for requesting your Social Security Number (SSN) is Executive Order 9397.  The requested information will be used to assist the Agency in locating and disseminating the applicable records to the requestor.  The disclosure of the requested information, to include your SSN, is voluntary.  However, failure to provide the requested information may delay the processing of your request.

Full name: Vincent Peter Valerio   
Company/Organization: U.S. Citizen
Address 51 Virginia Street   
   City: Waterloo   
   State: NY
   Zip Code: 13165
   Country: U.S.A.
Home Phone: 315 651 5500 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              315 651 5500      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Work Phone:
SSN: (optional) 086 62 7348

Description of the records you seek:

Surveillance and Medical Records by Field Agent NSA w a Remote Surveillance Network in conjunction , FBI, Seneca County Sheriff, New York State, and other, in connection with each other.

I believe that there is a Human Trafficking Operation who are using advanced surveillance equipment to survey citizens, conduct rapes, murders, beheadings, elite cannibal food chain supply, who use either, Telepresence Surveillance, Hologram Surveillance, Full Energy Surveillance, GPS Audio, Video 24/7 surveillance, with video projection capabilities, akin two a “Two Way Mirror” Surveillance Operation, who are fabricating Electronically a False History on me, to have a Staged Legal Case, to Human Traffic Me, Rape Me, Kill Me, as their live/recorded video projection have suggested and shown, include “Silent Talk Experimentation and Communication”,  which is an ACT of Terrorism and these Terrorist a White/Anglo and Black/Afro American.

I want all pertinent information so that I can piece together the criminal conduct by badge wearing surveillance and their network for Personal Security so that I am not Isolated and enter into a Human Trafficking Victim Scenario, with no one to help me.

Please produce or cause to be produced personal record by any and all controlling agencies as I assert that it is a Dire Matter of National Citizenry Body Security perpetrated by Elitist and their Closed Networks, Including Politician according to the technological access and capabilities.


By the way, I am quite serious.

If you do not take this seriously, How am I suppose to piece the crimes together with the network in operation. Can you do that with out me or my input. This has been ongoing for 2 solid years and 3, the prior with just remote radio connections.   I believe that the main control is Russian, and I believe that they are cannibal/Satanist who have the seeming power to control your agencies personnel decision making processes, like not granting me the information sought. Please do not let that happen and I will be more than happy to stay on line and on them.


If these Individual are large enough to control you from corresponding to me, they are criminals and you should not listen to them but correspond with me diligently in full detail. I need to know who they are and what they allege they are doing to any degree and point, my line of questioning will root out more data as they are elusive and evasive and non-informative by habitual rout.


Again I believe that they can patch in CCTV into the Quantum Hub and have multiple channels and subsequently multiply personnel viewing me and projecting to me, which is Invasion of Privacy, Terroristic Threating, Harassment, Sleep Deprivation and I believe the are doing In Sleep Interrogation where a Woman, Col. Karen Thompson/Russian Lieu./Controller, is speaking through a Voice Modulator While an FBI Agent is apparently asking me question, or asking my projected hologram questions, and she is answering with my Voice Print and the FBI is Staging Justification to Continue Surveillance, Etc, However I allege he is a Criminal/Human Trafficker and demand all Information, as they are committing crimes everyday including forging me signature for apparent Authorization as a tool for whatever they need to continue this “See Through Wall Radiation Assaults, Harassment and Torture. I believe they are also working with Local Probation, Judges, State Police, County Police Etc, in a Criminal Enterprising Capacity using there Surveillance Capabilities to Operate Sex Activities/Voyeurism of Interest, make false arrest/human traffic for whoever is their immediate elite etc. They all commit crimes so they all cater to each other without telling.  


I believe they are also staging, using Hologram Projection of me, in their Police/Probation Social Networks Dwelling and Association to make it appear that they and I have a physical presence history together with digital photographs and further allege that they or a cell thereof, are intending on using false testimony, false history, composite photography showing that I am or have been physically present with unknown persons as I do not have these associations, with the intent to stage police activity to either “Shoot me on site”, place me in a Cell and Rape/infect with HIV, Severe Penis, Drain Blood, Human Traffic Via Judicial Proceeding by these fabrication using digital and false evidence, including their data mining with these surveillance/communications/sub vocal methods.

I believe that there are more cannibals in the United States, Holding Political, Music Industry, NSA, Law Enforcement, Governors, Attorney Generals, Top Control Positions for maximum Influence and control, than anyone would care to know.     after all, why would they tell?


Please get me the details.

If there are crimes/High Crimes being committed, no Alleged/ Purported National Security Secret should Cover them up. 

The Crimes may very well be the National Security Secrets.   Look to it and Validate, Cross Check, Prove all Things.   Make copies of all Video’s that they may show you of me, and send me copies so that I can asses them.


Thank You,

Vincent P. Valerio

Hi Kevin Canada,

I found one company which may be helpful to you in searching the DEW in your house appliances.


Part of the evidence I collected is in:




This is only "a tip of iceberg".




Soleilmavis said:

Evidence from Toronto Police Service

From Robin Yan

Dear all: 

Please keep the evidence I collected from Toronto Police Service for me in case of something.

I post them on the "photo".The files names are as follows: 

1)Toronto Police Service's evidence

2) My first report to 41 division of Toronto Police Service

3) 41 divison's memo

4) 41 division’s report of TPS01

5) 41 division’s report of TPS02

6) 41 division’s report of TPS03

7) 41 division’s report of TPS04 


I just take one example to testify that  41 divison of Toronto Police Service fabricated their report after I reported to them about gang-stalking and the use of non-lethal weapons. In 41 division's report,there wasn’t any words to describe “gang-stalking”.  In 41divison’s report they confirmed that,  “He also supplied an information sheet on “Sound as weapons” (Non-lethal weapons) (21 line of second page,41 division’s report).  However, in 41 division's report, they stated: “He speculated that the rays might have been nuclear in nature. ( 15th line of the second page, 41 division's report). Everyone knows that nuclear weapons and non-lethal weapons are totally different. Regarding my first report, why did 41 division hide this report and refuse to provide it to some organization,which I asked to review my entire report to 41 division of Toronto Police Service? So, everything is clear now.


Thank you all 

Robin Yan

USA The Shadow Government Links  (


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