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God gave mankind freedom and liberty. God never controlled mankind’s minds. Only Satan and his supporters wanted to control mankind’s minds. Nazis were the first to develop the mind control weapons. With the help of Satan, they even wanted to conquer the whole world. Even though the world had destroyed Nazis, People had not been able to prevent the proliferation of mind control weapons, and prevent such weapons from falling into the hands of followers of Dragon and Beasts. More followers of Dragon and Beast started to research and develop mind control weapons. The Dragon, Beasts and their followers wanted to control their followers and also used their mind control weapons to abuse and torture God’s people secretly. 

1. Mind Control technologies.

Mind control technologies are weapons which use drugs, electronic microchip implants, nanotechnologies, microwaves and /or electromagnetic waves to subvert an individual's sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making by attacking the brain and nervous system.


2. The development of mind control methods and technologies has a long history.

Nazi researchers used concentration camp inmates to test a cocaine-based "wonder drug" they hoped would enhance the performance of German troops.

https://peacepink.ning.com/forum/topics/mind-control-drug  )


There is an overwhelming body of evidence that confirms the existence of Mk-ultra, America's Central Intelligence Agency mind control project.

(https://peacepink.ning.com/forum/topics/proof-mkultra-exists )


Many Researchers, using nanotechnologies have developed implantable electronic chips that establish new nerve connections in the parts of the brain that control movement or even alter emotion and thought.

(https://peacepink.ning.com/forum/topics/information-about-brain )


In 2002, the Air Force Research Laboratory patented precisely such a technology: Nonleghal weapon which includes (1) a neuro-electromagnetic device which uses microwave transmission of sound into the skull of persons or animals by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation; and (2) a silent sound device which can transmit sound into the skull of person or animals.  NOTE: The sound modulation may be voice or audio subliminal messages. One application of Voice to Skull is use as an electronic scarecrow to frighten birds in the vicinity of airports. Many mind control victims also have claimed to be harassed by Voice to Skull technologies.

(https://peacepink.ning.com/forum/topics/introduce-v2k-voice-to-skull )


It is possible nowadays to read someone's mind by remotely measuring their brain activity, researchers have shown. This technique can even extract information from individuals that they are unaware of themselves.

( https://peacepink.ning.com/forum/topics/information-about-mind-reading )


It is sometimes hard for victims to find evidence of microwave or electromagnetic mind control technology.  However, some news articles are starting to report the development of government mind control weapons.

go to replies of this discussion to read more articles introduce electromagnetic/microwave mind control technologies  )

Microwave or electromagnetic mind control technology, even can attack you through satellites; or through TV , Mobile transmission Towers

( https://peacepink.ning.com/forum/topics/satellite-surveillance )


Patents also indicate the existence of mind control technologies.

( https://peacepink.ning.com/forum/topics/mind-control-patents )


Recently, scientists also found that fungi could control ant's brain, will fungi become new mind control weapons in the future?


3. Electromagnetic Weapons

We only list few websites here for you easily to read some information about Electromagnetic weapons. More information about Electromagnetic weapons can be searched from the Internet easily.
Light, microwaves, x-rays, and TV and radio transmissions are all kinds of Electromagnetic waves.

4.  Mind Control News articles
5.  Scientific Paper of Electromagnetic weapons

US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights
By Peter Phillips, Lew Brown and Bridget Thornton
As Study of the History of US Intelligence Community Human Rights
Violations and Continuing Research in Electromagnetic Weapons
Completed December 2006
Sonoma State University
Project Censored
Media Freedom Foundation
http://www.earthpulse.com/epulseuploads/articles/MindControlHumanRights.pdf?/(pdf file)

Electromagnetic Aspect of Mind Control-A Scientific Analysis
by Vlad N. Binhi, General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

US Government Accidentally Releases Electromagnetic Mind Control Documents In FOIA Request



Controlling the Human Mind : The Technologies of Political Control or Tools for Peak Performance By Dr. Nick Begich http://www.earthpulse.com/src/product.asp?productid=212
6. Videos of More information about Mind control weapons
Mind control Video
discovery channel
Electronic Mind Control Pt 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3aZyDiyI7g
Electronic Mind Control Pt 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qh7FEwIbQds
Electronic Mind Control Pt 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nA1__XIYUo

CNN: Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons (2 of 2)
CNN: Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons (1 of 2)
Science Channel Admits Microwaves Used in Mind Control

Science Channel Admits Microwaves Used in Mind Control



The Report can be viewed here at the "Brain Invaders" Episode.  This Synthetic Telepathy Technology which is currently being used to torture aproximately 500,000 Targeted Individuals will be turned on the entire population. 


NASA scientist, Dr. Fred Bell and Inventor of StarWars Death Ray and Army Scientist on the same Program - John Hutchison Reveal the Microwave Directed Energy that is being used by the US Government to Murder Targeted Individuals.  Dr. Fred Bell was dead 48 hours after this interview with Jesse Ventura 


Agent  Barrie Trower of Great Britain's Royal Navy Confirms the Technology is being used to torture people by the US Government.  If this doesn't play it can be played here.  http://letsrollforums.com/microwave-warfare-interview-barrie-t28942.html 


Barrie Trower again interviewed on the stealth torture capabilities being done by the US Government and other Government upon innocent Targeted Individuals in America and around the world.   If this doesn't play it can be played here on side panel embedded.

more videos: https://peacepink.ning.com/video
7.  diagnosis of schizophrenia and Mind control Weapons symptoms

Carole Smith is a member of The College of Psychoanalysts, and an accredited member of the United Kingdom Register of Psychotherapists. She trained at the Institute of Psychotherapy and Social Studies, and currently serves on their Ethics Committee.

Moss David Posner, M.D. is a physician currently in practice in the California Department of Corrections. His article is about how to proof Mind Control Weapons and Directed Energy Weapons are using to torture and harass innocent civilians.
How to Control Americans—thought control mind control, disinformation and other naughty things-concl

Auditory hallucinations: a comparison between patients and nonpatients
8.  Laws and Supporting letters
Laws against mind control and electromagnetic weapons

A letter from Rep. Jim Guest

Lynn A Surgalla Former Vice-president of United States Psychotronics Association has written a letter to the court.


9. The Facts and Evidences:

I was controlled by remote Voice to Skull technologies and Mind Control technologies, and I was brought inside US Embassy in Hong Kong


Book Twelve Years in the Grave - Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, authored by Soleilmavis Liu, provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with remote voice-to-skull and electromagnetic mind control technologies.


An anonymous Survey for Mind Control Victims (result on 19 Dec 2009)

10. How can Mind Control Weapons and Electromagnetic weapons torture and harass Human Beings?

We can “see” by our eyes; we can “hear” by our ears; we can “smell” by our nose; we can “feel” by our skin. Sense organs receive many information everyday.

Electromagnetic weapons can directly stimulate our neurons to let us “see” “hear” “smell” or “feel” by our brain. Victims also feel that information is “transferring” to their brain.

I am not talking about the sounds around us, but the radio signal itself. We don't "hear" that signal as sounds or voices around us, but as sounds generated inside our heads by the signal.

They also can stimulate our neurons to cut off the connection between neurons and visual sense system; sense of hearing system; sense of smell system; or sense of feeling system, and let us can not “see’; can not “hear”; can not smell” or even can not “feel” pain.

If the electromagnetic weapon’s frequencies are same with our brainwaves frequencies, and both frequencies creative resonance, the electromagnetic weapons can affect our human activities.

Electromagnetic waves can reach everyone through satellite, Radio, TV or Mobile phone signal towers. (See this website to learn some knowledge of satellite surveillance)

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  • Effects of 6-10 Hz ELF on Brain Waves-2
    David S. Walonick
    Additional Observations
    Since my original experiment, I have continued to study the interaction of ELF's and brain waves. These mini-experiments were conducted more informally than my original experiment and the observations are based on only one or two subjects. They should be considered only observations until confirmed by additional study.
    1. A sine wave produces lock-on more readily than a square wave or a triangle wave. A sine wave output produces a rotating magnetic field where there is a gradual build up, collapse and reversal of the field intensity. A square wave output produces a pulsed alternating magnetic field where the build-up, collapse and reversal of the magnetic field is more abrupt.
    2. The brain is sensitive to a wide range of intensities. I have observed lock-on with power settings down to one half of a milliwatt.
    3. Psychics and "sensitives" are neither more or less prone to lock- on than anyone else. I have tested two well-known psychics and a Kahuna from Hawaii. While all three subjects produced more alpha that usual, it was not related to the ELF generator and they did not show unusual lock-on. It is interesting to note, that the woman who could "feel" when the field switched off and on (in my first experiment) was one of
    these psychics.
    4. Extended exposure to ELF's does alter moods, but the effect is subtle. I was not able to duplicate the "dramatic psychoactive"effect that Robert Beck has reported. Low frequencies (below 8 Hz) seem to produce a general agitation or uneasiness, while higher frequencies (8.6-10 Hz) produce a general feeling of relaxation. These are not
    profound effects like drug induced mood changes. The subject is not aware of any change in his consciousness or mood. From his perspective,nothing has changed. However, an outside observer can detect subtle changes (e.g. body movement). I have confirmed this by monitoring muscle activity with an EMG monitor.
    5. I have exposed myself to ELFs for one and two hour durations and have found that the frequencies from 8.6 to 9.8 Hertz to be sleep inducing;
    however, it is impossible to eliminate the placebo effect from experiments I performed on myself.
    6. I built and distributed several portable ELF generators for testing.
    I have received many reports that indicate that falling asleep with the ELF generator operating is probably not a good idea. People don't feel rested when they sleep with the ELF generator on. My personal experience supports this. ELF's may inhibit dreaming which is necessary for normal brain functioning.
    7) I have found three definite beneficial uses for the ELF generator:
    a)for relaxation, b) to eliminate jet lag, and c) the elimination of seizures in a dog.
    The Story of Maynooth
    Shortly after completing my first experiments, my neighbor's dog began to have seizures. Maynooth was a one year old, 190 pound Irish Wolfhound. His seizures were occurring four to five times a week. A seizure by a 190 pound dog is not a small affair. He would trash around wildly with no awareness of his surroundings. The seizures would last 10-30 minutes.
    My neighbors took Maynooth to the vet, who prescribed phenobarbital to control the seizures. The drug was not effective and Maynooth continued to have regular seizures.
    After discussing Maynooth's condition with my neighbor, we decided to try a portable ELF generator that Maynooth could wear to control his seizures. Seizures are accompanied by wild fluctuations in brain wave activity. We hypothesized that a portable ELF generator could control the seizures by stabilizing Maynooth's brain waves. If we could get Maynooth's brain to lock-on to an ELF frequency, we could in effect,eliminate the seizures.
    I constructed a portable ELF generator about the size of a pack of cigarettes. The ELF generator was powered by a nine volt battery and had two frequencies, selectable by a toggle switch (10.0 Hz and 7.83 Hz).
    The 10 Hz frequency was chosen because previous experiments had shown that lock-on was more likely to occur at higher frequencies (i.e.,closer to the prominent frequency of the brain). The 7.83 Hz frequency was chosen because it is the resonant frequency of the Earth and naturally occurring low intensity magnetic radiation can be detected at this frequency (Schumann, 1952).
    The schematic for the portable ELF generator is illustrated. It is a twin-T oscillator followed by a high power 386 amplifier. The twin-T was chosen because of its high stability and low distortion sign wave.
    Construction is straight forward and the placement of parts is not critical. All parts are readily available. The two 10K frequency adjustment pots should be 10-20 turn trim pots to allow precise frequency adjustment. The 10K output level adjustment pot should be set so that the output feeding the coil is less that 100 milliwatts to
    comply with FCC regulations (I set Maynooth's to 10 milliwatts). The coil itself is not critical and can be wound on any iron core. Use only an alkaline or nickel-cadmium battery.
    Maynooth began wearing the generator in the spring of 1988. We tried the 10 Hz frequency first. The results of the experiment were astounding to say the least. Maynooth's seizures stopped immediately when he began wearing the generator. Furthermore, Maynooth was able to completely stop taking the phenobarbital and the seizures have remained in remission.
    For the first three months, Maynooth wore the generator all the time in a cloth pouch from his collar. After that, the generator was only used at night and simply placed near his sleeping area.
    Maynooth has had a total of three seizures following his first use of the generator. Two of these could be traced to malfunctions with the generator. The first was a broken wire from the battery connector and the second was a dead battery. The third seizure could not be explained by a hardware malfunction, although Maynooth was only using the generator during the night and the seizure occurred during the day.
    It should be noted, however, that this seizure was mild in comparison to his prior episodes.
    Maynooth's owners were so convinced of the efficacy of the ELF generator, that they asked me to make a spare generator in case the one they had broke. Maynooth's vet (at the University of Minnesota) showed curiosity in the generator, but not enough to explore it further.
    They preferred to remain with a drug treatment, even though it had proven to be ineffective. Fortunately, Maynooth's owners had more sense.
    Maynooth still uses the ELF generator in his sleeping area at night.
    The rechargeable battery is charged during the day so it is fresh each night. (The battery lasts about 6-8 hours at a 10 milliwatt power setting).
    Andrija Puharich's Watch
    Dr. Andrija Pucharich sells a watch that he claims will work a shield for ambient high frequency ELF's (40-100 Hz). An important feature of this watch would include shielding from 60 Hz power lines. I had the opportunity to try one of his watches for a few days. The owner was quite reluctant to part with it so I had to run all tests over just one weekend.
    It is quite easy to monitor ambient 60 Hz radiation being absorbed by your body. Simply touch the probe of any oscilloscope and you can watch the 60 Hz wave. Your body is acting as an antenna and the amplitude on the oscilloscope is an indication of the amount of radiation you're absorbing. I found no difference in the amplitude when I was wearing the watch or when it was removed by a distance of four miles.
    I attempted to determine if there was any measurable magnetic output from the watch. I used a large roll of magnetic wire as a pickup coil and connected it to the input of an EEG monitor with five microvolt sensitivity. The EEG voltage was fed directly to the A to D board of the computer. The equipment was tested for proper functioning by bringing a magnet in proximity to the pickup coil. A weak magnet moving within
    six inches of the pickup coil would drive the EEG monitor into saturation.
    The watch was placed against the coil but I could not pick up any magnetic fields from the watch. This surprised me because I was using very sensitive equipment and the watch had to be producing a magnetic field because it was using a battery. Anytime there is a current flowing (even the small current required to power a watch), there is always a magnetic field created. Either the watch was cancelling it's own magnetic field or my equipment was not sensitive enough to measure
    it.(It turned out to be the latter).
    The final test was to hook myself up to the EEG monitor while I was wearing the watch. The output was fed into the computer so that I could do posthoc analysis. I wore the watch for 15 minutes and recorded my brain waves. The incidence of beta and alpha frequencies was not different from my "usual" brain waves. I could not substantiate Puharich's claim that the watch would act as a filter with a center
    frequency of 10 Hz. This particular finding may not be accurate because my excitement with the experiment may have inhibited the alpha centering that Puharich refers to.
    Since I had told the person I borrowed it from that I'd take good care of the watch, that precluded the idea of disassembling it. I carried the watch with me in my backpack that weekend. As luck would have it, the back cover of the watch fell off and I got to examine the inside.
    It is a digital "over-the-counter" type watch. As far as I could tell,the watch was normal in every way except that there was a square sheet of copper (about 1 cm square), wrapped in plastic packing tape inside the back cover. The tape was obviously used to insulate the copper from the electronics of the watch and the back cover.
    With the copper removed, my equipment could still not detect the magnetic fluctuations produced by the watch. If the copper sheet does do anything, my equipment was not sensitive enough to measure it. This indicates that the amplitude of the magnetic field produced by the watch was very low, probably around the amplitude of the naturally occurring magnetic fluctuations of the earth.
    I do not know whether Puharich's watch works. It did not reduce the electromagnetic radiation that my body was absorbing, nor did it alter my brain wave pattern in any way I could detect. My current understanding of ELF's, electronics and magnetics does not provide a theoretical foundation for the efficacy of the watch.
    Electromagnetic Pollution
    When I began my research, I was only interested in the effects of ELF's on brain waves. I have since come to believe that ELF's are only the tip of the iceberg. Electromagnetic radiation may be the most harmful pollutant in our society. There is mounting statistical evidence that cancer and other diseases can be triggered by electromagnetic waves.
    ELF pulse-modulated radio waves work at the cellular level. Cancer and birth defects have been increasing in this country since about 1950 (as television became popular). The average resonant frequency of the body is around 82 MHz. It is no coincidence that this is near the middle of the VHF TV band.
    Even low intensity 60 Hz fields are capable of causing DNA damage and weakening the immune system. Cancer cells exposed to 60 Hz electromagnetic fields for 24 hours show a sixfold increase in their growth rate.
    The evidence is becoming overwhelming that cellular functions can be switched on and off through frequency specific electromagnetic radiation that induces nuclear magnetic resonance in the cell. We may find that many diseases can be caused or cured by frequency specific radiation that is ELF pulse modulated.
    In our technological society, there are few places to go where you will not be exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Television, radio and microwave radiation are abundant in all metropolitan areas. High voltage 60 Hz power lines crisscross the country. Microwaves (one of the most dangerous) are becoming increasingly common. The FCC has started to grant licences to use microwaves for cellular phones.
    The powers that control the energy and communications industries will stop at no end to prevent the public from learning the truth. Their financial health depends on it. Since the military is one of the largest producers of high power electromagnetic radiation, it is not likely that we can count on government intervention.
    We have probably reached a point where the only solution is in the form of a portable shield device. ELF generators may be one possible solution. My current research is in this area.
  • Effects of 6-10 Hz ELF on Brain Waves
    David S. Walonick
    There is evidence that ELF magnetic waves can affect brain waves. These set of experiments were designed to study the effects of ELF rotating magnetic fields on the
    The specific ELF frequencies I was interested in studying are 6-10 Hertz. These frequencies are the same as those produced by the human brain in the theta and alpha states. Generally, specific brain wave frequency ranges can be associated with mood or thought patterns.
    Frequencies below 8 Hertz are considered theta waves. While these seem to be some of the least understood frequencies, they also seem to be associated with creative, insightful thought. When an artist or scientist has the "aha" experience, there's a good chance he or she is in theta. Alpha frequencies are from 8 to 12 Hertz and are commonly associated with relaxed, meditative states. Most people are in an
    alpha state during the short time immediately before they fall asleep.
    Alpha waves are strongest during that twilight state when we're half asleep and half awake. Beta frequencies (above 12 Hertz) coincide with our most "awake" analytical thinking. If you are solving a math problem, you're brain is working at beta frequencies. Most of our waking hours as adults are spent in the beta state.
    A question of importance is: "If we can electronically shift the brain wave frequencies to alpha or theta, will a person's moods or thought patterns change to those commonly associated with those frequencies?".
    In other words, if we can electronically move a person's brain waves to the alpha frequencies, will they become more relaxed? Will their state of consciousness change to coincide with their brain waves, even if those brain waves were electronically induced? These are important questions with far reaching implications.
    When I began these experiments, I was well aware of the possible ethical implications involved in ELF research. For example, if I were carrying an ELF transmitter operating at alpha frequencies, would the people around me be affected as well? Would they unconsciously gravitate toward me because they'd become more relaxed as they moved closer to me?
    Would they like me more because they felt "good" when they were around me?
    What if a salesman were carrying an ELF transmitter? Would people be influenced to buy something because they were more relaxed around the salesman? Could entire populations be influenced to be comfortable with ideas they would normally reject? These, and many others, are serious ethical considerations involved with ELF research. They cannot be taken lightly.
    I decided to undertake this research with full knowledge of the ethical implications. While there is the potential for misuse, a desire for knowledge and understanding are part of being human, and the potential benefits to humanity are great. What if we could treat depression, insomnia, anxiety, stress and tension with ELF magnetic fields? What if we could increase intelligence or improve learning? As in any
    scientific endeavor, there are both positive and negative potential uses for any
    discovery. One only need look at the development of atomic energy to understand the benefits/misuse dichotomy. It is my personal belief that the potential benefits to humanity justify the research.
    I began by collecting all the available research on ELF fields. Lana Harris, a secondary research specialist, did an excellent job in acquiring virtually all the available research in this area. In addition to a multitude of published journal articles, several military and NASA research reports were ordered. A review of the research showed that most studies had been performed to determine the effects of 50-60 Hertz high voltage power-line fields. Since these are the frequencies of most of
    the world's electrical power distribution systems, the importance of understanding the effects on plant and animal life are evident. To a much lesser degree, a few researchers had concentrated on lower power and lower frequencies (the focus of this study).

    The equipment required for this research was easily attainable, with the notable exception of a stable frequency counter with .01 Hertz resolution. Accurate frequency measurements were essential for this research, so I designed and built a digital frequency counter capable of measuring frequency to the hundredth of a Hertz (plus or minus .005 Hertz). A 100 KHz crystal Colpitt's oscillator (calibrated with WWV)
    was used as a time base and divided by ten to the seventh power to attain
    the desired resolution.
    Other equipment used is: a Biosone II Brainwave Monitor and Myosone 404 EMG Monitor (Bio-Logic Devices, Inc., 81 Plymouth Rd., Plainview, NY11803); a Model 3011 Digital Display Function Generator (BK Precision Dynascan Corp., 6460 West Cortland St., Chicago, IL 60635); and IBM PC compatible computer with a clock speed of 7.16 MHz (the faster the clock speed the better); a SAC-12 A to D signal acquisition board (Qua Tech,bInc., 478 E. Exchange St., Akron, OH 44308); a Codas II video board
    and software release 3 (Dataq Instruments, Inc., 825 Sweitzer Ave., Akron OH
    44311); a Fluke 77 digital multimeter (John Fluke Mfg. Co., Inc., PO Box C9090, Everett, WA 98260); and StatPac Gold statistical analysis software (Walonick Associates, Inc., 6500 Nicollet Ave. S.,Minneapolis,MN 55423).
    The transducer was a 24" diameter hand-wound coil, consisting of 1000'of #25 magnetic wire. The coil had a DC resistance of 32.4 ohms. It was mounted on a 26" square piece of bakalite board for stability. Two dowels were mounted with plastic ties onto the board so they extended 24" from opposite sides of the board and the entire apparatus was secured by two microphone stands.
    Experimental Design
    All twenty-two subjects were friends or acquaintances of the author.
    There was no remuneration to participants. The excitement or novelty of participating in a brain wave research experiment seemed to provide sufficient reward in and of itself.
    Subjects were sent a pre-experiment letter briefly describing the intent of the experiment and what they could expect. They were asked not to use any drugs or alcohol for 24 hours before their appointment, and not to wear any metal jewelry. (It was thought that metal jewelry might distort the magnetic field, thus creating uncontrolled inconsistencies between subjects.)
    Upon arrival at the laboratory, participants were given a short orientation to the procedure and any questions they had were answered.
    They were hooked up to the EEG monitor (frontal to occipital, midline) and then allowed to listen to a relaxation tape for five minutes. The purpose of the relaxation tape was to establish a "relaxation level" baseline and to relieve some of the anxiety associated with the experiment. At the end of five minutes, the headphones were removed and the subject was told they were at a relaxation level of 5 on a scale from zero to ten (0 being very tense and 10 being very relaxed). This
    was the baseline they were to use for reporting their relaxation level following each ELF exposure. Subjects were told that they could choose to stop the experiment at any time.
    Each ELF exposure consisted of a ten second, sine-wave transmission separated from one another by 45 - 60 seconds of no exposure. The voltage fed to the coil was 3.1 VAC (RMS). The coil was positioned 18"in front of the subjects head. The outputs from the ELF transmitter (function generator) and the brain wave monitor were fed directly
    into the computer A to D board, allowing both to be displayed on the computer
    monitor (and recorded on disk) simultaneously. The sampling rate of the A to D converter was set at 2000 samples per second for the entire experiment. This was sufficient to visually detect differences of .1 Hertz between the ELF and brain wave frequencies. Subjects were not told when a transmission was beginning. However, at the end of each transmission, they were asked to "report". This was their current
    relaxation level based on the zero to ten scale. They also reported any feelings they had experienced and these were recorded verbatim.
    Twenty-one frequencies were presented to each subject (from 6 to 10 Hertz in increments of .2 Hertz. For half the subjects, these frequencies were randomly selected. For the other subjects, they began at 10 Hertz and were decreased by .2 Hertz with each transmission.
    Subjects were not told the order of frequencies that would be presented to them.
    Post acquisition software was used to visually examine the coherence (frequencies) and synchronously (phase relationship) between the transmitted ELF and prominent brain waves.
    Examination of the computer data revealed substantial differences between subjects. Some subjects showed lock-on (entrainment) over a wide frequency range, while other subjects showed no lock-on whatsoever.
    In general, lock-on occurred most frequently from 8.6 to 10 Hertz and less frequently below 8.6 Hertz.
    One subject displayed lock-on for all frequencies from 7.4 to 10 Hertz.
    Two subjects displayed no lock-on over the entire frequency range.
    While I did not test a sufficient number of subjects to be statistically significant, I suspect that susceptibility to ELF entrainment follows the normal (bell-shaped) curve. At this time, I do not have any hypothesis that would allow us to predict who is susceptible and who is not.
    Several interesting observations were readily apparent. Lock-on generally occurred very rapidly... within a quarter of a second in most cases. If lock-on did not occur at a specific frequency in the first second, it didn't at all. When the brain did lock on, the amplitude of the brain waves increased to nearly double their normal size. This is typical for naturally (non-ELF) produced alpha patterns. The brain
    locked on to higher frequencies (9-10 Hertz) more readily, and maintained the lock-on for the entire duration of the transmission.
    As the frequency was lowered (below 8.6 Hertz), lock-on for most subjects occurred in bursts, rather than being continuous. For example, there might be immediate lock-on for two seconds; then the brain would "fight"the ELF frequency for a quarter of a second, and then lock-on again for another few seconds, etc.. I use the word "fight" because it looked like the brain was fighting the ELF to maintain its own frequency. The "fight" was characterized by low amplitude beta frequencies in the 15-20 Hertz range. These may, of course, have simply been analytical type thoughts, but they were not observed when the frequency was in the 9-10 Hertz range. This "fight" became more frequent as the frequency was lowered, until no lock-on was observed at all.
    None of the subjects were able to consciously detect the presence of the ELF field. One female subject was able to detect whenever the field started or ended, but could not accurately say when if it was on or off at any given time. In other words, she was able to detect the change in the magnetic field, but not the presence or absence of the magnetic field itself. She thought she felt it because it aggravated her
    When lock-on occurred, the brain waves lagged behind the transmitted ELF. This appeared to have been the "reaction time" of the brain to the ELF waves (approximately 60-80 milliseconds). More accurate experimentation is needed to explore this relationship.
    Subjects verbatim reports were quite revealing. (Keep in mind that none of the subjects actually said they felt the ELFs.) The most common verbatim reports occurred between 8.6 and 9.6 Hertz. Common statements were subtle "tingling" sensations in the fingers, arms, legs, teeth, and roof of the mouth. Two subjects reported a metallic" feeling in their mouth. One subject reported a "tightness" in the chest and another
    subject reported a "tightness" in the stomach. Several subjects also reported sensations when the ELF frequency was between 6 and 7 Hertz.
    The verbatim responses in this range were "ringing" in the ears,"flushed" face, "fatigued", "tightening" in the chest and "increasing"pulse.
    Lock-on occurred at lower frequencies more often when the transmitted frequencies were progressively lowered, rather than randomly presented.
    It would seem that the brain prefers a gradual lowering of frequency rather than a sudden or abrupt change in frequency. This may have been due to the extremely short duration of each transmission (10 seconds).
    It may be that this effect would disappear if longer transmission times were used.
    There was no significant correlation between subjects reported level of relaxation and the ELF frequency or the occurrence of lock-on. Again, this may have been due to the extremely short duration of each transmission.
    It is clear from these experiments that brain waves do in fact lock on to artificially produced ELFs in the 6 - 10 Hertz range. It is equally clear that the 10 second transmission was not sufficient to alter subjects moods to any consistent degree.
  • Australia first to admit "we're part of global surveillance system"
    Duncan Campbell 28.05.1999
    Echelon outed by the head of Australia's Defence Signals Directorate (DSD), Martin Brady.

    Australia, one of five countries running the controversial Echelon global surveillance network, has become the first to admit it. The Australian government has confirmed that the system spies on the international communications of it own and other countries' citizens. As part of their disclosures, Australian intelligence officials have also published details of secret government orders which restrict spying on Australian citizens.

    Besides requiring European countries to start dealing seriously with the threat of economic espionage through the Echelon system, the Australian disclosures should force other nations to review whether the protections for their citizens' privacy matches up to the Australian standards - if they exist at all.

    In a series of letters to Australia's Channel Nine "Sunday" programme, revealed this week, the head of Australia's Defence Signals Directorate (DSD), Martin Brady, states that DSD "does co-operate with counterpart signals intelligence organisations overseas under the UKUSA relationship". The contents of the letters were disclosed after the Nine Network transmitted a one hour documentary on Echelon, last Sunday.

    The UKUSA agreement binds together the giant US National Security Agency with the signals intelligence organisations of Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Although its precise terms have never been revealed, the UKUSA agreement provides for sharing facilities, staff, methods, tasks and product between participating governments.
    Under the Echelon system, millions of messages are automatically intercepted every hour, and checked according to criteria supplied by intelligence agencies and governments in all five UKUSA countries. The intercepted signals are passed through a computer system called the Dictionary, which checks each new message or call against thousands of "collection" requirements. The Dictionaries then send the messages into the spy agencies' equivalent of the Internet, making them accessible all over the world.

    Satellite control centre in the desert

    DSD runs some of the world's most famous spying bases, including Pine Gap, an isolated satellite control centre near Alice Springs in the middle of the hot central Australian desert "outback". For more than 30 years, Pine Gap has controlled the CIA's electronic listening satellites, called Rhyolite, Aquacade and Magnum.

    Australians have long suspected that the CIA-run station spied on their communications. The use and control of Pine Gap by the CIA was a central issue in the overthrow of radical labour Prime Minister Gough Whitlam in 1975. The Australian government now claims that after years of controversy, Australians are in charge. They also say that a former "American-only" communications centre on the base has been closed down, and that Australian staff now see everything the CIA satellites do.

    The Australian government admits that DSD's satellite interception station at Kojarena in Western Australia is part of the Echelon system. Four satellite antennae at the base intercept fax, e-mail, data and telephone calls passing through Intelsat satellites over the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Australia, however, does not use the codename "Echelon" for its station.

    About 80 per cent of the messages intercepted at Kojarena are sent on automatically to the CIA or NSA without ever being seen or read in Australia. Among the "collection requirements" that the Kojarena Dictionary is told to look for are North Korean economic, diplomatic and military messages and data, Japanese trade ministry plans, and Pakistani developments in nuclear weapons technology and testing. In return, Australia can ask for information collected at other Echelon stations to be sent to Canberra.

    Transatlantic irritations

    Director Brady's decision to break ranks with the US and officially admit the existence of the hitherto officially unacknowledged spying organisation called UKUSA is likely to irritate his British and American counterparts, who have spent the last 50 years trying to prevent their own citizens from learning anything about them or their business of "signals intelligence" - "sigint" for short.

    International and governmental concern about the UKUSA Echelon system has grown dramatically since 1996, when New Zealand writer Nicky Hager revealed intimate details of how it operated.

    New Zealand runs an Echelon satellite interception site at Waihopai. A year after publishing his book, Hager and New Zealand TV reporter John Campbell mounted a daring raid on Waihopai, and sneaked inside the base, complete with a TV camera and a stepladder. From open, high windows, they then filmed into and inside its operations centre.

    They were astonished to see that it operated completely automatically. Lights flashed on long racks of electronic equipment as messages were analysed and sent on. Rows of computer monitors sat unattended, as the codeword "Envoy" rotated round the screens.

    Campbell and Hager's film includes shots in which they zoom in to scrutinise a supervisor's desk. Viewers can then see that the manuals the New Zealand sigint agency is using are the manuals for the Intelsat satellite which supplies communications to the South Pacific Islands.

    Domestic pressure

    The Australian government decision to be open about the UKUSA pact and the Echelon spy system has been motivated partly by the need to respond to the growing international concern about economic intelligence gathering, and partly by DSD's desire to reassure Australians that its domestic spying activity is strictly limited and tightly supervised.

    According to DSD Director Martin Brady, "to ensure that [our] activities do not impinge on the privacy of Australians, DSD operates under a detailed classified directive approved by Cabinet and known as the Rules on Sigint and Australian Persons".

    But Australians' international calls, faxes or e-mails can be monitored by NSA or DSD in specified circumstances. These include "the commission of a serious criminal offence; a threat to the life or safety of an Australian; or where an Australian is acting as the agent of a foreign power".

    Within Europe, Germany, France, Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland are known to run substantial signals intelligence organisations. But these organisations have never revealed whether they have any "sigint rules" concerning spying on their own or other European countries' citizens and companies.
  • Ex-agent reveals KGB mind control techniques - paper

    MOSCOW, December 22 (RIA Novosti) - A former KGB officer has divulged secrets of special mind control techniques that security services in developed nations used during and after the Cold War, a Russian government daily said Friday.

    General Boris Ratnikov, who served in the KGB department for Moscow and the Moscow Region, told Rossiiskaya Gazeta that people in power had resorted to various methods of manipulating individuals' thoughts since ancient times, and that it was hardly surprising that secret services adopted the practice when it acquired a scientific foundation in the 20th century.

    "You can hardly imagine the warfare that broke out in this area in the first half of the last century. It would hardly be an exaggeration to say that sometimes real 'astral battles' took place," Ratnikov told the daily.

    In the mid-1980s, about 50 research institutes in the Soviet Union studied remote mind control techniques backed by substantial government funding but all such research efforts were halted with the demise of the Soviet empire in the early 1990s.

    Ratnikov, who subsequently served as deputy head and then senior consultant at the Federal Guard Service from 1991 to 1997, said his department was in charge of safeguarding top officials in post-Soviet Russia against any external influence on their sub-conscious.

    The general stated emphatically that he and his colleagues had never manipulated the minds of the then president, Boris Yeltsin, or of economic reformer Yegor Gaidar but claimed to have used mind-reading to save Russia's first president and the country from a war with China.

    Yeltsin had planned to visit Japan in 1992 but Ratnikov's department detected attempts to 'program' the president's mind to make him give the Kuril Islands back to Japan. The move would have led to demands from China that it regain its disputed territories from Russia as well, a conflict that could have sparked a war between the neighbors. Yeltsin therefore had to cancel the trip.

    Another of the general's revelations is that senior officials in Western Europe and the United States unwittingly provided information to his department, which was able to read their minds thanks to Soviet-era scientific achievements.

    In the early 1990s, Ratnikov and his colleagues "scanned" the mind of new U.S. Ambassador Robert Strauss to see that the embassy building contained equipment to exert psychotronic influence on Moscow residents but it had been deactivated, the general told the paper.

    In further comments on the psychotronic weapon, Ratnikov said that although Russia, the United States and other countries had the necessary technology, it was dangerous to use it because the operator of the weapon and even the person who gave the orders could suddenly fall gravely ill or even die.

    Russians have psychotronic weapon to zombie people




    Russia and China Lead in Superweapons
    U.S. Military Officers Warn: Russia and China Lead in Superweapons
    Lev Navrozov
    Friday, April 7, 2006

    With rare exceptions, the inhabitants of Earth even today still do not understand Einstein's proposition that every point in space (such as an adjoining room in your apartment) has its own time: There is no time, but only time-space or space-time. Yet these "ravings of a madman" (Einstein was a clerk in a patent office) were verified experimentally and thus became the truths told by a scientist of genius.

    Einstein told these truths in 1905 ?a century ago! Imagine today's jungle of ravings of madmen or truths told by scientists of genius! And imagine today's jungle of superweapons, which turn out, on further research, to be globally destructive or impossible!

    Invision Power Board posted online on Jan. 7, 2005 an article headlined "Scalar Weaponry Makes Nukes a Thing of the Past." Nukes? No wonder! They were obtained and used in 1945, more than half a century ago! The article begins as follows: "Scalar weapons are electromagnetic waves emitted through a specially constructed radio antenna."

    Then the floor is given to Thomas Bearden, whose scientific profile in The Virtual Times, for which he writes, is as follows:

    Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Army (Retired). MS [Master of Science] Nuclear Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology. BS [Bachelor of Science] Mathematics, Northeast Louisiana University. Graduate of Command & General Staff College, U.S. Army. Graduate of Guided Missile Staff Officer's Course, U.S. Army (equivalent to MS in Aerospace Engineering). Numerous electronic warfare and counter-countermeasures courses.

    Tom is a leading conceptualist in alternate energy technology, mind/matter interaction, EM [electromagnetic] bioffects, paranormal phenomena, parapsychology, psychotronics, Tesla technology, and unified field theory concepts. He is the leading advocate of scalar potential electromagnetics, and has worked with several inventors involved in alternate energy devices and scalar electromagnetic system prototypes. He advanced the first force-free redefinition of mass as well as an electromagnetic mechanism that generates the flow of time, and has proposed a testable resolution of the century-old debate over the way in which energy flows in electrical circuits.

    Enough? Thomas Bearden ?who is possibly not just another Einstein, but is possibly another Leonardo da Vinci as well! ?begins his survey of scalar weaponry ?no, not even with today's China, but with Soviet Russia!
    For some time, Russia has possessed highly advanced "extended-electromagnetics" (energetics) weapons of a very novel kind, using a dramatically extended electrodynamics theory. ... Most of these energetics weapons are more advanced than what had previously been known to the U.S. military, intelligence and scientific communities. ... A major contributing factor holding back U.S. catch-up is that the flawed foundations of Maxwell's 1865 theory have not been changed by the Western scientific community.
    As for China, Lt. Col. Bearden wrote (way back in 2002!):
    A sobering development that occurred earlier this year (2002) was China's deployment of both quantum potential (QP) weapons and negative energy electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons (a type we originally called the MindSnapper to disguise its true nature). The QP weapons are the dominant weapons on Earth today, followed closely by negative energy EMP weapons. ... The U.S. is still well behind. ..." ("Fer De Lance" [his book of 2002], pp. 4-5.)
    Invision Power Board concludes:
    This information is staggering, and completely backs up the desperate warning of Colonel Byron Weeks [USAF, Retired Reserve] last October 5. "America will burn," he says, "because we do not have the most powerful weaponry on earth."
    Imagine how shocked will be those of my readers who write in their e-mails to me that I am simply not privy to the U.S. "black" projects, which are financed super-secretly, bypassing the Congress. Just as this is done in a dictatorship!
    I answer that I know that out of its allocations for nanotechnology in general, with its numberless civilian or commercial fields, the U.S. Congress has publicly refused to allocate a cent to Drexler and the Foresight Institute (which he founded in 1986). In his book of 1986, Drexler contemplated molecular nanoweapons, which may turn out to be infinitely more powerful than nuclear weapons.

    So we are to believe that the "black" molecular nanoweapons project has bypassed Drexler and the Foresight Institute he founded ?Drexler et al. do not even know about any "black" project of development of molecular nanoweapons!

    This is as plausible as would have been the assertion from 1939 to 1945 that the nuclear Manhattan Project had bypassed the nuclear scientists of genius whom Einstein had mentioned in his letter of Aug. 2, 1939 to President Roosevelt, and they did not even know about the "black" nuclear Manhattan Project, in which certain unknown strangers they had never heard of were developing nuclear weapons.

    These readers of mine believe that U.S. science is by definition the world's most advanced, and the world's most advanced scientists are developing in "black" projects the world's most advanced weapons.

    Why this faith in the infinite superiority of the U.S. science over the science in a dictatorship? Well, freedom is creative, and the lack of freedom suffocates talent and genius. True! For example, the Russian poetry of the first third of the 20th century was second to none. But under Stalin it wilted.

    Yet in his interview way back in 1991 (!) in a magazine called Megabrain Report of Feb. 4, Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden stipulated the following exception to the above noble rule:

    Contrary to the scientific propaganda, orthodox science is ruthless in defending its doctrine against all would-be heretics. Much of science has been converted to a religion, instead of a science. Any person knowledgeable of scientific history can cite numerous examples of scientific suppression, character assassination, and essentially banishment. Gauss's nonlinear geometry, Wegener's continental drift, Mayer's discovery of the conservation of energy, Ovshinsky's amorphous semiconductors ... come readily to mind.
    Why has the U.S. Congress publicly refused to allocate a cent to Drexler and the Foresight Institute he founded? Those representing the commercial or civilian fields of nanotechnology cried out that Drexler's nanoweapons are impossible: Nano businessmen feared that the Congress would allocate "nano money" to Drexler and the Foresight Institute, and hence civilian or commercial nanotechnology would receive less! Why should the Congress take the risk? Perhaps molecular nanoweapons ARE impossible?
    In the 1940s, Roosevelt's government did finally finance the nuclear Manhattan Project ?Germany had declared war on the United States! But why take a risk when the Sino-American relations are so peaceful, benign, profitable?

    Hence, American scientists wishing to work in those fields in which Thomas Bearden works (on his pension?) are not free to work in these fields if they have no money to live on! On the other hand, in China, in alliance with Putin's Russia, such scientists are free to work in these fields, for the dictators of China provide the money no matter how slim are the chances of success in the development of certain post-nuclear superweapons.

    Characteristically, both Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden and Col. Byron Weeks are retired. Their pensions give them financial independence, however small. The Pentagon's officials or officers who are not retired obey the orders of their superiors, and the latter obey the orders of THEIR superiors, and so on up to the Secretary of Defense, who obeys the orders of the commander in chief. In the past six years, Donald H. Rumsfeld has cooed from time to time philosophical musings about China, such as his puzzlement over why China's military power continues to grow if she has no enemies.

    It is in this way of obeying orders and philosophizing innocently and safely that the Pentagon crawled into the war in Iraq, a small Third World oil country, without suspecting the possibility of a Sunni guerrilla war, though guerrilla war has existed under this name for about two centuries.

    Thomas Bearden and Byron Weeks sound not like the Pentagon's officials, such as Rumsfeld, but like free spirits, critical intellectuals, thinkers. They do not have billions of dollars to start even one Manhattan Project in one field. But at least they have their pensions that allow them to work and think individually, and to say publicly what they think.

    The fact that Thomas Bearden spoke of Russia and China in the same breath deserves one comment. According to a poll carried out by the by-no-means-pro-government Ekho Moskvy (The Echo of Moscow) radio station last year, 74 percent of listeners thought Russia and China should be allied against the United States. Sino-Russian cooperation in the development of superweapons may thus become decisive.

    These 74 percent do not perceive the mortal danger of China to Russia? No! But what about Westerners? What is the percentage of Westerners who do not perceive the mortal danger of China to the West?

    In 1941 and 1942, Nazi Germany occupied a considerable part of European Russia and might have occupied all of it. Hence Siberia was to be, in scientific research, a second Russia. Today it is being occupied ?not by Hitler's tanks, but by Hu Jintao's money. Academgorodok (Academic City) near Novosibirsk houses more than 50 research institutions, employing 18,000 scientists, some of them unique. China supplies 80 percent of the Academic City's income, and the Russian scientists are happy to fill Chinese orders for whatever is necessary to create the most advanced superweapons in which "the U.S. is still well behind," as Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden put it, and Col. Byron Weeks concluded that "America will burn because we do not have the most powerful weapons on earth."

    You can e-mail at navlev@cloud9.net


    Boris Ratnikov , former general of Russia,  stated in 2007 that in less than ten years psychotronic weapons will grow more dangerous than nuclear and atomic weapons.


  • Video--The Ray Gun

    Sunday, March 2, 2008

    The Ray Gun
    It's no longer the stuff of science fiction: the Pentagon has a real-life ray gun! It's officially called the "Active Denial System" and it shoots out a 100,000 watt beam of invisible radio waves which stops a person in their tracks. Correspondent David Martin experiences its stopping power first hand.
  • http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/main.jhtml?xml=/earth/2008/06/25/s...
    Scientists at Porton Down researched comical non-lethal crowd control devices

    By Richard Alleyne

    Scientists working for the government experimented with a number of weapons worthy of a comic book hero in order to control crowds without causing long term injury, it has emerged.

    Instant banana skins were among the crowd control devices dreamt up by Porton Down scientists
    The researchers at Porton Down looked into a variety of "non-lethal" devices including "instant banana skins", spray on superglue that stiffens clothes and "entangler grenades" that cover protesters in nets.

    But they rejected most of them - including knock out gas and remote control model aeroplanes - because they were either ineffective or too dangerous.

    The government agency, which invented CS gas, was asked to come up with the new weapons by the military after the furore over Bloody Sunday in 1972.

    According to recently declassified files from the National Archives, the military wanted weapons that would "incapacitate" demonstrators, allowing them to be captured.

    The scientists were given the widest possible brief and came up with a range of weaponry that come straight out of the pages of science fiction novel.

    They included a powerful, fast-setting, glue that when sprayed on clothes would instantly set them hard and so incapacitate the wearer and a super-slippery strip of road called an "instant banana skin" which would cause crowds to lose their footing.

    The scientists also researched a drug which would safely knock someone out but they rejected the idea worried that anything made people unconscious very quickly risked killing them too. Instead, they worked on an "auto-inject dart" - to be fired from a gun - which contained either an emetic to make them sick or an anaesthetic to make them fall asleep.

    However their favoured drugs turned out to be too dangerous. Files show the medical staff advised there was "an unacceptably high risk of death" with the vomit-inducing apomorphine.

    The scientists seemed to do better with their "entangler grenade", another idea they took forward. This would explode in the air into coils of wire, landing on and immobilising protestors. The wire would be covered in fast-setting super adhesive and stick to rioters.

    Royal Ordnance was asked to make up 1,000 of the grenades for testing but there the file ends - there is no indication of whether further tests were carried out.

    The final idea was a "missile" which could take the place of the rubber bullet. Scientists were very taken with the idea of modifying model aircraft so they could fly into a crowd at speed and knock down individuals.

    The cheapness of the idea was part of its appeal. Despite some interest from military officials, there is no evidence that this idea was developed any further.

    While nearly all of the ideas were dropped, they have lived on abroad. The Moscow Theatre siege in 2002 proved that the Russians had continued to work on anaesthetizing gas, although the loss of life showed that they had hardly overcome the problems identified by Porton Down scientists.

    The entangler grenades had also just recently been resurrected as "capture nets" in the Czech republic. Researchers have also picked up one of Porton's rejected ideas - drugs which land on the skin, like a paintball, and knock the subject unconscious.
  • The Army’s Telepathic Ray Gun
    A newly declassified report details the Defense Department's mind-control weapons concepts
    By Megan Miller Posted 03.21.2008 Translate by: Soleilmavis

    The U.S. Defense department has tested some spooky weapons, but those involving mind control and telepathic attack may be near the top of the list. A newly declassified 1998 document released under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, describes potential weapons for crowd control, such as a microwave gun that could beam words directly into people’s ears, and an electromagnetic pulse that causes epilepsy-like seizures.

    Military, Aviation & Space, defense department, mind-control, weapon The report also discusses a weapon that can heat a victim's body internally, producing an artificial fever. It is unknown whether the fever-inducing technology was actually tested, but the report notes that the equipment needed "is available today" and that the resulting fever would keep a victim incapacitated for "any desired period consistent with safety."

    In an interview with New Scientist, Steve Wright, a UK security expert at Leeds Metropolitan University, warned that such technologies could be used for torture. "The epileptic seizure-inducing device is grossly irresponsible and should never be fielded," He said. "We know from similar artificially-induced fits that the victim subsequently remains 'potentiated' and may spontaneously suffer epileptic fits again after the initial attack."
  • Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons

    by Stephen Lendman


    January 4, 2011

    Directed energy weapons include lasers, high power microwave, and millimeter wave ones among others. A relevant December 2007 Department of Defense (DOD) report called them a "transformational game changer in military operations, able to augment and improve operational capabilities in many areas," for both lethal and non-lethal purposes.

    Access the full text through the following link:

    Among other applications, EMF weapons/devices are used for harassment, surveillance and mind control. Agencies like the Pentagon, CIA and NSA use them to monitor people, manipulate their minds, harm, and at times kill them. The Navy Times called them the "most feared and controversial weapon(s) of (the) modern age."

    Human experiments in America go back decades, an earlier article addressed MK-ULTRA (and others), accessed through the following link:

    Begun in 1953, it was the code name for a secret CIA mind control program to perfect a truth drug. It followed earlier WW II hypnosis, primitive drugs research, and the US Navy's Project Chatter, identifying and testing drugs on both animal and human subjects. These and other experiments aimed to control human behavior through psychedelic and halluncinogenic drugs, electroshock, radiation, graphology, paramilitary techniques, and various psychological/sociological/anthropological methods, among others.

    They comprised a vast open-field of mind experimentation, using anything that might work, legal or not on willing and unwitting subjects. For example, Dr. Ross Adey worked on the CIA's Pandora Project, using microwaves to send signals to human brains. Cataloguing the results, he showed how they affected emotional and pathological states. He also learned that human brains could be controlled remotely through extremely low frequency modulated microwave beams, able to cause psychological and physical harm.

    People could be turned in zombies, their minds easily controlled. Physical harm also resulted, affecting their blood, cardiovascular system, cells, central nervous and digestive systems, glands, metabolism, reproduction, eyesight, and hearing. In addition, subjects could be made suicidal or driven mad. Moreover, sounds and speech can be placed in victims' brains, actual voices they can't control or stop.

    Other effects include unexplainable burning, itching, tickling or pressure; "humming" or "buzzing" causing sleeplessness and anxiety; loss of body control, producing sudden twitching or jerking of an arm or leg; and feelings of dread, rage, lust, sorrow, or other emotions that come and go quickly.

    Moreover, microwave cooking can heat people to death by increasing the radiation field intensity, causing local hot spots in eyes, gall bladders, and other body parts. Paralysis can also be induced. Memories are erased or impaired. Cancerous cells can be produced, and behavior modified the way authorities wish, even turning people into killers, microwave signals directing them. The entire mobile phone network can be used for these purposes, yet people are unaware of what's happening.

    Post-WW II, human radiation experiments were conducted, affecting thousands of US citizens. Millions more were exposed to radioactive fallout from over 200 atmospheric and underground tests. At the Nevada site in the 1950s and 1960s, detonations affected over 200,000 '"atomic vets," thousands more downwind also in Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. These and numerous other physical and psychological experiments caused enormous harm to hundreds of thousands of unwitting people, victimized by their own country.

    Electronic harassment and mind control technologies direct energy through lasers, radio frequency energy beams, holography, interferometry, electromagnetic radiation, radio and sound waves, satellites, radar, miniature electronic robots, smart dust, and other means. All do it invisibly over thousands of miles. They can penetrate walls, buildings, metals, concrete, mountains and thousands of miles of earth.

    Intersecting energy beams create radiation pockets in victims, engineered to contain sound waves, messages, heat and pressure stress, simulated forms of electromagnetic radiation, telepathic images, as well as holographic and virtual reality simulations. Directed energy beams can also track, locate and target people harmfully. They can only be blocked by force fields or materials that absorb or deflect them. What they are remain top secret.

    Bush I declared the 1990s "The Decade of the Brain," an effort "to enhance public awareness of the benefits to be derived from brain research," keeping its dark side hidden.

    The Pentagon's DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) conducted research and development in "augmented cognition," what universities call "cognitive science." It's the interdisciplinary study of how information is represented and transformed in the brain. The Pentagon's purpose was for military applications, including manipulating the emotions and behavior of adversaries.

    Used globally, it's applicable individually, for crowd control, or larger groups, using millimeter waves, pulsed energy projectiles, and high power magnetic weapons, subjects unaware of what's hitting them.

    The NSA's Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) involves decoding EMF waves to tap into computers wirelessly and track people. Using EMF Brain Stimulation to monitor individuals, organizations and nations, it complements the CIA/Defense Intelligence Agency's (DIA) Human Intelligence (HUMINT), and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's Imagery Intelligence (IMINT). NSA's DOMINT can track millions of people simultaneously. It can also inflict harm, control subjects psychologically and kill.

    In conflict zones like Iraq and Afghanistan, "Project Sheriff" is used to give "troops working in urban terrain more options" against combatants and noncombatants alike. Humvees and armored personnel carriers have been retrofitted with non-lethal weapons, including microwave-like pain rays (an Active Denial System) and a Long Range Acoustic Device emitting earsplitting sounds.

    Pulsed Energy Projectiles (PEPs) travel nearly at the speed of light. With pinpoint accuracy, they emit invisible laser pulses, electromagnetic radiation, stunning targets, knocking them off their feet, paralyzing them in pain. Their long-term effects, however, are unknown, including on the brain.

    Voice to Skull directed acoustic devices are neuro-electromagnetic non-lethal weapons, able to produce mood-altering sounds in a person's head. Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) uses satellite transmitted extra low frequencies (ELF) to send voice to brain communications. Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRADs) are used for crowd control. They produce 150-decibel acoustic beams, "designed to communicate with authority and exceptionally high intelligibility in a 15 - 30 degree beam." They emit verbal challenges over distances beyond 500 meters, with warning tones to influence behavior. They can also inflict physical harm, manipulate minds, and cause death.

    The field of Augmented Cognition includes Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), used therapeutically and for military purposes. The latter is to emit close proximity electrical impulses to the brain to affect mood, sleep patterns, and improve cognitive abilities in areas of learning, memory, attentiveness, visualization, and decision-making. The long-term neurological effects are unknown. The potential for human harm is considerable.

    Transmitted over long distances, silent psychotronic weapons can cause illness or death for no apparent reason. In his 1970 book, "Between Two Ages," Zbigniew Brezezinski, discussed technologies to conduct secret warfare, saying:

    "It is possible - and tempting - to exploit, for strategic-political purposes, the fruits of research on the brain and on human behavior....Accurately timed, artificially excited electronic strokes could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the earth....In this way, one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of a very large population in selected regions, over an extended period."

    Most people know nothing about directed energy weapons, manipulating, incapacitating and killing many thousands who have no idea what hit them. America has been a longtime global offender, developing and using them for decades to surveille, harass, intimidate, manipulate, torture, and kill. They can also read minds and turn people into zombies. Why? To achieve total unchallengeable control.

    So-called "non-lethal weapons" can be as harmful as killer ones. Ongoing research, in fact, is chilling. Waging war on human minds and bodies, it's morally, ethically, and legally indefensible. Continuing, however, atrocity technologies are produced, mostly without public knowledge or that governments like America use them against their own people and others. For ill, of course, not good. Dr. Mengele lives.

    Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached atlendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. Also visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.


    Major Electromagnetic Mind Control Projects Leading Edge International Research Group http://www.trufax.org/research/projects.html

    Project Moonstruck, 1952, CIA:

    Electronic implants in brain and teeth Targeting: Long range Implanted during surgery or surreptitiously during abduction Frequency range: HF - ELF transceiver implants Purpose: Tracking, mind and behavior control, conditioning, programming, covert operations Functional Basis: Electronic Stimulation of the Brain, E.S.B.

    Project MK-ULTRA, 1953, CIA:

    Drugs, electronics and electroshock Targeting: Short range Frequencies: VHF HF UHF modulated at ELF Transmission and Reception: Local production Purpose: Programming behavior, creation of "cyborg" mentalities Effects: narcoleptic trance, programming by suggestion Subprojects: Many. Pseudonym: Project Artichoke Functional Basis: Electronic Dissolution of Memory, E.D.O.M.

    Project Orion, 1958, U.S.A.F:

    Drugs, hypnosis, and ESB Targeting: Short range, in person Frequencies: ELF Modulation Transmission and Reception: Radar, microwaves, modulated at ELF frequencies Purpose: Top security personnel debriefing, programming, insure security and loyalty Pseudonym: "Dreamland"

    MK-DELTA, 1960, CIA:

    Fine-tuned electromagnetic subliminal programming Targeting: Long Range Frequencies: VHF HF UHF Modulated at ELF Transmission and Reception: Television antennae, radio antennae, power lines, mattress spring coils, modulation on 60 Hz wiring. Purpose: programming behavior and attitudes in general population Effects: fatigue, mood swings, behavior dysfunction and social criminality, mood swings Pseudonym: "Deep Sleep", R.H.I.C.

    PHOENIX II, 1983, U.S.A.F, NSA:

    Location: Montauk, Long Island Electronic multi-directional targeting of select population groups Targeting: Medium range Frequencies: Radar, microwaves. EHF UHF modulated Power: Gigawatt through Terawatt Purpose: Loading of Earth Grids, planetary sonombulescence to stave off geological activity, specific-point earthquake creation, population programming for sensitized individuals Pseudonym: "Rainbow", ZAP

    TRIDENT, 1989, ONR, NSA:

    Electronic directed targeting of individuals or populations Targeting: Large population groups assembled Display: Black helicopters flying in triad formation of three Power: 100,000 watts Frequency: UHF Purpose: Large group management and behavior control, riot control Allied Agencies: FEMA Pseudonym: "Black Triad" A.E.M.C

    RF MEDIA, 1990, CIA:

    Electronic, multi-directional subliminal suggestion and programming Location: Boulder, Colorado (Location of main cell telephone node, national television synchronization node) Targeting: national population of the United States Frequencies: ULF VHF HF Phase modulation Power: Gigawatts Implementation: Television and radio communications, the "videodrome" signals Purpose: Programming and triggering behavioral desire, subversion of psychic abilities of population, preparatory processing for mass electromagnetic control Pseudonym: "Buzz Saw" E.E.M.C.

    TOWER, 1990, CIA, NSA:

    Electronic cross country subliminal programming and suggestion Targeting: Mass population, short-range intervals, long-range cumulative Frequencies: Microwave, EHF SHF Methodology: Cellular telephone system, ELF modulation Purpose: Programming through neural resonance and encoded information Effect: Neural degeneration, DNA resonance modification, psychic suppression Pseudonym: "Wedding Bells"

    HAARP, 1995, CIA, NSA, ONR:

    Electromagnetic resonant induction and mass population control Location: Gakona, Alaska Frequencies: Atmospheric phase-locked resonant UHF VHF Potential: DNA code alteration in population and mass behavior modification Power: Giga-watt to Tera-watt range Step-Down reflective frequencies: Approx 1.1 GHz, Human DNA resonant frequency, cellular system phase-lock


    Electromagnetic resonant induction and mass population control Location: Nationwide Frequencies: Emotional wavelengths, data gathering through helicopter probes following media events - rebroadcast in order to restimulate population emotional levels for recreation of event scenarios. Ref: LE#108, March 1998 Potential: Mass behavior modification Power: Unknown. Possibly rebroadcast through GWEN network or cellular tower frequencies, coordinated from NBS in Colorado.


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