After a long time hard working, we have already bring awareness of mind control abuse and torture to many people, including some lawyers.
Here are some lawyers who know about Mind Control Abuse and Torture.
If you know more other lawyers who know about Mind Control Abuse and Torture, please add their name to this list by "reply" .


(1)  Gordon P. Erspamer
 Senior Counsel,
 Morrison & Foerster LLP,
 San Francisco, California

Vietnam Veterans of America, et al. v. Central Intelligence Agency, et al.

 Case No. CV-09-0037-CW, U.S.D.C. (N.D. Cal. 2009)

Attached is a YouTube video of Gordon Erspamer, attorney in San Francisco, who is representing veterans who have found implants. He is currently in the very difficult discovery process with the CIA and US Army regarding the program of implanting veterans and other non-consensual experimentation. He claims in this news interview that he believes these programs are on-going today.


He has also been interviewed on Coast to Coast. Here is an article that was written entitled, "Meet Gordon Erspamer, VA's Worst Nightmare"

he can be reached at:
Morrison and Foerster
425 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94105-2482

(2) Jonathan O. Wilson
Attorney at Law
Wilson Law Center LLC
PO Box 1102, Morrison, CO 80465
Fax: 303-697-1189
Mr. Jonathan O. Wilson represents Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance. He has sent the following request for a congressional hearing and an inquiry on their behalf to Senator Patrick Leahy's office. Senator Leahy is the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Jonathan O. Wilson, Attorney at Law
P.O. Box 1102
Morrison, Colorado 80465
(720) 219-8366
Fax: (303) 697-1189

March 31, 2008
Sen. Patrick Leahy
433 Russell Senate Office Bldg
United States Senate,
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator:

I represent Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance, an organization with several hundred members around the country and internationally who have reason to believe they are targeted with various non-lethal weapons. These targeted individuals suffer physical and psychological symptoms as a result of the remote manipulation. We seek your office's assistance in initiating hearings and a fact-finding congressional inquiry into the government agencies and/or private companies that are targeting citizens. Many citizens are desperate to be freed from the disturbing, intrusive and oppressive targeting.

Evidence supports the conclusion that weapons exist that could be used against individuals, based on U.S. Patent and Trademark Office filings, public releases by agencies, and other technologies that indicate the level of technological sophistication. The weapons are believed to be based on electromagnetism, microwaves, sonic waves, lasers and other types of directed energy, and were characterized as "psychotronic" in Rep. Dennis Kucinich's draft of House Resolution 2977, the Space Preservation Act of 2001. Furthermore, it is undeniable that government agencies have tested citizens without permission in the past; for example, the CIA's human experimentation discussed in Orlikow v. U.S., 682 F.Supp. 77 (D.D.C. 1988), secretly administered lysergic acid diethylamide discussed in United States v. Stanley, 483 U.S. 669 (1987), and military chemical experimentation as discussed in Congressional Committee Report 103-97, 103d Congress, 2d Session, S. Prt. 103-97 (Dec. 8, 1994). Lastly, the sheer numbers of people complaining of being targeted, including people with post-graduate degrees and a lifetime of achievements, and the similarities in symptoms tend to outweigh a dismissive response based on charges of anecdotal evidence or group paranoia.

Several plaintiffs or groups of plaintiffs have filed suits in the past levying similar charges of directed weaponry, but, to my knowledge, all have been dismissed due to immunity and state secret defenses, and the lack of evidence of a direct link to agencies or companies. It is difficult to legally prove targeting by psychotronic weapons when the perpetrators operate from remote, unseen locations and therefore the targeting can be dismissed as delusional. Given the wide scope of alleged targeting, there is a certain risk of sounding too conspiratorial, however, common denominators such as physical symptoms and medical reports, surveillance scenarios, harassment techniques, and more can be readily established.

Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance will gladly provide your office, and any legislator and investigator, reports from targeted individuals documenting instances of targeting, medical documentation, and recordings. This firm will provide research and investigation results upon request as well. We will diligently work with anyone willing to help. Please carefully consider convening hearings and an inquiry and collaborating with other legislators in an effort to uncover and stop this inhumane practice.

Very truly yours,
Jonathan Wilson
Attorney for Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance

The response of the letter
Derrick Robinson Wrote:

The Senate Judiciary office has informed us that we just need a letter from at least one senator requesting a congressional hearing to begin this process. What I would recommend now is that we follow-up this letter from our lawyer with in-person visits to our local Senate offices with requests for a hearing. We should carry this letter with us, along with Rep. Jim Guest's letter and other documentation. And follow-up further after this with phone calls.

I will also write a letter to which I'd like to attach the signatures of as many TI's as possible grouped by state, so each senator can easily see who are his/her constituents. All this will also be a topic for the Saturday night podcast.

1522 W. Warm Springs Rd
Henderson, Nevada 89014
Telephone: 702-471-6777
Fax: 702-531-6777


(4) Suggestions from Mr. Bob who have good knowledge on COINTELPRO

(1) the necessary evidence for bringing a lawsuit with Universal Jurisdiction is to pursue a winning legal strategy that begins with the reopening of a COINTELPRO investigation and
(2) the appointment of an independent special counsel with subpoena powers for obtaining classified government documents that show a specific harm to a specific person by a specific federal agent.

Instructions for preparing a COINTELPRO statement


(5) Joan Farr Heffington, C.E.O.
Association for Honest Attorneys
7145 Blueberry Lane, Derby, Kansas 67037
Ph: 316.788.0901

We have read some of the dialog going on between TIs and legal counsel concerning the Bioethics Commission and wanted to offer our opinion. If this email does not reach all the TIs on your list, please forward...

From all indications, this commission is only to give the appearance that they are doing something about the illegal surveillance/ targeting of innocent people. Our research and substantial evidence shows that the targeting of innocent people (in any form, whether it's by microwave surveillance/microchips/steroid cocktail mix IVs in the hospital) is the result
of National Security Letters (NSLs) that were legalized under the Patriot Act in 2001. Anyone with connections to a Washington insider or your state governor/attorney general can have one issued against a person at any time for any reason. We have evidence to show that NSLs were delivered to hospitals three times in 2007 in the Wichita, Kansas area by CIA  operatives/Blackwater contractors stationed at McConnell Air Force Base (read Case # 3 on our website under "Supporting Documents" - one woman was killed in the hospital using the steroid cocktail mix I.V.) NSLs are also delivered to banks if they want to get into your bank account, and this also flags employers not to hire you. Our research shows that anyone who fights the system in any way has an NSL against them. When a 22-year old boy working out at McConnell was targeted with H1N1 in Oct. 2009, we pushed for a Congressional inquiry and a false lawsuit was brought against me (personally) by our state attorney general for practicing law without a license. They do not want us to keep showing people how to file their own lawsuits because they know that numerous pro se suits are the only thing that works - they overload the system. You can talk til you're blue in the face, but a lawsuit is a written
record that forces them to respond (if they don't, you win by default judgment). A guide is on our website under "How to File a Federal Suit" with TI claims similar to Case # 3. You can take it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court by mail in three easy steps. Your best evidence is an affidavit from another TI who agrees with what happened to you, because it also happened to them. We have helped people with cases in the past and attached these as evidence, and this keeps the court from dismissing it as a frivolous suit. Don't let anyone tell you this is not good evidence - it is the BEST.

If what we are telling you is wrong, they wouldn't be trying so hard to put us out of business. But a top priority right now is to pressure your Congressmen/Senators to let the Patriot Act (or relevant portions) expire on May 27. Then they can no longer issue National Security Letters against innocent people. We also need a law in place, and that is why a Congressional inquiry is needed. If enough lawsuits are threatened, this can force them to address the issue so it is covered by mainstream media, as it should be...
"The answer to world peace is to eliminate arrogance."
Once passed in 2001, section 505 of the USA PATRIOT Act greatly expanded the use of the NSL, allowing their use in scrutiny of US residents, visitors, or US citizens who are not suspects in any criminal investigation. It also granted the privilege to other federal agencies, presumably to allow the department of Homeland Security the same ability to use NSLs. In January 2007 the New York Times reported that both the Pentagon and the CIA have been issuing National Security Letters.[6] The USA PATRIOT Act reauthorization statutes passed during the 109th Congress added specific penalties for non-compliance or disclosure.




(1) Free Lawyers 

Reprieve is possible to help victims, But writing emails to them will not receive replies, So victims have to visit their offices and talk to them individually.


(3) Some suggestions from France lawyerss

Summary report of Mr. Rudy (France) meeting with the lawyers in Paris

Only 3 lawyers turned up, the other 3 were held up at their offices at the last moment and briefly chatted with us on the phone.

1. They all know about the existence of various tecnological means which violate the fundamental human rights of innocent people , they know the existence of non lethal weapons and of highly sophisticated psychological pressures.

2. They do not have the slightest doubt about some governments' participation in influencing or even destroying the free will of some people.

3. They know that the exposure of such practices usually provokes sniggering and those who dare to complain are either made fun of or accused of paranoia.
Paranoia , of course, does exist and as it is characterized by an excessive mistrust of other people's acts or an excessive mistrust of power, it affects every social relationship and makes it possible to justify exclusion .

4. Utmost rigour and precision are therefore required when exposing the attacks on the victims' integrity, privacy and freedom of thought by invisible means. .
It is only by building up impeccable fact-files supported by official reports and scientific studies that public opinion worldwide can be sensitized and made aware of the problem.
It is only under these conditions of rigour and precision that the 3 lawyers present will agree to put the case for the defence.

The 3 lawyers all agreed on the following points:
Our difficulty is that we have practically no legal evidence of the attacks, so we have to make do with:
a) statistics
b) similarities in symptoms and experiences
c) similarities of torture cases
d) existence of weapons'patents
e) existence of the technology patents for the use of V2K
f) complicity of a number of psychiatrists worldwide
G) the highly probable involvement of many governments ( two lawyers referred to the example of helicopters and said that not many people can afford to maintain aircrafts. Flights are logged and the airspace they are in is recorded).
September 13, 2008
add 1 point: the 3 lawyers think that our first help should come from the parliamentarians, because they are the ones who make the laws.


Some lawyers suggestions on how to file a court case :


Some lawsuits filed by Soleilmavis

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  • MKUltra got moved away out of site out of mind.   One instance does not make a case

    One instance does not make  a direct proof     It's a piece and unless we have the capacity to

    put the pieces together to form the whole, it is not something that the public can understand that encourges them

    to want to participate of wanted to know more.  

      So perhaps we have a need to pick other topics that are more relevant to the health and well being of the population that the population can understand rather than the topics that they have the least ability to understand how the subject is relevant to them

       The population understands the big C of cancer   The wireless technologies, the telecommunications,  the eyes in the skies, the surveying methods of mapping and measuring the surface of the Earth and the living systems that live here, the ability to resolve and watch us all in real time, that is an energy that is harming the populations health and well being.

    It can stimulate their sensory pathways evoking chemical potentials in their brains and those chemicals are

    a piece of our biosignatures. those chemicals also maintain our body's mental emotional equillbrum states.

    The energy is coming at us at millions of cycles per second of a repetitive modulated pulse waveform  So basically we are caught in a vibrational tactile field that stimulates other sensory pathways and is capable of exciting our silent signaling process of chemical electrical snyapses and those pathways are being over stimulated, like our hair follicles of our skin, or the tiny hairs in our ears, but they evoke a chain reaction of a signalling process that it's data get's feed to the main processor of our brains.   As humans, how our brains think and regulate our bodies, that is a silent signalling process that goes on without us being conscious aware of it taking place in our bodies.  It is subconsciously taking place within our bodies.

      What we are consciously aware of is our sensory pathways of touch, taste , smell, odor. visual and auditory

    and other tactile sensory modalities     The population is becoming aware of that their sensory pathways are being over stimulated and that their bodies are either in prolonged states of stress or prolonged states of fatigue.

    Our chemical (hormones) are not in balance any more and doctors throwing pills at them isn't fixing the problem and the problem is getting more widesprad

    The energy is harming our DNA and it is coming in faster than our immune systems can keep up the rate of repair

    The population can understand something that they can relate to of the strange symptoms their bodies are experiencing of chemicals either over producing in their bodies or underproducing that has the capacity to lead to chronic diseases of the ultimate DNA harm of the cell death of cancer.     We can feel our sensory pathways are being over stimulated and that we are experiencing stress, fatigue, tingling, ringing noises in the ears, pain, numbness, nausea, dizziness, muscle tightening, etc.   These are conditions we can sense and we are consciously aware of that action taking place. of signaling process's that are not silent and we have awareness of that action.

     The brain doesn't feel pain so how can the population grasp mind control if they cannot sense it's presence taking place, of it's silent signaling process's being evoked??????



    Yan Xu said:

    Brice Taylor is a former CIA. She testified in an interview with Ted Gunderson, former FBI senior officer of LA, that she started to work for CIA on mind control experiments in 1985 when she was only 16 years old. That is a direct proof. She gave many names of CIA officers. Name of doctor in LA hospital. Very importantly she gave detailed phenomena of mind control. For instance she said she felt like she had sex with President Reagon. She did not have sex with President Reagon. It was Reagon's wife's neuron signals were recorded into a tape by CIA and those signals were played to her brain when she was half asleep. Me and my colleague can prove we experienced the same experiments in 2008 and 2009

    Dr. Annie Yan XU (Lecturer)Tel: (852) 27666572 (O) (852)98501119 email:

  • Great thread     Some real good info compiled here

       I am getting a sense we are looking at the wrong category of technology because in reading the Federal Regulations as they pertain to the standards the BioEthics Commission is adhering to, what is EXEMPT from the Common Rule could be factors in what we are experiencing

    §46.101 To what does this policy apply?
     (a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section,

    (2) Research involving the use of educational tests (cognitive, diagnostic, aptitude, achievement), survey procedures, interview procedures or observation of public behavior, unless



    Surveying procedures and observation of public behavior are considered EXEMPT  And a waiver can be applied if they promise (as they cross their fingers behind their backs) to follow the waiver guidelines if they need to use those purposes that might include human subjects, they have a loophole that allows them to step around informed consent.

     Now that surveying procedures are now carried out by satellites, as surveying proceduces is the procedures of mapping and measuring the geophysical of Earth which is also observation of the earth changes which utilize instruments of amplification (a gain)   Basically they have been able to bring together 2 process's mapping and measuring, as a whole, and observing all physical behavior on the surface of the Earth be it animal, vegetable or mineral.

       V2K is an aspect that we have the least capability to establish and prove

      We might be human subjects that they are using in which to resolve biosignatures so that their tracking and recognition programs can work in real time of science and technology

    This technology  is not regarded as weapons but instead the advancement of science, is an area they refer

    to as BIOMETRICS which has been advancing into the ability to resolve BIOSIGNATURES  Chemical process's within our bodies would also be a biosignature.    And I would guess this is probably something that would

    pertain to V2K as thoughts can be received and sent also by manipulation of the vocal tract.

      Just maybe we are looking at this from the wrong angle  as it pertains to a lawsuit.   Just something to consider


    Among the different biometric techniques, facial recognition may not be the most reliable and efficient. However, one key advantage is that it does not require aid (or consent) from the test subject.  The most specific and reliable of biometric data are obtained from DNA sequencing

    Biometrics systems—which once cost tens of thousands of dollars to install—were originally used only by large corporations and the government.
    In addition, Microsoft announced that it would support biometric technology in future versions of Windows, making it easier to build Internet and network servers that can accept the biometric identifications. Before long, biometric scanning devices may be bundled into every new PC sold.

    On a global scale, biometric data interchange and interoperability standards are at present fragmented into different measurement and input format schemes. The Common Biometric Exchange File Format (CBEFF), in development by the International Biometric Industry Association (IBIA), seeks to integrate such measurement schemes to enhance reliability and use of biometric data. Other integration efforts include the Biometric Application Programming Interface (BioAPI) specification program used by the United States Department of Defense. The Department of Defense has also established a Biometrics Management Office (BMO). 

    Once the scanner reads the user's physiological information, the computer begins analyzing it. "The system reads the physical or behavioral characteristic, looks for telltale minutiae, and applies an algorithm that uniquely expresses those minutiae as a very large alphanumeric key," Bill Orr explained in the ABA Banking Journal. "This sample key then goes to a repository where it is compared with a key (called a template) that was created by the approved user when she enrolled in the system. This in turn generates a score based on how closely the two samples match."

    Some experts suggest that the various types of biometric technologies will be combined as needed to fit different user applications. "If you already have a telephone in your hand, the most natural thing in the world is to use voice scanning for identification,"

    The tough part of implementing a biometric method isn't choosing between face, fingerprint, and voice pattern recognition but integrating the chosen method with your existing applications

    Because even objective features such as weight can change over time, systems of identification that rely on changeable or gross features are not as reliable as biometric systems that measure more stable anatomical and physiological characteristics such as fingerprints, retinal blood vessel patterns, specific skull dimensions; dental and skeletal x-rays, earlobe capillary patterns and hand geometry.


    The most specific and reliable of biometric data are obtained from DNA sequencing.

    More controversial and, at present, less reliable biometric studies seek to enhance quantification of social behaviors, voice characteristics—including language use patterns and accents

    Biometrics of the measurement of physical characteristics, such as fingerprints, DNA, or retinal patterns, for use in verifying the identity of  people based on physical or behavioral characteristics, such as fingerprints or voice scans. "Bio" in the name refers to the physiological traits that are measured, while "metrics" refers to the quantitative analysis that provides a positive identification of a unique individual.

     Among the different biometric techniques, facial recognition may not be the most reliable and efficient. However, one key advantage is that it does not require aid (or consent) from the test subject.  The most specific and reliable of biometric data are obtained from DNA sequencing

    Many citizens are concerned that their privacy will be invaded.   Their are other fears that it could lead to a “total surveillance society,” with the government and other authorities having the ability to know where you are, and what you are doing, at all times. This is not to be an underestimated concept as history has shown that states have typically abused such access before 



    receiver operating characteristic or relative operating characteristic (ROC) – The ROC plot is a visual characterization of the trade-off between the FAR and the FRR. In general, the matching algorithm performs a decision based on a threshold which determines how close to a template the input needs to be for it to be considered a match. If the threshold is reduced, there will be less false non-matches but more false accepts. Correspondingly, a higher threshold will reduce the FAR but increase the FRR. A common variation is the Detection error trade-off (DET), which is obtained using normal deviate scales on both axes. This more linear graph illuminates the differences for higher performances (rarer errors). 

    Biometrics consists of methods for uniquely recognizing humans based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral traits. In computer science, in particular, biometrics is used as a form of identity access management and access control. It is also used to identify individuals in groups that are under surveillance.

    Biometric characteristics can be divided in two main classes[citation needed]:

    • Physiological are related to the shape of the body. Examples include, but are not limited to fingerprint, face recognition, DNA, Palm print, hand geometry, iris recognition, which has largely replaced retina, and odour/scent.
    • Behavioral are related to the behavior of a person. Examples include, but are not limited to typing rhythm, gait, and voice. Some researchers[1] have coined the term behaviometrics for this class of biometrics.

    Strictly speaking, voice is also a physiological trait because every person has a different vocal tract, but voice recognition is mainly based on the study of the way a person speaks, commonly classified as behavioral.



    the increase in the strength of an electromagnetic, chemical, or acoustic signal effected by an amplifier.

    1. The process of increasing the magnitude of a variable quantity, especially the magnitude of voltage, power, or current, without altering any other quality.
    2. The result of such a process.
     Observation is usually the first step taken in a scientific investigation.
    1. The act or faculty of observing.
    2. The fact of being observed.
    1. The act of noting and recording something, such as a phenomenon, with instruments.

    Considered as a physical process itself, all forms of observation (human or instrumental) involve amplification and are thus thermodynamically irreversible processes, increasing entropy.

    The actions or reactions of a person or animal in response to external or internal stimuli.

    A stimulus is any phenomenon that directly influences the activity or growth of a living organism. Phenomenon, meaning any observable fact or event, is a broad term and appropriately so, since stimuli can be of so many varieties. Chemicals, heat, light, pressure, and gravity all can serve as stimuli, as indeed can any environmental change.



    The 3 lawyers all agreed on the following points:
    Our difficulty is that we have practically no legal evidence of the attacks, so we have to make do with:
    a) statistics
    b) similarities in symptoms and experiences
    c) similarities of torture cases
    d) existence of weapons'patents
    e) existence of the technology patents for the use    OF BIOMETRICS AND BIOSIGNATURES????


    Code of Federal Regulations

    Code of Federal Regulations

    TITLE 45


    PART 46

    [PDF 215 KB]

    * * *

    Revised January 15, 2009
    Effective July 14, 2009

    §46.101 To what does this policy apply?
     (a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, this policy applies to all research involving human subjects conducted, supported or otherwise subject to regulation by any federal department or agency which takes appropriate administrative action to make the policy applicable to such research. This includes research conducted by federal civilian employees or military personnel, except that each department or agency head may adopt such procedural modifications as may be appropriate from an administrative standpoint. It also includes research conducted, supported, or otherwise subject to regulation by the federal government outside the United States.
     (1) Research that is conducted or supported by a federal department or agency, whether or not it is regulated as defined in §46.102(e), must comply with all sections of this policy.
     (2) Research that is neither conducted nor supported by a federal department or agency but is subject to regulation as defined in §46.102(e) must be reviewed and approved, in compliance with §46.101, §46.102, and §46.107 through §46.117 of this policy, by an institutional review board (IRB) that operates in accordance with the pertinent requirements of this policy.
     (b) Unless otherwise required by department or agency heads, research activities in which the only involvement of human subjects will be in one or more of the following categories are exempt from this policy:
     (1) Research conducted in established or commonly accepted educational settings, involving normal educational practices, such as (i) research on regular and special education instructional strategies, or (ii) research on the effectiveness of or the comparison among instructional techniques, curricula, or classroom management methods.
     (2) Research involving the use of educational tests (cognitive, diagnostic, aptitude, achievement), survey procedures, interview procedures or observation of public behavior, unless:
    (i) information obtained is recorded in such a manner that human subjects can be identified, directly or through identifiers linked to the subjects; and (ii) any disclosure of the human subjects' responses outside the research could reasonably place the subjects at risk of criminal or civil liability or be damaging to the subjects' financial standing, employability, or reputation.
  • Permanent Injunction to Stop Directed Energy Experiments on Americans

  • see this one for USA

  • Lawyer Mario Di Norcia's testimony
    Translated from Italian by Rudy Andria with the permission of the author.

    My name is Mario di Norcia. I am a lawyer from Fondi in the province of Latina in Italy. I am a regular member of the Bar of this province. I have been persecuted for about 8 years now by those whom I assume to be the Italian secret services or some government organisations.

    One evening in Spring 2002 I had the "sensation" of being followed while I was going back home. Such a sensation or rather, such a thought, I have understood later, has been telepathically inserted into my mind. Thinking it over, I have understood that some cars were, as a matter of fact, following me. As it was in the evening and dark, in the city traffic, it was practically impossible to notice anything whatsoever.

    Nevertheless, the following days I noticed people who had strange behaviours with repetitive gestures. Such gestures could seem normal in appearance, but as they were continuously repeated, they gave me to understand that the purpose of these individuals' presence was to let me know I was being stalked. I had to deal with different people all the time, sometimes they were more or less conspicuously disguised to intentionally let me understand they were agents or such like.
    •  This is an URGENT public interest petition to STOP the illegal and unauthorized abuses of advanced military-grade weapons that are being

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