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Soleilmavis Liu, Author of the book: Twelve Years in the Grave – Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, is helping the public understand voice-to-skull, and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. Her book provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with such technologies.


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  •  Psychotronic, pyschophysical torture, artificial telepathy and mind control is 19 - 38 years to my name. PLEASE HELP. I can be contacted = CM


  • My whole life just about i suffer from psychotronic torture artificial telepathy psychophysical torture mind control. I have seen things on the internet that explain these things & i write to establishments ( ESP. Cenet, MCmail team, STOPEG,  the European court of human rights, peacepink) but find no resolve. Please contact me via Peacepink if you can help. I am listed as CM.

    Some of my experiences 

    Pains in body

    Bad tastes & smells 

    Pictures in head

    Pictures of faces made by shapes around me ie: grooves in the walls, marks that are shapes in the clouds & on floors

    Voices in head & externally that sound like people in pain in another world, & i cant see them, although sometimes I picture them in my head

    Incapability of self control, even to the extent of getting deficational matter in my mouth because of artificial telepathy (voices in head - presumably through satellites & machines) telling me my family will be raped if i don't put this matter in my mouth. Also mind control/artificial telepathy causing me to get deficational matter in my mouth & to get raped.

    Much more i can't even remember  


    • i have posted my case summary of technological torture ( psychotronic psychophysical torture artificial telepathy mind control). I am not savvy enough on my phone to know how to put pictures, videos on to this web site. My case summary mentioned things like pain, disgust, torture in many ways technologically.  PLEASE HELP.  


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  • Well, I have been a fan of some artist and actors but never fanatic. And now I think only bad things about them. This is so rude!!!! I have done nothing wrong anyway! They all can fuck their V2k!!!! Also the president!

  • V2k is originally for this. So actors/actresses/singers dont forget their lines, so the president has an emergency escape route so he knows where to be detected without the enemy knowing. The problem is they have sold it to criminal organizations. Another thing its for dealers to communicate where to ship drugs. If you become obsessed with celebrities like I did looked at all their pictures, and they dont like you or dont find you attractive, they use it on you.

  • This all started 5 years ago. I wanted to rap about government corruption, and catholic corruption.

    Catholic they got the name from how Cow was sacred in the egyptian afterlife. A guy with the first syllables of Anti invented Roman catholic religion.
    Then we have the antichrist. There are 33 greeks, then we have Jesus who died at 33. JC Jesus Christ same initials as Julius Ceasar. Romans is the last chapter in the bible. The romans got there wealth by taking over egypt. My theory was that Eve from the bible gave a clue to where eden was. The V in eve points south to
    where the african jungle would be probably where they kept there weed crops. The word "nigger" rhymes with bigger. Maybe they were jealous of how africans were taller than them the white people. Anyway after wrote down my theories I heard voices coming from the songs I was listening to too. Mainly Eminem, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Dr Dre. I heard the actual person even the dead ones. Sounded just like them. They offered me a shower a place where druggies meet and give you money or set you up with drugs or dealing. I didnt go because that wasnt my thing. After the voices got so bad I had to quit school, and I ended up on the street. They still offered me the shower. It was located in the druggy neighborhood. I went there, and everyone could read each others minds. I wasnt even on anything unless they fed me drugs through the walls in the shelter. I had a beer and left the bar afterwards because I didnt see the guy I was going to meet. Later that year I contacted my mother, and she provided me with a place that I could be off the street. Stupidly I still wanted to rap. So I bought weed, and smoked listened to beats and wrote music using Jay'Z and Eminems voice. I thought it was my music but it wasnt. I thought they were ghost writing for me, but it just happens they liked the beat and wrote. I wrote the songs down and intended to record them. But I didnt get to because the voices started coming from my TV and radio saying horrible things scaring me. At night I would them pull my stomach apart it sounded like somebodys bodily functions were going through me. I ended up having a nervous break down, and cops got me almost broke my arm and brought me to the mental hospital, where the voices were even worse there. The reason they attack me is I know Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls and Bin laden are still alive. They have been commiting crimes letting people out of jail. Growing the drug trade, murdering and stealing. After getting out of the mental hospital, I found myself living with my sister and on the medication respiradal. It didnt work for me, just made my body weaker. When watching my TV or internet I would hear everybody that was on talking back to me always saying the same things, responding, and saying they were going to connect my heart to another body when I die to another body that will get tortured infinitely. On September 4th there was an orgy happening within the walls. I got to have sex with Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and many others. They told me to be quite, I couldnt stop speaking in head. Around me was Biggie Smalls, Eminem, Bin Laden, Obama, Britney Spears(she modulates her voice to make her sound cute) Biggie started stealing my blood I dont know how but it was this awful feeling in my penis. They also started raping my organs, my legs, heart, buttocks. They also instructed Nicki Minaj to pee in me. She pees in my scrotum which they said causes cancer. Then Bin Laden revealed himself and showed me a picture of his butt, Tupac then showed a picture of my penis and put it in it. From then on I felt this weird hot chemical inside my right leg. And continued throughout my body, they then said I have more deseases. The next day they showed me a picture of Jesus and instructed me to get on my hands and feet pray. They told me not to drink or eat. I didnt do what they asked so they poisoned my food through the stove and microwave. They also played an underground police siren that no one could hear but me. I couldnt stand living there anymore so I moved back in with my parents. They arent putting chemicals in my body anymore, because its an old house, but they are playing sounds I weird alien like sound, and telling me to commit suicide which they also did in the city. They told me to pour gasoline on myself and set myself on fire. The next day I read that a guy did the same in Washington State mall. Im learning how to not listen to them by doing work around the farm, and reading holy scriptures. The government shutdown in the states will result in Obama going to Eastern Countries to get there money then they will change there laws and then any non muslim murder will be allowed. The last queen of egypt was either killed or commited suicide. suicide.. first 3 letters. Sui, last 3 letters of Julius Sui Caesars name. Cease her. If you look at it that way you have a clue. Also Julie August(Augustus), October(Octavian) All his names. Recently my security camera went down. They said they are going to get me on devils night. There are getting old acquaintances to do it. There pictures they show me are horrendous. Maybe using gas lighting? I read about it on your site. They have my body handing my heart out over a toilet connected to be brain. I met Dr Kavorkian, and Hitler who plan on torturing me. If I listen to a movie where hitler is speaking he talks to me during the movie and afterwards(Identical voices) They can give you coke, sex, chemicals, or bugs through your walls if you have pipes in your house. This may be an ancient technique or newer I'm not sure. I also met the Japanese emperor, virtually anyone you can mention you can have them come to you by picturing there face or name in your mind. Tupac and Bin Laden has provided a way for criminals to be free, they also said they saved everyone from hell. Another thing they are trying to convince me is that I was the one who killed the Egyptian Queen which I don't believe I did. How could I go close to her? Meaning that I started black slavery, saying that you should think of all the babies they could have had because of me they were not having which is equal to murder to them.  Even now my parents put the radio on and they are saying the musicians dont like what I am writing. These are not voices in my mind but are coming from the radio, and the walls. It could be possible that TI's were either slavers or did something in there past life that someone didnt like. If you find that I dont contact you after devils night I was kidnapped. Hopefully I get past that date.
  • (I write this in two parts in case the program erased my post.) So, yes, you have to be careful and the best protection here is knowledge: best site about what is done and how, the whole technolohy: Deep_Thought's articles on; this has been the greatest help I've found on the web. One good advice: never answer the "voices", ignore them as much as you can, and keep on with your life overcoming the complications: school, your friends and family, and all the rest. Don't forget, people are mindcontrolled, 99.99% of them don't mean any harm, they're just being manipulated, so stick with it. Very best of luck, take care. We're all with you.

  • @Summer Day (nice pseudo, btw!): Yes, this what everyone experiences at the beginning. What you have to know is that you're dealing with a computer program, run by an AI; It has two main ways of manipulating people: mind control, you will see people looking hostile, or making unpleasant faces, these people don't know what they  are doing as trhey are doing it, nor why. The very tricky thing is the "voices"(synthetic voices) through V2K; they can imitate any voice, when you thought you heard rules given to your boyfriend, it was certainly V2K, "voices" that only you can hear and it can seem to come from any direction and from any distance, same thing for what you thought were your neighbours talking. It can also makje all kinds of noises, making you believe your neighbours are moving furniture around, or actually just about anything else, climbing up your stairs, etc. How it manipulates administrations, that is not too clear, it can hack into their computers of course, mind control them. Last but not least, there are, but normally very few paid thugs or agent, to steal your stuff, retain your mail, etc. or come in your house during your absence, BUT this is done VERY rarily, just sufficiently so you'll think everything is done by people. Since the 6-7 years of V2K/torture, someone has broke in my apartment maybe 3-4 times, again, the only goal of this is to make you believe this torture and those "voices" are done/emitted by people; THIS IS FALSE. Next step consists in having you complain to or about your neighbourd or other, considered mad (since they, ACTUALLY, don't know what you are talking about), considered dangerous to yourself or others and  have you locked up.

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