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Removing Implants

If you are taking silicea 30ch or horsetail tea keep your implants! I believe the perps want to get rid of the evidence. When you sign petitions use your real name. The United Nations is going to expose this targeting, the perps are trying to get rid of the evidence. You need proof that you were a T.I. there will be con artists trying to claim to be a T.I. you will need proof. Keep your implants! 

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There is  a built in capability on some websites on my computer which allows the computer to locate the precise location of the computer I am using and of myself on a map of Ireland whenever I make  it do so. This morning at 7.45am I used this find my location capability on my computer to find me using said  capability. It pointed accurately at La Touche House, Georges Dock, Dublin, Ireland. However , I am in fact located in my own home at Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, F12 Y560, Ireland. 
Said computer capability has located my in other incorrect locations at various times during the past few months when I have checked it. Is somebody else or some foreign capability accessing my computer and who or what are they and for what reason are they accessing my computer.     My name is Gretta Fahey, and my landline home phone number is 0949360901 as proof that I am a real live human being.  I am a targeted individual of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation and I have been thus for more than fifteen years.  My website which I alone own and control is called ;  Todays date is 28th October, 2018.

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Hi Mind control friends: A person is a person not a company.

I am a mind control monitor and victim. I save myself and in the conditions that I live which are irrefutable a mind control issue. Eh when the tables turn victory is sweet though. There was a mind control scam that was used by a group of religious lawyers that are apparently unaware of the criminal code? Unbelievable their human rights scam on self proclaimed interest rates and how we bank, how tough. They called me a heretic, a prostitute without public notary being involved and I am pretty sure they are aware of their criminal acts and that it is one and about 18 other crimes all in a loop.

There public role definition included a self proclaimed little perverse sexual attitude.

The criminals did not even bother with helping with the gendercide issues they caused self and sent me their bizzare hate campaign, illiterate by mail and it had stamps on it to prove the purchase and the health related issues that were caused as a result.

I have had some help now with a parapsychologist, a psychic healer and she did a prayer for me. I even envisioned her in the house and she is a woman whom is a psychic and after my own heart She is good, she walked through the house earlier and the day before I met her even. .

Have a great day folks it is warming to be back to the right place a mind control lawsuit, a place where human rights is no longer of concern and as I said, priori.


Karen J. Dawe

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See they keep trying to get me to remove my web page i just witnessed someone logging into my computer with a RFID chip and trying to mess with the dvd burner. see chips people are assholes 99% of them and need to be remove from the public there logging the computer so now there a threat to national security so lets wait for them to break into a military system . lets not talk about the chip like they say and act like it's 2 people. yes it's how they do it the technologie is called clear. see it's a digital repentation of a human beaing it's spawned like a vdeo game. it's done through a chip this has been around for like 5 years. so people can apear before you and they also have called a ghost clear and a shadow clear to mimic a shadow this is how you do not see them. this is all a chip mod. look up modding like for a video game so these people do have chips or equipment. and they need one to do it if they do not have a chip or a peice of hardware it can not be done.

most of these chips are mind controal s it's done through computer programming and mind controal it's all the chips do. see they need to stay tuned into the people to make it work. it means they need to connect to you some how.
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the governemt started a war see i was tricked to defending myself and this is what started in 2004 the first release was 2006 the tetamony this is what conspired in the USA they are trying to hide the whole city is involved with this trying to hide it some are rapist and scum

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