Posted on September 14, 2019 by gretta fahey
A human control and enslavement system is being set up throughout the world which would render you paralysed from head to toe if you failed to obey the slave masters. We are believed to have inhaled and ingested nano particulates which can penetrate the blood brain barrier and which adhere to the neuro transmitters of our brains and also to our central nervous system. These nano particulates in combination with implants and also in combination with samples of our DNA may be needed to complete the process of physical control of the body of a human being. This human body control system is being developed behind the scenes throughout the world. Many individuals have become non-consensual victims of experimentation where their own limbs are being moved against their wills and where their vocal cords are being controlled against their wills on occasions. Ramola Dharmaraj who is a renowned online journalist from Boston, United States has interviewed many individuals who have publicly confessed to being partially under electronic wireless physical control. Her interviews can be found at her youtube channel which is called Ramola D Reports and also at her website which is called www.everydayconcerned.net.
We do not as yet know who the slave masters are but a group of individuals who have a youtube channel called American Intelligence Media believe that all roads lead to London, England and to the crown corporation. We do not know yet who are the slave masters and who are the slaves among the British Privy Council and among the Pilgrim Society but that is where their research is leading. The American Intelligence Media believe that the Pilgrim Society is the head and body of the slave system with lots of other feeder groups coming from across the world.
I myself am under wireless electronic control from my central nervous system where a selection of my facial and neck muscles as well as my eye muscles and vocal cords are being remote controlled against my will on a random basis. I no longer involve agents of the government in my affairs because when I informed them about this situation in the past they refused to believe me and they wrongly accused me of being mentally unwell. I believe them to be under strong remote influencing due to the presence of advanced technology in their environment which they have no real understanding of and which they need to disassemble and ban right now. Subliminal messaging comes through such technology. Who is responsible for deciding what subliminal messages are sent through this remote subliminal messaging system and where is said subliminal messaging central control system located in Ireland and where is it located in the United Kingdom ?. Where is said subliminal messaging central control system located in the United States and who runs it there?
The slave masters are currently beyond the reach of governments because they work through the banking system and through giant corporations. They have no conscience and they are willing to torture and kill millions of their fellow human beings whenever they wish. Some of their staff may be under central nervous system wireless external control and may be partially immobilized if they are not subservient to the slave masters. Others of their staff may be under a form a post hypnotic control. Because of this unique situation we have no way of knowing who among them are the slave masters and who among them are the enslaved so therefore we can not know exactly who among them are intent on wirelessly enslaving us via gaining wireless control of our central nervous systems. We must disempower them now by disassembling and banning microwave transmitters, smart street lighting and CCTV cameras which have also been fitted with smart technology. We must pull back from the brink of enslavement now. Don’t allow your children to be vaccinated and don’t register your children at birth. You are legally enslaving them when you register their births according to man made law which is now totally out of harmony with moral law. Act now while you can or else your children will be rigidly enslaved and you could also be rigidly enslaved

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