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The only individuals with the financial capability and the social control capability to enslave their fellow men and women by wirelessly tethering them to computerized control systems are the United States Federal Reserve Private Bankers. These Federal Reserve Private Bankers who I call the slave masters now own and control the main stream media, the pharmaceutical industry, the oil industry, major retail outlets and many manufacturing multi-national companies throughout the world. They control microwave mind control capabilities which use TETRA communication devices to microwave mind control police and military personnel throughout most of the world. They are so hugely wealthy that they can manipulate governments throughout the world from behind the scenes. They all belong to either the British or American Pilgrim Society.
The slave masters identified a selection of individuals who they were unable to mind control via the standard microwave mind control methods and they subjected them to wirelessly enabled human experimentation programs against their wills and without their permission. By wireless means the slave masters were able to gather data on those non-consenting human experimentation subjects while working from an unknown remote location and while remaining unknown to those subjects. By wireless means the slave masters where also able to gather data on the social dynamics of the location where each non-consenting human subject lived by studying their interactions with the friends and neighbours of each human subject.
The slave masters can now physically externally control each non-consenting human subject by their central nervous system to the extent that the slave masters can force the muscles of each human subject to move against their will by wirelessly sending electrical signals or pre-programmed algorithms of electrical signals into their brains and central nervous systems from an unknown remote location. The slave masters can now externally control the electrical devices inside the homes of the non-consenting human subjects by remote means. The slave masters can now externally control the computers of the non-consenting human subjects by remote means. The slave masters can now decide how the non-consenting human subject spends their own privately owned digital currency through externally controlling all digital media devices inside the home of the non-consenting human research subject. The slave masters can now externally control how much warm water one can use in their electric shower each day. The slave masters can now externally control all heating appliances inside the privately own home to the extent that they can short the electricity to your heating apparatus if they deem that you are using too much electricity. In extreme cases the slave masters can paralyse a non-consenting human subject by wireless remote means if they refuse to obey the dictates of the slave masters which have been issued to them via bio-communication.
Government staff have been rendered incompetent because they are under such extreme microwave mind control that they are unable to recognise the extreme dangers we are all in from a small group of Federal Reserve private bankers and their allies.
There are easy cures for all illnesses but these cures are being censored because the slave masters find it easy to enslave us if we are chronically ill and uninformed. I have been a wirelessly controlled slave for many years and I am aware of many other wirelessly controlled slaves throughout the country where I live. We no longer attempt to inform the police or government staff because they have become too microwave mind controlled to be able to think independently and clearly. Their thoughts are being generated via technology. Please raise awareness of this situation.
There is a possibility that wirelessly controlled slaves could be easily identified by the use of energy field cameras such as the one which was invented by the British Scientist Dr Harry Oldfield. My budget does not allow me to purchase one. They cost about two thousand Euros.
Covid-19 is a hoax but because the Federal Reserve private bankers own the main stream media no one is allowed to state that truthful fact in any main stream media outlet.
Bio-communication is the ability to transmit and receive information directly to the human brain by many different means, all of which have been scientifically patented. They include brain to brain interfacing, voice to skull, microwave auditory effect and synthetic telepathy.

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A cartel of individuals have been projecting frequencies containing information into human brains within the frequency band of human brain activity and senior politicians and others who unknowingly receive the information contained in the projected frequencies believe that information is their own private thoughts and private opinions. Senior politicians who receive their thoughts and opinions from a central preprogrammed data base go on to enact laws based on that information. Said senior politicians have signed documents which have initiated the erection of enslavement technologies throughout the world based on that information which is coming to them from the central proporgrammed data base. Psychiatrists, police officers and others are being controlled by the same method which is leading to our slow enslavement.
Because the brains and bodies of our senior politicians have become wirelessly linked to said central data base of mostly misinformation from metallic particulates inside their brains and bodies which is sometimes called neural dust, we must urgently act to locate and to switch off those super computers. Those super computers can also be used to take over and control the physical body of a human being through control of their central nervous system as described in patent number US6965816.
We are now receiving frequencies from the central data base which is making us all wish to wear nothing but black, white and grey clothing, decorate the interior of our homes in many shades of black, white and grey and purchase vehicles in mostly black, white and grey. Many high profile women such as Caroline Kennedy Schlosburg and Deborah Taveres are mostly wearing black, white and grey. Many clothing stores contain black, white and grey clothing for the most part. Two thousand years ago the Romans only allowed their slaves to wear one uniform colour while the slavemasters wore multicolour clothing. The current would-be slavemasters of the human race appear to wish to return to this mode of dress which would identify the status of an individual by the colour clothing they wore. All of this is occurring gradually and incrementally. When purchasing clothes in future please purchase and wear multicolour garments if you can still source them.

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Every time you think a thought, feel an emotion, move a body part, speak or act, then the neurons in your brain fire up and they generate an electromagnetic frequency which would then show up as a unique pattern on an electroencephalogram machine which is more commonly known as an EEG machine.
Each of these electromagnetic frequencies which you are generating all day long have totally unique patterns similar to words in a book. These unique patterns have all been identified and categorised and placed in a type of computerized dictionary. Software has been created that uses that computerized dictionary to translate all of the electromagnetic frequencies that a human brain and body generates at the same speed which the brain generates the frequencies into the thoughts, words, feelings, actions and movements of that human being on a continual basis.
Therefore if you were continually attached to an EEG machine as you went about your daily life and if some body else had access to the software that automatically translates the unique electromagnetic frequencies that your brain and body were generating they could know from looking at their computer screen every word that you say each day in combination with every emotion that you feel, every thought that you think, every time you move a body part, how long you sleep for and how often you eat, among other deeply personal details of your life that you thought were private.
In the past few decades people have been illegally and non-consensually implanted with either nano technology or micro technology or both to the extent that these illegal brain and body implantations allow unknown criminals to wirelessly steal and store all of the electromagentic frequencies which the brain and body of the victim generate and this is being done against the will and without the permission of the victim.
These unknown criminals can now know everything that you think, do, say and feel as well as how long you sleep for and how often you eat, among other things. They can analyse the data which your brain and body generates and they often sell it to foreign powers so that other unknown criminals can also know your most private thoughts, words and actions.
The story is much worse than simply losing all of your privacy.
These unknown criminals can also broadcast electromagnetic frequencies back into your brain and body without your permission if they have illegally obtained your unique brain signature. They can broadcast electromagnetic frequencies which contain words, images, pictures, pain, forced muscle movement as well as emotions and feelings. They can broadcast pornographic images into the mind of a child. They can broadcast voice commands to you and if you disobey them they can then broadcast a pain signal into your brain and body. They can broadcast frequencies into you that cause your brain or body to malfunction and you might never know who they are or why they are doing it. They can broadcast frequencies to any organ of your body which cause it to malfunction. In more advanced cases of human body takeover they can control your vocal cords and they can cause you to speak against your will, even in a voice that does not sound like your own. They can now wirelessly kill you. They can do all of this from a remote location without you ever knowing who is doing it to you.
If senior politicians from any country wished to reveal the existence and abuse of this technology to the police or to the military of their country they would not be able to do so without whoever is monitoring the data being generated by their brains and bodies finding out that they attempted to reveal this information and their country would then receive no more foreign funding.
We need to urgently disassemble and ban whatever technology is enabling the wireless capabilities which allows human beings to be tortured on a continual basis while inside their own homes.
There could be devices on the electricity poles adjacent to peoples homes which is allowing them to be wirelessly tortured on a continuous basis for years at a time. What do we need to have disassembled and banned in order to free ourselves from being constantly tortured by this evil technology? We can not depend on senior politicians or senior police officers any longer because they may have already been wirelessly tethered to the human control system and can not speak about anything without being externally monitored. They could possibly be under mass electronic mind control too and in order to free humanity from mass mind control we should take down and ban all microwave transmitters and related paraphernalia.
When targeted individuals of these wireless brain weapons report their experiences to the police, the police then wrongly recommend that in all instances they undergo psychiatric evaluation. Psychiatrists are misled to believe that people who report being targeted by thought reading technology and other wireless weapons are mentally unwell and said psychiatrists are also instructed to legally force the victim to ingest harmful substances which have extremely distressing side effects. Because of this, targeted individuals are now afraid to inform government officials of their ongoing experiences of being wirelessly tortured which allows this extreme crime to remain hidden from the public.
The individuals who wish to enslave us may have been traced to agents of the British Crown. Many hundreds of individual researchers have examined legal documents and have followed a worldwide financial trail which leads to the London Financial District, the Vatican and Washington DC which are three privately owned countries within other public countries and the individuals who work inside them do so without any public oversight.
They have gone to enormous lenghts to mislead the public by attempting to misdirect the blame for the attempt at world control on to non-existent fictional enemies such as sentient artificial intelligence, the supernatural and extraterresterial visitors, none of which exist in reality.
Many individuals throughout Ireland are already wirelessly connected to this control system where all of the electrical activity being generated by their brains and bodies is being uploaded to a super computer. I am one such individual and I have the contact details of sixteen other Irish people. My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. My website is called I also wish to recommend the website of a Dublin based targeted individual which is called

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Posted on September 14, 2019 by gretta fahey 
I am a non-consensual targeted individual of wirelessly enabled electronic control and I receive voice commands and wirelessly delivered pain via a live link between me and the criminal brain weapons experts. Because the live link is bi-directional the criminal brain weapons experts can read the electrical activity which is being generated by my brain and body and by this means and others they can know what I am doing and saying throughout each day. I have no privacy whatsoever and this situation is meant for you if the microwave transmitters are not taken down and banned now.
I sometimes publish some of what the wirelessly delivered voices of the criminal operatives of this human control system say to me and here is some of what they have been saying to me and about me to each other in the past few days as follows:-
“What will we do with her when she is ours?”
“We can’t have you sending out information like this.”
“Is there anyone in Dublin to put a stop to this woman’s nonsense.”
“Keep a civil tongue in your head.”
“I’m out. I am letting go of my investment in this woman.”
“We haven’t anything on her but I could make up something pretty quick.”
“What evidence have you against this individual.” “None whatsoever. She never committed a crime in her life.” You better manufacture some evidence then.”
“Recently we’ve had a lot of activity in this area and we’re very keen to get a system in place.”
“There is pressure on the side of her jaws at the moment. ” “Do we care.” “No”.
“She drinks.” “She doesn’t drink alcohol.” “I didn’t say she drinks alcohol.”
“I own you and everything about you.”
“Put a muzzle on her.”
“We wish to bring people who have irritable bowel syndrome under government control.”
“Ask Dunnes Stores to cease selling yellow and white garments as well as red and white garments because it is confusing my system of knowing the status of the human being which I see on my screen.”
“Open the bowel is not the case.” This was said while I was sitting on the toilet in the privacy of my own home where I was entirely alone and the outer doors were locked.
“They saw me moving the body.” ( The last sentence “they saw me moving the body” was said by one of the criminal brain weapon experts in relation to the fact that the individuals who forced me to become brain to brain interfaced with them against my will and without my permission through illegal implants and electrodes and other particulates inside my head and body can move the trunk of my body up and down by wireless external means when I am lying in my bed alone at night. These same individuals have illegally placed implants in my eyes which show up as fluorescent green when I shine an ultra violet light into my eyes so I can prove that they are there. They informed me that other operatives who work from a different location than the aforementioned group of operatives and whose job it is to monitor all of what I see and hear on a continual basis would have seen my body moving up and down in my bed against my will because on this particular occasion I happened to look down at my body while it was occurring. They further informed me that the second group of operatives have a duty to report any anomalies to head office and they would have reported that my body was being moved against my will. For some reason the first group of operatives are afraid that the second group of operatives who are responsible for monitoring all my audio and visual input will report that they have been moving the trunk of my body vigorously by wireless external means via control of my central nervous system and this has happened on many occasions down through the last number of years.

My name is Gretta Fahey and my address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560,  Republic of Ireland.

My website which I alone own and control is called

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Ok here is the story people had masters and slaves a long time it's not just Remote Neural Monitering it's Remote Neural Asscess A.K.A Slaves And Masters it's how to controal some one i know they been doing this to me and my wife for years. people wanted to steal technologie and there stupid. you know how people black out and can recall what happened ?

Ok someone tryed to do this to my wife moments ago there idiots. this is how some people think there cool they try to make girls do stuff and men there loosers. see some used this for self defence and others use it to be assholes.

when they talk of masters and slaves the master can make people do things here not spose to some did this for self defence others are offencive. to try to make girls sex slaves and do harm to others.

this is what i fought against for years to end the chips. they try to access a chip and remote controal other humans this is what these losers do. there are ways of doing it some call it mastering. it''s done through a mind controal device or implant. alot of people been hideing and lieing bout this for years.

people are not spose to speak of it they do not want it stoped. since they just tryed to make my wife jennifer do something to me im releaseing the info. the more they do the more i will release.

see whit the mind controal devices it's posable to do these people are dangerous some so they want to blaim 2 my wife never realy knew about it and now she is like knowing some stuff becouse people are trying to make her know to pretend she knows alot she dose not now.

you ever have a thought you never knew where it came from ?

you ever just say something and you do not recall ?

now you know how it was done.

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