疫苗 (2)


Mind Control News this week (October 24 to 29, 2020)

1. This week, the metamorphosis mind controller was deprived my sleeping by remote electronic weapon at night, maliciously voice inducing. At the same time mapping me with someone who got respiratory diseases, making me unable to breathing. During the afternoon, the metamorphosis mind controller remote electronic energy weapons caused me felt sleepy as well as some people in working whom unable to concentrated on their jobs.

Also the metamorphosis mind controller mapping me with two perps, one in left and one in right hand side with different skin colour, caused my face left and right sides have uneven colour as well as my legs shows different size.

On the other hand, mapping me with someone who stay in a high-noise environment, used to tortured my hearing 24/7.

And other one was mapping me with someone who got Jaundice, shows in eyes with yellow colour.

2. The cases about Flu. vaccines caused deaths in various countries are not matter of the vaccines, but the remote electronic weapon attack.

The same problems occurred in clinical trials of Covid-19. Many pharmaceutical companies stopped their R&D because they could not fight to remote electronic weapons.

Warn to the targeted individuals, if you are the main target, please take a consideration when shot.


1. 本週變態控機賤人晚間遙控電子武器睡眠剥奪,惡意潛聲,同時將鼻塞,呼吸道疾病者同我併感覺,令我沒法入睡。日間下午時份將我同工作人員一起併感覺,遙控電子武器令我們昏昏欲睡,沒辦法集中精神工作。




2. 各國流感疫苗出現死亡事件,原因不在疫苗,而是種疫苗者受電子武器攻擊致死。

Covid-19 的臨床實驗也出現相同問題,多家藥廠因沒辦法同電子武器抗衝而停止研發疫苗。所以提醒被腦控受害者,如果您是被主要針對的目標,接種疫苗時需加倍小心。

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1.   本週全世界的焦點都放在武漢冠狀肺炎病毒,當專家都束手無策時,我突發其想,會否同腦控微波頻率有關,如果將疫區的磁場改變,是否可起殺菌作用?我之所以有此一說,是因為我香港家中自搬入,未曾見過螞蟻,有次腦控空間有人提出和我做個實驗,令我家中產生螞蟻,而事實上真的做到,微波頻率可以將螞蟻傳播到目標地點,而隨頻率的不同隨時可以被消失。同樣原理,病毒可以來得如此之快,隨著磁場頻率的改變,同樣可以將細菌消滅。望科學家由此方面研究。為證實我的看法,腦控空間有好心人借出自己的微波屏蔽器做實驗,用三天的時間屏蔽病患者, 全部痊癒 (有說實際只需要三小時, 因有病患咳嗽太久而喉嚨發炎, 所以需要更長的時間). 但有人責疑痊癒者可能是假性冠狀肺炎。到底哪一種是事實的真相?相信只有專家可給予正確的答案。


2.   有某離職的專欄作家,作為網上打手,通過我眼睛,跟蹤我閱讀新聞,並將未經證實的新聞發佈上網,後經證實是假新聞而將責任推於我身上,同時將此作為借口遙控電子武器令我頭痛以換取一萬元作為他發佈假新聞的酬勞。正所謂文人多敗類,為賺取區區一萬元港元,不惜一切代價發放疫情假新聞,製造社會恐慌,更加喪心病狂地遙控電子武器增加傳染病患者。此人是新聞從業員之恥,社會的敗類!



3.   很多被腦控受害者都有過被賊仔入屋打劫的經驗,大部分都是使用電子密碼鎖所引起,密碼很清楚是因腦控讀心術而得知。而另一方面所有電子鎖只要停電一次,電腦程式就可以控制到你家中的電子鎖開關,甚至強制關閉你家中的電子鎖,勒索金錢才自動開門。所以你家的電子鎖非受你自己控制,而是電腦駭客所控制,安裝電子鎖的請小心防範, 就算有電芯後備電也起不了作用.


4. 本週腦控空間賤人鄧子豐,森美利用腦控技術,潛入虛假思維,無論我身處何方何地,正在步行中或者工作中,不停潛入負面虛假思維,當他們知道誰人在聽時,就挑撥離間我和聽者的關係,令我不勝其擾。






Mind Control space news this week (February 8 to 14, 2020)


1.    This week, all people focus on Wuhan Coronary Virus. When the experts at their wits' end with this symptoms, I suddenly wondered may it related to the brain-controlled microwave frequency, If the magnetic field in the epidemic area getting changed, can it taking effect for bactericidal action?  

The reason why I said is my experience that when I moved in my home in Hong Kong, I have never seen an ant. One day someone in the brain control space proposed to do an experiment with me to make ants in my home. In fact, it done. The microwave frequency can transmit ants to the targeted site at soon, and can disappear at any time with changed the frequencies. By the same principle, the viruses come spread so fast out of control, may the frequency can change for kill bactericidal at once. Hope the scientists will consider this issue. 

In order to confirm my idea, a kindly person in Brain Control Space borrowed his own microwave shield to conduct experiments, blocked the sick patients for three days, and they were all recovery (It said that it only need three hours, because patients have inflammation in the throat since cough for long-time, so it count the time longer to three days). However, some doctors suspect that the recovery patients may only got pneumonia, not COVID-19. 

Which one is the truth? It was out of my knowledge, I believe that only experts can give correct answers.


2.   A resigned columnist, as an internet ghostwriter, follow my eyes to stalking my reading of the news, posted unverified news to the Internet, and later confirmed that was fake news, then put the responsibility on me. At the same time remote electronic harassment caused me a headache in exchange for 10,000 yuan as his remuneration for publishing fake news, in order for only 10,000 Hong Kong dollars to distribute fake news to create social panic, and remotely control electronic weapons to increase the number of patients with infectious diseases. such person is a shame for journalists, a social scum!

As known such person who has run away to other Asian countries and lived the life same as a concentration camp. This is a cause-and-effect retribution!


3. Many targeted individual have experience for robbed by thieves. Most of them are caused by use of electronic code locks. The passwords are clearly known by brain control mind reading. On the other hand, as long as all the electronic locks are power off once, the computer program can control the electronic lock switch in your home, then the hacker will threat for money to unlock. So your electronic lock is not controlled by yourself, but by a computer hacker. Please be careful when installing an electronic lock, even if you have a battery backup, it will not work.


4. This week, Tang Chi Fung, Sammy Leung used brain control technology to irrupted false thinking. No matter where I am, in walking or at work, they continue to irrupted negative false thinking when they know who is listening,  to provoked the relationship between me and the listener, which made me felt so  nuisance.

But at the same time, I found out that when the chip controller mapping my brains with others, although others’ brain sound were used by my own, my brain could think separately from him. I tried to ignore his voice from my brain, I can handle my brain to thought and do my own thing. Although I was disturbed by his thinking and failed to concentrate, but at least I can do what I wanted, of course, the efficiency would slower than in normal situation.

Mostly, when the perps irrupted the false thinking, the victims who will clarify as soon as possible to avoid the misunderstand. When the perp dives into your voice for 24 hours, you will have to deal with it for 24 hours without being able to do anything that you have to, so try your best, ignore the fake thinking interference whatever, do what you need to do. I understand if someone know you that they will understood, otherwise your explanation is useless, don’t waste time to argue with the perps, using your own time to do what you want. Everyone Don't give up and keep it up!


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