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Mind Control News this week (October 24 to 29, 2020)

1. This week, the metamorphosis mind controller was deprived my sleeping by remote electronic weapon at night, maliciously voice inducing. At the same time mapping me with someone who got respiratory diseases, making me unable to breathing. During the afternoon, the metamorphosis mind controller remote electronic energy weapons caused me felt sleepy as well as some people in working whom unable to concentrated on their jobs.

Also the metamorphosis mind controller mapping me with two perps, one in left and one in right hand side with different skin colour, caused my face left and right sides have uneven colour as well as my legs shows different size.

On the other hand, mapping me with someone who stay in a high-noise environment, used to tortured my hearing 24/7.

And other one was mapping me with someone who got Jaundice, shows in eyes with yellow colour.

2. The cases about Flu. vaccines caused deaths in various countries are not matter of the vaccines, but the remote electronic weapon attack.

The same problems occurred in clinical trials of Covid-19. Many pharmaceutical companies stopped their R&D because they could not fight to remote electronic weapons.

Warn to the targeted individuals, if you are the main target, please take a consideration when shot.


1. 本週變態控機賤人晚間遙控電子武器睡眠剥奪,惡意潛聲,同時將鼻塞,呼吸道疾病者同我併感覺,令我沒法入睡。日間下午時份將我同工作人員一起併感覺,遙控電子武器令我們昏昏欲睡,沒辦法集中精神工作。




2. 各國流感疫苗出現死亡事件,原因不在疫苗,而是種疫苗者受電子武器攻擊致死。

Covid-19 的臨床實驗也出現相同問題,多家藥廠因沒辦法同電子武器抗衝而停止研發疫苗。所以提醒被腦控受害者,如果您是被主要針對的目標,接種疫苗時需加倍小心。

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Mind Control News this week (October 17 to 23, 2020)

1. Had been told that the mind control space used zoning control to facilitated the police to enforce the law, but the metamorphosis mind controllers still harassed victims across districts. We urge the manager who in charge of mind control space should strictly enforce and punish whom remote control electronic harassment and assurance cross-regional.

2. Last time I mentioned that the Chief Executive removed my name from the government list for my own freedom, but someone who did not set me free, also added my name to the list again. As said, someone tried to get me in just for got my own monthly salary 30,000 yuan, so put my name in list again. now I understood why the judger can not gave me a law protection order. It was unfair to me, I never ever got any salaries from government or mind control space, and now told me because someone want to got my salaries, so I had stay at mind control space being electronic harassment and mental torture. What is wrong with? Who got my salaries in the brain-controlled space those years? If it was a government official, why did they kept continue to paid the salary to wrong person? any hidden secrets in it?

3. Recently, the metamorphosis mind controller kept mapping me with the patients who got NIDDM and CKD, caused my mouth dry, bitter, stinky, puffy eyes, dark circles and blurred vision, and always felt tired. Although there were only a feeling, but I got a psychological threat, which was indeed a mental torture.

4. Recently, Hong Kong start to have a medical promotion, used remote control for diagnosis. The controller used the healthy people mapping with diabetic patient, the diagnosed result shows that the healthy people got diabetes after drank black coffee on an empty stomach. I believed which is a big big joke, Right?

The medical profession knows that all Hong Kong citizens are under mind control, mapping five senses can cause the same symptoms , why still promoted remote diagnosis, what is their intention, attempt to turn Hong Kong into a sick city? Or create miracles for drug sales growth?

5. About 5 million "Likes" on my Facebook were missing for no reason. I believed that our power for fighting brain control has shocked the nerves of mind control perps.

All my “likes” came from your support, and we will continue to against mind control, exposure more news for your study!


1. 據說,現時腦控空間實行分區管制,以便警方執法。但變態控機賤人依舊跨區施害。望空間管理者嚴格執行,懲罰無定向喪心病狂跨區施害行為。

2. 上次提到特首以我個人自由原因,將我名字從政府名單中刪除,但不知何故又被列入名單中,後來得知名單中的我月薪有三萬港幣,有人為取得我薪金而將我名字再次放入,但我自始至終不僅未取得分毫,而且長期受到精神折磨和電子武器摧殘。到底其中出現了什麼問題?這些年我在腦控空間的薪金由誰人所取?由何時開始?如果是政府官員,為何明知支錯薪仍繼續下去?其中是否有不可告人的秘密?

3. 近期變態控機賤人將糖尿病患者,腎病患者同我併感覺,令我口乾,口苦,口有異味,眼腫,黑眼圈和視力模糊,感覺疲憊。雖然只是感覺,但也造成心理威脅,實屬精神折磨。

4. 近期香港推出遙距診症,有人將健康者與糖尿病患者合併後,健康者在空肚飲黑咖啡的情況下,被診斷出有糖尿病,成本世紀一大笑話。


5. 不知何故,我 Facebook 約500萬個 ”Like” 被無故失蹤,相信反腦控的威力已震懾到腦控賤人的神經,這一切有賴大家對反腦控的支持。我們會繼續努力不懈!

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Mind Control News this week (October 10 to 16, 2020)

1. Once again, I would like to remind everyone that the Hong Kong bank has a A/C same as my Chinese and English name, but with a different ID number, such account used by a brain-controlled bitch for money laundering. The mind controller used my reputation to blackmail people's money and deposit it into a money laundering account with the same name. Since the money laundering account continued to have money deposited. If you are being blackmailed, please contact me ASAP.

2. According to reports, 40% of Hong Kong movie stars and actors are being changed to robots. They look exactly the same as original, and the real human have also disappeared. If keep on replace to robots from human, the hi-technology end up helping people or murder people?

The advantage of robots can solve the problems of food shortages in the future, but they can also replace humans and being use by mind controller to do something illegal.

On the other hand, our laws have not yet complete with Hi-technology in same time. Robots commit crimes. Who taking legal responsibility? Is the robot manufacturer, or the user, or someone behind it for manipulate with high-tech? How to proof? How to discriminate? It is a new issue.

3. The trouble makers whom involved in electronic harassment are radio DJs and media. Today all news come from data collecting machines, the foreign news can be publish after translation, There is no need out for news, It saved the time and the human resources than before. So there are a lots of media people loss their jobs, and some people prefer wrote a articles for the column without paid, only for becoming famous, and then use electronic harassment in the brain-controlled space for harm innocents to lives. Now you understood why most of metamorphosis mind controllers are media sluts.

4. The problems caused by mind mapping:

Some elders are lost by mapping with perp’s mind. the perp leads the elder to a place where the elder never been before, and then separates his mind, which makes the elder instantly lost. Warn to the elders, keep your address with you all the times;

One day, when you wake up, you found yourself in a strange place? How can you do? guide the body which mapping you to the nearest police station to tell the police that you are being mapping by mind control technology, and ask the police who help you to separate your minds as soon as possible.

5. The cases in this week, the mind hacker targeted to the elders, used the hacker’s mind leading the elders back to their home, transfer their luxury products to someone who connected to the hacker.

And other case leading the elders withdraw the cash from the bank and imperceptibly misled them which was dirty tissue and then throwing them into the trash box for stalker to pick up. Please pay more attention to the elders when they being targeted to prevent property losses.


1. 又一次提醒大家,香港銀行有同我相同中英文名,但不同身分證號碼銀行戶口存在,據說是腦控賤人用於洗黑錢的戶口。變態賤人利用我的名譽,勒索他人金錢後存入相同姓名的洗黑錢戶口,因洗黑錢戶口持續有錢存入。如您是被勒索者,請同我聯絡。

2. 據透露,香港娛樂圈明星有四成是機械人,同明星,藝員原來真人的樣貌一模一樣,而大部分真人也告失蹤。科技的進步到底是帮助了人類或是害了人類?機械人的好處是可以解決食物短缺的問題,但它們同時也可取替人類,被別有用心的人用於做犯法的事情。


3. 現時在腦控空間搞事者都是電台DJ,新聞傳媒。現時做新聞很容易,每天經電腦資料搜集,將外國新聞翻譯後,即可刊登,不需採訪和出外採集資料。寫專欄的世界文章一大抄,大部分都沒有薪金,只搏知名度,然後於腦控空間遙控電子武器害人賺錢為生。至此大家明白為何腦控空間賤人大部份是傳媒人。

4. 併思維所引起的問題:


當一覺醒來時,發現自己被併思維到陌生的地方怎麼辦? 引導身體擁有者到就近警局,向警方表明被腦控的景況,希望警方盡快將兩者思維分開,還彼此自由。

5. 本週案件,有賊人同長者併思維,以賊人的思維為主導,引領長者到自己家中,將家中寶物轉走。


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Mind Control News this week (July 11 to 17, 2020)
1. The metamorphosis mind controller remote control electronic harassment for whole week long, caused me headaches. Although the pain degree was reduced but it lasted long time per day, also continued to sleep deprivation at night. I believe the purpose were used to harm victim's mental and physical, weakness our concentration and memory power.
At the same time, the metamorphosis mind controller mapping me with someone who got eyes disable, caused me can not focus all the time.
2. According to media, the number of covid-19 cases in Hong Kong was increasing again, whether it is true or false. I believe that only being mind control victims whom can understood what happened. The government spends a lot of money on vaccines that will not taking any result. why don’t they direct use for R&D to the shield that can block to electronic weapon attacks If the government was threatening by mind control?
3. All governments over the world are calling on citizens to maintain a social distance, but the metamorphosis mind controller still mapping me with many people, even mapping with breathe and feeling。 Openly challenged the law and defy the law..
Urge the government to elaborate regulations in brain-controlled space to completely protect the safety of citizens. As you known that brain controll technology can spread viruses through human-to-human and computer-to-human methods in various ways.
1. 本週變態控機賤人持續遙控電子武器令我頭痛,雖然力度減輕但持久,晚間繼續睡眠剥奪,相信此舉目的是消耗受害者腦力,體力, 專注力和記憶力。
2. 從新聞報導得知,香港疫情個案又在增加,是真是假,相信只有被腦控受害者最明白其中的真相。如果政府確實是受到腦控威脅,為何只花大量資源研究疫苗,而不將資源用於研究如何屏蔽電子武器攻擊呢?
3. 全世界政府都在呼籲市民保持社交距離,但控機賤人仍將多人同我併身體,甚至併呼吸,併感覺,公然挑戰法律!蔑視法律!
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Mind control news this week (May 23 to 29, 2020)


1. This week, the metamorphosis machine controller remote electronic harassment, caused me headache and vomiting lasted over 48 hours from the noon of the 23rd to the noon of the 25th, and reportedly caused at least 3 deaths. On the night of the 25th, continues remote control electronic weapon caused sleep deprivation until the 26th. I was reported the case to the Hong Kong Police on May 24, Vancouver time. The report number is ERC2005252048901.

The 48-hour tortured was suspected for fund rising, it may used to support the Taiwanese media against China. Who is the murder whom financier the dirty money?


2. The Canadian government requires the person who in charge of the brain-controlled space to provide a list of victims. The controller summited one list which replace the victims with the perpetrators. Someone even provide fake human experiment contracts, misleading the government thought that the parties stayed on voluntary basis.

After the observer found that many of the victims were still being mind controlled, understood the list was false and ask for summit again.

I am wondering why the Canadian government asked the perps provide a list of victims? How can they trust they will provide a true list, they all used to harm for live in mind control space, tortured the surviver everyday?


3. Today the hot topic was the China-Hong Kong National Security Law, it caused a commotion by opposite side. I really don't understand what they against for? the mind control have already harm to threatened national security and the safety of citizens? Why still have a lots of people whom insist on opposing? Are they brain damage? I guess they are being mind control too long to disability?


4. At the present, there are many famous charity founders who disappeared or were secretly murdered and replaced by microwave AI with the same appearance. Then the charity turn to participate in the human experiment project, and money laundering activities in brain control space. Using the charity based to undertakings money for themselves, the founder spent their whole life, build up the reputation, contribution to society. Now being destroyed by someone else.

I hope all of you, checking the background of charities before doing donation, so as not to fall into the trap.


5. As mentioned in the previous issue, the number of suicides in Hong Kong exceeded 4,000 per day in 2018. Many people felt shock and unbelievable, ask me per day or per year? Is per day. It was the advertisements of the suicide prevention agencies which post in the main bus stops in Hong Kong at 2018.

Why I repeat it, is to tell you that Covid-19 is not the most terrible one. The death caused by brain control is far more serious than the virus.

Calling people, pay more attention to the mind control, it seriously harm to your mental health as well as human body.




1. 本週變態控機賤人由23日傍晚至25日中午長達48小時精神折磨,持續遙控電子武器令我頭痛和嘔吐,已知引起3人死亡,未知的不計其數。25日晚遙控電子武器睡眠剥奪至26日。我已於溫哥華時間5月24日向香港警方報案,報案編號:ERC2005252048901.



2. 加拿大政府要求腦控空間負責人提供一份受害者名單,控機賤人將受害者同施害者名單掉換,甚至有人提供假的人體實際合同,誤導政府以為當事人是出於自願而留在空間。後觀察者發現很多受害者仍處於被腦控,才發覺名單造假而發回重查。



3. 中港國安法事件在香港引起騷動,我真的不明白,目前香港腦控攻擊已威脅到國家安全,市民安全,為何仍有一大帮人堅持反對?難道反對者已被腦控至腦殘的地步?切不可低估腦控機對港人腦部的控制和傷害,以目前情況來看,香港腦殘者所占數量確不少。


4. 目前有很多出名的慈善機構創辦人離奇失蹤,或被暗中謀殺後,換成樣貌一模一樣的微波人。然後參與腦控空間人體實驗工程,洗黑錢活動。利用善長人翁所開拓的慈善事業為自己斂財,將創辦人的一生心血,對社會貢獻的善舉,名譽地位毀之一旦。望大家做善事時,多了解慈善機構的背景,以免誤中陷阱。


5. 上期提到2018年香港自殺人數每天超過4000人,很多人都覺得匪夷所思,質問是每天或是每年?答案是每天。是香港防止自殺機構在各大巴士站的宣傳廣告,意在引起大家對精神健康的關註。我重提的原因是想告訴大家,Covid-19 並非最可怕,腦控所造成的死亡遠比病毒所造成的嚴重,呼籲大家關注腦控所帶來的無情傷害。


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Mind Control Space News this week (January 4 to 10, 2020)  


1.  From self-awareness of being mind control, the metamorphosis chip controller mapping me with many elders, which made me got slowly movement and had a slow on the uptake. And frequently remote electronic weapons made me headache, always sleeping deprivation and lethargic but unable to enter deep sleep. 

For a long time During the day, I ca n’t concentrated in everything , my memory is declining, I suspect that the metamorphosis chip controller has set my brain control mode as "weaker down will". It is said that this mode is not as my understand used to aging my brain, but is often used for high school students, used to slowly weak their concentration, causing unable to focus on their studies, and then attract them to buy "Adderall."  

Here's a warning to high school students that the smart drugs wake you up just for a moment, but let you dying for your whole life.   

— It Cannot against to electronic negative energy devices; — When metamorphosis chip controller mapping you with someone who got mental disorder, you also becoming mental disorder in that moment, the smart drugs can not taking effect. 

— When you taking drug, the metamorphosis chip controller remote control of the electronic energy device makes you energetic and smart, that will attracting you to continue use, until addicted to drug Can't from pull out. 

 — When the bitch wants you to die, they will secretly change your pills until die from chronic poisoning.  

So do not abuse drugs for high scores. Especially for the victims of being brain control, our spirit has been imprisoned. If also controlled by drugs, that you are going to the path which send you to hell. 

Remember when you under controlled by the brain machine, smart or idiot was all controlled by the brain control machine. It was unable to change the situation by self-abilities or drugs; it need your most stronger willpower to against.   


 2. There are victims in the brain control space. In order to know the identity of the brain control perps, they use money to attract them to show their identity cards in exchange for money, once they use electronic harassment, can report to police and sue for them.  But the perp got the money and hide their true identity by steal other’s identity card. So when you pay the money to identify them, please pay attention to distinguish fake or truth of the identity and ID card, ever it is good idea for you to know the perp but it may urge the perp to steel ID card from someone else. Don’t forget the perp who using the mind control technology as well.  

On the other hand, those who are being mapping as GSP in the brain control space can receive a deserved salary, but in order to repudiate on pay, the brain control perp uses the relationship around the victim to deceive the victim's photocopy of the ID card as proof to pocket the salaries of victims in space. The perp even used for criminal acts such as extortion of money.   

Many times, we inevitably need to submit photocopies of personal identification documents, such as visas for travel agencies, opening bank accounts, buying real estate, renting houses, etc. Unfortunately, you encounter the staffs who without professional ethics, collusion with mind control perps to disclosure victim’s personal information, and the perp will use the victim's ID copy in exchange for the victims' salaries to continue to harm the victims. 

Your identity documents not only a piece of paper. but it can cost your whole life which we impossible to defend effectively.  

In response to today's Vancouver news, the police cracked a group which falsification of identity card, the main brain is Chinese. 

Hereby warning to the mind control perps, attempts and intentions to forge identity documents of others, the maximum penalty in Hong Kong law is 14 years in prison.  


3.  Recently, cases of pneumonia coronavirus of unknown origin have been found in Wuhan and Hong Kong. It reminds me that my cough, which is often caused by an electronic weapon attack, can last up to 100 days until cough to bleeding, then after the metamorphosis chip controller adjusts the brain control machine to normal to recovery. I wonder if the Wuhan case is related to the brain-control device of microwave effect? If so, the patients don’t need to take any clinical treatment, just taking a bowl of congee which cook with brown rice and cucumber every morning, seasoned with a little bit sea salt, It can taking throat anti-inflammatory effect, also drink honey water morning and evening to keep your sound.   

As we known, the mind control machine can harm to people in many ways. Firstly, remotely control electronic weapons to make the victim cough, and then remotely control the energy device to make the victim's body cold and hot exchange, like a fever and cold. When the victim taking body check, the metamorphosis chip controller will be mapping the patient who got black spots in the lung to the victim, which made the test report shows bacterial infections.  

I have experienced all of the above in the days when I being mind control without self-wakens. I was fortunate to have a good doctor who got great professional ethics, so I never wrong in treatment to have a healthy today.

 I hope everyone will be careful to confirm and verify your own healthy when you under mind control, and wish you all have great healthy in the new year!


1. 自知道被腦控後,變態賤人將我同多名老者併芯片,令我動作緩慢,反應遲鈍,經常遙控電子武器令我頭痛,昏昏欲睡但又沒辦法進入深睡狀態. 長期以來,日間精神沒法集中,記憶力衰退,懷疑變態控芯片賤人將我的腦控模式定為"散漫意志”,據說此模式非我理解的將受害者老化,而是很多時用於高中生身上,控制他們在學習上不能集中精神,然後吸引他們購買”聰明藥(Adderall)”。  在此提醒高中班學生,食用聰明藥只是瞬間醒腦,但: 

— 不能同腦控電子負能量器抗衡; 

— 當同智障人士併芯片,一樣沒法思考,聰明藥也變智障藥; 

— 當你食藥時,賤人遙控電子能量器令你精力充沛,頭腦精明,以此吸引你持續沉溺於藥物至不能自拔; 

— 當賤人想你死時,會暗中掉換藥物,令你慢性中毒死。  

所以切不可為取得高分的成績而濫用藥物。 特別是被腦控受害者,我們精神已被禁錮,如再加上被藥物控制的話,有如行尸走肉,癈物一般。就算今次取得最好的成績,以後人生路更長,長期依賴藥物,會令你走上不歸路。



2. 腦控空間有受害者為知道腦控賤人身份,用錢吸引他們呈報身分證去換錢,以此知道他們的真正身份,以便日後被滋擾,傷害時可報警拉人。賤人為隱藏自己真正的身份,盜取他人身份證去取錢。所以大家在識別他們身份時,請小心留意身份證的真偽,以免造成更多身份證失盜的情況。  




因應今天溫哥華新聞, 警方破獲一偽造身分證集團, 主腦是華人. 

在此提醒腦控賤人, 企圖和意圖偽造他人身份證明文件, 香港法例最高刑罰是監禁14年. 


 3. 近日武漢,香港都發現不明來源的肺炎冠狀病毒個案,令我想起我很多時因被電子武器攻擊所引起的咳嗽,可長達一百天,直至咳出血和失聲後,賤人調教腦控機至正常才得以恢復。此次武漢病例不知是否同微波效應之腦控設備有關?如是者,不需服藥,只需每天早餐服食玄米煮青瓜粥,加小許海鹽作為清熱消炎,同時早晚飲用蜜糖水以保聲線。




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1. 本周有一件匪夷所思的事情發生於我家中,變態控機賤人將正在逃亡的兄弟和影像投射於我家中的每一張椅,然後利用他們作為定位掩飾進行竊聽活動,其中有人偷窺泰國皇室。因在現實生活中我是看不到他們,當我坐下梳化時,聽到逃犯講,我所坐的位置是他的,無論我坐任何位置都有不同的逃犯出聲,當我不理會他們繼續坐下時,變態賤人遙控電子武器令我頭部劇痛,然後昏睡過去,當我醒過來時,頭昏腦脹,極之辛苦。










2. 據報,和我中英文名字相同,身份證號碼相異的一個香港銀行戶口仍在進行洗黑錢活動,而在腦控空間的政府官員卻視若無睹。奇怪,難道又是用於政治獻金。


3. 冠狀肺炎大流行期間,對於是否帶口罩大家中外有很大的分別,大部份中國人都支持戴口罩,而溫哥華白人卻不喜歡。我個人做法是當到人多的地方時即戴,人少空氣流通時不用。但近期當我入超市購物時,變態控機賤人經常遙控電子武器刺激我鼻咽,令我打噴嚏,所以逢入超市,我一定帶,以免影響他人,而有超市也開始強制客戶帶口罩。




4. 隨著科技的進步,複製人已不是新鮮的事物。假如有一天,當你回到家中,見到倆位樣貌一模一樣的媽媽,你有何反應?如何去辦認真假?你會接受她們住在你家中嗎?










Mind control news this week (May 30 to June 5, 2020)


1. These was a unbelievable thing happened this week, it was totally beyond my imagination. The metamorphosis chip controller set few of shadow perps to my home without my consent. There are sit on my every chairs as GPS to cover their group stalking, as told, someone stalking royal Thailand. Since I can not saw them at real life, I only hear voices, when I sit in my chair, I was being told from voice to skull that all the chairs they were used, I ignored what they said, and sit what I want, the metamorphosis chip controller remote control electronic made me headache and fall asleep over 2 hours, when I wake up, felt so tired, dizzy and exhaust.


Can you believe, the perps key-in shadows trespass to my home, and force me can not sit in my own chair at home, what is wrong?  The mind control have reached an unbearable level that I can not bear it. I heard the voice similar to Andy Lai, Pang Ho-Cheung, Timothy Tse, Ivan Ho etc.


After above, it was 2 days further, when I back home, the metamorphosis chip controller remote electronic for headache and force to asleep. Wake up to asleep, asleep to wake up whole days, I felt my brain not my own, muddling and drifting all the day. 


This experience made me understood why so many elderly fall asleep everywhere whatever home or park, it was the tricky from the perps, used to weakness your mind concentration, logical thinking and memory, for they easy  manipulate to you.


2. As I said before, there is another bank account same as my name both in Chinese and English, but difference in ID number. Such account still used for money laundering, and the government known but not taking any action, could it be possible that political used? I don’t know, only can warn to my friends be aware.


3. In Covid-19 pandemic, people argued mask or not mask, most of Chinese said musk, others only few to support. I said, depends on difference situation, I will wear mask in supermarket since the metamorphosis chip control keep remote attack my nose to sneeze when I in supermarket.


Some store and supermarket force the shopper to wear mask, the advantage for wear mask can psychologically keep safe, but the disadvantage will increasing the criminal may out of control. What do you think, mask or no mask if you are the store owner? 


4. In today’s technology, the clones were not just a news, they will step to your family in fact. If some day, have 2 mothers show up in your home in same face and appearance, what’s your reacting? How can you disquisition between which one is real one? Do you accept them as your family member?


Next case, may someday there is a women tell you, she was your mother’s clone after your mother dead,  and want to take place of your mother, if you can accept her, give you all your mother’s heritage, what do you think? As a daughter, you know she may a murder who kill you mother.


And other case, someday, someone tell you that your child no your own,  he had being change with others long time ago, but he made you wealth, what will you do? keep him with you to continue developing your assets? or let him go, worry about may someday he will kill you and change you to clone too.


Above cases not only a dream, but true. My personal experience, I have three  friends, they have clones in China, fortunately,  all the clones have they own identities and parents.


As the victims of mind control, the perps show up all our privacy to public, if the stalker mapping to the clone, it can easy change to clone from human, kill our human not doubt, it can easy lie to all your relatives and friends. So start today, educate your family, how to prevent the clone trespass to your family, how to keep human safe no being kill to clone. It is a big question in today’s technology which developing speedy.





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1. 每天溫哥華時間下午三時至五時左右,無論我身在何處,是否正在工作,變態控機賤人遙控電子武器令人昏昏欲睡。當我身處家中,沒法抵擋電子武器攻擊而昏睡時,變態控機賤人將淫穢影像投射於我家中,令人誤以為我正在做三級表演,賤格!




2. 每次開始電子武器摧殘前,腦控機都會收到被摧殘者名單和資料。而當有姓"鄧"在名單上時,變態控機賤人就遙控電武器令我頭痛。據見到腦控機資料的人講,每次收到名單後,有人將受害者的資料換成十惡不赦的人,令受害者飽受電子武器摧殘之苦,相信我只冰山一角,仍有很多清白的人被人偷換個人資料而飽受電子武器摧殘。當見到腦控機換回”蔡"我的個人資料時,摧殘即停止。








3. 近期在腦控空間施行電子武器的劊子手,據說是己離職的前香港警司,伙同賴昌星餘孽姓吳的一伙和馬鼎盛廣州粵劇界各方人馬,他們利用腦控空間電子武器推殘打壓異己,進行詐騙案,打劫等犯罪活動,而警方對他們的行為卻視若無睹,據警務人員聲稱,他們大部份都被腦控,對他們只能啞忍,不敢抗衛。


4. 腦控機有一功能,可遙控電子武器刺激受害者鼻咽至鼻敏感,打噴嚏,流鼻水,甚至鼻塞至沒辦法透氣,此只是微波病症,非冠狀肺炎。請大家小心分辨。


5. 本週,變態控機賤人於零晨時分,將我與外出的不同人併芯片,製造很多不同高分貝的噪音,有電單車聲,跑車引擎的聲音,救護車,救火車。不明他們到底想表達什麼? 我的理解是人類生命每分每秒都在受到威脅。


6. 近日有人冒稱是我丈夫和男朋友,到處招搖撞騙。本人在此澄清,我仍是單身,從未結過婚,何來有丈夫。現在處於被腦控的狀況,根本無法結識新朋友,更莫論男朋友。敬請各方小心留意,以免受騙。


Mind Control space News this week (May 16 to 22, 2020)


1.  At everyday, about 3:00pm-5:00pm Vancouver time, the metamorphosis chip controller remote control electronic wave for sleeping whatever I am outside or at home, whatever I working or study, when I stay at home, the perps will projected some dirty images to my home after I fall asleep, used to misled someone that I am in the dirty show. 


Warn to the victims in Vancouver, don’t sit in your bed during above period, the eyes stalker will misled that you are the sexual worker. 


2. As said, every time before electronic harassment, the mind control machine controllers will received a list of name, when the name “Tang” show up, the metamorphosis chip controller will put my chip for torture to headache until turn my name “Choi” show up to stop. who is “Tang”? I don’t know, but such case told me that the controllers used the innocents to replace of prisons or guilty persons for harassment. I am not the only one. 


As above, we understood the controllers of mind control machine whom they working for, they tortured innocents every day. As I know, there are 10 sets of mind control machine in Hong Kong, control by government, radio station, medical field, education field,  entertainment, media etc, they not only control by big brothers, but multiple categories, they manipulated to all of Hong Kong, such as political, media rendering and economic monopoly etc. they used Hong Kong citizen as human experiment for money, but the leaders keep silent on unfair things of mind control,  violated human rights, treat citizens like dirt. In order to avoid compensation and responsibilities, used electronic weapons kill people in invisible.


According to the statistics of suicide prevention agencies on 2018,  there are over 4000 persons suicide every day caused by mind control, it was not including died in electronic attacked.  The government was intented to eradicate, but the controller used all citizens lives as bargaining chip for threatens,  force government to gave up. I believed that the recent pandemic was the obviously evident which harm to citizen in deeply as well as further economic.


In my personal situation, I being mind control over 40 years, self awake about 10 years, the perps even intended to murder me many time before I awake, but unsuccessful. After I awaken, I binding a punitive agreement in law, which made the perps can not kill but harassment in secretly by changed my personal file to others.


3. Recently, the mind control group in Vancouver, behind the electronic harassment were the number of Hong Kong chief police offices who have resigned many years ago, also immigrated to Canada, they co-operated with the remnants of criminal group, refer to Lai changxin’s case, as well as the actors of Cantonese Opera. They used the mind control space for electronic harassment,  crack down their dissident, planning fraud and rob criminal activities, and the policemen turn a blind eye, why? Since most of the policemen being mind control, only dumb, not dare to resist.


4. The mind control machine also have a function that can remote attack your nose to allergy as well as running nose, sneeze, stuffy nose, there are all microwave symptoms, not Covid-19.


5. This week,  the metamorphosis chip controller mapping me with someone who stay in nose environment, high decibel sound come from difference cars, such as motorcycle, sport car engine, ambulance, fire truck etc. I don’t know what they want, showing their angry? I guess their want to told everybody that our lives are in dangerous every hours every minutes when you under mind control.


6. Recently, Someone fake as my husband and boyfriend to swindle and bluffing. So I have to clarify that I am single, never marry before, also have not boyfriend yet since under mind control situation. Warn to all my friends, be aware to the trap that may set up by the perps.





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腦控空間本週新聞(2020-03-14 to 2020-03-20)



1. 因應冠狀病毒大流行,各國為了自保,已陸續關閉國門。但大家都忽略了腦控空間存在的問題。我身在溫哥華,而變態控芯片賤人仍持續將身在加拿大以外的人同我併芯片,仍然受到講廣東話的賤人滋擾,他們大部份都有呼吸道疾病,令我不勝其煩之餘,更擔心病毒跨國傳染,以此引起公眾恐慌,繼而勒索金錢!


2. 本週變態控芯片賤人於溫哥華時間大約下午三時半開始,不停遙控電了武器令我身體發冷,我將自己靠近熱氣機仍有冰冷的感覺。


3. 變態控芯片賤人經常將多人抽氣扇的噪音同我併芯片,令我長期受到高音貝干擾,晚間沒辦法深睡。


4. 本週變態控芯片賤人將面型特大者同我併芯片,令我沒辦法上太陽眼鏡;


5. 本週腦控空間有一些性工作者在空間以併芯片賣淫為生,而變態控芯片賤人將他人的淫蕩思維潛入我的思維,以此誤導聽者,將賤人的羞恥嫁祸正當人家。


6. 變態控芯片賤人在腦控機程式上加入”混音”,令我不能清晰的聆聽語音,感覺很暈很累。


Mind control news this week (March 14 to 20, 2020)


1. Since Covid-19,  most of the country shut down the borders, and restriction to the overseas for protected their citizens. But seems forget to block the mind control

Space, in my personal situation, I am in Vancouver now, and the metamorphosis chip controller mapping me with most of perps who are resident outside of Canada, the perps talking about Hong Kong language, most of them got respiratory diseases, I am so worry about infection. 


As I know, the perps using to rise the fear to public for extort money. Sham on you(perps)!


2. In near few days, the metamorphosis chip controller remote control electronic caused my body extremely cold around 15:30 to 17:00 every day, even I got closed to my heat, also can felt frozen in my body.


3. The metamorphosis chip controller mapping me with the people who in the high noise environment when I stay at home, the sound like big exhaust fan.  It was so noised to me, even cannot sleep in night time.


4. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller mapping me with someone who got big face, caused me unable to wear sunglass in outdoor.


5. This week, there are some sexual worker earn to live in mind control space, they incepted the dirty thought to my brain to misled the listener, making shame to me and victims. It was hateful.


6. The metamorphosis chip controller wrote “Shake” to the program in the mind control machine, caused me unable to listen cleanly, felt dizzy and tire all the time.



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1. 本週,變態控芯片賤人遙控電子武器激我腸,令我肚瀉一天,然後關閉我大小便一天,以此精神虐待; 另一方面遙控電子武器刺激我喉嚨,令我咳嗽;似乎想令人以為我受病毒感染。賤格!


2. 本週2月16日,變態控芯片賤人遙控電子武器摧殘,令我和受害者頭痛超過18小時,然後睡眠剥奪; 因搞事者是香港居民,我己用電子郵件向香港警方報案;





3. 我每天起床照鏡時都要問鏡中人” 妳是誰,為什麼換走我的樣?有時每天換幾個不同的樣貌,我每次照鏡樣貌都是陌生人的面孔。變態控芯片賤人甚至將男子同我併芯片,令我樣貌不男不女,電腦成像照出有男性性器官,以為我是變性人。變態!












4. 有人提出一件匪夷所思的事,指香港有部分政客,富豪都離開香港,放件複製人在香港以供遙遠操控; 






Mind Control News this week (February 15 to 21, 2020)


1. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller remote electronic harassment for stimulated my intestine, made me diarrhea 4 times per day, and then turn-off the control key of urine about one day for physiological and psychological abuse; 

On the other hand, remote electronic harassment to stimulated my throat and made me cough; it seems want to make people though that I am infected with a virus. Merciless!

2. On February 16th this week, the metamorphosis chip controller remote control electronic harassment caused me and the victims headache for more than 18 hours, and then sleep deprivation at night; since the perpetrator were Hong Kong resident, I reported the incident to the Hong Kong police by email, the e-Reference Number: ERC2002172019699.

On February 18-19th, this week, the metamorphosis chip controller remote control of electronic harassment again, causing me and the victims headache for more than 16 hours. I reported the case one more time to the HK police by email, the e-Reference Number: ERC2002192020218.

It is said who behind for giving order were Lam Kin-ming, Frederick Ma, Eric Tsang, Ma Dingsheng, Timothy Cheng, Chin Ka Lok, Francis Ng etc.

For more details, please refer to my mind control dairy "Vancouver time 2020-02-15 to 2020-02-21" in my blog.


3. When I get up and look in the mirror every day, I have to ask the person in the mirror, "Who are you, why you stole my look?  I always being changed different looks every day. Every time I look in the mirror, she like a stranger. The metamorphosis chip controller even mapping me with a man, making me look neither male nor female, and the computer imaging showed a male sex organ in my body, such making people thinking that I was transgender. Metamorphosis!

The metamorphosis chip controller used this tricky intended to affect my social life, relationships and make me lose my social network.

It is said that all appearances and ugliness are controlled by the computer. The brain control machine can be connected to the beauty machine. When a beauty camera is added to the computer, all appearance you see will instantly become beautiful. The controller did an experiment with me, adding an ugly mirror in the computer that connected to me. When I watched TV, I saw that all artists were like "Pikachu", all people got two red patches on the face rouge, it was only I saw not others.

Suggest to victims, do not take cosmetic surgery, it is no matter how perfect the cosmetic surgery technique is, but the brain control technology and mapping chips made you ugly.

Don't pay for brain-controlled bitches to get back your real face. They will ask more and more until you stop, then they will make your appearance uglier than normal. Unless you are rich enough.

Never ask the chip controller to mapping someone who you saw so beautiful, it will kill many beautiful men and women who need to survive by their own appearance, they are all innocent victims who are being mind control.


4. I got a rumor, saying that some politicians and the rich men have already left from Hong Kong, and used the clones in Hong Kong for remote control.  Is it true?  unbelievable!

And other rumor, some celebrities were killed in secretly, and then used computer technology to projected on the substitutes people to bring them to life, and the public cannot discriminate seriously which one is truth.

All of the above, in today's brain control technology can certainly done with, but morally it is deceiving the public as trick game, how a terrible thing to say if it was true.



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1.   本週全世界的焦點都放在武漢冠狀肺炎病毒,當專家都束手無策時,我突發其想,會否同腦控微波頻率有關,如果將疫區的磁場改變,是否可起殺菌作用?我之所以有此一說,是因為我香港家中自搬入,未曾見過螞蟻,有次腦控空間有人提出和我做個實驗,令我家中產生螞蟻,而事實上真的做到,微波頻率可以將螞蟻傳播到目標地點,而隨頻率的不同隨時可以被消失。同樣原理,病毒可以來得如此之快,隨著磁場頻率的改變,同樣可以將細菌消滅。望科學家由此方面研究。為證實我的看法,腦控空間有好心人借出自己的微波屏蔽器做實驗,用三天的時間屏蔽病患者, 全部痊癒 (有說實際只需要三小時, 因有病患咳嗽太久而喉嚨發炎, 所以需要更長的時間). 但有人責疑痊癒者可能是假性冠狀肺炎。到底哪一種是事實的真相?相信只有專家可給予正確的答案。


2.   有某離職的專欄作家,作為網上打手,通過我眼睛,跟蹤我閱讀新聞,並將未經證實的新聞發佈上網,後經證實是假新聞而將責任推於我身上,同時將此作為借口遙控電子武器令我頭痛以換取一萬元作為他發佈假新聞的酬勞。正所謂文人多敗類,為賺取區區一萬元港元,不惜一切代價發放疫情假新聞,製造社會恐慌,更加喪心病狂地遙控電子武器增加傳染病患者。此人是新聞從業員之恥,社會的敗類!



3.   很多被腦控受害者都有過被賊仔入屋打劫的經驗,大部分都是使用電子密碼鎖所引起,密碼很清楚是因腦控讀心術而得知。而另一方面所有電子鎖只要停電一次,電腦程式就可以控制到你家中的電子鎖開關,甚至強制關閉你家中的電子鎖,勒索金錢才自動開門。所以你家的電子鎖非受你自己控制,而是電腦駭客所控制,安裝電子鎖的請小心防範, 就算有電芯後備電也起不了作用.


4. 本週腦控空間賤人鄧子豐,森美利用腦控技術,潛入虛假思維,無論我身處何方何地,正在步行中或者工作中,不停潛入負面虛假思維,當他們知道誰人在聽時,就挑撥離間我和聽者的關係,令我不勝其擾。






Mind Control space news this week (February 8 to 14, 2020)


1.    This week, all people focus on Wuhan Coronary Virus. When the experts at their wits' end with this symptoms, I suddenly wondered may it related to the brain-controlled microwave frequency, If the magnetic field in the epidemic area getting changed, can it taking effect for bactericidal action?  

The reason why I said is my experience that when I moved in my home in Hong Kong, I have never seen an ant. One day someone in the brain control space proposed to do an experiment with me to make ants in my home. In fact, it done. The microwave frequency can transmit ants to the targeted site at soon, and can disappear at any time with changed the frequencies. By the same principle, the viruses come spread so fast out of control, may the frequency can change for kill bactericidal at once. Hope the scientists will consider this issue. 

In order to confirm my idea, a kindly person in Brain Control Space borrowed his own microwave shield to conduct experiments, blocked the sick patients for three days, and they were all recovery (It said that it only need three hours, because patients have inflammation in the throat since cough for long-time, so it count the time longer to three days). However, some doctors suspect that the recovery patients may only got pneumonia, not COVID-19. 

Which one is the truth? It was out of my knowledge, I believe that only experts can give correct answers.


2.   A resigned columnist, as an internet ghostwriter, follow my eyes to stalking my reading of the news, posted unverified news to the Internet, and later confirmed that was fake news, then put the responsibility on me. At the same time remote electronic harassment caused me a headache in exchange for 10,000 yuan as his remuneration for publishing fake news, in order for only 10,000 Hong Kong dollars to distribute fake news to create social panic, and remotely control electronic weapons to increase the number of patients with infectious diseases. such person is a shame for journalists, a social scum!

As known such person who has run away to other Asian countries and lived the life same as a concentration camp. This is a cause-and-effect retribution!


3. Many targeted individual have experience for robbed by thieves. Most of them are caused by use of electronic code locks. The passwords are clearly known by brain control mind reading. On the other hand, as long as all the electronic locks are power off once, the computer program can control the electronic lock switch in your home, then the hacker will threat for money to unlock. So your electronic lock is not controlled by yourself, but by a computer hacker. Please be careful when installing an electronic lock, even if you have a battery backup, it will not work.


4. This week, Tang Chi Fung, Sammy Leung used brain control technology to irrupted false thinking. No matter where I am, in walking or at work, they continue to irrupted negative false thinking when they know who is listening,  to provoked the relationship between me and the listener, which made me felt so  nuisance.

But at the same time, I found out that when the chip controller mapping my brains with others, although others’ brain sound were used by my own, my brain could think separately from him. I tried to ignore his voice from my brain, I can handle my brain to thought and do my own thing. Although I was disturbed by his thinking and failed to concentrate, but at least I can do what I wanted, of course, the efficiency would slower than in normal situation.

Mostly, when the perps irrupted the false thinking, the victims who will clarify as soon as possible to avoid the misunderstand. When the perp dives into your voice for 24 hours, you will have to deal with it for 24 hours without being able to do anything that you have to, so try your best, ignore the fake thinking interference whatever, do what you need to do. I understand if someone know you that they will understood, otherwise your explanation is useless, don’t waste time to argue with the perps, using your own time to do what you want. Everyone Don't give up and keep it up!


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