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Mind Control News this week (October 24 to 29, 2020)

1. This week, the metamorphosis mind controller was deprived my sleeping by remote electronic weapon at night, maliciously voice inducing. At the same time mapping me with someone who got respiratory diseases, making me unable to breathing. During the afternoon, the metamorphosis mind controller remote electronic energy weapons caused me felt sleepy as well as some people in working whom unable to concentrated on their jobs.

Also the metamorphosis mind controller mapping me with two perps, one in left and one in right hand side with different skin colour, caused my face left and right sides have uneven colour as well as my legs shows different size.

On the other hand, mapping me with someone who stay in a high-noise environment, used to tortured my hearing 24/7.

And other one was mapping me with someone who got Jaundice, shows in eyes with yellow colour.

2. The cases about Flu. vaccines caused deaths in various countries are not matter of the vaccines, but the remote electronic weapon attack.

The same problems occurred in clinical trials of Covid-19. Many pharmaceutical companies stopped their R&D because they could not fight to remote electronic weapons.

Warn to the targeted individuals, if you are the main target, please take a consideration when shot.


1. 本週變態控機賤人晚間遙控電子武器睡眠剥奪,惡意潛聲,同時將鼻塞,呼吸道疾病者同我併感覺,令我沒法入睡。日間下午時份將我同工作人員一起併感覺,遙控電子武器令我們昏昏欲睡,沒辦法集中精神工作。




2. 各國流感疫苗出現死亡事件,原因不在疫苗,而是種疫苗者受電子武器攻擊致死。

Covid-19 的臨床實驗也出現相同問題,多家藥廠因沒辦法同電子武器抗衝而停止研發疫苗。所以提醒被腦控受害者,如果您是被主要針對的目標,接種疫苗時需加倍小心。

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