Dictator (3)

Dictator of my mind

TheDictator of my MindMind ControlWhether you may or may not believe inMind Control and technology being the main source of it to dominateand control populations in the world, these things are very real andare not science fiction. Every notice cell phone towers everywhere? Imean, in almost every town or city, there is one close by. Maybe youhaven’t because you are oblivious to it and living your daily life,but it is a good thing to not only be aware of your surroundings, butto be aware of your thinking patterns. What am I exactly implyinghere? Ever hear someone say that they didn’t know the lyrics tothis song that they were thinking about? Or how about this; do youhave random songs jamming in your mind and you go along with it? Orare the songs in your mind torturing you and you want it to stop?Maybe you have a mental disease and that’s why you can’t controlit, but a little medicine and an evaluation should do thetrick…right? Or is it even you doing it to begin with since youcan’t control it? Ask someone without making it known what yourintentions are, and see if they’ll agree with you and admit theyhave songs playing in their head. Then ask them if they can controlit at any given time, such as not thinking about it when they feellike it. If they can’t, then they must have a mental disease, sincea mental disease is something uncontrollable and is imbalanced,right? I guess all people are mentally unstable if they have anuncontrollable song playing in their mind? Did you know that cellphone towers are being hidden in different states, especiallyCalifornia, so they can blend in with the environment? Why is that?Are cell phone towers used for Mind Control, or are they used forwhat they say they are used for…cell phone coverage? I mean, thathas to be it since they are being erected up everywhere so they canprovide coverage for people in every city, town, and even in theoutskirts. What if they are not only being used for that purpose?What if they are controlling people’s thoughts? If you haven’tnoticed, take a closer look at all this technology being developed.It seems like almost every other day something new is coming out inthe market that’s so advanced, sleek, and well designed. So, ifthese devices are being created, why wouldn’t it be possible forElectromagnetic Mind Control to be developed? You must have heardabout mind control somewhere? Mind control in other countries?Dictators? Adolph Hitler?Did you know that inSouth Korea, it has a living gallery? The pictures actually makeconversations to you. You can ask it a question and it will give youan answer! Wow, that’s some fancy piece of equipment. Ever look upin the sky and see random planes flying all over the place? Thosemust be test pilots flying around or maybe there’s some kind of airshow practice? Wait, if that’s so…then why is there some kind oftrail coming off the back of them? Oh, that’s just contrail. Youknow, contrail…moisture being left behind because of the altitudeof the air. Wait a minute? Doesn’t contrails disperse after a fewseconds? So why in the world are these trails still in the sky afterhours end? Chemtrails or chemical trails are being sprayed in theatmosphere. Oh, it’s the protect the ozone layer from becomingworse…maybe it is or maybe it’s part of the mind control agenda?The whole ozone layer is a big lie anyways, because the hole hasopened up and nothing has happened. Scientists say there will beanother ice age, no wait! Global warming! No, another ice age, noyour wrong, global warming! Yeah, that’s it…global warming (wink,wink). Okay, moving on to the reason why psychiatrists wereintroduced. If you are having mental problems, what is the firstthing someone may say to you to help you find the solution so you candeal with it? “Maybe you should see a professional who deals withthat kind of stuff so they can help find the right medicine for you.”Ok, so now you end up seeing a psychiatrist and he/she evaluates youby asking questions and referring to their owner’s manual, Howto treat the unstable. By this manual, theymake assumptions on what the problem/s could be and ask for a releaseforum to acquire any medical records and your past history, so theycan verify if you have had signs of a mental disease or have at onetime been diagnosed. I was joking about the manual, but they do go bytheir education and training to make educational assumptions andsuggestions for you. Would anyone listen to someone who isschizophrenic, bi-polar, depressed, or mentally ill when it came toexplaining why he or she believes they have this disease? They wouldprobably listen but not agree since the metal patient doesn’t havea professional education on mental disease. How many psychiatristsactually have had bi-polar or depression? Not the, I got the bluesfor a few days each month depression. I’m talking about the severeI’m a pathetic and worthless human being and I just want to diedepression. I believe a big number of psychiatrists have never feltthis kind of depression. It’s all a trick when you go to apsychiatrist. Once you are labeled, anything you say is disregarded.“He has bi-polar, so he’s coo-coo in the mind. This guy doesn’tknow what he’s talking about.” They give the hamster wheel signalby their head towards the mental patient.Patient:So Mr. or Mrs. Psychiatrist, I have a constant song being played inmy mind and it wont stop. Can you help me? Psychiatrist:Sure I can, all I have to do is find the right medicine that willhelp treat your mental disease. Patient:Mental disease!You could be psychotic or have a formof it, as a psychiatrist would say. What is the first thing you thinkof when you hear the word Psychotic? A crazy unemotional human beingor a Psychopath ready to kill somebody; Psycho the movie…dun dundun dun, and then the murder in the shower scene. At least I used towhen I heard it (probably still would) because of the media,television, radio, movies, and music. Am I Psychotic? Maybe I am,maybe not. I feel I am desensitized with my emotions at times becauseof these electromagnetic mind-controlling devices attacking meconstantly. But, I worry a lot and care too much of what people thinkabout me. Psychopaths don’t have any emotions or a conscioustowards someone. I must be a sociopath!A sociopath isa person who has antisocial personality disorder. Theterm sociopath isno longer used to describe this disorder. The sociopath isnow described as someone with antisocial personality disorder.The main characteristicof a sociopath isa disregard for the rights of others. Sociopaths are also unable toconform to what society defines as a normal personality. Antisocialtendencies are a big part of the sociopath’spersonality. This pattern usually comes into evidence around the ageof 15. If it is not treated, it can develop into adulthood.Visible symptoms includephysical aggression andthe inability to hold down a steady job. The sociopath alsofinds it hard to sustain relationships and shows a lack of regret inhis or her actions. A major personality behavior trait is theviolation of the rights of others. This can appear as a disregard forthe physical or sexual well being of another.Although these symptomsare all present, they may not always be evident. Research has shownthat the sociopath isusually a person with an abundance of charm and wit. He or she mayappear friendly and considerate, but these attributes are usuallysuperficial. They are used as a way of blinding the other person tothe personal agenda behind the sociopath’sbehavior.Many people withantisocial personality disorder frequently indulge in alcohol or druguse. They may use these substances heavily as a way of heighteningtheir antisocial personality. The sociopath sometimessees the world on his or her own terms, as a place of high drama andrisky thrills. The sociopath maysuffer from low self esteem, and the use of alcohol and drugs is away to diminish these feelings.The causes of antisocialpersonality disorder are thought to be either genetic orenvironmental. Children who are influenced by antisocial parents mayadopt these tendencies. Similarly, role models such as one's friendsor peer group may also influence the behaviour pattern ofa sociopath.Antisocial behaviour is more likely to occur in men than in women.About 1% of women have this disorder, while 3% of men are affected byit.It is very rare for aperson with antisocial personality disorder to seek help of their ownaccord. Treatment for antisocial personality disorder is usuallythrough group psychotherapy.Sociopaths often find it helpful to talk through and recognize theirproblems with people they can trust. In a number of cases, this typeof personality disorder tends to diminish from the age of 30 onwards.http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-sociopath.htm
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Manchurian Candidate

What's the whole story behind electronic Mind Control? Is it to just torture someone unnoticed? Oris it used for something else? I am being attacked as I type this andthe attack got me thinking. I remember a television show that talkedabout the Manchurian Candidate and this makes me wonder. Maybe themilitary is using this to create a Manchurian Candidate because thethoughts are very repetitive and consistent with each attack. I'llhave the phrase, so far so good it's all in the hood. What was thatnoise, where did they come from. And so forth, be repeated in my mindover and over, and I believe this is a way to induce fear (also withthe induced heart rate and pressure in the skull). My belief is thatthere is a super computer that records everything the victim does andthen that's saved onto another super computer, which explains why therepetitiveness is there. I keep getting the thought (implanted in mymind) no one's going to believe you James. I wonder why that thoughtkeeps popping in my head? Hmm? The CIA was supposedly done withtrying to create a Manchurian Candidate, but they are liars and arestill up to no good. This was typed a while back but posted on herefor you viewing pleasure. What do you think?

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