MKUltra (13)

PACTS, FFCHS, Derrick Robinson & Gavin Long

The picture above was uploaded to his gmail account. The moment I saw his picture, I instantly remembered corresponding with him. At that time he was in West Africa and I was very glad to have someone from that region of the world participating in our organization. He was requesting to be added to our Buddy List to which I replied, 'sure.' Then a month later for unexplained reasons, he wanted to deactivate his account.

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Snakes surrounded him in the forest.  They were as long as crocodiles and as fat as whistle pigs. 


“Don’t be afraid of them,” Johnny said.


What is he doing in my dream?  Ti asked himself, perplexed in his dream.


“They are easy to kill.”  The movie star in the vision said and begins to chop off their heads with a cutlass as swiftly and easily as a butcher in the market chopping off the heads of chickens.


“Here,” Johnny said turning to Ti and handing him the cutlass.  “Kill them.”


The weapon shook in Ti’s hand and he could not move his feet; they seemed stuck to the spot where he stood.  He was filled with terror at the size of the venomous creatures laying there lazily on the ground, as if sunbathing.  Every inch of the forest ground was covered by the noxious animals that Ti was filled with horror at the thought of accidentally stepping on one of them, even though they looked to be asleep.  They have been fed hate.  He thought to himself.  They have imbibed too much hatred and have become so enormous that they cannot move.  He could not move either and stood glued to this cramped spot in the forest surrounded by creatures that filled him with terror. 


*****   *****



 At exactly 7:11 in the morning, Ti opens his eyes from another of the nightmares that paralyze him with fear; even his bones shake from fear as he sits in bed.  This apprehension dominates his spirit day and night.  He is afraid to close his eyes at night because of the dark images that torture his sleep and is afraid to walk the streets during the day because he is a hunted animal.  Well, he could stay in bed and not go anywhere but then he would starve.  So like an animal operating on its instinct, he rises from his bed of torture to start a day he dreads.


Prompted by an inner force, he glances at the clock before exiting the door.  It’s exactly 8:11.  Funny, he thinks.  You see, since the calamitous acts of 9111 when weapons were dropped from the sky on people down below by certain nefarious individuals, every time Ti happens to glance at the clock, the minute hand is always on the number 11.  It’s as if someone does not want him to forget that venerable day for reasons he does not know.


A shadow trails him as he makes his way towards the apartments’ parking lot.  When he looks back, he sees a young Hispanic man of about twenty walking rapidly trying to catch up with him.  On turning around to face the nuisance, the trailing shadow freezes in his steps—hunching forward like a kangaroo— and with a half-opened mouth, stands gapping at Ti without uttering an English or Spanish word.


“Why are you following me or what do you want?”  A normal person would have asked.  But Ti does not have the capability of communicating with his fellow human beings anymore.  He is no longer one of the people.  He has been cast out and is now an insect—a firefly, captured in a closed bottle.  There are just enough holes on the lid to keep him from not expiring. 


The kangaroo hops away knowing he has fulfilled his role and might be paid some money for the anxiety caused to the fly.


As Ti approaches the parking lot, he sees two black guys sitting inside a small grey car parked next to his hunched, dilapidated white Honda.  His car always gives him away.  Everyone seems to know the peculiar car and its driver.  He even saw it in an advertisement on T.V. one day.  Yes, his exact car with the unique rust and dent in the same location on the rear of the passenger side.  Driving the car was a young white man.  When he first saw the advertisement, he thought he was being paranoid.  That’s my car.  He thought.  But friends told him “We saw your car on T.V.  It had the same rust and dent in the exact positions as your car.”  Then he knew he was not paranoid.  Perhaps someone wanted him to become paranoid. 


One of the black men looks in his direction in a fortuitous way on nearing the car and the two pretend at continuing whatever casual conversation they were having before seeing him.  Much like the Hispanic man, TI knows this is not an accidental encounter and they are not just sitting in the grey car having a casual conversation while waiting for a third party.  They are here to fulfill their roles.   


Ironically, he feels nothing, just a submissive acceptance of the fact that he is being shadowed by an assortment of animals.


Your will has been taken away from you.  You have no will to feel or act.  You are less than human. 


“Monkey,” a voice whispers in his ears as he drives the car away from the parking lot.  He has been hearing this voice for about three months now—a male, monotone voice hurling words at him like stones meant to maim his mind.  He accelerates on the car flying through the first red light.  His emotions and motions are controlled by these brutish words.    


He parks his car under the sycamore tree in front of Mr. Brown’s house, his only patient on this day, and walks up the driveway to the entrance.  There, he sees lying by the door a black bird, dead and hard as a rock.  Beside it is a big, oblong-shaped green pill. 


“Swallow your pill,” the monotone voice says. 


He feels his anger crackling like a newly-lit charcoal fire and wants to pick up the dead bird and slam its pitiful body against the wall.  But he hesitates knowing the behavior can be construed as abnormal by passersby.  He can’t afford to lose control of his sanity otherwise he’d lose everything—his job, his life.  The malevolent voice makes sure he is kept on edge all day long and is bent on driving him insane.    


I might be going crazy on the inside but I won’t let anyone see me crazy on the outside.


***  **



“Mr. Brown, your breakfast is ready!”  Ti screams at the 96-year old man he takes care of every Tuesday.


The old man picks at his food as if suspecting his health aide of trying to poison him.


“Why do you sleep all the time?”  Mr. Brown asks Ti who is in the process of dozing off for the third time since he came to work.  They are now sitting in the living room.


“I’ll get you fired,” his companion tweets in his head.  He sees in his mind the picture of an incomplete face made up of a winking eye and a pair of lips twisted in such a way that they seemed to be mocking him.


Ti is unable to overcome the lethargy that engulfs his mind and body.  Fumes of sleeping gas seem to seep into his nose and ears and every other organ with an opening; before he knows it, he is dozing off again.  But all of a sudden, he finds himself standing up and walking, with a pillow in hand, to where the old man is sitting.  The old man is being suffocated.




He awakens from this erratic slumber, his heart beating fast as if he were about to have a heart attack.  Unconsciously he turns his head in the direction of the patient.  The old man is sitting as erect as Mount Kilimanjaro reading the Christian Monitor.

“I’ll make you do something you’ll regret.  You’ll end up in jail.”  The image taunts.


“What’s wrong?  You o.k.?”  Mr. Brown asks, concerned. 


His head hurts from a burning sensation as if someone was poking at it with a hot iron. 


Absent mindedly he looks at his watch and realizes it’s 5:11.  His duties ended 11 minutes ago. 


As he drives away from the sycamore tree, he hears a crashing noise resembling the sound of a tree falling on the roof of his car.  Immediately, he feels his chest contracting and like so many times during this day, he feels like he is about to have a heart attack.  From his rear view mirror he sees that the sycamore tree is still standing in front of the house and so is the roof of his car and the windshield.  The noise is synthetic much like the words he hears. 


“Ironmonger,” the synthetic voice replies in answer to his apprehension.


Four blocks from Mr. Brown’s house, he stops in front of the red light and notices a black truck parked close to the curb on the right— parked in a way that he could not help but notice it.  Behind the steering wheel sits a tall white man.  As Ti looks in his direction, the man bends his head as if searching for something.  He, too, has fulfilled his role.




Ti enters the mall at 6:11 and makes his way to one of those reclining, vibrating chairs.  He opens a book to read but less than ten minutes later, a short, heavy-set black man with glasses slides stealthily, like a tiger owl in the dark, into the chair on his left. 


He wants to scream out and ask “WHY?”  But when he opens his mouth, not even the slightest “ah” is he able to utter.  It’s as if his vocal cord no longer works.   In fact, all the organs in his body seem to have shut down.  He cannot feel or think.  His brain is like an empty room.  There is no bed to sleep on or a chair to sit on.  All that is contained in the room is air and this begins to fill his brain.  The air pressure in his brain builds up by the minute until it swells like a balloon ready to lift him off the chair into space. 




The traffic is heavy as Ti drives on the highway.  The motorists behind and in front of him drive very close to each other— bumper to bumper— but they leave a big space between his car and theirs.  No one is driving close to me.  They know my license plate.  They are avoiding me.  He feels like a leper no one wants to come near.


“Do not lie with beasts!”  He hears a preacher blare from the T.V. as soon as he opens the door to his apartment.   Had he forgotten to turn it off or had someone else turned it on? 


The preacher’s eyes seem to be scrutinizing his from the screen and he begins to feel uncomfortable.  “Those who lie with dogs have fleas. “  The censurer continues in a voice that makes him feel like the culprit who lies with dogs.  “I will make a covenant with my people and drive wild beasts from this land.”  He is talking to me.  He is one of them. 


Overcome with fear, guilt, and shame, Ti grabs for the nearest object on the table beside him—Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary—and throws it at the T.V.  They are everywhere.  I can’t hide from their scrutinizing eyes.  He sits, dejected, on the couch; his hands massaging his burning head.  He tries to think but every time his mind focuses on a thought, pressure builds up slowly in his brain.  He sees the image of a vacuum and hears the vile man say:


“I have vacuumed your brain.  I have filled it with air.” 




Dogs surround him, barking furiously.  He tries to escape from them but they watch him intently, moving whichever way he moves.  When he sees an opening in the circle they have formed around him and tries to flee through it, one of the dogs jumps up aiming for his jugular. 


The violence of the dream wakes him up.  It’s dark outside.  The red LED light of the radio clock on the table displays 9:11.


“We shall never forget 911,” his nemesis reminisces.


On the floor beside the couch, lying surreally side by side, is a pair of dissimilar objects—a feather and a blade.  He does not know how they got there.   They were not there when he had dropped on the couch like a fallen tree and dozed off.  


Outside, underneath his apartment window, some of the neighborhood dogs have congregated and like the dogs in the dream from which he just awoke are barking furiously, urging him on. 


“Die by your own hands or we’ll chase you into a hole like a rabbit!”



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FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER VOICETOSKULL@VOICE2SKULL OR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT VOICE TO SKULL UNITED KINGDOM.Below is the correct software,technologies and most importantlly the correct frequencys.This is how v2k(voice to skull)radio broadcasters from around the world target innocent civillians who are allready dealing with mental illness especially mental illness sufferers who deal with voices.
1)download winamp media player
2)download shoutcast dsp
3)add frequencys 162.50mhz to winamp library(there should be 162)
4)connect shoutcast dsp to winamp and play library
5)sync winamp to smart phone 1
6)name smart phone 1 bluetooth device 00000111111111111111111111
7)download transparent windows from google play to smart phone 1
8)download best static professional from google play to smart phone 1
9)have frequency 87.75mhz playing on smartphone 1 internal radio
10)connect audio spotlight processor to smart phone 1 via jacklead
11)mirror all above onto PC using appropriate programs available
12)connect PC to TV via hdmi or any other connector
13)place audio spotlight speaker projections at your left ear
14)place TV visual/audio media to your right
15)set smart phone 2 internal radio to 107.75mhz
16)name smart phone 2 bluetooth device 1111111111111111111100000
17)pair smart phone 1 with smart phone 2 using bluetooth
18)pair smart phone 1 and smart phone 2 with PC
1)Winamp is a media player for WindowsAndroid, and OS X developed by Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev[5][6][7] by their company Nullsoft, which they later sold to AOL. Since version 2 it has been sold asfreemium and supports extensibility with plug-ins and skins, and features music visualizationplaylist and a media library, supported by a large online community.
2)SHOUTcast is cross-platform proprietary software for streaming media over the Internet. The software, developed by Nullsoft, allows digital audio content, primarily in MP3 or HE-AAC format, to be broadcast to and frommedia player software, enabling the creation of Internet radio "stations". SHOUTcast Radio is a related website which provides a directory of SHOUTcast stations.DSP is a plugin feature that enables you to broadcast your content on winamp through your own personal internet radio station
3)A weather radio service is a broadcast service that airs weather reports. When the radio is on and tuned to the weather band, it airs both normal and emergency weather information. If the radio is off or tuned to another band, it automatically turns on and goes to the weather band for emergency weather information.
Weather radio services may also broadcast non-weather related emergency information, such as in the event of a natural disaster, an AMBER alert or a terrorist attack. They generally broadcast in a preallocated very high frequency (VHF) range using FM. Usually a dedicated weather radio receiver or radio scanner is needed for listening, although in some locations a weather radio broadcast may be retransmitted on a conventional AM or FMfrequency (as well as HD Radio substations), some terrestrial television stations broadcasting in MTS stereo transmit weather radio on their second audio program (SAP) channel as well as on one of its digital subchannels(where news and weather are applicable), on local public, educational, and government access (PEG) cable TV channels or during Emergency Alert System activations for tornado warnings primarily on cable systems.Primarily voice automated these generate a constant vocal 24 hrs a day in a male and female voice
4)Connecting shoutcast dsp plugin to winamp media player.first you need to go to website and set up a free account.This will give you the correct broadcasting coordinates and ports for your shoutcast dsp plugin enabling you to broadcast your winamp media aswell as talk live.
5)syncing winamp/shoutcast to smartphone 1.This uses ghz if synced over your wifi so the sync frequencys will be mirrored back to the PC then through to the TV
6)Naming smartphone 1 bluetooth device.As bluetooth uses free to air digital binary the a.m frequencys of the two smart phones and PC projecting through the TV generate a 1khz fixed frequency from infrared devices by using 5 seprate digital devices(smart phones paired via bluetooth to PC and TV infrared device combined)making the infrared device(remote control) a digital constant free to air device that generates 1khz constantly using the televisions R(red hue)from RGB as a visual subcarrier, tavelling at 1080hz from left to right it reaches 1000hz which is 1khz transforming a digital free to air frequency into a visual stationary transparent RED hue that bleeds through the scroll of R to create a red to pink to white transparent audio/visual noise through the televisions chosen visual/ audio(which is all media, all devices converted ultrasonically by audio spotlight)The smartphone name generates a binary search which is projected through the TV and audio spotlight speaker.
7)download transparent windows from google play apps for smart phone 1.
This enables the broadcaster to mirror the visual static from the smart phone to the PC to the TV
8)download best static proffesional from google play apps.
once the static has been downloaded send the information from smart phone 1 to PC to V, the visuals travel on the radio static from the smartphones which are converted ultrasonicaly.preferred colour of visual static is RED and BLACK.The red static is attracted to the 1khz which is emitted through our homes by way of loudspeaker pulsars,these speakers can emitt the 1khz containing the visual static even when they are on stand by.The static becomes invisible as it is converted into sound that travels on the invisible static emitted ultrasonicaly through out our homes.
9)Frequency 87.75mhz playing on smart phone 1 internal radio.
Most mobile internal radios start at 87.50mhz to 88.00mhz,the reason the radio is set to 87.75mhz is to a)produce a static sound that will also transmitt the visual static from best static professional once it has been converted by audio spotlight. b)to replicate the number of single 1 khz frequencys the audio spotlight uses to create its directional audio.c)to represent 25 letters of the alphabet carrying over the 26th to 88.01mhz resulting in a continuous echo of the broadcast including vocals all the way to 107.75mhz(which plays on smartphone 2 internal radio)remember a mobile phones internal radio is always recieving a signal even when your not using it and all smart phones recieve an 800mhz signal or 1200mhz to use internet.
10)connect audio spotlight to smart phone 1 via jackleads.
The audio spotlight processor converts all frequencys from the smartphone to the PC to the TV to the audio spotlight speaker this includes everything connected to the PC and TV including all 3 mobile phone devices,all internal radio frequencys including bluetooth,cb,free to air,A.M F.M,3G 4G digital,mhz,hz,ghz,khz(these include the 80 channels cb radio uses,800mhz mobile internet,1.8ghz,1080hz 88.00mhz internal radio,108.00mhz mobile internal radio)and all these frequencys including visual static and translucancy apps are converted by the audio spotlight processor and sent back through the smartphone through the PC and through the television and its loudspeakers and through the audio spotlight speaker which will be placed near there second smart phone as this will be playing 107.75mhz and contain all the random visual static and sound from all mobile devices from everywhere sending the information back to all recievers starting at 87.75mhz which repeats the cycle,all are converted into ultrasonic low a.m  1khz frequencys and there broadcast relies on this for it to transmitt automatically on the converted visual RED and BLACK static that is desguised within the BLACK static surrounding it which is infact BLACK NOISE which is silent in nature.Remember all frequencys known to man are converted into ultrasonics and broadcast between smart phone 1 which is set to 87.75mhz and smart phone 2 which is set to 107.75mhz which repeats the cycle all around the world.
11)mirror all above onto pc
already exsplained above but just for a recap convert all audio/visual from smartphone 1 and all other connected devices including infrared frequency range connect with PC which in turn is connected to TV then all is converted into ultrasonics by audio spotlight processor.
12)connect pc to tv using hdmi lead
they use various connection leads to connect to the TV but hdmi is the best quality.or if you have a PC with a coaxil and TV tuner you can do all of above on your PC without the use of a seprate television.
13)place audio spotlight speaker projections to your left ear.
it is believed that you can hear better with your left ear as it processes information from the right side of your brain
14)place visual media to your right.
explained above.
15)set smart phone 2 internal radio to 107.75mhz
The reason the broadcasters set it to this frequency is because all the information they collect from around the world automatically collects mobile frequency data from 87.75mhz,the static collected echos the remaining 0.1mhz(bringing the frequency past 88.00mhz) through all internal radio frequencys reaching there 2nd smart phone at 107.75mhz repeating the cycle,this totals from 0.25mhz remaining from smart phone 1 to carry 0.1mhz past 88.00mhz to the 0.25mhz remaining to carry it past the 107.75mhz .all mhz frequencys are converted into ultrasonic frequencys carried through all internal radios giving a combined end result frequency of 0.1mhz which emitts through there loudspeakers giving them synthetic telepathy audio which they can adjust by volume settings as oppose to us victims that hear in khz A.M frequency ranges resulting in hearing voices.
16)naming smart phone 2.
results in a bluetooth binary character search for binary digits.
17)pair smart phone 1 to smart phone 2.
18)connect both to pc using bluetooth
Please be carefull who you show this information to as in the wrong hands will only generate more and more v2k broadcasters.Because i have studied frequencys and if im honest it began with a stroke of luck,i can assure you the frequencys are correct because of the primary foundations of weather band radio which is broadcasted globally by free to air transmissions,also free to air frequencys are used for wi-fi bluetooth infrared and cb radio scanners ect so if controlled by a media player and personal broadcast these foundations can be manipulated.All telecommunication devices come with a manual and this explains the FCC15 rule which states a device must or must not accept any types of interference so basically each manufacturer is not denying you could at some stage no matter what the device is pick up interference.All you need to broadcast voice to skull is 2 smart phones audio spotlight and a pc but in order for it to work you need the correct frequencys and software.Voice to skull broadcasters hear in audio(mhz)as oppose to victims who hear in the low end khz range,this is possible as they collect all frequencys through 1 phone and broadcast it through another(using the PC,s bluetooth and placing the output audio which plays through the audio spotlight speaker near the second phone)this repeats the process all around the world collecting a range of 0 to 25 random khz(which travels on there visual static)per mobile device condensing it to reach there devices at 1 mhz which creates a cerebral hypnotic radio station.I will go into greater detail when i recieve a response from yourself.They believe that because victims hear voices and also have thought projection there is no way for them to get past it,past there own imaginations and only they can intervene because they hear in audio (1 mhz) which has been collected from all known devices in 1khz frequencys to form 1mhz audio.They condense all collected visual/audio static and frequencys and record on a 3D blue ray recorder and burn the information on a disc that automatically converts the incoming data into a bit rate,a bit in computer terms means YES/NO its a command ,so if they ask a personal question they will hear the answer as YES/NO then torture the victims with retorical questions .The v2k broadcasters recieve collective reactions to there imaginations,in audio which is for them a safe passageway of broadcasting because with audio you can turn it off and on,thats how i know they hear in 1mhz emissions.When they play a 3D recording back they use transparent light which they can adjust to there desired level .example if they play a sex film and burn a desired transparancy over it when they watch it in 3D they see there imagination cast over it ,this is because transparancy is black and white and so is your subconcious so when they put on the 3D glasses which are red and blue,what they see in red travels on the red and black visual static that has been collected and converted ultrasonically and gets projected from there mind to the inside of the grey outline of the actors,performers on screen and records on the R from the televisions RGB that scrolls from left to right and travels on white visual/noise.They also strongly believe they get cleverer because when they recieve all the data they collect all the binary and binary is what all computer software is based upon ,but what they are actualy doing is hearing each others ideas which are all the same but said in a diffrent tone of voice ,so what im saying is they hear a simplified version of what they already know.They talk to each other all the time and know no one will hear how its done because when you have thought projection like victims have you cant think of something you dont know its impossible unless your the first to figure the freqencys out and know its binary,they knew who ever did would be mentaly ill and be diagnosed with schzophrenia and eventually die or kill them selves ,or they would be the very first in the world to prove a flawless way of murder can be proved by also proving mental illness diagnosis all of them known to man can be transmitted ,broadcasted and recieved by a human subject.
please take this matter with upmost importance,there are certain illusionists who i shall not name who use the technology i have mentioned and it is very,very effective.I have as much information as you could possibly want reguarding this worrying situation .
I ask you,what story could be more bigger than a person diagnosed with schzophrenia proving all known mental illness diagnosis can be synthetically recieved by a cult of radio broadcasters who have been getting away with murder for more than a decade!That the hard facts!
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meddling strings pulled so tight as darkness envelops despairing light!

 handlers stand impatiently outta sight.

 cold hearted orders behind deadeyes.

 nightmares exist where no crow flies.

 embedded imagery the soul dies.

 another butterfly dies tonight.

monarch programming by ancient rite.

nightmare screams echoe the halls.

young souls trapped in secret wards.

 a monotone voice triggers evil words.

 mind become two&sometimes thirds.

another butterfly dies tonight.

voices subtly whispering orders from within awakens mental disorders.

monsters projected in their heads.

 torturous abuse by spiders web.

 one eye obscures a different mind.

 hidden switches click deep inside lies prevail behind whitewashed walls.

 destroying minds in cattle stalls.

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Basics of radio

|=---------------------=[ The basics of Radio ]=-------------------------=| |=-----------------------------------------------------------------------=| |=------------------=[ shaun2k2 <shaun at rsc dot cx>  ]=----------------=|  0 - Introduction   0.1 - Technical Terms  1 - Radio Basics   1.1 - Radio Waves   1.2 - Carrier   1.3 - (RF) Frequency Bands   1.4 - Wavelength   1.5 - Transmission   1.6 - Receiving  2 - AM Radio   2.1 - What is AM Radio?   2.2 - Modulation   2.3 - Demodulation   2.4 - Circuits       2.4.1 - Receivers       2.4.2 - Transmitters  3 - FM Radio   3.1 - What is FM radio?   3.2 - Modulation   3.3 - Demodulation   3.4 - Circuits  4 - Misc   4.1 - Pirate Radio   4.2 - Wireless Telephone Tapping   4.3 - Jamming  5 - Conclusion  6 - Bibliography  --[ 0 - Introduction      Ever since our discovery of radio, in around 1902, we have proceeded to utilise it for many different purposes -- from sending others short messages, to transmitting large and critical data sequences to other computer systems.  As time has gone on, as useful a technology as radio is, it is barely noticed anymore.  When most people think of 'radio', they picture a small black device sitting in their car, which they will use to listen to their local radio stations during car journeys.  On the other hand, very few people realise the true usefullness of radio, often forgetting that their cellphones, televisions, satellite TV and alarm systems all too use radio to complete their task on a very regular medium -- radio is not just that boring old thing gathering dust in the corner.      This article is divided up into four parts.  The first part describes the basic theory of radio, and examples to illustrate some of the common day uses of it.  In parts two and three, AM and FM radio details are outlined showing various different circuits to illustrate how these principles can be applied to real-life, functioning circuits.  Section four is a misc. section, presenting some miscellaneous interesting points.  Some electronics knowledge is useful in radio, though not totally necessary.  Most circuits presented here are quite rough, and can be greatly improved upon in many ways.    ----[ 0.1 - Technical Terms  Below is a description of technical terms used throughout the article:   RF          -- Any frequency within the radio spectrum, which can be                used by to transmit and receive radio signals.  Modulation  -- A technique used to package data into a radio signal                which is of use to the destination radio receiver.  AM          -- Amplitude Modulation.  This involves shifting the amplitude                of a radio signal's carrier very slightly in sympathy with                a modulating signal.  FM          -- Frequency Modulation.  FM modulation involves shifting the                frequency of a radio wave's carrier very slightly in                sympathy with a modulating signal.  Receiver    -- Any device which is capable of receiving radio signals                sent by a radio transmitter.  Transmitter -- A device which can transmit radio waves into the                surrounding environment.  Aerial      -- A medium to large piece of wire which is used by either a                radio transmitter or receiver to propagate or detect an                incoming radio signal.  In a radio receiver or transmitter,                an aerial acts as one plate of a capacitor, whilst the other                plate is taken place by the Earth.  Antenna     -- See aerial.  Wireless    -- Refers to any technology which communicates data without the                need for a wired connection.  Most wireless devices, such as                cell phones, televisions, and others use radio, but several                do use technologies such as infrared, which is not covered                here.  Radio wave   -- A radio wave is an 'electromagnetic' wave, most commonly                 containing data to be received by a remote radio receiver.  Oscillator   -- Refers to an electronic circuit which 'oscillates', or                 'vibrates', to complete a certain task.  Oscillators are                 used in radio to transmit radio waves at a given                 frequency -- the rate at which the oscillator oscillates is                 the RF (see RF) at which the wave is transmitted.  Common                 oscillator circuits, also used in this paper, are LC                 oscillator circuits, and crystal-controlled oscillators.  Crystal-controlled oscillator   -- An oscillator circuit whos oscillation frequency is                 controlled by a 'crystal'. See oscillator.  LCoscillator -- An oscillator consisting of a capacitor and an inductor,                 whos frequency of oscillation is controlled directly by the                 capacitor, which is usually variable.  See oscillator.  Capacitor    -- Device which stores current as an electrical field.  Broadcast    -- A term used to describe transmitting radio waves into the                 atmosphere.  Wavelength   -- The physical distance between two waves on the same                 frequency, transmitted successively.  Bands        -- Frequency Bands are a range of frequencies used                 interchangeably or commonly for the same type of technology.                 For example, televisions often use the VHF band.  Frequency    -- Number of cycles per seconds. Frequency can be used to                 describe how often an oscillator oscillates.  Sidebands    -- When modulation of a carrier is applied, two extra                 bands are generated, both slightly higher and lower                  than the carrier frequency, equating from the 'sum and                  difference' of the carrier and audio                 frequency.  These two bands appear at either end of                 the RF carrier, hence the term 'sidebands'.     --[ 1 - Radio Basics  ----[ 1.1 -  Radio Waves      Radio waves, otherwise referred to as 'radio signals', are simply electromagnetic waves.  Radio waves are transmitted by devices called 'radio transmitters' or 'transmitters' for short.  Despite our wide and many uses for radio waves as a whole, we actually known very little about 'radio'.  We do know, however, that radio waves are a form of energy, which act exactly like they have been propagated as any other type of wave we know of. For example, an audio wave.      Radio waves are made up of three things; an electric field, a direction, and a magnetic field.      Despite our underlying ignorance of radio and its properties, we can predict and use its properties to our advantage to undergo a wide variety of different tasks -- and will probably do so for a long time to come.   ----[ 1.2 - Carrier      An 'RF carrier' can be thought of as the part of the radio wave which can be modulated to 'carry' a data signal. An analogy to help with understanding this is to think of turning on a flashlight and pointing it towards a wall.  The light which is seen on the wall is the 'carrier'.      Before and without modulation, the carrier of a radio wave contains no data, and just contains peaks of an RF voltage.                            peak voltage                         ||\\    ///\    //\\                        || \\  //  \\  //  \\                        ||  \\\/    \\\/    \\                               RF carrier       Because sending radio waves with a carrier containing no data would be almost useless, a carrier is 'modulated' to contain data. There are various modulation schemes in wide use, but the two most common schemes are AM (Amplitude Modulation) and FM (Frequency Modulation). These are discussed later.   ----[ 1.3 - (RF) Frequency Bands      As we can gather from listening to a variety of radio stations, different forms of technology use an entirely different 'band' of radio frequencies on which to send and receive their radio signals.      The entire range in which radio signals are transmitted extends from around 30KHz, up to about 30GHz.  This whole range of available RFs (Radio Frequencies) is known as the 'radio spectrum'.  The radio spectrum's range of frequencies, and their concurrent uses are shown in the below table.  +-------------------+----------------------------+---------------------+ | Frequency         | Uses                       | Name                | +-------------------+----------------------------+---------------------+ | 30KHz-300KHz      |   Long-wave radio, useful  | Low Frequency (L.F) | |                   |   for long distance        |                     | |                   |   communications           |                     | +-------------------+----------------------------+---------------------+ | 300KHz-3MHz       |   Medium wave, local radio | Medium Freq (M.F)   | |                   |   distant radio stations   |                     | +-------------------+----------------------------+---------------------+ | 3MHz-30MHz        |   Short wave radio         |  High (H.F)         | |                   |   Communications           |                     | |                   |   Amateur radio            |                     | +-------------------+----------------------------+---------------------+ | 30MHz-300MHz      |   FM Radio                 |  Very High (V.H.F)  | |                   |   Police radio             |                     | |                   |   Meteorology Comms        |                     | +-------------------+----------------------------+---------------------+ | 300MHz-3GHz       |   Air Traffic Control      |  Ultra High (U.H.F) | |                   |   TV                       |                     | +-------------------+----------------------------+---------------------+ | 3GHz-30GHz        |   Radar Comms              |  Microwaves (S.H.F) | |                   |   Satellites               |                     | |                   |   Telecommunications (TV & |                     | |                   |   telephone)               |                     | +-------------------+----------------------------+---------------------+       Since certain frequency bands are used to accomodate important communications, such as the VHF band, it became illegal to transmit radio waves at certain frequencies without a license. It was made so because transmission of radio signals at important frequencies could interrupt critical communication, such as communication between police officers with their radio transmitter devices.      All frequencies within the radio spectrum are invisible to humans. Light frequencies which are visible to humans, i.e frequencies which are present in the light spectrum, operate at *much* lower frequencies.   ----[ 1.4 - Wavelength      Wavelength is the physical distance between a peak in one radio wave, to the peak in another radio wave transmitted successively -- on the same RF.  As a general analogy, the wavelength can be thought of as the distance that the peak in a given wave will have travelled in the space of time for one cycle. This can be calculated using the below simple formula.  |\ = V / F  * |\ = lamda   V  = Velocity   F  = Frequency      Using this formula, the wavelength for an example scenario can be calculated, when the RF is 27MHz.  The speed of light is 300 million meters/second, which is therefore the velocity of the electromagnetic wave.  |\ = 300,000,000 / 27,000,000  = 11.11r      Looking at the above calculation, what can be gained? It seems that the wavelength for waves transmitted in the example scenario is 11.11 (recurring) meters, so from this, it can be gathered that a peak in a particular radio wave will have travelled 11.11r meters in the time it took for one oscillation of the transmitting oscillator. But how can we know how long this oscillation period takes? We can calculate this using the formula '1 / f'.  1 / 27,000,000 = 0.0000000370r      This means that within the miniscule time frame of 0.0000000370 (recurring) seconds, the peak within the radio wave should have travelled approximately 11.11 (recurring) meters.      Wavelength might seem quite a useless thing to calculate on its own, but it comes in very useful when it comes to calculating suitable aerial lengths for both radio transmitters and radio receivers. As a rule of thumb, an ideal length for a radio aerial is around 1/2 of the signals wavelength. This can be calculated very easily.  11.11 / 2 = 5.555 (roughly)      From this calculation, we can gain the knowledge that a near ideal radio transmitter/receiver aerial can be constructed to be of around 5.5 meters. Exact precision is not generally critical to the overall operation of the radio transmitter/receiver. For example, where portability of equipment is more of a concern than great efficiency, 1/4, 1/8 or even 1/16 of the wavelength in meters is often used for the length of the radio aerial.  11.11 / 4 = 2.7775 11.11 / 8 = 1.38875 11.11 / 16 = 0.694375      From this little experiment we can see that we can turn a length which is considerably out of question due to portability desires, into a length which is much more suitable, yet efficiency is not affected too much.      This technique is very commonly employed to calculate sensible lengths for radio aerials.  However, other techniques are also employed, especially in the case of satillite TV.  Notice how TV satillite dishes house tiny holes in the body of the dish? These holes are specially sized to ensure that radio waves with wavelengths less than that associated with the desired RFs (3GHz-30GHz) do not create an electrical current in the aerial wire, as suitable radio waves do. Holes based upon the same principle can also be found when looking inside a microwave oven.  ----[ 1.5 - Transmission      Perhaps one of the most difficult concepts to grasp in radio is how radio waves are actually broadcast into the environment. As touched upon previously, radio waves are transmitted using oscillators in electronic circuits, and the rate at which the oscillator oscillates is the frequency at which the radio waves are transmitted.      As an example, we will focus on using an LC tuned oscillator circuit in the radio transmitter circuit.  LC oscillators are made up of an inductor (L), and a capacitor (C).  If we consider how a capacitor stores current, we can come up with the conclusion that it is stored as an electric field between two plates -- these two plates make up the capacitor. During one oscillation (also known as a 'cycle') of the LC tuned circuit, all available current is stored first in the capacitor as an electric field, and then as a magnetic field associated with the LC circuit's inductor.  After a *very* short time period (1/f), the magnetic field is turned back into an electrical current, and begins to recharge the capacitor again.  Because the inductor's magnetic field is beginning to change back into electrical charge, the inductor turns another electrical field into a magnetic field in order to counter-act the change. This continuous cycle of quick changes keeps the current in the LC circuit flowing in the same direction, driven by the current stored in the inductor. When the inductor's charge eventually becomes zero, the capacitor becomes charged again, but with the opposite polarity. After each oscillation (cycle), energy loss has occured, but not all of the energy loss can be accounted for as energy lost as heat from the inductor's coil. Thus, we can gather that some energy has been 'leaked' from between the capacitor's plates, as electromagnetic energy -- radio waves.      If we consider this, we can conclude that the further apart the plates in the capacitor are, the more energy is broadcast ('leaked') as radio waves.  This must mean that if we have a capacitor with plates spaced 1 meter apart, more energy will be broadcast as radio waves than if the capacitor had plates spaced a very small distant apart. By thinking even deeper, we can conclude that to maximise 'leakage' of radio energy, a capacitor is needed in the LC tuned oscillator circuit with plates spaced at quite a distance apart.  It just so happens that for this task, to maximise broadcast of radio waves, the world's largest plate can be used to take the place of one plate of the capacitor -- the Earth!  The other capacitor plate needs just be a suitably lengthed piece of wire, which is an equally common sight -- this piece of wire is known as an 'aerial'!      In real-world radio transmitters, oscillator circuits are used to make a small current 'oscillate' in an aerial wire.  Because of the constant change of energy form in the oscillator circuit, the current oscillating in the length of the wire becomes electromagnetic and is radiated as radio energy.      Back to the length of the aerial in relation to wavelength; this is where the length calculated earlier comes in handy. From the knowledge gained here, we can assume an adapted LC oscillator circuit as below.                  Capacitor           Inductor               ________________             |                )             |                )            ---               )____________  Aerial            ---               )             |                )             |________________)       As a concept, using the adapted LC tuned oscillator circuit above, the transmission of radio waves can be thought of like this; radio waves are generated due to the propagation of an electric current in an aerial wire. It is, as we have learnt, the 'leakage' of electromagnetic energy from between the two plates of the capacitor which causes broadcasting of radio waves.       As oscillations occur in our LC tuned circuit, all available energy is stored in the capacitor, followed by energy (electrical current) not leaked as electromagnetic waves being fed into the inductor.  This whole process measures one oscillation, and once one oscillation is over, the whole process repeats itself again, and each time energy is being lost as radio waves from the acting 'capacitor' (aerial and Earth). Therefore, it is the rate at which the LC circuit is oscillating (the 'frequency') at that determines the frequency at which the radio waves are broadcast at -- thus determining the RF of the radio signals.  ----[ 1.6 - Receiving      The concept of receiving radio signals is based upon almost the opposite of the concepts of transmitting radio waves. In similarity to radio transmitters, radio receivers also use an aerial, but for a totally different purpose; for detecting the radio signals in the environment. As described previously, radio waves are a form of energy, propagated as electromagnetic waves through the air. Thus, when radio signals transmitted by nearby radio transmitters pass the aerial of the receiver, a *tiny* RF alternating current is generated in the aerial wire.  When a signal becomes present in the aerial wire, 'wanted' radio frequencies are 'selected' from the assortment of RF currents in the aerial, using a 'tuned circuit'.      As an example, we'll focus on the LC tuned circuit as in the previous  section, due to the simplicity of this circuit. RF current of the 'wanted' frequency can be selected from amongst the other RFs by use of an LC tuned circuit, which is set to resonate at the frequency of the 'wanted' radio frequency.  This selection is done because the LC tuned circuit has low impedance at any frequencies other than the 'wanted' frequency. Frequencies other than the 'wanted' frequency are prevented from passing through the circuit because they are 'shorted out' due to low impedance of the LC circuit at any other frequency than the resonant frequency (the frequency of the 'wanted' signals).      Following the selection of correct radio frequencies from the other RF signals, the radio receiver will usually amplify the signal, ready for demodulating.  The technique which is adapted by the receiver for demodulating the radio signal into the modulating signal is totally dependant on the type of modulation being used in the received radio wave.  In the case of an AM radio receiver, a selected signal will be 'rectified' and thus demodulated, using a low-drop germanium diode. This process basically turns the alternating RF current back into a direct DC current, which represents the power strength of the AM signal.  Next, the RF component is generally removed by using a capacitor. The output product of this process is a recovered modulating signal which can be fed to a pair of high impedance headphones.  The diagram below represents how the selected RF current is rectified by the diode.                                                          ||\\  //\\ ----------------------|>|--------------- ||\\ //\\   || \\||  \\                                         || \\||  \\   \/\/\/\/\/\/  AM Modulated Carrier  diode                     Modulating signal                                               (RF carrier present)       After being rectified by the diode, the AM radio signal is still not suitable to be fed to an audio output, as the RF carrier is still present. The RF carrier can be removed by using a single capacitor.                                      | | ||\\  //\\  ------------------------| |---------------------  /\  /\ || \\||  \\                         | |                      /  \/  \  Modulating signal                  capacitor          Modulating signal                                                     (RF carrier removed)       The output of the capacitor is a recovered modulating audio waveform which is suitable for passing to an audio output device, such as a set of headphones with a high impedance.      This technique is likely to be the simplest way to create an AM radio receiver, commonly known as the 'crystal set', used by the mass in the 1920s.  Other receivers are more often used to produce a higher quality of audio output, such as TRFs (Tuned Radio Receivers) and Superhetrodyne receivers.      The whole system model of a radio receiver at its most basic level can be thought of as the below diagram.            Modulated Radio Signal (electric current generated in aerial wire by radio wave)                   |                  \|/             Signal amplified                   |                  \|/            Signal demodulated                   |                  \|/           Modulating signal       Although the techniques and components needed to achieve each step of the diagram are different, most receivers stick to this sort of system.  Other types of receivers and their circuits are discussed more indeph in the section they are related to.   --[ 2 - AM Radio  ----[ 2.1 - What is AM Radio?      AM Radio refers to any form of technology which makes use of Amplitude Modulation to modulate the 'carrier' with information. To package a radio wave with often complex signals, the carrier of a radio wave is shifted in power very slightly in sympathy with a modulating audio or data signal. Next to morse code, AM is one of the simplest forms of modulation, and with this, comes its disadvantages.  ----[ 2.2 - Modulation       AM Modulation involves nothing more than shifting the power of a radio wave's carrier by tiny amounts, in sympathy with a modulating signal. Amplitude, as you probably already knew, is just another word for 'power'.       The simplicity of AM modulation can be demonstrated with a simple diagram like the one below.   ||\\    ///\    //\\ || \\  //  \\  //  \\  --->  \  /\  /  --->     \\    \\ ||  \\\/    \\\/    \\        \/  \/            \\ ///\\                                                 \\// \\                                                       RF Carrier            Modulating signal        AM signal        As you can hopefully make out from the diagrams, whenever the modulating signal (the signal which we are modulating) increases in voltage, the amplitude (power) of the RF carrier is increased in sympathy with the modulating signal.  When the voltage of the modulating signal declines in voltage, the opposite of above happens.  After AM modulating the carrier, the signal has usually twice the 'bandwidth' of the original modulating signal.   ----[ 2.3 - Demodulation      When an AM designed radio receives a radio wave, as previously noted, a small RF alternating current is generated in the aerial wire.  Because of the AM modulation of the carrier applied by the sending transmitter, the voltages in the carrier are larger and smaller than each other, but in equal and opposite amounts.  As a result, to recover the modulating signal, either the positive or the negative part of the modulated signal must be removed. In the simplest AM radio receivers, the modulated signal can be 'rectified' by making use of a single germanium low-drop diode.     \\/\/\/\/\  \\  /// //    ---------------------|>|----------------- \\  ///  //   \\// \\/                                                \\// \\//                                                     AM radio signal                  diode         Modulating signal        Here, part of the carrier has been removed, resulting in recovery, or 'rectification' of the modulating signal.      Because the carrier frequency (the RF of the radio wave) is usually significantly greater than the modulating frequency, the RF carrier can be removed from the resultant modulating signal, using a simple capacitor.   \\        //                   |  |  \\  ///  //    ----------------|  |----------------  \  /\  /  \\// \\//                     |  |                   \/  \/   Modulating signal           capacitor             Modulating signal (with RF carrier)                                (without RF carrier)       By exposing the rectified signal to a capacitor, the audio signal (or otherwise data signal) is smoothed, producing a higher quality of audible output.  At this point, the modulating signal is more or less recovered.      Although this technique of AM demodulation can be made to work to a satisfactory level, the vast majority of commercial radio receivers now adopt a design known as 'superhet', which I will explain briefly here.      Superhet receivers are based upon the principle of 'mixing' two signals to produce an intermediate frequency. The diagram illustrates a superhet receivers operation.   Carrier in ---> Tuned circuit  ---> Mixer ---> IF amplifier ---> Detector                (selects correct RF)    |                           |                                       |                           |                                        |                           |                                Local oscillator               Audio Amp                                                                   |                                                                   |                                                                 +--+                                                                 |  |                                                                 +--+                                                                 \__/                                                            As we can see, superhet demodulation is significantly more complex than 'rectification'.  Superhet receiver systems, like the above system diagram, works basically as follows.  First, an RF alternating current becomes present in the circuit, because of the electromagnetic activity around the aerial.  Signals of the correct radio frequency are selected via a tuned circuit, and inputted into one input pin of the 'mixer'.  In the meantime, the other input of the mixer is occupied by the 'local oscillator', which is designed to be oscillating at a frequency just lower than the inputted radio frequency. The output of the mixer is known as the 'Intermediate Frequency' (IF), which is the difference between the local oscillator frequency, and the frequency of the received AM radio signal. Next, the 'IF' is amplified, and passed to an 'envelope detector'. The output of the envelope detector is the modulating audio signal (an AF -- Audio Frequency), which is in turn amplified, and outputted to the user via a loudspeaker or other audio output device.      Since the local oscillator is almost always set to oscillate at a frequency of approximately 465KHz *below* the frequency of the carrier input, the output of the mixer will always be a 'carrier' of 465KHz -- which still carries the modulated information.  After the signal is amplified by the IF amplifier(s) (there can be more than one IF amplifier), the signal is now demodulated by the detector -- which is often just a single diode.  As mentioned above, the modulating signal recovered by the system can be fed to an amplifier, followed by an audio output device.      As well as producing a higher quality of audio signal, superhet receivers also eliminate the need to be able to tune multiple tuned circuits in a TRF (Tuned Radio Receiver).  TRF designs become awkward when it comes to tuning them into different radio frequencies because of the many tuned circuits needed -- superhets overcome this problem as they always 'know' what the collector load will be -- a 465KHz signal. Superhet designs can also be adapted to work with FM radio signals, assuming the 'detector' is changed to a suitable detector for FM signals (i.e phase detector).   ----[ 2.4 - Circuits      Since radio technology is a frequently discussed topic across the Internet, many radio circuit design implementations are readily available, ranging from very simple circuits, to quite complex ones. Here I present some radio related circuits which most people with a bit of electronics knowledge and the right components can build.   ------[ 2.4.1 - Receivers      Discussed above was the historic 'crystal set' radio receiver, which allows anyone with a long enough aerial wire and a few components to listen to AM radio bands.  Below is the basic crystal set radio receiver circuit, which is very easy to construct.       Aerial Wire             D1 *         |            Q1         |               ____|>|__________________         |_____________|/             |          |         |             |\             |          |  _______|_____          |            |          | (             |         |            |          | ( L1         --- C1 *   |        C2 ---         0  high impedance (            ---        |           ---         0  headphones (             |         |            |          | (_____________|         |            |          |         |               |            |          |         |_______________^____________|__________|         |               | (not joined)         |_______________|         |        GND  - C1 should be a variable capacitor to allow the station to tune into   other frequency bands.  - D1 should be a low-drop germanium diode -- non-germanium diodes   won't work.       From previous discussion, we can figure out that the above 'crystal set' AM radio receiver works as follows; incoming radio waves generate a tiny alternating current in the aerial wire, from which 'wanted' radio frequencies are selected, by the tuned LC circuit. Selected current passes through a diode, which 'rectifies' the signals, thus demodulating them. Before the diode, there is a simple transistor, which amplifies the 'wanted' frequency. The only reason for this is to make the quality of sound slightly better. Any remaining RF components are removed using a single capacitor -- this consequently has the effect of smoothing out the signal. The product audio signal is passed to a set of headphones -- these *must* be high-impedance, or nothing audible sounds on the headphones.      As was noted earlier, this type of receiver was used frequently in the 1920s, and gave even newbie electronic enthusiasts of that time the opportunity to build something that would be considered very useful at that time.  To make decent use of the 'crystal set' circuit, around 60-70 turns of wire around a rod of ferrious metal would create a good aerial.      Designs like above are never used in commercial radio receivers anymore. Excluding superhet receivers, TRFs are occasionally used to produce low quality radio receivers. Below is a simple TRF receiver schematic.                    Aerial             |              C5*   C6   +9V            |        ________________________________________            |        |     |    |       )                    |            |        |    ---  ---      )  LC2              |-|            |        |    ---  ---      )                 __| |            |        |     |____|_______)                 | |_|            |        |        |                           |  |   C8           ---  C1   |        |            D1     C7      |  |___| |____0           ---      _|_     Q1_____________|>|________| |_|_|/   | |    0   LC1      |    R1 | |      /                  |     | |   |\ Q2   _________|__     |_|  __|/                   |            |  High impedance   |           )     |  |  |\_____              |            |  headphones   |           )     |  |        |              |            |   |           )     |  |        |              |            |  ---  C2 *    )___| |__|_       |              |            |  ---          )   | |    |      |              |            |   |           )   C3     |      |              |            |   |___________)          |      |    C4        |            |                          |      |_____         |            |                          |      |    |     R4  |-|      R6 |-|                     R2  |-| R3 |-|  ---        | |         | |                         | |    | |  ---        |_|         |_|                         |_|    |_|   |          |           |                      ____|______|____|_________ |___________|                                        0V   - C2 should be a variable capacitor - C5 and C6 should be variable capacitors - Resistors of sensible values should suffice - Capacitors of sensible values should suffice        As in the 'crystal set' receiver, when a radio signal is 'picked up' by the aerial, the proper frequency is selected using the LC tuned circuit.  The signal is passed to a transistor amplifier.  However, this time, the transistor amplifier has a 'tuned collector load', because of the tuned LC circuit (LC2) at the collector leg of the transistor.  Next, the signal is rectified, stored in a few capacitors until enough current has collected, and is eventually fed to the user with the high impedance headphones.  The use of the tuned collector load at the transistor causes for the receiver to be more precise, amplifying only the signals which are at the frequency of LC2's resonant frequency.  As expected, this causes for a higher quality of audio signal to be fed into the users headphones, making this a much better radio receiver.       A few things can be done to improve the above receiver, such as adding yet more tuned amplifiers, and perhaps adding a few more resistors and capacitors for safety and efficiency purposes.    ------[ 2.4.2 - Transmitters      All that we really need to do when designing a simple radio transmitter is keep in mind that we require an oscillator -- either tuned or crystal controlled -- and a series of amplifier circuits which boost our signal. After these stages, all that is left is to make the signals oscillate in the aerial wire.  Below is a simple radio transmitter schematic.                                                                                                                         Aerial                                                                       |                                                                      |   ___________________________________________________________________|  |                        |                 |       |         |      |  |                        |                 |       |         |      |  |                     L1 )                 |       |         |   L3 |  |                        )          R3    |-|   C3 |         |__    ) |-|  R1   Crystal         )                | |     ---        |  |   ) | |_________|_____________)                |_|     ---        |  | C5) |_|        |||            |                 |       |         | ---  )  |                        |_______| |_______|_AM ___|_______|/  ---  |  |                       /        | |         Modulator     |\___|___|  |__________| |________|/         C2                      Q2    |    |  |          | |        |\   Q1                          (PNP)   |    )  |          C1           |                                     ---   )  |                      |-|                                 C4 ---   )  M                      | |  R4                                 | L2 )  |                      |_|                                     |    |  |                       |                                      |    |  |                       |                                      |    |  |_______________________|______________________________________|____|   - TR2 is a PNP transistor - M is a microphone      This circuit works by oscillating at the frequency controlled by the crystal (27MHz would be legal in the UK), amplifying the signal with tuned collector loads at the transistor (TR1), and then by radiating the signal off as radio waves by oscillating the signal in the aerial wire. Amplitude modulation is added to the signal by varying the gain of the transistor driver, by connecting it to the output of a microphone. The above circuit is quite inefficient, and is likely to produce low quality signals, but it can be used as a starting point to building a simple AM radio transmitter. It's probably illegal to operate the above circuit on frequencies requiring a license, so some countries *require* the circuit to be crystal controlled on a 'model radio' RF.  One improvement to be made on the schematic is to amplify the output of the microphone before feeding it to the transistor driver.      Possible devices which could apply the AM modulation are audio amplifiers, or even op-amps.  An audio amp following the oscillator would produce a higher quality, stronger signal, but would also provide power gain (i.e amplitude gain), in sympathy with the audio signal produced by the microphone.  This gain of amplitude due to the audio amp has essentially applied Amplitude Modulation of the carrier signal, because the power of the signal has been altered according to the inputted audio signal (at the microphone).  An ordinary op-amp could be used in a similar way, but by substituting the non-inverting input pin with a suitable power supply.  Essentially, this would cause for an outputted gain from the op-amp, according to the audio signal, because the two inputs to the op-amp are compared, as such.    --[ 3 - FM Radio  ----[ 3.1 - What is FM radio?      FM radio just means any form of technology which makes use of radio with FM modulated signals. To modulate a radio wave's carrier with information, FM transmitters shift the frequency of the carrier very slightly, to be in sympathy with a modulating signal.   ----[ 3.2 - Modulation      FM modulation consists of little more than shifting a radio wave's carrier frequency very slightly in sympathy with a modulating signal's frequency.  Modulation of an example audio signal is shown in the figures below.   ||\\    ///\    //\\ || \\  //  \\  //  \\  --->  \  /\  /  --->       ||\\  /\\  // ||  \\\/    \\\/    \\        \/  \/              ||\\ //\\ //                                                   ||\\// \\//                                                       RF Carrier            Modulating signal        FM signal      The diagrams show that when the frequency of the modulating signal increases, so does the given carrier frequency, and the opposite when the modulating signal's frequency decreases. This is shown in the FM signal diagram by the bands being spaced widely apart when the modulating signal frequency is increasing, and more closely together when the modulating signal's frequency is decreasing.   ----[ 3.3 - Demodulation      When an FM modulated carrier signal is detected by the receiver's aerial wire, in order to recover the modulating signal, the FM modulation must be reversed.      Most modern FM radio receivers use a circuit called the 'phase-locked loop', which is able to recover FM modulated radio signals by use of a VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator), and a 'phase detector'. Below is the system diagram of a PLL suitable for use in FM radio receivers.       FM signal in -------------> Phase  ---------------                                 Detector             |                                   |                  |                                   |                  |                                   |                  |                                   |                  |                                  VCO                 |                                    |__________________|                                                      |                                                      |                                                      |                                                      |                                                      |                                             Modulating signal                                                    out       The above PLL is able to recover the modulating signal by having one input to a phase detector as the modulated carrier, and the other input as a VCO oscillating at the frequency of the RF carrier. The phase detector 'compares' the two frequencies, and outputs a low-power voltage relative to the difference between the two 'phases', or frequencies. In essence, the outputted voltage will be relative to the frequency by which the carrier's frequency was shifted during modulation by the transmitter.  Therefore, the output of the PLL, known as the 'phase error', is the recovered modulating signal. In addition to being outputted from the small system, the voltage is also given to the VCO as 'feedback', which it uses to 'track' the modulation.  Acting upon the feedback received, the frequency of oscillation is altered accordingly, and the process is repeated as necessary.      In the past, less efficient and reliable circuits were used to demodulate FM radio signals, such as the 'ratio detector'. Although the 'ratio detector' is less sophisticated than PLL methods, a functioning ratio detector circuit is actually a little more complex than PLLs.      It should be noted that superhet receivers, touched upon a little earlier, can also be used as FM radio receivers, but their 'detectors' are different to that of an AM superhet -- for example, a PLL circuit or ratio detector discussed here could be used in conjunction with a superhet receiver to make an FM radio. This is the method which is actually adopted by most commercial radio receiver manufacturers.  ----[ 3.4 - Circuits   ------[ 3.4.1 - Transmitters      The same general principles apply to FM radio transmitters as they do to AM radio transmitters, except that information must be modulated in a different way.  In AM radio transmitters, the carrier frequency is more or less always constant.  However, in FM transmitters, the whole principle is to alter the carrier frequency in small amounts. This means that a tuned oscillator circuit is not appropriate, because we need to alter the frequency accordingly, not transmit at one static frequency.  The method used to overcome this problem is discussed a little later. A simple FM transmitter schematic diagram is presented below.                                                                       Aerial                                                                        |                                                                        |                                                                        |    ____________________________________________________________________|   |                               |                 |    |      |      |   |                               |                 |    |      |      )   |                               )                |-|  --- C3  |      )   |  R1                      L1   )             R3 | |  ---     |_ C4  )  |-|                              )                |_|   |      | |    )  | |                              )                 |    |      | ---  |  |_|               |   Crystal    |         C2      |    |      | ---  | L2   |_______________|||_____________|___________| |___|____|____|/   |   |   |                              /            | |             |\___|___|    |____________| |_____________|/                                      |   |            | |             |\  Q1                         Q2       |   |                              |                                     |   |            C1                |                                     |   M                             |-|                                    |   |                             | | R2                                 |   |                             |_|                                    |   |                              |                                     |   |______________________________|_____________________________________|       When audio signals are produced by the microphone, current carrying audio frequencies are amlified, and are used to modulate the radio wave.  Since the microphone does this all for us, there is no need to use modulation modules, ICs, or other technology.  In situations where an elecret microphone is not available to do the modulation for us, a varactor diode can be used to vary the capacitance in an oscillator circuit, depending on the amplitude of a modulating signal.  This varies the oscillation frequency of the oscillator circuit, thus producing FM modulation.    --[ 4 - Misc  ----[ 4.1 - Pirate Radio      Pirate Radio stations are simply just radio stations ran by individuals who are not licensed amateur radio enthusiasts.  Although radio is actually a natural resource, it has been illegal for a significant amount of time in some countries to transmit radio waves on certain frequencies.  Although transmitting radio signals on certain frequencies (around 27MHz) is legal in places like the UK, strict FCC regulations kick in, almost limiting the threshold to useless.  Because of this limitation, radio enthusiasts all around the globe see fit to set up pirate radio stations, which they use for their enjoyment, playing their favourite music tracks to the 'public', and for a breeding ground for aspiring DJs.  Some 'pirate radio' stations keep within the FCC terms, by transmitting at low-power. These types of stations are often referred to as 'free radio', or 'micropower stations'.      The legality of pirate radio stations is questionable, but varies from country to country.  In some European Countries, you can be arrested for just owning an unregistered transmitter.  In Ireland, prosecution rarely takes place if registered radio stations are not affected, but it is still illegal.  The US allows transmission of radio signals at *microscopic* power, making the limitations almost useless for unlicensed radio enthusiasts, thus causing them to resort to pirate radio.      Contrary to popular belief, setting up a pirate radio station is not necessarily a difficult task.  At the minimum, someone wanting to setup a pirate radio station would need the following pieces of equipment:  - Stereos, CD Players, Microphones, etc. - Audio Amp - Audio Mixer - Transmitter - Aerial      Stations using only the above equipment can sometimes sound quite crude, and might interfere with other legal radio stations.  To avoid this, a 'compressor' can be used, which also limits the noise created by sudden loud noises in the background.      Although any of the example transmitters in this article probably wouldn't be sufficient enough to transmit music audio signals over the air, but they could be used as a starting point to building your own, more efficient kit.  Additionally, FM and AM radio kits can be purchased, which anyone with a soldering iron can build.      The length and height of the antenna depends entirely on how far the radio signals need to be transmitted.  By reading the previous sections, some information on getting a correctly sized aerial can be gained.  For example, a quick and dirty aerial for an AM pirate radio station could be around 15-20 feet tall.      To avoid being busted, it is probably a good idea to stay within the legal power limits.  Otherwise, a Direction Finding device used by the authorities could easily track down the exact location of the transmitter.    ----[ 4.2 -  Wireless Telephone Tapping      'Beige boxing' has long been the easiest and most exploited way to tap telephones, interrupt on neighbours conversations, and use enemies phone lines to make long distance calls to your friend in Australia. However, since beige boxing requires the phreak to lurk around like a ninja, a safer method can be used, which doesn't require you to be physically close to the target phone line.      As expected, audio signals on a target phone line can be transmitted as  radio signals at an arbitrary frequency, and be received by any phreak with  an FM radio receiver.  Although this concept is not new, it serves as an  interesting and useful project for radio newbies to try out.  Below is a  simple FM phone bug transmitter circuit.                    __________________________________________________________                   |                    |                                    |                   |                    |                                    | IN (green) ___.___|_______            |-|                                   |               |   |       |           | |                                   |               |  /\  LED  |           |_|                                   |               |  ---     | |           |___| |      op-amp                  |                |   |   C1 | |           |   | |---|\                         |               |   |       |__________|/      ____| >------- Aerial          | IN (red) _____|___|                  |\ _____|___|/                         |               |   |                    |     |   |                          |                 |   |                    |     |   |                          | OUT (green) __|   |                    (     |   |                          |                  /\                    (     |  /\  varactor                |                  ---                   (     |  ---                         |                   |                    (     |   |                          | OUT (red) ________|____________________|_____|___|__________________________|   - inductor should be about 8 turns of wire - aerial should be about 5 inch long       By interchanging the varator with a crystal, or by using a variable capacitor, the frequency band on which the bug transmits line activity could be changed accordingly.  The varactor making up part of the oscillator circuit is intended to alter the frequency of oscillation, depending on the audio signal inputted from the green wire of the telephone line.  The varactor diode can be thought of as an electrically variable capacitor, which in this case alters its capacitance in sympathy with the audio frequency on the telephone line -- causing for change of oscillation frequency, and thus frequency modulation.       The following op-amp provides additional strength to the signal, in an attempt to avoid a weak, unreliable signal.  For user-friendly purposes, the LED connecting to the red wire of the line pair should illuminate when a signal is present on the line.      The above circuit can be modified to be made more efficient, and a longer aerial is an obvious way of lengthening the range of transmission.  If a phreak was to contruct and use a device like this, all they would need is an FM radio to tune into the correct frequency.  There are much better designs than the minimalistic one above -- if a practical FM telephone bug is required, many plans are available.   ----[ 4.3 - Jamming      Technically, all it takes to carry out 'radio jamming' is to transmit noise at a desired frequency.  For example, if a person in the UK were to transmit RF noise at 30MHz+, police radio communications could possibly disrupted.  Although the principles are mostly the same, there are several different types of jamming.  - modulated jamming   This consists of mixing different types of modulation, and   transmitting the results at a desired radio frequency.  This is   designed to make receiving legimate radio signals hard or next to   impossible.  - CW (continuous wave)   CW jamming only involves transmitting a consistant carrier frequency   once tuned into a RF frequency/band you want to jam.  This again makes   receiving desired radio signals particuarly hard.  - Broadband   Broadband jammers spread Gaussian noise across a whole band of audio   frequencies, blocking legimate audio signals from easy receival.       A basic radio transmitter is easily modifiable, by adding a noise generator, to successfully jam arbitrary frequency bands.  Many other types of radio jammers exist, and their details are readily available on the World Wide Web.   --[ 5 - Conclusion      Radio is an extremely useful technology, which is at least as old as the atom.  But we are only just beginning to exploit its full usefullness in even new and up and coming technology, and probably will do for the next few hundred years.      As we've discovered, contrary to popular belief, employing the use of radio in electronic circuits isn't at all as complicated as one would think.  Because of this, the use of radio and be both used and exploitfully abused -- only a few basic principles need to be understood to make use of this wonderful technology.  Although the surface has only been scratched, and way forward is open.
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Help me help you

You all want to know how its possible,some hear voices others hear voices and see things and others are just paronoid to the point of searching for a reason.I know what v2k broadcasters use to do voice to skull,i know what there set ups look like and i do have the right answers,trouble is no one reads these blogs and even if they did you wouldnt understand my exsplanations.sight triggers there sentences ,i have exsplained this before but no one cares,they use spotlight audio technology and still no one cares,they use ultrasound and infra red aswell as exchanging your subconcious attraction to colours for there words.No one cares as you all have your own ideas.I am right you are all wrong!its not goverments or spys or any other people asscociated along them paths,its normal(if you can call it that)people from everyday life,they could even be your neighbour.These people through using spotlight audio which creates ultrasound for directional use have found a way of manipulating the waves it creates by using the electromagnetic spectrum(uv)They exchange letters of the alphabet for subconcious colour having you spell what you see to start off a trigger.For instance if i had a lcd digital video camera with the letters aeioubl displayed on screen while filming a television set to recieve the recording you would have an endless repeat of what you veiwed(in other words a picture of the television you were recording would have another picture of a television and so on and so fourth,remember the letters aeioubl are projected on screen but first have to be projected from the lcd video recorder.this will reach the television as three mega pixel emissions which are red green and blue(primary colours)which you can see if you go up realy close to your television,infact i am going no further as i know no one will believe me or read this,i cannot tell you how its done without you losing intrest,it takes too long and is far more complicated than whats written if antones intrested in how its done just leave me a comment as im realy fed up with bashing my head against a brick wall.Spotlight audio is the only processor in the world that can be bought legaly and used by members of the public.

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v2k triggersOnce alphabetical ultra tones are converted into a subconcious trigger for BLACK alpha sight spells out what you see at the speed of thought.
ABALAAA 5 recorded mannerisms of AEIOU raising pitch each time
EBELEEE there are 26 points of sight which attract the vowel tone conversions
IBILIII they work the same as your vocal chords by vibrating clashes of pulsars
OBOLOOO creating air waves from within you to the point of sight triggering the first
UBULUUU constonants which form the word BLA .the CK is what the v2k
broadcasters use for triggering as a constinants are now a subconcious
action.The victim does not spell the word BLACK it only recognises the words BLA as the CK exchanges words for colour,these two letters are the basis of light speech.The continuous static replaces our subconcious actions as the victim searches for BLA the CK is in the mind before the vowels as a subconcious trigger,while on the other hand the v2k broadcaster uses static light to trigger

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mind control


在20世纪70年代,苏联克格勃还发展了心电影响系统(PIS),它被用于把士兵变成可设计的‘人类武器’。系统运用混合了高频无线电波和催眠术。根据前苏联总统戈尔巴乔夫的前安全顾问的尤里.马林(Yuri Malin)表示,心电影响系统计划是在回应由美国前总统卡特发起的类似计划。 

在此基础上打造的俄联邦“精神特工队”则是心电影响技术的顶级高手。据这支队伍的鲍里斯.拉特尼科夫(Boris Ratnikov)将军透露,他们的任务就是深入国家领导人的精神或内心世界,保护本国领导人思维不受他人控制,并探知他国领导人在想些什么。 








据美国沃尔特.里德(Walter Reed)陆军研究所的约瑟夫.夏普博士(Joseph Sharp)称,美军能用调制后的雷达信号将声音直接传输入人类的听觉感官。当声音作为潜意识催眠命令的一种形式时,一个目标能被催眠术控制长达数年而不知情。 



这个“俱乐部”的成员并非普通的受害者。这不是针对酗酒者、吸毒者或者性侵犯受害者的讨论小组。这些通过网络电话联系在一起的人都是思想控制的受害者—这些人相信他们是政府秘密计划的目标,夜以继日地受到跟踪,政府用秘密武器探究并控制他们的思想。这些人常常自称TI,即目标个体(Targeted Individual)的简称,他们常谈到V2K—一个正式军事用语,“voice to skull(向头脑传输声音)”的缩写,表示把声音输到人脑的武器。 

一提到政府用武器控制公民的思想,许多人立刻会想到一个头戴锡箔帽子,试图阻挡干扰脑电波的疯子。有人认为这很有效,一位女士说她把锡箔藏衣服下,甚至帽子里,效果很好。还有人推荐一个叫Block EMF(阻挡电磁频率)的网站,说上面出售一系列镶嵌锡箔的衣物。还有伪装成普通棒球帽的锡箔帽。 










2007-09-04 08:45:20 来源:中国国防报 













2007年08月09日 15:48 来源:中国新闻网 

中新网8月9日电 据俄罗斯媒体报道,俄联邦警卫局退役少将、前总统叶利钦的保镖鲍里斯.拉特尼科夫近日在接受记者采访时透露,俄罗斯和其他国家都曾研制能够随意摆布对手的“心理武器”,通过特定遥控装置,通过心理作用,控制他人意志,指挥对方无意识地执行各种任务。 




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Manchurian Candidate

What's the whole story behind electronic Mind Control? Is it to just torture someone unnoticed? Oris it used for something else? I am being attacked as I type this andthe attack got me thinking. I remember a television show that talkedabout the Manchurian Candidate and this makes me wonder. Maybe themilitary is using this to create a Manchurian Candidate because thethoughts are very repetitive and consistent with each attack. I'llhave the phrase, so far so good it's all in the hood. What was thatnoise, where did they come from. And so forth, be repeated in my mindover and over, and I believe this is a way to induce fear (also withthe induced heart rate and pressure in the skull). My belief is thatthere is a super computer that records everything the victim does andthen that's saved onto another super computer, which explains why therepetitiveness is there. I keep getting the thought (implanted in mymind) no one's going to believe you James. I wonder why that thoughtkeeps popping in my head? Hmm? The CIA was supposedly done withtrying to create a Manchurian Candidate, but they are liars and arestill up to no good. This was typed a while back but posted on herefor you viewing pleasure. What do you think?

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Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998TITLE XIII-CHILDREN'S ONLINE PRIVACY PROTECTIONSEC. 1301. SHORT TITLE.This title may be cited as the "Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998".SEC. 1302. DEFINITIONS.In this title:(1) CHILD.—The term "child" means an individual under the age of 13.(2) OPERATOR.—The term "operator"—(A) means any person who operates a website located on the Internet or an online service and who collects or maintains personal information from or about the users of or visitors to such website or online service, or on whose behalf such information is collected or maintained, where such website or online service is operated for commercial purposes, including any person offering products or services for sale through that website or online service, involving commerce—(i) among the several States or with 1 or more foreign nations;(ii) in any territory of the United States or in the District of Columbia, or between any such territory and—(I) another such territory; or(II) any State or foreign nation; or(iii) between the District of Columbia and any State, territory, or foreign nation; but(B) does not include any nonprofit entity that would otherwise be exempt from coverage under section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act (15 U.S.C. 45).(3) COMMISSION.—The term "Commission" means the Federal Trade Commission.(4) DISCLOSURE.—The term "disclosure" means, with respect to personal information—(A) the release of personal information collected from a child in identifiable form by an operator for any purpose, except where such information is provided to a person other than the operator who provides support for the internal operations of the website and does not disclose or use that information for any other purpose; and(B) making personal information collected from a child by a website or online service directed to children or with actual knowledge that such information was collected from a child, publicly available in identifiable form, by any means including by a public posting, through the Internet, or through—(i) a home page of a website;(ii) a pen pal service;(iii) an electronic mail service;(iv) a message board; or(v) a chat room.(5) FEDERAL AGENCY.—The term "Federal agency" means an agency, as that term is defined in section 551(1) of title 5, United States Code.(6) INTERNET.—The term "Internet" means collectively the myriad of computer and telecommunications facilities, including equipment and operating software, which comprise the interconnected world-wide network of networks that employ the Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol, or any predecessor or successor protocols to such protocol, to communicate information of all kinds by wire or radio.(7) PARENT.—The term "parent" includes a legal guardian.(8) PERSONAL INFORMATION.—The term "personal information" means individually identifiable information about an individual collected online, including—(A) a first and last name;(B) a home or other physical address including street name and name of a city or town;(C) an e-mail address;(D) a telephone number;(E) a Social Security number;(F) any other identifier that the Commission determines permits the physical or online contacting of a specific individual; or(G) information concerning the child or the parents of that child that the website collects online from the child and combines with an identifier described in this paragraph.(9) VERIFIABLE PARENTAL CONSENT.—The term "verifiable parental consent" means any reasonable effort (taking into consideration available technology), including a request for authorization for future collection, use, and disclosure described in the notice, to ensure that a parent of a child receives notice of the operator's personal information collection, use, and disclosure practices, and authorizes the collection, use, and disclosure, as applicable, of personal information and the subsequent use of that information before that information is collected from that child.(10) WEBSITE OR ONLINE SERVICE DIRECTED TO CHILDREN.—(A) IN GENERAL.—The term "website or online service directed to children" means—(i) a commercial website or online service that is targeted to children; or(ii) that portion of a commercial website or online service that is targeted to children.(B) LIMITATION.—A commercial website or online service, or a portion of a commercial website or online service, shall not be deemed directed to children solely for referring or linking to a commercial website or online service directed to children by using information location tools, including a directory, index, reference, pointer, or hypertext link.(11) PERSON.—The term "person" means any individual, partnership, corporation, trust, estate, cooperative, association, or other entity.(12) ONLINE CONTACT INFORMATION.—The term "online contact information" means an e-mail address or an-other substantially similar identifier that permits direct contact with a person online.SEC. 1303. REGULATION OF UNFAIR AND DECEPTIVE ACTS AND PRACTICES IN CONNECTION WITH THE COLLECTION AND USE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION FROM AND ABOUT CHILDREN ON THE INTERNET.(a) ACTS PROHIBITED.—(1) IN GENERAL.—It is unlawful for an operator of a website or online service directed to children, or any operator that has actual knowledge that it is collecting personal information from a child, to collect personal information from a child in a manner that violates the regulations prescribed under subsection (b).(2) DISCLOSURE TO PARENT PROTECTED.—Notwithstanding paragraph (1), neither an operator of such a website or online service nor the operator's agent shall be held to be liable under any Federal or State law for any disclosure made in good faith and following reasonable procedures in responding to a request for disclosure of per-sonal information under subsection (b)(1)(B)(iii) to the parent of a child.(b) REGULATIONS.—(1) IN GENERAL.—Not later than 1 year after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Commission shall promulgate under section 553 of title 5, United States Code, regulations that—(A) require the operator of any website or online service directed to children that collects personal information from children or the operator of a website or online service that has actual knowledge that it is collecting personal information from a child—(i) to provide notice on the website of what information is collected from children by the operator, how the operator uses such information, and the operator's disclosure practices for such information; and(ii) to obtain verifiable parental consent for the collection, use, or disclosure of personal information from children;(B) require the operator to provide, upon request of a parent under this subparagraph whose child has provided personal information to that website or online service, upon proper identification of that parent, to such par-ent—(i) a description of the specific types of personal information collected from the child by that operator;(ii) the opportunity at any time to refuse to permit the operator's further use or maintenance in retrievable form, or future online collection, of personal information from that child; and(iii) notwithstanding any other provision of law, a means that is reasonable under the circumstances for the parent to obtain any personal information collected from that child;(C) prohibit conditioning a child's participation in a game, the offering of a prize, or another activity on the child disclosing more personal information than is reasonably necessary to participate in such activity; and(D) require the operator of such a website or online service to establish and maintain reasonable procedures to protect the confidentiality, security, and integrity of personal information collected from children.(2) WHEN CONSENT NOT REQUIRED.—The regulations shall provide that verifiable parental consent under paragraph (1)(A)(ii) is not required in the case of—(A) online contact information collected from a child that is used only to respond directly on a one-time basis to a specific request from the child and is not used to recontact the child and is not maintained in retrievable form by the operator;(B) a request for the name or online contact information of a parent or child that is used for the sole purpose of obtaining parental consent or providing notice under this section and where such information is not maintained in retrievable form by the operator if parental consent is not obtained after a reasonable time;(C) online contact information collected from a child that is used only to respond more than once directly to a specific request from the child and is not used to recontact the child beyond the scope of that request—(i) if, before any additional response after the initial response to the child, the operator uses reasonable efforts to provide a parent notice of the online contact information collected from the child, the purposes for which it is to be used, and an opportunity for the parent to request that the operator make no further use of the information and that it not be maintained in retrievable form; or(ii) without notice to the parent in such circumstances as the Commission may determine are appropriate, taking into consideration the benefits to the child of access to information and services, and risks to the security and privacy of the child, in regulations promulgated under this subsection;(D) the name of the child and online contact information (to the extent reasonably necessary to protect the safety of a child participant on the site)—(i) used only for the purpose of protecting such safety;(ii) not used to recontact the child or for any other purpose; and(iii) not disclosed on the site, if the operator uses reasonable efforts to provide a parent notice of the name and online contact information collected from the child, the purposes for which it is to be used, and an opportunity for the parent to request that the operator make no further use of the information and that it not be maintained in retrievable form; or(E) the collection, use, or dissemination of such information by the operator of such a website or online service necessary—(i) to protect the security or integrity of its website;(ii) to take precautions against liability;(iii) to respond to judicial process; or(iv) to the extent permitted under other provisions of law, to provide information to law enforcement agencies or for an investigation on a matter related to public safety. 1815(3) TERMINATION OF SERVICE.—The regulations shall permit the operator of a website or an online service to terminate service provided to a child whose parent has refused, under the regulations prescribed under paragraph (1)(B)(ii), to permit the operator's further use or maintenance in retrievable form, or future online collection, of personal information from that child.(c) ENFORCEMENT.—Subject to sections 1304 and 1306, a violation of a regulation prescribed under subsection (a) shall be treated as a violation of a rule defining an unfair or deceptive act or practice prescribed under section 18(a)(1)(B) of the Federal Trade Commission Act (15 U.S.C. 57a(a)(1)(B)).(d) INCONSISTENT STATE LAW.—No State or local government may impose any liability for commercial activities or actions by operators in interstate or foreign commerce in connection with an activity or action described in this title that is inconsistent with the treatment of those activities or actions under this section.SEC. 1304. SAFE HARBORS.(a) GUIDELINES.—An operator may satisfy the requirements of regulations issued under section 1303(b) by following a set of self-regulatory guidelines, issued by representatives of the marketing or online industries, or by other persons, approved under subsection (b).(b) INCENTIVES.—(1) SELF-REGULATORY INCENTIVES.—In prescribing regulations under section 1303, the Commission shall provide incentives for self-regulation by operators to implement the protections afforded children under the regulatory requirements described in subsection (b) of that section.(2) DEEMED COMPLIANCE.—Such incentives shall include provisions for ensuring that a person will be deemed to be in compliance with the requirements of the regulations under section 1303 if that person complies with guidelines that, after notice and comment, are approved by the Commission upon making a determination that the guidelines meet the requirements of the regulations issued under section 1303.(3) EXPEDITED RESPONSE TO REQUESTS.—The Commission shall act upon requests for safe harbor treatment within 180 days of the filing of the request, and shall set forth in writing its conclusions with regard to such requests.(c) APPEALS.—Final action by the Commission on a request for approval of guidelines, or the failure to act within 180 days on a request for approval of guidelines, submitted under subsection (b) may be appealed to a district court of the United States of appropriate jurisdiction as provided for in section 706 of title 5, United States Code.SEC. 1305. ACTIONS BY STATES.(a) IN GENERAL.—(1) CIVIL ACTIONS.—In any case in which the attorney general of a State has reason to believe that an interest of the residents of that State has been or is threatened or adversely affected by the engagement of any person in a practice that violates any regulation of the Commission prescribed under section 1303(b), the State, as parens patriae, may bring a civil action on behalf of the residents of the State in a district court of the United States of appropriate jurisdiction to—(A) enjoin that practice;(B) enforce compliance with the regulation;(C) obtain damage, restitution, or other compensation on behalf of residents of the State; or(D) obtain such other relief as the court may consider to be appropriate.(2) NOTICE.—(A) IN GENERAL.—Before filing an action under paragraph (1), the attorney general of the State involved shall provide to the Commission—(i) written notice of that action; and(ii) a copy of the complaint for that action.(B) EXEMPTION.—(i) IN GENERAL.—Subparagraph (A) shall not apply with respect to the filing of an action by an attorney general of a State under this subsection, if the attorney general determines that it is not feasible to provide the notice described in that subparagraph before the filing of the action.(ii) NOTIFICATION.—In an action described in clause (i), the attorney general of a State shall provide notice and a copy of the complaint to the Commission at the same time as the attorney general files the action.(b) INTERVENTION.—(1) IN GENERAL.—On receiving notice under subsection (a)(2), the Commission shall have the right to intervene in the action that is the subject of the notice.(2) EFFECT OF INTERVENTION.—If the Commission intervenes in an action under subsection (a), it shall have the right—(A) to be heard with respect to any matter that arises in that action; and(B) to file a petition for appeal.(3) AMICUS CURIAE.—Upon application to the court, a person whose self-regulatory guidelines have been approved by the Commission and are relied upon as a defense by any defendant to a proceeding under this section may file amicus curiae in that proceeding.(c) CONSTRUCTION.—For purposes of bringing any civil action under subsection (a), nothing in this title shall be construed to prevent an attorney general of a State from exercising the powers conferred on the attorney general by the laws of that State to—(1) conduct investigations;(2) administer oaths or affirmations; or(3) compel the attendance of witnesses or the production of documentary and other evidence.(d) ACTIONS BY THE COMMISSION.—In any case in which an action is instituted by or on behalf of the Commission for violation of any regulation prescribed under section 1303, no State may, during the pendency of that action, institute an action under subsection (a) against any defendant named in the complaint in that action for violation of that regulation.(e) VENUE; SERVICE OF PROCESS.—(1) VENUE.—Any action brought under subsection (a) may be brought in the district court of the United States that meets applicable requirements relating to venue under section 1391 of title 28, United States Code.(2) SERVICE OF PROCESS.—In an action brought under subsection (a), process may be served in any district in which the defendant—(A) is an inhabitant; or(B) may be found.SEC. 1306. ADMINISTRATION AND APPLICABILITY OF ACT.(a) IN GENERAL.—Except as otherwise provided, this title shall be enforced by the Commission under the Federal Trade Commission Act (15 U.S.C. 41 et seq.).(b) PROVISIONS.—Compliance with the requirements imposed under this title shall be enforced under—(1) section 8 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act (12 U.S.C. 1818), in the case of—(A) national banks, and Federal branches and Federal agencies of foreign banks, by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency;(B) member banks of the Federal Reserve System (other than national banks), branches and agencies of foreign banks (other than Federal branches, Federal agencies, and insured State branches of foreign banks), commercial lending companies owned or controlled by foreign banks, and organizations operating under section 25 or 25(a) of the Federal Reserve Act (12 U.S.C. 601 et seq. and 611 et seq.), by the Board; and(C) banks insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (other than members of the Federal Reserve System) and insured State branches of foreign banks, by the Board of Direc- tors of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation;(2) section 8 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act (12 U.S.C. 1818), by the Director of the Office of Thrift Supervision, in the case of a savings association the deposits of which are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation;(3) the Federal Credit Union Act (12 U.S.C. 1751 et seq.) by the National Credit Union Administration Board with respect to any Federal credit union;(4) part A of subtitle VII of title 49, United States Code, by the Secretary of Transportation with respect to any air carrier or foreign air carrier subject to that part;(5) the Packers and Stockyards Act, 1921 (7 U.S.C. 181 et seq.) 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Sections 1303(a), 1305, and 1306 of this title take effect on the later of—(1) the date that is 18 months after the date of enactment of this Act; or(2) the date on which the Commission rules on the first application filed for safe harbor treatment under section 1304 if the Commission does not rule on the first such application within one year after the date of enactment of this Act, but in no case later than the date that is 30 months after the date of enactment of this Act.The CIA, Mind Control & ChildrenA Talk by John RappoportCKLN FM 88.1 Ryerson Polytechnic University Toronto, Ontario, Canada International ConnectionProducer: Wayne MorrisToday we are going to hear from investigative journalist Jon Rappoport give a talk entitled The CIA, Mind Control, and Children about the CIA’s use of children for creating mind control agents. Author of U.S. Government Mind Control Experiments on Children, he talks about the impact of the mind control testimony submitted to the Presidential hearings on radiation experiments. Jon also speaks about the mindset of those responsible for these horrors and the implications to society.JOHN RAPPOPORT:We are going to launch into this subject, but with a few comments before we start. Mind control is one of those things people don’t like to talk about, including yours truly frankly. I got into it, and I saw the evidence, and it was … you know, there it was.OfÞcially MKULTRA was a CIA mind control project that lasted about 10 years … let’s say from 1952 to 1962-63 … Before it started, there was ARTICHOKE AND BLUEBIRD … those were other CIA mind control projects. After it ended, supposedly in 1963, an ofÞce called ORD OfÞce of Research and Development took it over. Their job we don’t know about … we are not sure of everything they did because that information is not available. It is in 130 boxes of material somewhere … maybe in Langley, Virginia but they won’t release it. Various people have said that they employed more sophisticated measures than MKULTRA to do mind control on people.I think one of the reasons that this is such an important subject is because we are looking at people here who have a certain attitude about life itself, and these people are in the government and they are in important positions in the government … and in order to understand what they are really about, we get a look at them that is unprecedented by looking at what they did with this kind of experimentation on humans. In other words, they hate life. That’s pretty clear. They have their own version of life, which is like “death” and that’s where their life is … that’s what they feed off of. I would say that most, if not all, secret societies are based on the same concept. Once you cut through all the paraphenalia and symbology of secret societies, you are basically dealing with people who have, for one reason or another, given up on life completely. They are now into the form of life that is involved with death … that’s their territory. And it’s a pretty horrendous thing to say, but I think that would be borne out. My own feeling is that we are talking about a conþuence of different inþuences here on individuals that go back a long way into the past … into the history of families in which they grew up … I am talking about long term history of what those families are … and these people who are entirely functional, but entirely psychotic if you want to use that term. It doesn’t really do it justice but it tells you something about them. I am talking about John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles … I would say they are very good examples. Look at their faces … look at what you see there … you see almost nothing. There is a kind of mask-like quality about these people, an emptiness — very competent people who go about their business, who seem to have no feeling or “juice” for life. And I would say these people are often born into families who go back centuries possibly in that kind of disconnected condition from life. While they are able to function very successfully in society and deal with power, because that is their ticket and their coinage, they Þnd that control and destruction of life is the only thing really that gives them life.Since I have read this information that I will be sharing with you tonight, I am beginning to come to the conclusion that the people who were involved in the nuclear weapons scenario really wanted to destroy the world. It may seem obvious to say but they see that as “liberation” if you can wrap your mind around that … as a release from, what they consider to be an oppressive situation that just simply can’t be tolerated. They see destruction as liberation and so the only thing that would hold them back, I think, from destroying the world is the feeling that they may not have the playground left in which to enact their scenarios of destruction. There would only be one, and that would be the explosion that would take care of the planet.I would say that this is what we are dealing with. I would put up as a model against that, on the other side, although this man is not a messiah by any means, but if you know any of the work by Wilhelm Reich, the psychiatrist who broke away from Freud, he developed an entire psychology around the concept of liberation of energy … from within the person … that was locked up. It was really the Þrst time … he was the main Þgure in the history of Western psychology, let’s put it that way … which was a recent effort. To simply say that we are talking about energy here, and that freedom and the release of free energy from a human being against blocked up channels gives you what is called “life” — that’s life. And he was, of course, destroyed by the government. He had a device that was an energy accumulator device. He was arrested because a federal agent posing as a buyer or distributor of that device offered to take off his hands and bring it through state lines and so he was served a su bpoena to appear before the federal government that involved illegal interstate commerce, and his comment was rather native, he said, “how can they possibly serve me … that’s politics … I am talking about science.” He didn’t honour the subpoena, they put him in jail, and he died. He was talking about fantastical things like plumes of blue energy shooting out of the top of a person into the sky and this kind of liberation of energy would occur. He said that energy creates clouds, and storms, and weathers, the same energy that we have inside ourselves is identical and he called the unit of it an “orgone”. He invented these wild machines that were able to, supposedly, manoeuvre this energy around. He is a fascinating person, and I always hold him up as a person who ultimately stands for the other side of things — which is life.The reason that you Þnd some of these fascist lunatics involved with magic and occult sciences and heavy, heavy, heavy symbology and all of that … is because within these secret societies, they are dealing in death as life.If you could imagine life as a kind of hourglass and they fall through the top and through the skinny part and out the bottom and they see that as being a form of living, and they take their sensation and their thrills from some sort of upside down version of life. I wanted to paint that little sketch before I started, because we are going to get into some pretty strange territory here. I want to say that I think this is basically what is going on. It’s important to know that these people occupy key positions in our government and still do and they are not accountable. It tells you something about what is called a democracy …I have brought some testimony together into this book called, US Government Mind Control Experiments on Children. It’s a compilation basically of testimony that was given in Washington and before I read from it while I can still remember … I want to make a few announcements, a little bit about myself and the people who are here tonight. This is Deep River Books. She Who Remembers is taping this talk … the tape is available afterwards. I will probably forget to remind you and Jeannie will stand up and say something. Ralph Cole of Justice Vision is taping. He has also been taping meetings of Heal, an alternative AIDS group which is doing some excellent work about bringing the truth about AIDS to people and he has some of those tapes available too. This book is available upstairs at Deep River, and so is another book of mine, called AIDS Inc. which I wrote in 1988.I am investigative reporter, for about the last Þfteen years, and I basically have been investigating what I call medical fascism which I believe is the mechanism by which people are going to be dragged into Brave New World if that is the outcome that we unfortunately end up with. That issue is not decided, but because the medical world has such great authority with people, they believe so much in doctors and experts, they are going to try to make that move … they are going to try to bring people to heel under the aegis of medicine … they are going to try to say that they know science, and therefore you have to listen to what they say, and if they say take a drug, or you are suffering from a germ, there is no questioning that. If they say you are detained or quarantined, there is no questioning that … I see that as being something that is coming around here.This testimony was given before the President’s Committee on Radiation on March 15, 1995. We had three people who went up there from New Orleans … Valerie Wolf, a therapist and two of her clients, Claudia Mullen and Chris Denicola. God only knows how they got in and testiÞed. I have heard the story from Valerie, and I still don’t even believe it, but … basically she told me the screener up there, the person who was screening applicants to speak about cruel and unusual radiation experiments on Americans … she said, well I have clients and they are saying that some of these doctors who administered radiation, administered mind control to them so we want to talk. And they said okay. They testiÞed, from what I can gather, for a very short period of time verbally. They submitted a lot of testimony to the Committee from other therapists and other patients, and they somehow got in … nobody knows how … but they got in and that opens a certain kind of door for us, because it puts it on th e record and it gives it a certain legitimacy and what these patients essentially said was, from the time they were 4 years old, 7 years old, they were tortured by the CIA and the military. You can call it something more sophisticated, but it really isn’t. It involved electroshock, physical torture, lights, spinning tables, hallucinogenic drugs, sleep deprivation, isolation tanks, hypnosis, mind programming with commands, layers of trauma that induced buffer zones of amnesia between the traumas, and essentially thereby created multiple personalities. As one psychological theory has it, if you induce enough trauma, you get a split in the personality because the person can’t face the pain, so they put that part out of it, and they come with a new personality. If you keep doing it, you invoke or create different personalities, and then if you are the CIA you try to program these sub-personalities to do different things like memorize information photographi cally and not remember it, do courier operations, assassinations, sex agents, blackmail operations, all of this.Now I must say that I think some representations of this kind of operation are a little too neat and clean … that is people assume it is like (clicks Þngers …) … okay we will create 37 personalities now and program each one … do these commands and call it up and da da da da … I really doubt that it works that way. I think that in many cases, it is a total wash-out. In many cases, it is just psychosis time, madness. (In many cases people are killed because they just won’t respond, and they will not stand for it no matter what is induced …) There are two tracks here … and these are the tracks. There is testimony by the people saying this was done to me … and then you decide if you believe that or not. Then over here, there are attempts to verify through obtaining documents from the CIA and the military that such experiments did in fact go on to create a parallel track of research to give credence to what these people are saying over here because there are many good people w ho want to say this is all nut-case territory over here, and we don’t want to know about it, and frankly, I don’t blame them. So the researchers have said, the ones who are really into this, we want to try to document it as well on the other side and efforts have been made in that direction, and continue to be made in that direction.Let me introduce into the record, and it would be nice if we were all sitting here in front of an Arlen “Single Bullet Theory” Spector and people like that … something called Volume Seven, Recent Advances in Biological Psychiatry, the Proceedings of the19th Annual Convention and ScientiÞc Program of the Society of Biological Psychiatry, Los Angeles, May 13, 1964. The OfÞcers of this group include Ewen Cameron, M.D., Psychiatrist from Canada many will recognize as possibly the major monster on the planet as far as mind control … much has been written about him … I am not going to talk much about him tonight. In Part One in the Table of Contents, we have the following paper: “Automatic Nervous System Responses in Hospitalized Children Treated with LSD and UML” and one of the researchers is Loretta Bender. Loretta Bender cannot be nailed down as being a CIA employee. She was in fact, in 1961, a president of the Society of Biological Psychiatry, but she was part of a small group of researchers who were doing early LSD research … most of whom were doing it for the CIA. She attended conferences where those people showed up … like this, and she attended at least one conference by the Josiah Macey Foundation which was a conduit and front for CIA money. The paper is rather lengthy but I am just going to read you a few things from it. This is not part of the book.“In the children’s unit of Creedmore State Hospital with a resident population of 450 patients, ages 4 to 15, we have investigated the responses of some of these children to lysergic acid and related drugs in the psychiatric, psychological and biochemical areas. Two groups of boys receiving daily LSD, UML (which is a methylated derivative of LSD) or psilocybin … at Þrst the medication was given weekly but was eventually given daily for periods of up to several months. Dosages remain constant throughout, LSD 150 mcg. (which is a standard for an adult trip), psilocybin 20 mg. daily or UML 12 mg. daily, all given in two divided doses. The average duration of treatment was 2 to 3 months.” Daily. Children, 7, 9 , 11 years old …The psychiatrist who sent me this told me that he has a statement at home which he is going to fax me which shows that in several cases at least with these children, this was carried on for several years daily. Of course, all of the testimony here about what happened to the children is they got nothing but better … these were autistic, retarded (a loose term signiÞying really nothing), but autistic or schizophrenic children … that was the diagnosis. They all “responded, became more straightforward, and here” and whatever. You decide …That is a very signiÞcant piece of evidence here. That shows that as early as 1964, the CIA was in fact experimenting … or a person with probable CIA connections … was experimenting on young children with LSD and other similar drugs.Now I have here a staff memorandum given to me by Harlan Girard, a very active researcher in his Þeld, to Members of the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments from the Advisory Committee staff on June 27, 1994, and this is a summary of the CIA, its history and its activities. In other words, members of the Committee on Radiation staff submitted this to the Committee at large to kind of clue them in on what the CIA is prior to the 1995 Hearing of the President’s Committee on Radiation, and they say, “In the 1950’s and 60’s the CIA engaged in an extensive program of human experimentation using drugs, psychological and other means, in search of techniques to control human behaviour for counter intelligence and covert action purposes.” This is quite an admission. In other words, they are training agents, it says here, by using mind control on them. It doesn’t say they are using mind control just to sort of get information from foreign agents. The possibility that the CIA itself engaged in human radiation experiments emanates from references in a 1963 CIA Inspector General’s report on project MKULTRA which was a “program concerned with research and development of chemical, biological and radiological materials capable of deployment in clandestine operations to control human behaviour.” Now in the rest of this report, they indicate that they cannot Þnd any records of speciÞc radiological experiments carried out by the CIA, and obviously they are looking. This doesn’t look like a total whitewash.But that doesn’t mean that you believe them, it just means that those records have been destroyed or hidden away deep hidden away … because everybody agrees that radiation is a bad thing … and the CIA … the last thing they want is for people to believe that they used radiation on people. But this does indicate that there was a reference about research and development of radiation by the CIA for purposes of deployment in clandestine operations to control human behaviour. How the hell do you use radiation in clandestine operations to control human behaviour? Well, I would suggest that you use it to traumatize people whom you are training as agents so that you can gain control of them and you therefore have them under your thumb, and they do what you want them to do. The testimony here tends to bear that out … that radiation was used on people as a method of inducing trauma, not as a way of testing … you know … does radiation cause harm? Which is sort of the gist of the President ‘s Committee on Radiation … they went half-way. They said “terrible things were done to unwitting Americans … radiation was used by doctors on them in hospitals” but this goes further, we are now talking about a whole other leve, because those those experiments which were supposedly carried on as a misguided effort to see what toxicity levels were like, unfortunate occurrences, things got out of control at times, isolated individuals did commit crimes, da da da da …. you know. But they were attempting to do medical research … and that’s one of those hypnotic phrases, “medical research”. I could probably put everybody to sleep just by saying “medical research, medical research …” (laughter) And people would reach into their pockets and come out with money, man … well hey, cancer and infantile paralysis and m.s. … whatever you want … I’ll give you money … medical research, medical research. Politicians know that’s the key they turn all the time … when they can’t Þgure out what to say, they say we need more money for research … and that means tax money and it means things you don’t want to be subjected to most of the time …Valerie Wolf is something else … this woman is down in New Orleans … she is seeing clients other people won’t see … therefore they tell strange stories. These are clients who have been Þred by other therapists … they are very unruly, out of control, they do not recover, nothing works, they cut themselves, they go into hospitals, they try to commit suicide … they are people that therapists generally þee from … and she says “let’s go …” That’s her scene … so it stands to reason that she would hear stories that other therapists cannot hear … and in her statement to the Committee on Radiation March 15, 1995, she says, “ … the research programs [that her clients were submitted to] included radiation, drugs, mind control and chemicals … my clients have reported all of these being used on them, although technically they were considered to be part of the mind control experiments. Generally it appears that therapists across the country are Þnding clients who have been subjected to mind control techniques. The consistency of their stories about the purpose of the mind control and the techniques such as electroshock, use of hallucinogens, sensory deprivation, spinning, dislocation of limbs, and sexual abuse is remarkable. There is almost nothing published on this aspect of mind control used on children, and these clients come from all over the country having had no contact with each other. From the small sample of therapists to whom I talked, it appears that about 25% of the clients report memories of being used in radiation experiments. It is possible that more people were exposed to radiation, but that the memories have not yet emerged because our awareness of this experimentation is so new.”Let me say now, before we get into it further, that the one organization in the United States that has tried to debunk all of this is called the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. They are based in Philadelphia. They say that any recovered memories in therapy, that is any patient who goes into therapy and recovers a memory is a liar or unintentionally lying because their therapist induced it, suggested it, guided it, okay? Now, I talked to these people and at certain levels they are very well meaning of course … that is always the way. I talked to their PR person and I asked when were you born, this organization? She said, “1992”. I said well how extensive is it? And she said, “We have a chapter in every state.” Now for anybody who has ever been an activist or worked in non-proÞt 501C3 … are you kidding me man? You have a chapter in every state in 3 years? You’re cooking, you are cooking … and in foreign countries they have chapters too. But no foundation money and no government funding … this is like, you know, they are like … walking on water … you know? (audience member: “It took McDonald’s longer …) There we go. That’s the False Memory Syndrome Foundation … (audience member: “individual contributions …”) It is true … now that organization was founded by Pamela Freyd … her daughter accused her husband of abuse as a child … and in the resultant uproar they founded this organization … Frontline on PBS did an entire episode on all of this …… and then received a letter, from I think it was the daughter’s brother who said, that was quite a presentation you put on about the FMSF and my mother … and I just wanted to tell you though that despite your sympathetic treatment of this organization, everything my sister said was absolutely true and they were abusing her from the time she was a little kid.” That’s interesting about the beginning of this organization.Now on the board of this organization we have such luminaries as Louis Joly West … Louis “I never worked for the CIA” Joly West. This guy has been documented to have done all kinds of stuff for the CIA and military on mind control stuff … gave LSD to an elephant, and killed it. Wanted to start the Centre for the Study of Violence at UCLA in the l970’s. We have letters, and this was going to be located in a used, abandoned missile base somewhere out north of LA, and part of the deal was they were going to do psychosurgery on violent offenders which is the selective melting of brain connections to keep people from being violent. And this was touted as being highly medical, very precise. This is right in the ballpark of what I am talking about here when they say “it’s all medical … we have miniaturized and we can take out certain neurons here and there, and everything’s cool.” Some people throw up their hands and say who am I to … I don’t know … maybe they are right …Peter Breggin, a psychiatrist who investigates toxic drugs and violence projects against citizens using psychiatry as a front … he lays it on psychiatrists. He discovered that the one case where they claimed a cure by psychosurgery was turned into a gibbering lunatic and that’s why he was cured of violence. He wasn’t able to even live unless somebody was taking care of him all the time and this particular patient was heralded as a cure by Frank Irvin and Bernie Sweet and these guys in the 70’s who were the doctors doing psychosurgery. That was their model, showcase cure of violence.So Louis West, who wanted to start this centre at UCLA, is on the board of FMSF and so is Martin Orne, a Harvard psychiatrist who has done contract work for the CIA in the past. And several other people who have those kinds of connections. They want to debunk this stuff right out of the box … forget it. This is the kind of stuff they want to debunk. Claudia Mullen, client of Valerie Wolf, reports to the Presidential Commission: “Between the years of 1957 and 1984 I became a pawn in a government scheme whose ultimate goal was mind control and to create the perfect spy. All through the use of chemicals, radiation, electroshock, hypnosis, drugs, isolation in tubs of water, sleep deprivation, brainwashing, and verbal, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. I was exploited unwittingly for nearly three decades of my life, and the only explanation given to me was that ‘the end justiÞes the means’ and I was serving my country in their bold effort to Þght communism. I can only summarize my circumstances by saying they took an already abused 7 year old child and compounded my suffering beyond belief. In 1958 I was to be tested, they told me, by some important doctors coming from a place called The Society [… that’s the Human Ecology Society, a known CIA front]. I was told to cooperate, answer any of their questions, then since the tests might hurt, I would be given shots, xrays, and jolts of electricity. I was also instructed not to look in anyone’s face too hard and to ignore names, as this was a very secret project … but to be brave and all those things would help me forget. Naturally as most children do, I did the opposite, and remembered as much as I could. A Dr. John Gittinger [Rapaport: these people in the testimony named names, they did not screw around …] tested me and Dr. Cameron gave me the shocks, and Dr. Green, the xrays. Then I was told by Sid Gottlieb I was right for the Big A … meaning Artichoke.”“By the time I left to go home, just like every time from then on, I would recall nothing of my tests or the different doctors. I would only remember whatever explanations Dr. Robert Heath of Tulane Medical School gave me for the odd bruises, needle marks, burns on my head and Þngers, and even the genital soreness. I had no reason to believe otherwise. Already they had begun to control my mind. The next year I was sent to a place in Maryland called Deep Creek Cabins to learn how to sexually please men. I was taught how to coerce them into talking about themselves. It was Richard Helms, Deputy Director of the CIA, Dr. Gottlieb, Capt. George White and Morse Allen who all planned on Þlming as many high government and agency ofÞcials, and heads of academic institutions and foundations as possible. So later, when the funding for radiation and mind control started to dwindle, then the project would continue at any cost [in other words, blackmail]. I was to become a regular little spy for them after that summer. Eventually trapping many unwitting men, including themselves, all with the use of a hidden camera. I was only 9 years old when this kind of sexual humiliation began. I overheard conversations about a part of the agency called ORD run by Dr. Green, Dr. Stephen Aldrich, Martin Orne and Morse Allen ….”Dr. John Gittinger was Sid Gottlieb’s protege … Gittinger tested everybody. He was like a fanatical tester, developing proÞles of humans, different types of humans, all kinds of questionnaire type tests. Sid Gottlieb was the head of MKULTRA projects for the CIA … a very high ranking bureaucrat, probably never treated a patient in his life. These people (testifying) were saying that these people were doing it … they were not supervising it alone, they were doing it. Dr. Green seems to be a name that is a cover name that many different people used. However there was a Dr. L. Wilson Green, Technical Director of US Army Chemical and Radiological Laboratories at the Army Chemical Centre … so we could have both things happening there. Richard Helms became director of the CIA … a real smooth operator. He was the person who destroyed many MKULTRA Þles before they could be revealed. Capt. George White made a statement to the effect of “nowhere else but in the CIA could a young, red-blood ed American rape, pillage and plunder without … accountability” He set up a brothel in San Francisco in the 60’s, paid off prostitutes to bring in johns to a room which he was Þlming, and these johns unwittingly drank LSD in their cocktails, and Þlming was supposedly to determine what the effects of LSD were on unwitting subjects. This is documented up and down. By the way, for those of you who want to get the background here, John Marks’ Search for the Manchurian Candidate, Walter Bowart’s Operation Mind Control now updated, are upstairs … and there is a very difÞcult book to Þnd called The Mind Manipulators by Alan Scheþin which goes into a wider arena and is a very valuable reference source. There are many other books, Journey into Madness … but the Marks’ book, Scheþin book, and the Bowart book all took off from the same revelation of the ten or so boxes of information that were Þnally released by the CIA in about 1977 … they were actually Þnancial records of MKULTRA. They didn’t think they were very incriminating, but they Þnally began to look at them and saw they were very incriminating. A mistake …Then we had Morse Allen who was the head of Project Bluebird, another mind control project. High up people here she is talking about … who planned on Þlming as many high up ofÞcials … She says “I overheard conversations about a part of the agency called ORD run by Dr. Green, Dr. Stephen Aldrich” who became Director of ORD researched remote control of brains by electrodes, he went to the college I went to, Amherst College … hope I run into him some time. Martin Orne, mentioned again … we are not stinting here on names, these people just named them … sitting here in a room in Washington, D.C. before the President’s Committee on Radiation saying that Richard Helms was involved in torture and brainwashing of children. Now, Valerie Wolf makes this comment about Claudia Mullen: “After 9 months of therapy, she came to therapy one day with MKULTRA written with other words on a piece of paper … the Þrst time … she had never mentioned any of this before. From that point on, she began to work on the mind control issues and began to improve. All of her memories have emerged spontaneously, without the use of memory enhancement techniques such as hypnosis or sodium amytal. I had told her nothing about government and CIA research projects. To the best of my knowledge, she has read nothing about mind control or CIA covert operations. Since she decided to listen carefully and remember as much as she could about conversations among the researchers, her memories are extraordinarily complete. I have sent written copies of memories to Dr. Alan Scheþin for validation [the author of The Mind Manipulators who is a professor of law at the University of Santa Clara]. He has conÞrmed that she has knowledge of events and people that are not published anywhere … that some of her memories contain new information and that some are already known and published. Some of her memories have been conÞrmed by family members. She has also shown me old scrapbooks where she wrote notes to remember what was happening to her, and hid the notes under the pictures in the scrapbooks.” Claudia Mullen states that she is still being monitored, that there is a doctor in New Orleans, who was her family doctor. She names him in her longer testimony … and she said to me, “don’t tell him you are going to do something before you do it, just do it.”Apparently as recently as a month or two ago, she feels that … it’s a strange situation … apparently she is not positive that this doctor was monitoring her, but now she is. She went to his ofÞce … she doesn’t remember what happened to her … there were marks on her when she left the ofÞce … and she feels he is still monitoring her. So there is an element of danger involved in this, for these people. Some of these statements in here are anonymous. Some therapists made statements anonymously because there was public censure by their peers for getting into this stuff. I am told that a therapist named Corey Hammond spoke at a recent convention on methods of deprogramming this kind of mind control that he has developed … Valerie Wolf says she is using these, and they are terriÞc, they work. He has been subject to a lot of censure by other psychologists, societies, whatever it is and that he doesn’t want to talk to people any more, just for making a verbal presentation at this conference.Chris Denicola, another client of Valerie Wolf. Tucson, Arizona. “I was taught how to pick locks, be secretive, use my photographic memory. Dr. Green taught me a technique to withhold information by repeating numbers to myself. He would show me information, then shock me [electroshock]. I would repeat the numbers in my head. I refused to disclose the information that he just gave me, and he found me to be very successful in that part of his mind control experiment. I was four years old. He moved on to wanting me to kill dolls that looked like real children. I stabbed a doll with a spear once, after being severely tortured. The next time I refused. Dr. Green used many torture techniques, but as a I got older, I resisted more and more. He often tied me down in a cage near his ofÞce. Between 1972 and 76, he and his assistants were sometimes careless and left the cage unlocked. At these times I snuck into his ofÞce and found Þles with reports and memos addressed to CIA and military personnel. Included in these Þles were program projects, sub-projects, subject and experiment names, with some code numbers for radiation and mind control experiments. I was caught twice and Dr. Green tortured me ruthlessly with electric shock, drugs, spinning me on a table, putting shots in my stomach and my back, dislocating my joints and hypnotic techniques to make me feel crazy and suicidal. Because of my rebellion and growing lack of cooperation, they gave up on me as a spy assassin. Consequently the last two years, 1974-76, Dr. Green had access to me. He used various mind control techniques to reverse the spy-assassin messages through self destruct and death messages if I ever remembered anything. His purpose? He wanted me dead and I have struggled to stay alive all of my adult life. I believe that it is truly by the grace of God that I am still alive.”That’s just a piece of her testimony. A statement from Alan Scheþin, lawyer, professor of law, Santa Clara: “Claudia’s therapist [Valerie Wolf] has been kind enough to send me, with her client’s informed consent, some of the pertinent records reþecting Claudia’s memories of her experiences as an unwitting subject in these experiments. I have been able to conÞrm that some of the information Claudia has provided is absolutely true and could not have been derived from any published source.” I spoke with Scheþin and he said to me, I thought he was playing it a little close to the vest with this, I understand he is writing a book on this, so I don’t know … he said, “there is one piece of information that I was able to conÞrm, and I don’t know how she could possibly have known this. It involves the connection between two government researchers that is not published anywhere” and he said “I just happened to know that they are connected and she mentioned that they knew each other.”Let me just comment on some of this here. All throughout this testimony you have other clients and patients saying similar things. Dr. Green, Dr. Green, Dr. Green, Dr. Green. Electroshock. Torture, sex abuse and all of that. About three weeks ago I met a woman who is a therapist. She works north of Los Angeles. If you met this woman and talked to her, you would say ‘she’s very on top of things, she is very smart, she seems like a real human being.’ So she looks at me and she says, “I was part of this when I was a kid, as a child.” She doesn’t want to talk about it yet, but she said, “… this business about creating perfect spies, I don’t think that’s it. I don’t think that’s why they were really doing it.” Part of the explanation about what they were supposedly trying to do was to create blank slates … that was their thinking. You can take a human being and erase their mind, then we can program it to be whatever we want it to be. Well adults just go psychotic, so let’s try children … they are more þexible and they have less in their mind to take out … how mechanistic can you get, and that would be the rationale supposedly. From that it has been assumed that the whole point of this was to create a perfect spy, with with nice neat categories of sub-personalities, and program and trigger words, manchurian candidate type stuff. You know, “we will now call up sub-personality 134. Are you there?” “Yes I am here.” “What have you learned on your recent trip to Vienna?” Start. Bing. And then sub-personality 134 says, “I boarded the train, and went to Vienna, and read the following documents that were given to me …” — like a computer? That this was the intention. But this woman said to me, “Yeah, but I think there is something beyond this. It is somewhere in the back of my mind, but I can’t get to it.” I didn’t question her about how she knows this, but she said “First of all this was a very wide-ranging project … there were echelons of the project, not just simply one level. There were children brought up from South America and Mexico. They were considered expendable. They were used with the crudest techniques of brainwashing and so forth. The idea was to learn from this techniques in a more reÞned way techniques that would be used on another echelon of children. The best and brightest in America.” I said, “Do you mean children from well-to-do families?” She said, “Not necessarily. The smartest.”They could be thinking that what they want to do is program these kids who would later, supposedly, emerge in prominent positions in society, so that they would then have long term control of society by controlling people in power positions. She said (she didn’t say “yes”) but she said, “Well, yeah, that makes sense. The Nazis got a hold of the intelligentsia. They turned the intelligentsia — they were able to either silence or bring the intelligentsia into their fold — so it was a major project. She said to me, “They brought a lot of doctors over here after the War and not just the rocket scientists … they brought a lot of doctors over here.” And all throughout this testimony you will read, sprinkled here, “a doctor with a German accent … was it Green … was it Greenburg … a German Jew? … did it look like he was a Jew? … he had blonde hair …” That kind of stuff.I would say this is a Nazi project, but a lot of the Nazis are American-born. It shouldn’t be excused or explained away on that basis because as we know, if we look at Nazi psychiatry for example, they learned a lot from the Americans, especially about eugenics. This is not something where we should say, “ … well, the Nazis took over …” This is home-grown stuff. This is Americana at its worst, at its lowest form. This is also the sub-sub-basement that you walk into when you are a materialist, when that is your philosophy. And I don’t mean you are a materialist in the sense that you want money, possessions … I mean, philosophically. The materialist position is that we are meat, and tissue, and cells, and electrical impulses, and that’s it. When that system collapses, we are gone, never to return. My own feeling is that when you espouse and embrace that philosophy, the ultimate, ultimate sub-basement that you end up in is that sub-basement … that’s where you end up. Finally, that’s where it all comes out.I must say, even though I admire many of the researchers on psychedelics, and feel that they are basically liberating types of people, I think some of them make a mistake when they start talking about, “ … well, it’s all chemicals anyway … what difference does it make? … we are only dealing with chemical reactions anyway, so what’s this nonsense about consciousness separate from chemicals?” They are using that of course to say, “why is the government trying to outlaw the use of psychedelics, if in fact all consciousness is chemical anyway, they are just being selective in their choices of chemical … they are saying ‘alcohol - yes, lsd - no’.” But I think these people have something to think about in this one area. I am not trying to put them down at all, in fact I admire them. But I think when they start talking about “well, consciousness is just chemicals anyway…” I am afraid I have to disagree. I think it is a lot more than chemicals. You can certainly make people do very bizar re things with chemicals, and you can make them suffer a great deal because we are in these bodies … it’s a lot more than that. That’s where I think you wind up. You wind up with this crazy idea about programming people … that’s where I think you wind up with this stuff.On the plus side, if we know this, if we understand what is happening here, and therapists can be brought into this whole dialogue, then we are talking about bridging something that is very un-middle-class into the middle-class and into people who normally don’t consider these kinds of things because we are talking therapists here, private practice therapists whose patients come into their ofÞce and say “I was part of CIA mind control.” I am not saying that the middle class is not some fabulous entity that we have to somehow court, but I am saying that this is an issue which can get some people involved who normally do not get involved and if they are so willing, they can create some havoc with the government and that’s my next point here.One of the reasons that I am going into this, and getting involved in it, is because I want people to begin to see the government for what it actually is and I think this is a way of doing that. Unequivocally coming to it. People say, “the government, yeah … if we just get more of the right people in … a little more funding for research … more this … more that … everything is going to work out and we will get the nice guys, elect Bill and don’t elect George, and elect Jim and don’t elect Phil …” You know … it’s all this kind of whipsawing stuff I see every time an election comes around. “We gotta vote for Bill because if we don’t we’ll get George …” and this and that … boppada bop …. It’s like a vice that people are in, and everybody knows it.I have a statement here from Colin Ross. A very interesting man. Never heard of him before. He’s a psychiatrist from Richardson, Texas. He has been researching the CIA for 20 years. Every time an MKULTRA type researcher dies, he sends away FOIA requests, because he Þgures, well the guy is dead, they will be more likely to release the documents now, and he just … he’s very cute with this, see? He accumulates a little of this, a little of that. MKULTRA had about 139 to 150 sub-projects … nobody knows what they all were, or even if that is the subtotal. It’s the basic mind control project of the CIA after WWII. He has Þles on as many of these as he can possibly get. “I have in my possession about 80 of the 149 sub-project Þles which I obtained through FOIA, Þling requests with the CIA on each deceased investigator of interest.” (I like that.) He says, “Neurosurgeons at Tulane, Yale and Harvard did extensive research on brain electrode implants with intelligence funding and combined bra in implants with large numbers of drugs including hallucinogens.” So while they were telling Tim Leary and Richard Alpert to get out of Harvard … because a few people were taking acid and enjoying it … there were other people there who were inserting electrodes in people’s brains and then giving them acid. “MKULTRA alone included four sub-projects on children, one was conducted at the International Children’s Summer Camp in Maine by an unwitting investigator. The MKULTRA sub-project Þle in my possession for this project states that “the CIA’s interest in this research was in establishing contact with foreign nationals of potential future operational use by the CIA. The children who served as subjects in the project were as young as eleven years old.”“Multiple personality disorder patients in treatment throughout the United States and Canada are describing involvement in mind control research that is much more sophisticated than MKULTRA. Deliberate sexual abuse of children to make them more dissociative … “ and then he ends up simply by saying, “I would be pleased to testify at length at any hearings on CIA and military mind control.” Colin Ross, M.D. Psychiatrist Richardson TexasHere is a statement from a therapist submitted anonymously. “One client told me that they were made to believe they had been abducted by UFO’s so that if memories were retrieved, they would be discredited by the community.” I found that kind of interesting. Hmmm. Other people mentioned satanic costumes … CIA people putting on satanic costumes while they were doing their crazy stuff here …Here’s John Boyd, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, practiced clinical psychology for 25 years, Ohio State, University of Virginia. “I have treated three patients whose memories of childhood abuse include detailed recall of sophisticated mind control technology being inþicted upon them by “experts” in collusion with the patients’ mentally disturbed parents. The independent reports of these individuals contain similar information of an esoteric and intricate nature concerning mind control technology which in my opinion could be gained only through personal experience.” The press says nothing. The press says zero about this.Here’s a woman operating under the pseudonym I believe of Chandra Walker-Michaels. “I learned how to handle weapons, particularly how an ice-pick left a neat hole, a hole that allowed so little blood to escape that the victim could remain in public view for hours before they would be discovered not to be napping.” “I was taken on planes to Germany and Egypt to assist Joe with arson … to Israel, along with messages … to Mexico for terrorist activities. I remember a small laboratory in a partially exposed basement of a large building I visited many times starting at age four south of Washington, D.C. At the age of fourteen I was drugged and woke up on a stretcher, and I heard men outside my door discussing how they had gotten me past the guards at Langley that night. At the age of Þfteen Joe introduced me to an elderly man who he referred to as “the Senator”. At the Mayþower Hotel in Washington, D.C. the portly gentleman was brought to the room adjoining ours. Our closet space was Þlled with photographic equipment viewing the Senator’s scene … I refused to participate. I was severely punished.”Just a word about the media, and then we will take a break. One of the best payoffs of being a reporter for Þfteen years is that I have come to see this machine called “the media” and how it operates in a way that I never thought was possible because I have talked to a lot of reporters, and they become the eyes, the mouth and the ears for everybody else. Since I am now researching the Oklahoma City bombing, and I have done a lot of research on AIDS, and now this and other topics, there is a pattern that always seems to emerge. The pattern is that there is a cover story that emerges very quickly after something is either revealed or happens. Very quickly a cover story comes to the fore and then anything that does not Þt the cover story is discarded. In the case of Oklahoma City, it happens to be basically that McVeigh and a few of his friends are rednecks … the rednecks are connected to other rednecks who belong to militias and the militias blew up the building and that’s it … we don’t w ant to know anything else … they are all kind of crazy and stupid … that’s the end of the story … they rented a Ryder truck knowing it could be traced … they bought 5000 lbs. of ammonium nitrate knowing it could be traced …(hey business is suddenly picking up … did you see that guy who suddenly came in and bought 5000 lbs. of ammonium nitrate??? Wow. I thought business was kind of slow and then all of a sudden they came in like 15 or 20 cars and they like, loaded it up in the backs of the station wagons and they kept coming back for more and they took it away … I guess April is a really good planting month you know?? They have a lot of crops in mind …) That’s the cover, right? They were that stupid, and that’s all we have to know. And McVeigh, three hours after the explosion, happens to be driving in a car with no licence, and a cop stops him and says “I will have to cite you for driving without a licence and you will have to appear …” McVeigh says “No problem”, t hen the cop looks at him and he is writing out the citation, he’s going to give it to him, and let him drive away. No problem, Driving without a licence. So what? Then the cop says, “Sir, do you have something under your windbreaker there?” And McVeigh says, “I have a weapon under my windbreaker.” Pulls down the zipper, there’s a 9mm Glock, and a Þve inch knife hanging off his belt. He has just killed 100 people … he’s on a lonely road some place … a cop stops him … he’s going to let him go … he then shows the cop his weapon … the cop then puts his service revolver to his head, disarms him, takes him to jail, puts him on ice for a few days until the Feds … they work fast these guys … three days and they know who did it, they know what happened, they come to the jail where he is, and they take him … Right? By the way, I was told that initial reports placed McVeigh at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma. People who anonymously testiÞed in here, and it has been mentioned by other people, that some of the mind control that was done on them was done at Tinker Air Force Base. Tinkerbell, right?So this is the scenario that is painted by the press, see? Talk about mind control here … now the reporters that I talked to … how they slip and slide with this … once the cover story is established … how they manage to keep from discovering anything, or thinking about anything … or just considering the insanity of the cover story itself, is really something to behold. And I have been talking to a bunch of reporters down in Oklahoma City now … I just listen and we talk and it is all very chatty and everything … and for example one guy who was with the only daily in Oklahoma (The Daily Oklahoman) … all he could talk about was the federal boys … the federal boys combing through the wreckage of the building … the federal boys were there and they did this and they told me and they said this … and it was kind of like, when a sportswriter covers the Yankees … the Slugger told me this, and he told me he threw the curve ball and he holds it this way … had a beer with Mickey … you know, that kind of stuff … “the federal boys told me” that they couldn’t Þnd any other kind of bomb in the building at all … that’s it … what else is there to know … the federal boys day after day were going through the wreckage and they told him they couldn’t Þnd anything … this guy would have talked for three hours like this if I had let him … and that’s how he keeps himself from Þguring out what’s going on and each reporter has his own little scene.In the case of this one here, of course, now Valerie Wolf and one of her clients, they say “look we are not sure we really want to get this exposed all the way out because we know that the False Memory Syndrome Foundation right now has a stranglehold on the press.” That’s the cover story. Nobody cares that the FMSF board is composed of these guys with CIA, mind control connections … That’s the cover story that’s laid down, and so everything else is irrelevant. That’s what we have to bust — is that cover story — with enough people coming forward and saying, “it’s not true”.
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