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I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and I have tried many and varied healing modalities over the years. During the months of March and April 2012, for a total of twenty three days I fasted on absolutely nothing but distilled water. I was sure that it would cure my irritable bowel syndrome but it made no difference. However, I did succeed in detoxifying the cells of my body at that time and a number of red spots disappeared from my face which had been there for a number of years and I also cured a chronic bladder problem because of that fast.
I carried out quite alot of medical research before I went on the twenty three day water fast. I also carried out several shorter water fasts before I embarked on the long twenty three day water fast. I had already fasted for periods of five days, ten days and eleven days previous to the long water fast.
Some of the books which recommend water fasting and which I had read before embarking on any of my water fasts are as follows:- "Rational Fasting" by Professor Arnold Ehret, "Fasting for Renewal of Life" by Herbert M. Shelton, "Mucusless Diet Healing System" by Professor Arnold Ehret, "The Miracle of Fasting" by Patricia and Paul C Bragg and "Life from Light" by Michael Werner and Thomas Stockli. The first three books which I have listed here are very old books. In fact, the book "Rational Fasting" was first published as early as 1926 and has been republished many times since. I personally believe that both the book publishing industry and the medical industrial complex have now been infiltrated by some individuals who do not have the best interests of the general public at heart and because of that the information to be found in some modern health books are believed to be not as reliable as the information which is to be found in these old books.
I have recently discovered dry fasting which is also called true fasting or absolute fasting. I had not heard anything about it until recently. I learned that dry fasting purifies the human bio-field. I have read a book called "The Dry Fasting Miracle" by Luke Coutinho and I have listened to some online information about dry fasting. In this book the author Luke Coutinho gives the following information and I quote
"Pathological bacteria and microbes love wet terrain. A wet environmnet is ideal for the proliferation of pathological bacteria, viruses and worms and any water shortage is as devastating as fire for them."
During Ramadan, Muslims dry fast during daylight hours for a full month each year with absolutely no adverse effects. They do not water fast. They appear very healthy as a group because in general they do not suffer from obesity or they do not normally wear eye glasses.
I am now dry fasting for sixteen hours each day and I eat and drink liquids during the remaining eight hours. I find it very easy to do and I plan to continue this practice indefinitely.

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Dry  fasting burns out the toxins from the cells of our bodies using the electricity of the human body to do so.  Dry fasting purifies the human bio-field.   If you are ill you should dry fast for sixteen hours each day from four pm until eight am the following morning. Drink pure water and eat plain unprocessed food for the remaining  eight hours.   You will cure whatever illness you suffer from.  

Muslims  fast from both food and liquid during daylight hours during the month of Ramadan.   They are allowed to eat after dark each night but must return to dry fasting again after sunrise.  They do not experience any negative health effects from dry fasting for many hours each  day.  In fact the opposite is true in the sense that they enjoy excellent health during all of  the time that they dry fast.  

Because dry fasting purifies the human energy field dry fasting might possibly be helpful to the many targeted individuals  throughout the world who are being targeted by remotely controlled directed energy weapons and who are having their bio-fields both read and manipulated from afar by unknown operatives in highly classified black budget projects which are being run by individuals who are believed to be agents of the individuals who sit at the top of a worldwide false hierarchical based chain of command which is now being set up without the informed consent of the rest of the men and women of the world.  

There are many books and online videos currently available about the value of dry fasting.  It is a cure for all diseases. 

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When the electromagnetic field of the digital media device which is registered to your name overlaps with the electromagnetic field of your human body then unknown operatives are now being paid to code messages into your brain in order to digitally mind control you. You can then be enabled to verbally hear these messages from inside your head or else you can be enabled to hear these coded messages subliminally without you having any conscious awareness of receiving these messages.
By using this same method codes can be coded into your body in order to make it malfunction in a wide variety of ways or even in order to render it immobile for a short space of time if you should fail to obey the verbal commands sent in this manner.
Other methods other than your digital communication devices can also be used to manipulate both your mind and body in a similar manner.
I do not yet know who is doing this to me and many other men and women of the world but I personally believe that it is dark occultists who hide inside the United Nations General Assembly as well as other dark occultists who hide inside the Vatican and similar worldwide organizations.

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