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Dry  fasting burns out the toxins from the cells of our bodies using the electricity of the human body to do so.  Dry fasting purifies the human bio-field.   If you are ill you should dry fast for sixteen hours each day from four pm until eight am the following morning. Drink pure water and eat plain unprocessed food for the remaining  eight hours.   You will cure whatever illness you suffer from.  

Muslims  fast from both food and liquid during daylight hours during the month of Ramadan.   They are allowed to eat after dark each night but must return to dry fasting again after sunrise.  They do not experience any negative health effects from dry fasting for many hours each  day.  In fact the opposite is true in the sense that they enjoy excellent health during all of  the time that they dry fast.  

Because dry fasting purifies the human energy field dry fasting might possibly be helpful to the many targeted individuals  throughout the world who are being targeted by remotely controlled directed energy weapons and who are having their bio-fields both read and manipulated from afar by unknown operatives in highly classified black budget projects which are being run by individuals who are believed to be agents of the individuals who sit at the top of a worldwide false hierarchical based chain of command which is now being set up without the informed consent of the rest of the men and women of the world.  

There are many books and online videos currently available about the value of dry fasting.  It is a cure for all diseases. 

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I have been in poor health for many years due to irritable bowel syndrome and bladder problems.  I attended many general medical practitioners and specialists to no avail.  I read many diet books and tried many diets which did not improve my general health.   I ate only raw food for several months but my general health did not improve because of that practice.   I once fasted on distilled water for a full twenty three days straight in order to improve my health.  My health  slightly improved for a while after  that.   However,  I now know I have found the ultimate cure all by following the late great Dr Sebi whose work is to be found online, in many youtube videos and websites.  For still  further information check you the youtube videos of Taylor Budd.

Natural plants found in nature contain the right balance of nutrients to keep us in abundant health.  When plants are combined together to create a new plant, it is called a hybrid plant and it contains starch which is highly addictive and nutritionally off balance.  In the past, starch based plants where considered suitable food for slaves because they kept the slaves in a state of constant hunger due to mineral imbalances, to such an extent that they were easy to control by the feeding them starch based non- foods.    Starch based substances posing as real food are so addictive that they are now being seen as a gate way drug to stronger starch based drugs such as alcohol and cocaine.    The solution if you suffer from any illness whatsoever is to stay away from all starch containing hybridized plants such as potatoes, carrots, garlic, cranberries, wheat, most forms of rice and many others.   To ensure good health  keep to a vegan diet of non-hybrid plants such as mushrooms, onions, romaine lettuce, cherry and plum tomatoes, avocados, spelt, quinoa, kamut, and a wide variety of fruit except most bananas which are mostly hybridized.

"By changing the genetic order the new plant is high in starch which is corrosive to human tissues. There are many people who are allergic to wheat and are not aware of these facts. Changing the genetic order of wild life forms and creates genetic mineral and chemical imbalances and mutations in the new species and all that eats it."

Non hybrid true natural food is in short supply throughout the world.   The whole human race must return to growing all of their own food in multi shelf greenhouses in suburban back yards.  If the dark occultists who have more and more world money and power in their hands control the food supply they could eventually enslave the rest of the human race by total control of the food supply.  Purchase only  heirloom seeds for your garden and your greenhouse.  When we are eating only pure non-hybridized food we only need to eat once per day.

I am a targeted individual of non-consensual Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neural Manipulation.  I am wirelessly tethered by a continuous two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic waves to a network of computers from implants which were placed inside my head and body at a time when I was unaware that I was being implanted.  This allows me to hear the  wirelessly enabled  voices of unknown  neuro operatives coming from inside my head.  These neuro operatives  monitor me on a continual basis, both day and night, and they  have done so for more than fifteen years.  They constantly taunt me about the fact that I am in poor health to the extent that  I no longer work.  When I eventually  found the answer to my poor health through eating a vegan diet of non-hybrid true natural food, which is free of starch for the most part, the neuro operatives decided that they must suppress knowledge of this health giving diet plan among the public.  Therefore, their intentions in all of their work is never  about improving the health and well-being  of the general public.  It is always about controlling and enslaving the general public in any and all possible ways, especially financially, mentally, legally, wirelessly and through addictive starch-based non food.




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The giant pharmaceutical industry is mostly owned and controlled by members of secret societies. They actively suppress easy cures for cancer and many other illnesses.

Cancer can not grow in a highly oxygenated human body.

The more oxygen in the human body the slower cancer spreads. The less oxygen the faster the cancer spreads. If cancer cells get enough oxygen they will die.


Hydrogen peroxide kills cancer cells, because cancer cells do not have the mechanism to break down the hydrogen proxide and stop it from doing its work.

Hydrogen peroxide and several other oxygen therapies such as drinking ozonated water are proven safe and effective as an easy cure for cancer. 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is the only grade recommended for internal use. It can be purchased online. It can also be made at home from some non-food grade hydrogen peroxide as per online instructions.
Ozonators can be purchased online for approximately 130.00 Euros.

Chemotherapy treatment is extremely dangerous and it kills more people than it cures. Please dont use it. I enclose a link herebelow.

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Cancer Cures

   These weapons cause cancer. Below are some links and videos to known cancer cures. These are alternative medicine and not believed to do anything by the powers that be and the doctors themselves.   Cancer medication is a multi billion dollar industry around the globe. Why release cures to an ailment that makes the pharmaceutical corporations money? Greed I say, eugenics plays a large roll in this as well. They want depopulation and controlled breeding habits.  

Artemesinen: A chinese herb that has been proven effective. Below is a video of a doctor explaining it's benefits.  

Vitamin B17: The safer way to beat cancer and in the below video seems to shrink tumors.  

Cannabis Oil: A favourite amongst stoners as well as people who know the many benefits of pot.  

Baking Soda: In the below video a doctor explains that cancer is a fungus and cancerous tumors can be killed by injecting them with baking soda

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To all TI's with Morgellons

The below video is about an ebola cure that is suppressed. Ebola is a man made disease as is morgellons I believe.

What this doctor is claiming is that a medication known as nano silver can cure most diseases that it has been tested on. I do not know if it will be effective against Morgellons disease but I would think it would be worth a shot.

 The natural solutions foundation has an online shop where nano silver can be purchased.

 Dr. Rima Laibow in the above video has been exposing the new world order eugenics program for worldwide "culling" of the population for years so I take her word for it, she has the credentials and is one of those rare medical professionals who understands the true scope of what is going on in the world.

 I believe that Morgellons is a man made disease much like Ebola and Aids. I am not saying that this is the cure, Morgellons may in fact be designed to resist Nano silver treatment, But I do believe it is worth a shot.

 Godbless and be strong

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