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I am a targeted individual of remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation where I am non-consensually, wirelessly linked to a computerized control system where I have been constantly monitored and manipulated over many years. When the neuro operatives who operate this computerized control system wish me to get up in the morning they send me pain through the wireless link which connects me to their computerized control system. When I scream out in pain some of the neuro staff ask if my neighbours can hear me scream. The co-ordinating staff then inform them that I live in the country side and I don’t have any near neighbours who could possibly hear me scream. If I then refuse to get up out of my bed the level of the pain which is sent to me from the computerized control system is then increased. If I then get out of bed because of the intensification of the pain I am effectively a slave. Why is there a policy to enslave me?
Whenever targeted individuals attend their local police station to file a complaint of remote wirelessly enabled torture the duty officer considers it his or her duty to send the filer of the complaint for further psychiatric evaluation and from then on it is considered no longer an area of concern to the police. The psychiatrist almost always confines the complainant inside a psychiatric hospital where they lose their legal rights. Even though there is thought to be a legal system in place known as an advocacy system which has been set up to protect the legal rights of psychiatric patients this advocacy system has no real power and is sometimes thought of as a system which was set up to falsely make the general public believe that psychiatric patients has legal representation. Through concealment of the lack of legal power of targeted individuals of remote electronic torture, many of them go on to commit suicide from their ongoing wirelessly enabled torture or they go on to experience further enslavement into this system which is now being set up throughout the United Kingdom as well as the Republic of Ireland to include one and all.
Violating the secrecy act carries a heavy fine or even in some instances a prison sentence for police officers who should wish to expose the installation of a human computerized control and enslavement system which is now being set up throughout Great Britain or throughout the Republic of Ireland.

Where is the outrage that should be rightfully felt during this time?  Why is it not apparent?   You must allow for the fact that you are under electronic mind control which gives us another legitimate reason to disassemble and ban microwave transmitters which have been admitted by the dark side that they are being used as part of the human enslavement program a number of years ago in the British parliament.
My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland. My website which I alone own and control is called I never have and I am not now and I never would at any time in the future accept payment for all that I write about wireless harassment and torture now or in the past. I am simply attempting to raise awareness of the fact that I am a partial neuro slave and you could be next unless we disassemble and ban all of the technological infrastructure which enables further technological enslavement of the whole human race.

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Being obedient is akin to committing an evil act in the sense that when you are being obedient  you are refusing to own your free will and you are refusing to assess whether the order you are unquestioningly following is right or wrong before you carry it out.
You were given free will as your birth right and you have thrown it away.
Children should be encouraged to be co-operative. An obedient child is a broken child. They can be manipulated to do almost anything without questioning whether it is moral or no...t.

Abdication of personal responsibility by unquestioningly and obediently following orders may generate harsh experiences for those order followers in the future. Obediently following orders without first assessing if the order is objectively right or wrong in out of alignment with the science of Natural Law.

Moral relativism does not exist. It is just a concept that was created by dark occultists in order to manipulate us to unthinkingly commit acts of extreme evil when unquestioningly following orders.

If you are an unquestioningly obedient order follower without a true perspective of where those orders are leading,  you are the true embodyment of evil. If you have an unquestioning sense of obligation to false authority you are the true embodyment of evil. Military initiation schools teach unquestioning obedience to false authority.   The military should be obliterated from the face of the earth. They are owned and controlled by evil human beings with a hidden agenda of evil towards the human race.

The church is very keen to push unquestioning obedience to its teachings. Religion is manipulation and control of the masses by suppression of free thought. Religion supports unquestioning submission to authority and handing over of our own duty to utilise our free will.

Heirarchies are evil structures. If you belong to a heirarchy you are legally obliged to follow the orders of a fellow human being, who also is legally obliged to follow the orders of a fellow human being and so on, up the line, even though you can have no way of knowing the ultimate agenda of the order giver who resides at the top of the hierarchy.

Obediently following orders without first assessing if the order is objectively right or wrong in out of alignment with moral order, therefore it stands to reason that all heirarchies are out of alignment with moral order. Therefore the twin hierarchical cults of church and state are also out of alignment with moral order.

The only way that human beings should align themselves with moral law is through a system of Anarchy, which is sometimes called Anarchism. Anarchy is a system of rules without rulers. In a system of Anarchy, no human being looks up to another human being. No human being looks down on another human being. All human beings take total responsibility for all of their actions. All human beings have absolute freedom so long as they do not harm another human being in any way and so long as they are kind to all sentient beings.

Authority is the concept of a diseased mind.  We are all equal.  We have all been made from the same genetic material.  We are all of infinite value.  Some people falsely imply that they have man-made authority over their fellow human beings.   They erroneously believe that a man-made law gives them  rights over their fellow human beings, but they are wrong in their assumptions.    Our rights are actions we take that don't harm another human being and actions we take that don't treat a sentient being in a cruel way .  We all have the same rights.  A government can not give us our rights.  Our rights can not be added to or subtracted from by another human being ever.  No legislation can ever change our rights.  Our rights are our birth rights. 

Teach your children to question everything that they are taught.

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If you happen to use electronic devices such as smart phones or wireless modems you are being mind controlled and you are having your brain entrained.  There is no defence against mind control.  You are being mind controlled to believe the following   " We love you Daddy government,   We love you Mammy Church,  We have a childlike mindset, We love our servitude,  If anybody criticizes Daddy government or Mammy church we will gang up on them and psychologically torture them by the use of directed energy weapons and voice harassment technology until they die in ruin."

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Keep your child's heart


Something that I have learned in this life is that if you don't lose your child's heart, you will never lose your beauty because natural beauty comes from inside out and not this plastic beauty that the NWO promotes.  (for instance, lady gaga is the perfect woman for a psychopath) I understand it's not easy to not lose it but if we lose this we lose everything because I believe our soul is attached to this child's heart.  

Here it looks like the devil's kingdom with all his satanists politicians, senators, etc.  Not all of them of course are but most of them.  My perp is a former Senator, former CEO and former chairman of the Principia, which is a branch of a christian cult.  He is now supporting the Westboro Bapstist Church, the craziest cult in the US when in fact not even the KKK want to be associated with them so that must tell something about him. 

That's how the devils' kingdom operates using politics and religion to manipulate and lie to the masses.  If you got your smile how matter how much shit they throw at you, consider yourself blessed and never lose it friend.

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