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We are currently being conditioned to believe that there may be a chance that Cern could accidently be used to cause us to break through to another dimension, believed to be populated by demons
This simply means that the dark luciferian control matrix is preparing another of their many hoaxes.


If smart meters are ever installed all over the world it would create an electronic control grid where holograms of demons could be easily made to manifest. This would no doubt be achieved by independent surveillance teams who currently work in the background of our lives and who have been given psychotronic weapons which they are currently using to electronically harass and psychologically torture a selection of individuals with.

The new hoax would be created in the following way. It would be announced on the almost totally privately owned mian-stream media that Cern had accidently broken through to another dimension. This would be followed by world-wide displays of holograms of demons combined with false virtual reality experiences of demons. Combined with all of this it is now possible to make a selection of targeted individuals of non-consensual neuro weapons research appear to be demonically possessed because their muscles can now be controlled wirelessly and by electronic means so that they can be made to grimace and contort and swear completely against their wills.

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There is no doubt that technology is being used against victims but why? What is not being understood is that the interconnected satanic occultists across the globe are using the principles of physics to manipulate matter, space and time. They, the government scientists of the world, had at one time discovered that "electromagnetic fields, radio waves and or microwaves" are able to "open up door ways" into parallel dimensions and into other worldly space continuum's. This is why there is such a push for all the electromagnetic and microwave technologies to be built up around us..."everywhere".

In effect, they are not only creating doorways but attempting to make the entire planet one big gateway, to where the veil between the parallel worlds will no longer exist, allowing other worldly beings (the demons) to enter into our world with ease, just as the bible predicted. The electromagnetic grid that is slowly encompassing our world, I believe, in theory,is affecting our global ecosystem and disturbing our planets natural magnetic fields. Research these three subjects below and you will put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Philadelphia Experiment;

Montauk Project;

Voodoo and Quantum Physics;

Paranormal, Spirits and Electromagnetic fields;

T.S. aka egy

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