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A hierarchical based false reality construct has been built around man made laws, which were created over many centuries by a small cabal of what are now known as dark occult practicing, bloodline families.

There are, and always have been, natural laws in existence which govern everything in creation including how birds fly and how grass grows.  Man made laws are out of harmony with this worlds natural law based reality.

The dark occult practicing bloodline families are now attempting to categorise some human beings as being sub-human on the grounds that certain human beings are deemed to be mentally ill, whereas under natural law human beings have never been and can never be demoted to sub-human status.

Targeted Individuals of both non-consensual Remote Neural Monitoring and non consensual Remote Neural Manipulation have no known rights under man-made law.

This situation implies that the individuals who continue to empower man-made laws on this earth are no longer in touch with the legitimate only known reality of natural law to the extent that now human kind can not trust their judgement.  They have become dangerously deranged.

We must now recognise natural law as the only law that continues to be valid on earth as it always has been. Unlike man-made laws natural law is fixed and immutable.

In order for a man or woman to become a legitimate governor of their fellow human beings, he or she first needs to obtain the consent of the governed. If he or she has not first legitimately obtained the consent of the governed he or she is not a legitimate governor and should relinquish their post here and now.


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We will obtain human freedom for all of mankind by aligning ourselves with Natural Law.
We will obtain human freedom for all of mankind by living in harmony with our fellow human beings, with animals and the earth.
The intelligence services, the military and the police will not ever give us human freedom no matter what they say or do or how many weapons they possess.
We will only obtain human freedom for all of mankind by aligning ourselves with Natural Law.


The word "occult" means hidden. We have a duty to study the "occult" in order to understand Natural Law and how to live in alignment with it.
We must study ancient mystery traditions such as Shamanism, Qabala, Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Thelema, Hermeticism, Gnosticism, and others.
When we attempt to look at these ancient mystery traditions we will be warned that they are evil because dark occultists do not wish us to be informed about the occult because it contains very powerful information which will protect us from all harm in ways the police and military never could.
Dark occultists currently are attempting to take over the running of our planet from behind the scenes. We need to know what they know in order to take back our power.
The intelligence services, the military and the police are both unnecessary and unwanted in our lives. All that is necessary for mankind to do is to align ourselves with Natural Law.

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This is what the NSA have developed and implemented, the Saudi's are now integrated into the global fusion centre. The important part is the HCI (Human Computer Interface) and occult, or that it is being revealed to the general public and hopefully causing discussion. They're playing with the devil.

Those of you that are going through this will know its an extreme hack on-yourself, and through your awareness and resistance of things it will keep you on your toes e.g. abusive voices, mind programming, torture, etc.

AJ on Global Surveillance Tech in Saudi, Trump visit.

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There is no doubt that technology is being used against victims but why? What is not being understood is that the interconnected satanic occultists across the globe are using the principles of physics to manipulate matter, space and time. They, the government scientists of the world, had at one time discovered that "electromagnetic fields, radio waves and or microwaves" are able to "open up door ways" into parallel dimensions and into other worldly space continuum's. This is why there is such a push for all the electromagnetic and microwave technologies to be built up around us..."everywhere".

In effect, they are not only creating doorways but attempting to make the entire planet one big gateway, to where the veil between the parallel worlds will no longer exist, allowing other worldly beings (the demons) to enter into our world with ease, just as the bible predicted. The electromagnetic grid that is slowly encompassing our world, I believe, in theory,is affecting our global ecosystem and disturbing our planets natural magnetic fields. Research these three subjects below and you will put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Philadelphia Experiment;

Montauk Project;

Voodoo and Quantum Physics;

Paranormal, Spirits and Electromagnetic fields;

T.S. aka egy

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